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Norman's Blog


My face right after finals.

Posted by Mr Goober , in Life, Un-Wittingly Random Dec 16 2015 · 231 views

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Life is real bros

Posted by Mr Goober , in Life, Un-Wittingly Random Dec 15 2015 · 168 views

I think 2015 was the first time in my life where I finally realized a few things.

1). You really can't always get what you want, and that's okay. Life truly does go on, and when you look back, you think, "Well shoot man, glad that thing didn't happen after all!"
2). Break ups are hard, but they truly do teach you something about life and girls. When you purposefully treat women with respect, it changes your life. It doesn't get you hot girls, but you makes you a better person to everyone else, guys included. Guess the life lesson there is that if you can't respect girls, then you can't respect anyone.

In other news, got one more year of college left, and to think that life goes on after school is something that is also hitting me right now. Funny how once all the homework related thoughts dissipate, all the other deeper thoughts come flooding in.



Comics coming soon....

Posted by Mr Goober , Jan 09 2015 · 357 views
life, bionicle, comics
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coming soon folks

If you're not interested in comics than I don't know if this should make you worried or extra worried. But if you ARE into comics than be more worried than the other guys. :fear:

Disclaimer: Blah Blah Emporium (1.0) was made by Shadonix back in the day. So this is kind of like a huge call back to the past (and nostalgia since the old forums are gone. :( ). I don't take any credit for the sprites, nor for the title. I'm just "infringing" on Shad's awesome title. (It's pretty funny. I use the title blah blah emporium to organize my emails! It actually works! Y'all should try it sometime if you use google mail.)

Fun Fact: I made that entire poster from scratch. Took me an hour to make it, but nonetheless had fun with it! I find it interestingly entertaining to attempt making art where you TRY to make it look bad. Kind of like BAC comics. :P

Anyway, enjoy!


The Bionicle Vibes

Posted by Mr Goober , Jan 08 2015 · 255 views
:o :o :o

I can't help, but think that most of the theories that are arising in the Bionicle Discussion/Bionicle Theories Forums are heavily related to Bionicle 2015 being a huge similarity to the Old Bionicle Story.

- Like, the Skull Spider's behaving like Krana.

- The "Ancient City" appearing to be a dilapidated version of the present Okoto Island (and possibly floating). Eg. Metru-nui.

- And of course finding golden masks, which is the the most obvious one.

But what if it all comes down to the that fact that maybe LEGO isn't going to go into some real intense back-story? And most of these hopes and vibes for a real deep story aren't something we should be worried about?


So Kopaka is in my house!

Posted by Mr Goober , Jan 07 2015 · 274 views
Fourteen years ago, I was in my house, and my friend was over and he had a lego magazine. In it was an entry related to Bionicle's Trading Card set.

The first card I glanced and stared at for a long time was Kopaka.

Fourteen years later, I got home from work and bought my first Bionicle in 5 years.

It was Kopaka....

because it was the only one stock.

Anyway, it's super awesome!! I love it!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Posted by Mr Goober , Oct 09 2014 · 325 views





Dota 2

Posted by Mr Goober , Oct 07 2014 · 401 views

I would much rather receive an abandon on my record than play a full game with an insolent player that annoys everyone on the team and never understands their bad behavior.

Sometimes I even question why I bother to play games anymore... :(


School project

Posted by Mr Goober , in Art Sep 30 2014 · 282 views
life, art
Hey Dudes and dudettes!

After I get this graded, I'll be sure to have clearer pictures. In the mean time, here's what I've been cooking up in Design II at University. :P


And so it begins...

Posted by Mr Goober , in Life Sep 24 2014 · 215 views
All I want to do is browse BZPower.

Posted Image

Not study for my Art History Mid-term

People that thought my stuff was cool

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