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Is Back.

Posted by Sif , Jan 04 2009 · 105 views

And i can has new car. biggrin.gif



Posted by Sif , Jan 03 2009 · 91 views

I'm Leaving buy.


New Car

Posted by Sif , Jan 02 2009 · 111 views
I am flying to Atlanta tomorrow to pick up my new car and then I'm driving back on Sunday. so i won't be on much.


Lucky Star

Posted by Sif , Jan 01 2009 · 120 views
Does anyone know where i can download Lucky Star Epesodes 17-23?
Thanks rolleyes.gif



Posted by Sif , Jan 01 2009 · 97 views

Does anyone want to see a revamp of THIS moc or THIS one? cool.gif

K i will post a link to the topic later.


New Year.

Posted by Sif , Jan 01 2009 · 103 views

It's 2009 now!!! _icon_joy_.gif _icon_joy_.gif
Our neighbors are shooting of fireworks tongue.gif
Wee let's see who gets the coveted first to build a bionicle set in 2009 banner/sig thing, not me sad.gif


Allmost 2009

Posted by Sif , Jan 01 2009 · 106 views
5 minutes biggrin.gif


2009 Canister Set Revews

Posted by Sif , Dec 31 2008 · 103 views


Most likely the best of the 2009 sets, Vorox drips coolness, from his head/mask/helmet which reminds me of a spider, to the brown and tan color scheme we haven't seen since 2006, to his stinger which breaks from the traditional humanoid form. This is my top set for 2009.

Skrall is IMO the second best of the 09 sets. His sword/shield combo add to his role of being a gladiator or something similar. His black/red color scheme is an impressive choice. the only thing that brings him down is the location of his "life counter" in a strange place, one of his legs.

Strakk is the third best 09 set, with his white and blue scheme and lethal looking ax, he is another great set. the only things that bring him down are the length of his arms and the blandness of his armor.

Malum is, you guessed it the fourth best 09 set, although his mash/helmet/head thing and shorter arms are good there are several flaws in his build sech as the blandness of his legs, the lack of any real weapon, and the location of his Thornax launcher.

Unfortunately Gresh is the fifth best 09 set. Apart from his duel swords theres not much good about him, IMO he's just an inika clone with a knights Kingdom mask.

Tarix AKA the ugly duckling tongue.gif is the sixth of the 09 sets, honestly IMO theirs nothing good about this set at all, the combination of Light blue, Metru blue, silver, gold, and black is not good, also the Thornax launcher is in an awkward position, connected to the spearish weapon.


New Years

Posted by Sif , Dec 31 2008 · 83 views
Well new years is almost here and with it comes a bunch of bored people dropping a big ball of a building or something,
I mean couldn't they find a better way to spend there time. oh well, anyway I'm staying up till 12:00 to watch this "ball" fall of a building and then it will be 2009 right...Wow totally just lost my train of thought. alright well i might invitee a friend over or something. K have a happy new year tongue.gif


New Blog

Posted by Sif , Dec 31 2008 · 130 views
Welcome to my blog. i will post stuff about my life and other random stuff.
I like Bionicle and anime, uh... I'm a junior in high school. That's about all. tongue.gif

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