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Calvirick's Blog


Something that's been on my mind...

Posted by Calvirick , Sep 09 2014 · 106 views
I know I'm not for one to be serious on BZPower. (I mean, just look at my avatar... :ahhh: )
Most of the time being here, I've only come sometimes when I feel like I need to be nerdy. In the past, I used to be very insecure about my identity. Thankfully, that's all over and I brag about all my strange nerdy fascinations and huge amounts of knowledge in pointless internet jokes and fads.

However, I felt like writing to everyone that will read this about how much this Website and Bionicle itself has played a huge part in my life. I know where most of my abilities come from, but being a student studying Graphic Design at a university and working at a job that can easily pay for it would not have happened if it wasn't a couple of things.

When I found out that LEGO was gonna re-release Bionicle, it really hit a nerve for me. It hit a nerve in a very different way than most things do.

I can't really distinguish what I'm feeling right now. (besides being tired from being at school all day. I'm also listening to this song while writing this, just to make me feel more philosophical)

I can't really distinguish between if I'm feeling sad or extremely motivated about life right now.

Sad meaning that my long dream of Bionicle finally returning, but I can't do anything about it. (Eg. like buy a lot of sets on a consistent basis and use them for MOCs) Sad that my friends could potentially judge me as this dysfunctional man-boy that can't put his toys down while in the work place.


Super motivated that LEGO is actually conceptualizing RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK about some map ideas or Kanohi ideas or story ideas!
Super motivated to consider pursing my super secret dream of doing graphic design work for the Art direction department for Bionicle!
Super motivated that I can finally brag and discuss on a product and story that has such a rich history!
Super motivated that, as I progress through college and save my finances for a potential spouse one day, I can be on BZPower again, engage in more conversations, and actually get to know more people that actually like Bionicle as much as I do!
Super motivated that I can buy toys again for bragging right's sake!

But...am I just being stupid about all this? Like I don't understand if I'm truly being immature or MUH-ture about this. I feel like most adult men would consider this kind of thing as nothing important. As if I should saying "Oh hey, Bionicle's coming back? Huh...cool", and then forget about it. Like I feel as though that MIGHT be the better response to this.

But in contrast! Bionicle and BZPower was introduced to me by some friends and I got SO into it, that I discovered sprites, avatars, signatures, comedies….basically the internet! And the best part of all, PHOTOSHOP! The very thing I still do, since day one of actually getting inspired from Bionicle and BZPower, is use Photoshop! I've been drawing hard-core since 2008. And it wasn't until the day my Dad told me that I needed to draw something else besides Bionicles that I started becoming more Graphic Design orientated. And my studies and my talents are real. Like I know for a fact that I can do this stuff. But nobody told me to do it. I just...discovered it…it’s almost a blessing!

I don't know guys. I love coming here. Even though I've never really been here enough to REALLY get connected with some of the cool groupies and understand where all these fads or contests start. But I always enjoy all the inspiration and all the literate talent and all the hilarious humor and all the crazy stories and all the inside jokes that I don't understand...I really love this place for some strange reason.

I don't wanna feel bad about coming back here. I've had some serious thoughts about becoming a forum helper of some kind. Like take this seriously like a job almost. And then start making MORE cool stuff! Like I feel SO motivated to create stuff when I browse this forum. It's crazy!

But again...I don't know.

I've kind of wanted to open this up to almost...I guess...a discussion. About whether if I'm being mature or immature about visiting this website. What do you all think?



Posted by Calvirick , Sep 08 2014 · 85 views
Looks like I won't be paying for college next year.

Nope. Gotta get all dos Bioncles on meh shelf yo. Gotta build'em! BUILD EM!


If Bionicle was a DotA 2 game

Posted by Calvirick , Jun 29 2014 · 113 views
Holy Toledo guys!

Imagine all the characters of Bionicle made as Dota 2 characters! Best game in the universe. Might just be better than Pokemon or TF2!




Posted by Calvirick , Jun 27 2014 · 150 views
The more I get out and meet fellow Millennials, the more I realize...

We all have a bad case of pre-mature slouching. :blink:


Bionicle is cool again!

Posted by Calvirick , Jun 25 2014 · 172 views
Seriously guys,

I've found myself just making countless of tabs in Biosector01!

I had forgotten how complex the whole world of Bionicle really was! It's amazing how huge it was and how...organized it seems. I had also forgotten how, everything seemed to tie together in the end, from the Great Telescope all the way to the Great Red Star, all my questions as a kid are answered finally!

It's unfortunate that only a handful of people really care about it the same as it was back when it was still being released.


Sketch of the Day 2

Posted by Calvirick , in Art Jun 19 2014 · 90 views
Sketch of the Day 2 Dekar's Kanohi. Love rendering this stuff. 


Steam Summer Sale

Posted by Calvirick , in Life Jun 19 2014 · 65 views
There goes college funds. 


A DotA player...

Posted by Calvirick , Jun 18 2014 · 121 views
dota stunk
So something crazy happened tonight. 
For the first time in my entire life. I just experience being bullied on the internet. 
Now as a brief background, I was never public schooled, but Home schooled. Yes, I was that kid. But life would have it that I was able to make really good friends that I still, to this day, have a close relationship that I share stories and personal stuff with (guys and girls also!). I've never experienced an abusive family, or an abusive relative, or extended relative. Up until tonight I've never been legitimately persecuted by another human being. 
Sure, I've had my fair share of hard to work with Bosses. I've been around unpleasant people. I've been around those people that make you wanna pull your hair out. But none of which have done such an act as these fools did on DotA. 
I'm not a gamer. Though, I was when I was a kid at 13. But that was when I had free time. However, my parents were wise enough to know that the open dialogue over the internet can be dangerous for kids. So I've always been secure that I'll avoid conflict and harassment through chats/voice overs in games. As I got older I tried out a game called blockland, and there were a fair share of some rude "children" on there. But again, never had them directly abuse me. I've seen and heard videos on Youtube, and know crazy stories of The Bullies. I mean, common, who hasn't seen a movie with a school genre where there's that one mean boy/girl? 
I'm literally shaken as I write this. My fingers are frittering a little from...this...I guess. It's very similar to that feeling you get when you know you shouldn't be talking to your crush. It's like I'm afraid that those people will find me again while I sleep...I don't know why. 
I mean, I'll definitely be fine in the morning. But what's struck me is that...Oh my gosh! There are kids out there that have EXPERIENCED this for the majority of their lives?! The constant living in fear?! This is TERRIBLE! I feel so un-righteously angry at these individuals that treat other people like their crud. 
These "children" that were on this server with me, basically decided to treat me the same way.
I was Tumbersaw, level 13, trying to get that item that gives a lot of mana or something, and the team I guess wanted to push Mid or something. Anyway, I always talk like I'm having a good time while I'm losing(which we kind of were). I keep things positive in the game while I play. EVEN when there's that cuss bomb that's shooting his mouth off in into his mouth piece. This guy was taking his time to press a key to let me know that I'm dirt. (in comparison, dirt is not even close to what I was called). So I'm like, "This isn't new. This guy's probably tired and frustrated and needs someone to take it out on. No biggy."
Twas a biggy. 
The next thing I know, I died, right when that tower was gonna explode, I was gonna pull a final smash on it right before I died. But I was just a few seconds off. For me, I don’t care, it’s just a game. However, this dude, and the rest of his “buddies” took this as my pinnacle of stupidity. The next thing I know, I’m hearing this guy talking some real smack about me. I simply reply in chat, not voice, that I agreed that I was being retarded and then left my L O L in there. But then the rest joined in. Then that wound just kept getting longer and deeper. The rest of the game was unpleasant. But I didn’t care. I couldn’t, and I shouldn’t. If I’m an adult I need to know who I am. I know myself too well that I’m not what these guys are saying. And most of what they were blabbering about in chat, besides my legitimately poor playing skills, were lies. Filthy lies. I hurt bad from this guys.
But all this to say:
When you have a person that’s just trying to play the game for passing-time’s sake, don’t take it upon yourself to let him know how stupid he is. Don’t do it so seriously that you ruin someone’s self-esteem. You don’t even know that person, and they you. So why bother? It’s childish, immature, highly disrespectful, and this is not my own opinion. I’m sure these people were willing to take a bullet for you.
There are kids out there that need someone to look up to. Not circles of adult-children choosing to use them as their “play”. And I only refer these bullies out there as adult-children. Not gamers.
Treat others like you would be treated. And trust me, none of us would want to be treated like crud. I can guarantee it.  


More Lawling

Posted by Calvirick , in Life, Art Jun 18 2014 · 71 views
I have cycled through this GIF far too many times! 
Posted Image


LOL Apple Derps Again

Posted by Calvirick , in Life Jun 18 2014 · 131 views
Wait what?
Less money for less processing? 
Posted Image

People that thought my stuff was cool

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