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Dragon Journeys


Star Wars at GamesCom 2012 or why I was offline for a week

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Aug 20 2012 · 96 views

Star Wars at GamesCom 2012 or why I was offline for a week As those of you who play with me in the BZPRPG have probably noticed, I suddenly dropped out of activity last week. The reason for that is that I got the incredible opportunity to work at the Star Wars: The Old Republic booth at GamesCom in Cologne this year, via contacts I got from school.

We met the previous weekend for the initial briefing; and after clearing up all questions, we drove to Cologne on Tuesday, where we moved into the flats we would have during the week and to get our on-sit briefing at the booth.
Once we arrived, we met with the people from Bioware and EA, mostly from the community management-side, but also the live-producer and lead pvp-level designer. They are incredibly nice people all around and it was a good reminder, why I want to work in the industry. On Sunday, I also had the great pleasure of meeting some of the community-managers for Mass Effect, another bunch of awesome people.

On Wednesday we had the press-visitors at the booth and also the 501st legion. I have nothing but respect for these guys. It was hard enough working at the booth for 10 hours with short breaks, to the point where some of us got serious pain in the feet. But imagine that while wearing several pounds of plastic armour and in Darth Vaders case, a full-body leather suit and 10lb helmet. They were awesome as well and so much fun, providing lots of laughter for everybody involved.

Then on Thursday, the gates opened for the general public and madness ensued. We channeled people through the booth in 20-minute intervals, so they could try the game if they hadn't played it yet or to try the new exclusive warzone the BW guys presented there.

But aside from working at booth, we had some really cool parties in the evening, from a community meet'n'greet on thursday to the Sony-party on saturday.

All in all, it was just amazing and totally worth all the work. One of the best weeks and best teams ever!

So yeah, that's where I was. I have a project-management test coming up on wednesday, so I need to study for that. But I am back and will get active again asap!

May the force be with you!


The Horde/skakdi Group Organization And Discussion Entry

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Jun 25 2012 · 379 views

Thanks guys! I hope this blog does help us to organize these things better. Even though I've GMed a whole RPG before, running a group within the BZPRPG is something I am not 100% sure how to manage yet. So, you'll get to participate quite a bit ^^

Active members:


Group code (Well, more like...'guidelines' ;) ):

-The horde is a mercenary fighting force mainly comprised of Skakdi members. Other species are welcome, but they have it tough and the Skakdi don't trust easily, so their respect must be earned.

-The Horde doesn't care who you are and what you've done prior to joining, except if you served Makuta. If you're a Skakdi, know how to hold something sharp and want to get back at big M, you're welcome.

-The Horde's goal is nothing less than the defeat of Makuta and his forces on the Island of Mata Nui.

-Rhow may act as the de facto leader of the group, but she's not a despot, so discussions about the course of action are quite welcome and don't shy away from asking the group to go on quests you find worthy of pursuing.

-As nice as the group is, by Skakdi standards at least, as hard they are when it comes to keeping it that way. Better watch what you are scheming, or you might call down the wrath of the group down on you.

Active Missions (Location,Members):

-Destroy FoM hideout in Xa-Koro.

Yeah, so, discuss ^^



Blue Öyster Cult

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Jun 16 2012 · 73 views

Had the rare opportunity to see one of the few concerts legendary BÖC were ginving in Germany. Granted, I did not know all their songs before going, but I always liked their hits and they certainly delivered! Best money ever spent this year!

Probably should have brought a cowbell for Don't fear the reaper, just for fun ^^



For Crimson Jester

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Jun 08 2012 · 89 views

Hey guys. Nothing new from, except more art on the way, but today I am not here to blog about anything related to me.

Crimson Jester, which all of you who ever stepped into the the BZPRPG in the past few years should know, at least by the name, has asked me to let you all know that he's currently taking some time off BZP. He lost two good friends this month, so you know why.

Stay safe everybody.



Posted by Vezok's Friend , May 09 2012 · 54 views

Yup! Off to Scotland, specifically, Edinburgh.

I have no clue what the city will be like, none at all, but one thing is sure: It's time to learn a new English accent =D

I'll be back by monday night and I will have a laptop with me over the weekend, just don't expect me to post much.

Judging by the activity on my blog here, I'm sure that won't be a problem ;)

Stay safe everyone!



Posted by Vezok's Friend , May 05 2012 · 82 views

Kal Grochi needs a blog post. Kal Grochi gets a blog-post.


Bzprpg Character Creation

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Apr 26 2012 · 53 views

I have to admit, I have not made a whole Toa Team at once before. It's a little harder than expected, but a lot of fun as well to write the backstory of six Toa, rather than just one.

But it's fun to see what different inspirations can create in combination. In this case, you take Bram Stoker, add Prototype and supernatural beings and throw in some good old-fashionied Bionicle-Mystery on top. I think those of you who play will like the result.

Now, I just hope NM approves these guys once I send them to him...


New Art Again!

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Apr 16 2012 · 58 views
BZPRRPG characters
So soon? Yes indeed!

Keep your eyes open for the next few days, another character-illustration approaches!

In the meantime, a public service-announcement from Lenny the Lemon-Shark!

Posted Image


The Final Frontier

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Apr 13 2012 · 78 views
Star Trek, TNG
Every once in a while Nostalgia strikes and I take a look at something that was really cool and "in" when I was about 6 years old or so. That usually involves looking at old cartoons. Often enough one finds that what was considered epic storytelling at that age is rather simple in hindsight. But sometimes you find that something that was seemingly boring at the time was actually really cool!

The next Generation was the Star Trek show I grew up with. Unfortunately, back in 90s and slightly more interested in a certain brand of plastic building-bricks, it was something that would occasionally be watched. But since the original run ended in 94 and everything after was re-runs, those instances were rare.
After all, there was Lego to be built and then there was Star Wars. And as you might guess, as a kid, I was more interested in X-Wings and lightsabers and AT-ATs (Oh Mata Nui, no sportscar will ever be as cool as an imperial walker, hands down! I DON'T CARE IF THERE'S NO PARKING SPOTS FOR AT-ATs, I WILL WALK TO WORK IN IT!)!

Star-Trek on the other hand had people in bright-coloured uniform walking around on an absolutely clean Starship discussing the possible consequences of interfering with the developent of other species. Now, that was between age 4 to 8 and it never really interested me.

That is until last month. I was stuck in bed thanks to an unhappy stomach. With nothing better to do I finally came across video-compilation of great movie-quotes. Among them the most inspirational quotes from Patrick Steward as Captain Picard.
The realisation went something like this: "That show was really cool!"

So somehow I've managed to watch the first 4 seasons again since then. I have to say the best episodes have to be those where Spiner gets on his Sherlock Holmes, or those where Steward can fully employ his classic Shakesperean acting or really steps up as an advocate for the equal rights of all living things. I am not a Trekkie by any means, but there is something very enjoyable about watching his speeches. And more importantly, they have some applicability to real life as well.

I guess some things you can only really appreciate once you're old enough to know what they were all talking about. Maybe you have something like that from your early days as well. It has nothing to do with feeling older, btw. It's just about looking back at some stuff that's ten or fifiteen years in the past, to see how it holds up today.

Now, with that said, I will return back to creating art and studying gamedesign...But first, I will need something to drink:

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Posted Image


The Post-Count

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Apr 12 2012 · 42 views
DBZ Meme
Glanced at my post-count the first time in ages last night...

Posted Image


New Art

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Apr 10 2012 · 52 views
BZP RPG, Vortixx, Kohra, villains
As promised, I've finished a new artwork. Fast this time too. For your enjoyment, head on over to Artwork I and check it out if you like.




New Art On The Way

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Apr 09 2012 · 35 views

This is for you peeps who know my BZPRPG characters.

After the great success of the Agni piece, I took the project to the next step. All the characters currently in existance have been sketched and Kohra should be
done tonight or tomorrow, not sure how much time It'll take to finish completely.

On top of that, I've got some other sketches and new characters that I will work on as soon as I can get to them.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on Artwork I =)


Update Incoming

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Mar 25 2012 · 34 views

I just realized something:

I miss blogging with all you awesome folks!

So, without delaying too much, I shall refurbish this blog to finally fit in with the new forum layout, do some new funky pictures and then I'll get down with the groove, do the boogy and...

Ok, enough blabbering, I'll just get back to updating here more regularly.

See you guys in the blogsphere! =)



Posted by Vezok's Friend , Jan 23 2012 · 45 views

Hey guys. It's been way too long since I updated here.
I don't really have a reason, except that with my blogs imagery being totally out of whack since the new forums came online, I didn't want to force anybody to look at something so horribly disorganized.
Also, I simply haven't taken the time to update it...lazy me.

Anyway, life is keeping me busy. I am trying to up my drawing output but it has yet to become a steady habit that yields results every third day or so, so that's what I'm working towards this year.
Game-design wise, we're currently involved in a movie-assignment.
The group I am part of has decided to make a short fantasy-story that tells the tale of a young man who, as a coming-of-age ritual has to go deep into the wilderness and survive whatever challenge might await him there.
It sound relative serious like that, but there's all sorts of comedic material to it, a lot of which was inspired by Monty Python and other great comedy-people.

Other than that, I am also working on some more Bionicle-related art, thinking about doing some HF art.
Also, I am open for comissions anytime, so if you need a logo or illustration, contact me via PM.



Lego Design Challenge 2011

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Oct 15 2011 · 46 views

Someone pinch me, I just got an official e-mail saying I made it to the finals!

Not sure how to react to that yet. Wow...


Home, Sweet Home

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Oct 14 2011 · 42 views

The new forums looks pretty nice, don't they.

Also everything looks more tidy and a little smaller now as well.
I don't get struck by a ton of topics right away which is good.

Nothing else to say really, let the good times roll!


Do You Know Where You Are?

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Apr 22 2011 · 32 views
Today was interesting...especially the frontpage news on the possibility of Bionicle returning sometime in the future. What struck me funny though is the attitude some people have developed on the topic. I get it that some people say the main-story is done and so is the whole thing, I also understand why some want to see it return or continue. (Obviously because it's one of the coolest things Lego has come up with.)
I also can understand why people dislike HF. It's a replacement as far as Lego-action-figures go, but not in story. Personally I think it has some cool aspects.

But one opinion that stood out to me was the one that says those wanting Bionicle to come back are too concerned with a simple toyline and should move on and that Bionicle should in fact not return, ever.

So let me get this straight: You say that the members of a Bionicle fansite are too concerned with Bionicle?

Great job Sherlock! If that is your stand on things why are you still here?

I would go into picking this apart in-depth but It'd get kind of mean and I don't want to rant. So let me make this short:
Different people will have different opinions. It is ok to voice your opinion on something.
Wanting everybody else to share that opinion of yours is not.

And to throw in some extra wisdom:
Bionicle is over now. Get over it.
Bionicle might come back. Get over it.


Me2 Dlc Galore!

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Apr 19 2011 · 52 views
I know Necro is probably going to want to flay me alive for this...with his mind, but I've decided to re-install ME2.
For another playthrough. Playthrough Nr. 6 or more by now.
Now, chances are I failed and forgot to make a backup up my original safe-file and will need to recreate Alexander Shepard (As seen in my Avatar) and play through ME1 AND 2 or I did make a backup on the external HD...let's hope for the latter.
In any case though, ME2 came with such a buttload of DLC (15 Releases, 7 of which are additional missions each taking another few hours to complete.)
Which I am downloading. Right now. All at the same time.


Edit: Nooo...Alexander Shepard got killed during a total system reboot ;_;
Seems I need to go all Lazarus on the Game. Well, seems I will need to save the galaxy twice this month then...



Posted by Vezok's Friend , Apr 16 2011 · 42 views
Fun stuff

Art by Andrew Dobson

I love this little reaper XD


A Random Person Appears!

Posted by Vezok's Friend , Apr 16 2011 · 50 views
weird stuff
VF uses 'Punch in the face'.

It's very effective!

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