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Designer Dragon's Lair


Nobody expects the Thedas Inquisition!

Posted by Vezok's Friend , May 26 2015 · 65 views
Dragon, Age, Inquisition, Fanart and 1 more...

Posted Image

My Inquisitor Yandra Adaar.

Dragon Age Inquisition was one of the few games in the past couple of years that managed to drag me into its world from the word go.

In no small part thanks to the work of the ever-awesome Matt Rhodes, who's style this is loosely based on.

Definitely not the last time I draw Lady Adaar ^^


What a lovely day! (For MOCing)

Posted by Vezok's Friend , May 19 2015 · 172 views

If you haven't guessed yet - the title is a Mad Max reference. I saw it last Thursday here in Denmark and it is an amazing, amazing movie. Not in the way of breaking new ground, since it basically comes down to a 1 hour 45 minute chase, but the way Miller made his movie really shows how to do an action movie like this. Every frame is just wonderful and a little piece of art IMO. But enough gushing, I actually am working on something for myself and since it's all in LDD I can show a WIP too!

Should be done by the end of the week and then it's onto the Doof Wagon ^^ Enjoy!

The War Rig


Infrequent News: 4 months and counting.

Posted by Vezok's Friend , May 07 2015 · 143 views

Hey y'all!

It's gotten a bit quiet here the last 2 months or so. I hadn't planned on that, but you know if you want to make the great beings laugh, just tell them your plans. Usually what gets in the way of writing a blog is the inevitable need for sleep and a number of other free-time activities, such as participation in the BZPRPG, hitting the gym and catching up on art and PC games a little. But mostly it is my tendency of staying longer at work, which leaves very little time to actually sit down, structure thoughts and write a blog entry. But I figured better now than never.

Staying longer at work though does not mean putting in overtime - not at all. It's just such a fun place to be, that I often just keep on building, drawing, chatting with other colleagues. Being hired with an AFOL background, things are a bit different for me though. Primarily, adjusting to building models not for myself, but for consumers. It's a bit of a change to not have the final say about a model's design, but it is a team effort in the end and so it was an easy change to make. The other thing is that there are many here who had no AFOL background at all when they started and for many it is still 'work' and so after 9 to 5 is over, the office empties out. Which is not a bad thing at all, I mean who isn't happy to go home at the end of the day? But for me there have been numerous instances of people being at the office until late at night, just merrily working on their own things alongside like-minded others and having a good time. And that is really the best thing about working here: Even on the busiest days, there's always time for a few jokes. Of course working with the toy you grew up with for 20 years is amazing, but no matter where you are, a healthy social environment is so, so crucial. Especially on stressful days. Stressful? Oh yes indeed, that word exists here too. Like it does in every creative company. Of course, nobody likes to have it, but when you're on a timetable and have to balance a dozen factors or easily more, it happens from time to time. Not this week though, this week is the first since I got here, where I can honestly say things feel 'slow' for me. Which is a nice change.

I have lived in Billund for four months now, but they went by crazy fast. Between training at work, actual work, getting settled in in Denmark, starting Danish lessons and the still ongoing tying-up of various insurance and tax and other paperwork-related things from Germany A lot has happened, but it doesn't really feel like it and this last weekend the beginning of May caught me a bit by surprise, but after pushing hard on my current assignment, I find myself with a bit more time to slow down and think about what's gonna happen next. Right now I am looking into buying a car so that I am not bound by bus-schedules. As much as I like public transportation, leaving a party in the wee hours of morning only to find the next bus will not arrive for another hour is no fun, so having my own set of wheels will be a definite plus. It's just very expensive to get one here, compared to other EU countries.

And that's all I have for now. Sorry for rambling on. Like I said, I find it hard just to sit down and structure my thoughts after work like this. So if you have questions, related to what's written here or just in general, please ask. I will try to answer if I can.

Cheers everybody and keep being awesome!


Update with Pictures! (Including new Sets)

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Feb 21 2015 · 187 views

Hey folks, it's been a quiet few days, but settling in here and just adjusting to everything has been quite exhausting, so coming home there is little will to go on social media and such. However, today there was finally time to go through the pictures that were taken the past couple of weeks and I can show some of the things I've been working on here finally. LEGO World happened last weekend and the Wednesday before it me and a a few others from the City design team headed down to Copenhagen to help set up the display showcasing the current, upcoming and past lineup of products.

Setting up was a massive undertaking as a whole. The convention center makes Brickfair seem like a cozy family event in comparison.

Building the display was somewhat familiar in terms of crawling over under and building on tables, though there was a lot more planning involved and we had a few stressful moments too. And yes, warning vests were required attire, to prevent getting run over by a Forklift, MST3K style.

The final display after 10 hours of work.

Here is the lineup of upcoming Deep Sea Explorer Sets. My primary contribution to the display was the boxes with the underwater scenery. One of my first assignments was to design their layout and then to build it with the help and under the guidance of one of my senior colleagues. Having been Scuba diving quite a few times, no reference was needed to get a proper look.

A few pictures of the new sets. Sorry for the poor quality. There was little time to get good photos and the lighting was subpar.




Some other snapshots:

How many Bionicle parts do you need? The answer is all of them.

The new Demolition Expert Sets. I built the damaged building to the left.

Just because there was no room for an F1 track doesn't mean there's no room for a race.

The new upcoming Cargo Train.

The city fire department has its priorities straight.

That's it for now, more pictures next time, hopefully! Cheers!

Posted Image


LEGO World

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Jan 26 2015 · 158 views

I am currently buys helping the team with preparations for LEGO World in Copenhagen, which will start on the 12th of Febuary, (so even before NY Toy fair, for those of you hungry for news).

It's apparently a public event, so if you happen to live in or are in Denmark at the time, seems like a cool thing to check out. Also there will be a display which I had my hands on, so it will also be the first time something I built at work becomes public. ;)



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