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Designer Dragon's Lair


Update with Pictures! (Including new Sets)

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Feb 21 2015 · 135 views

Hey folks, it's been a quiet few days, but settling in here and just adjusting to everything has been quite exhausting, so coming home there is little will to go on social media and such. However, today there was finally time to go through the pictures that were taken the past couple of weeks and I can show some of the things I've been working on here finally. LEGO World happened last weekend and the Wednesday before it me and a a few others from the City design team headed down to Copenhagen to help set up the display showcasing the current, upcoming and past lineup of products.

Setting up was a massive undertaking as a whole. The convention center makes Brickfair seem like a cozy family event in comparison.

Building the display was somewhat familiar in terms of crawling over under and building on tables, though there was a lot more planning involved and we had a few stressful moments too. And yes, warning vests were required attire, to prevent getting run over by a Forklift, MST3K style.

The final display after 10 hours of work.

Here is the lineup of upcoming Deep Sea Explorer Sets. My primary contribution to the display was the boxes with the underwater scenery. One of my first assignments was to design their layout and then to build it with the help and under the guidance of one of my senior colleagues. Having been Scuba diving quite a few times, no reference was needed to get a proper look.

A few pictures of the new sets. Sorry for the poor quality. There was little time to get good photos and the lighting was subpar.




Some other snapshots:

How many Bionicle parts do you need? The answer is all of them.

The new Demolition Expert Sets. I built the damaged building to the left.

Just because there was no room for an F1 track doesn't mean there's no room for a race.

The new upcoming Cargo Train.

The city fire department has its priorities straight.

That's it for now, more pictures next time, hopefully! Cheers!

Posted Image


LEGO World

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Jan 26 2015 · 147 views

I am currently buys helping the team with preparations for LEGO World in Copenhagen, which will start on the 12th of Febuary, (so even before NY Toy fair, for those of you hungry for news).

It's apparently a public event, so if you happen to live in or are in Denmark at the time, seems like a cool thing to check out. Also there will be a display which I had my hands on, so it will also be the first time something I built at work becomes public. ;)



Ten thousand Bricks and counting

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Jan 24 2015 · 127 views

I just realized I've been working here for 3 weeks now and have probably gone through 10000 bricks or more, easily. I guess as being hired from the AFOL community, building stuff just for fun after hours as a hobby is not as common as one would think. It is a job after all, even if it's the best in the world so far. But staying a little longer and chatting with the other colleagues is great fun and it's nice to be able to chat for a few hours and exchange thoughts on designs and bounce ideas off of each other. =)

I guess that's what happens if you have a whole backlog of models only ever finished in LEGO Digital Designer and then decide to try them out as physical models. Five are done (pictures will follow in the next few weeks I hope), and two more are WIPs, including an old favourite I never got to finish before: A Minifig scale AT-AT walker. Head and feet are done already, the rest will follow.

I also noticed my BFTGM entry, Mythosix, that was withdrawn from the contest but came to work with me, keeps moving around the Bionicle design area. XD


Legoland, the Silent Hill edition

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Jan 22 2015 · 138 views

Three weeks pass quickly. Even more so when you have so much fun at work that you start looking forward to Mondays (Crazy, right?) It's been really cold here this week in Billund and I think I saw the sun about three times in total. And this was the view (or lack thereof) on the way home from work tonight. It's just missing the sirens for that real horror game feel.

Posted Image

On the upside, quite a number of the new designers have banded together and organized a number of activities despite the lackluster weather. And in addition, I've been assigned my first set at work. Super exciting! Also, if things go well, there might be pictures from an upcoming presentation. I'll have to see if I can share those.

PS: Had to add a disclaimer box for legal reasons.


Week #1 at LEGO

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Jan 10 2015 · 138 views

And thus the first week at the new job is over. I've completed my first two work assignments and am currently on my third, which I will get back to on Monday. I can't really talk about them, but it involved new sets and building some larger models of my own design for an upcoming display. I learned and saw so many things, that is really doesn't feel like only one week yet. It actually feels a bit unreal to think that last weekend I was still living in my family's house in my own room.

Now this weekend is the first in Billund. Compared to the past 5 days, there is a shocking lack of activity going on right now. Me and another colleague decided to checkout the nearby town of Veilje. It's not big, but bigger than Billund and has a beautiful old town and enough activity and options for food and entertainment that it is quite obvious why a lot of expat designers decide to move there.
Of course, my current residence has the distinct advantage of being only a stone's throw away from the employee store which I will also check out come Monday. ^^

A few small things I can share: I've got around to build some of my own designs after working hours at the office, mostly models I only had in LDD so far, so I hope I get to take photos of them soon. I also put together Smaug from the Hobbit sets to watch over the desk, which is also quite cool, those wings are really something else. And perhaps coolest in terms of builds so far: Mythosix, my villain for the Golden Mask contest which was withdrawn is now standing guard outside the Bionicle design area, so he's in good company.

More cool than that though was the opportunity to meet the other designers, many which I only knew from flickr before. Insanely talented and passionate people all around and it's really great to be able to hang out with them. The work environment in general is super-friendly and healthy. Though, if you think this is only a desk-job I can tell you there is quite a bit of walking involved. Lots of bricks means lots of shelves.


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I can absolutely not talk about anything that's under development, nor comment on any rumors, speculation, leaks and anything else that has not been officially released. As a rule of thumb: If it's not sold on shelves, we can't talk about it.