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Designer Dragon's Lair


My official Set list

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Feb 04 2018 · 94 views
LEGO, Sets, City

Heya! It's been a while, huh?

January marked my 3 year anniversary here at LEGO. Things were a little busier than expected, hence the lack of activity here, including the lack of a list of things I worked on. So here it goes:

Posted Image

60177 - Air Show Jet

Kicking off 2018 with a fast little jet. Jets are cool. The longest discussions were actually about the color scheme and stickers.

Posted Image

60174 - Mountain Police Headquarters

Building a police station is a bit of a rite of passage in City so I was very excited to get asked to do it only in my 2nd year. It's an important set in the lineup and it's pretty big and gets a lot of attention from marketing, so the team has a big interest in getting this one right. The general layout with the three levels of garage/prison/office was already decided when I started on the model. The big challenge lay in how to connect those three levels in a stable way without over-complicating the build. And yes, police is a theme we do frequently because - well, there tends to be a new generation of 5 year olds every couple of years. The fun part for this one was to mix it up a little bit - most obviously with the crooks helicopter. Some fun trivia: I chose the tail-fin of that helicopter because it was also featured in Onua Mistika some ten years ago. During development I came upon the issue of using a door-frame as a structural support in the back of the station - which left a pretty big hole from the garage leading directly to the cougar's cave. That's why there is a door now with a "keep out" sticker. The graphic designer also came up with an awesome little joke with the master crook having a framed picture of his pet piranha in the cell - the same fish that the police are holding in the small aquarium in their office.

Posted Image

60162 - Jungle Air Drop Helicopter

This technically isn't my set, since one of my colleagues was responsible for it, but in order to meet deadlines, we tag-teamed on this one. Obviously I only did the really cool stuff in this one: The tower with the crane and the jungle ruins. But that's what's great about working in a team: Everybody gets to suggest ideas, doesn't matter if you do graphics and have a good idea for a model or if you are a model designer with a good idea for a TV spot. Which also leads to everybody being able to have a little personal touch in the sets. Fun trivia about this one: We were never quite sure what the statue outside the cave was supposed to represent, so in the end it was dubbed "Bear-Hamster".

Posted Image

60138 - High Speed Chase

One of my favorites that I worked on so far. Building vehicles is fun, so to get to do three in one box was awesome! And it also marks the return of Chase McCain who's back on duty in LEGO City Undercover.

Posted Image

60136 Police Starter Set

This wasn't originally my assignment but a change in the assortment happened and I was asked to take over. The idea behind the starter sets is to pack a lot of characters and story into a small box so it can be a good first set for younger kids. Very happy that the little police car could be big enough to fit both the dog or one of the captured crooks. One of my colleagues came up with the brilliant little exploding function for the ATM.

Posted Image

60121 - Volcano exploration truck

My first boxed set. It was super-exciting to play around with the then-new new bar connector pieces and bull bar on the front of the truck. The biggest challenge was to figure out the correct order of the build of the rollcage.

Posted Image

11911 - LEGO City build your own adventure book

My first official model, though not in a box. My brief was a small firefighter's car and a scenario. This being the first model, I was surprised to find how much thought goes into something just this small. Probably had a dozen or so different variants lined up on my desk at one point of just the car. I keep some of them in a drawer still, as a reminder.


My first official SET

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Jun 02 2016 · 586 views
LEGO, City, Volcano Explorers and 1 more...

Posted Image

Super Excited to finally show y’all my first official LEGO Set! Our LEGO City Volcano Explorers need to go places, so they need a big truck to get there.

Worked on this for about 6 months last year. Still doesn’t feel quite real that this little thing I was brooding over on my desk is now shipping worldwide!


Secret World of LEGO

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Jun 15 2015 · 168 views
Lego, Documentary, Design
As previously mentioned,

during my recruitment workshop there was a camera team, putting together a documentary about getting the design job and the company in general. Very interesting and aside from my colleague Justin in Super Heroes, I show up in the background every now and then, not to mention our very own 55555 ^^

Hope you get a little glimpse behind the scenes!


Jurassic World Review

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Jun 11 2015 · 350 views
Jurassic World, Movie, Review
Much better than I feared, not as good as I'd hoped.

Major props to the art department of the film, the movie looks great and the CGI was really well-integrated. Scenes where characters and dinos were interacting in closeups looked really nice and it actually felt like an actual creature was there and getting touched, not just a green-skinned thing that was replaced later. I think some animatronics were used, but it's hard to tell.

The premise of the new bad dino is also cool, turning living creatures into products to be marketed and focus-group tested. The Raptor-Squad was a very cool idea as well, but depending on how much you're willing to suspend your disbelief, you might be disappointed or think its silly.

In the end, the moral remains the same though: Don't mess with nature. I was hoping for a Jeff Goldblum cameo and him going "How many times do I have to tell you 'I told you so'?" but no luck there.

Which is also where the downsides start: The plot is very predictable, especially if you've seen the trailers. It's pretty obvious after the first 15 minutes who will live and who is dino-grub, with one exception IMO. While the characters are likeable, especially Chris Pratt as Owen, brothers Zach & Gray and of course Dr. Wu, the rest are not quite as interesting.

Posted Image

Pictured: The deepest relationship in the movie.

The other thing that bothered me a bit was the comedic relief. In the end nearly every action-scene was followed up with a funny one-liner or reaction. The first movie had those scenes too, but the difference was that the characters were playing it straight and in character in that film; here it feels forced because there is just way too much of it, which takes away from the suspenseful scenes and a lot of times feels out of place considering the situation the characters are in.

Overall I really like the movie. It's a fun 2 hour adventure film, but if you prefer to wait until it comes out on DvD/stream, you're not missing anything by not seeing it in cinemas. I would rate it equal or a little higher than Lost World, definitely better than 3 but not as good as the original.

There can only be one king after all ;)



Going behind the scenes at LEGO

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Jun 10 2015 · 243 views

Hey everybody,

I know it's been quiet again for a few days. Which has mostly to do with the fact that I'm working on the usual secret stuff. BUT, today I can give you a heads up for something, if you have access to British television!

When I applied for the job, the Channel 4 TV crew were with us at the recruitment workshop, documenting the journey of my colleague Justin from application to starting the job. Normally these recruitment workshops are not open to the public, so if you want to see more of what goes on at one, check this out on Sunday. There is also a bit of footage of yours truly.

Hope this satisfies the curiosity a little!


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I can absolutely not talk about anything that's under development, nor comment on any rumors, speculation, leaks and anything else that has not been officially released. As a rule of thumb: If it's not sold on shelves, we can't talk about it.