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Vinc's Bloooo--


This account

Posted by Papa Vinc , Dec 21 2015 · 358 views

Is probably my oldest vestige on the internet.





Posted by Papa Vinc , Nov 17 2012 · 780 views

If someone can, succinctly, tell me what happened to this place, I would greatly appreciate it.

I'll be over here. By the tumbleweeds.




Ancient Islamic Folktales And Their Relationship With Romanticism

Posted by Papa Vinc , Feb 24 2010 · 356 views

As you can tell because I'm back here and posting things,

I am just mad procrastinating.

Just terribly.

I mean this is just silly.

Such silliness.


I really don't want to do this essay.



What The Heck?

Posted by Papa Vinc , Mar 24 2007 · 302 views

Apparently, I had my blogs edited after being absent for like...8 months.

Of course, I can't seem to particularly remember the 'racism' put on it, but you know, whatever.

The FCC livessss



Oh Dear Sweet -----

Posted by Papa Vinc , Oct 06 2006 · 439 views

First off, the challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings, you know, 12 blazen wings in 6 minutes.

Utter, utter torture. Of course it was my first time in there, and I didn't know I wasn't supposed to chew, yanno? But I did make it, 6 minutes flat. It was horrible. ASUDHA


Racism isn't funny, whether you meant this to be a serious entry or not, do not do it again.


We don't like swearing all that much either.



Posted by Papa Vinc , Aug 25 2006 · 516 views

She confuses me.

Oh so muuuuuch



Little Life Lesson.

Posted by Papa Vinc , Aug 19 2006 · 454 views

Becareful when going out with a close friend.

Afterward, be it good or bad, it'll never be the same again.



Shamu Got Faaa-haaaaat

Posted by Papa Vinc , Aug 18 2006 · 503 views

I'm heading down to San Diego on Saturday. Anyone got any good tips about the place or any sights we should see?



Comedy Is Pure Jubilation

Posted by Papa Vinc , Aug 16 2006 · 221 views

Red Vs Blue, Home Movies, Friends, Futurama, Family Guy and a Cheech and Chong movie.

All in one afternoon

Can lighten up ANY mood.



Flashing Before My Eyes

Posted by Papa Vinc , Aug 16 2006 · 294 views

I saw the made-for-tv movie, Flight 93. Incredibly powerful movie.

I know things are sensationalized in the media, but that movie made me realize how precious life can be and in turn be thrown away so easily. Whenever something critical happens or occurs around me, I get these chills around my body. The whole time the movie was playing, I had those chills.

The impact of the families that were affected. The energy needed to cause that sort of destruction. The strength gathered to fight back. Maybe for the first time, I see how giant 9/11 was. When car accidents or other fatal things occur, you don't know it's happening. In a hijacking...you know what's coming, you know that you may die and just to act naturally in a situation like that is amazing. It's worse for the families. Someone they care about, someone they love, is in great danger and they can't do anything about it but grieve and hope for the best and mourn their hearts out. I just don't know what to say.

I just don't know if I could survive a situation like that...I mean I'm pretty sure I can handle myself in a one-on-one situation when it's fair, but a bomb, terrorists, a plane, frightened passengers that project their own fears onto you. I only know that if that if a person that I care about was stuck in a situation like that, for every second of passing time I would wish that I was in their place instead. If wishes would come true, I would just wish nothing were happening.

Life is fragile and precious. Remember that. Live it to it's fullest. Tell people that you care about them because you may never know when it'll be the lasts time you tell them you do.


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