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Posted by Sisen , Apr 17 2014 · 263 views
Nope. Not Tali.


Hip Eva Figure of the Day

Posted by Sisen , Nov 25 2013 · 273 views
Posted Image
Here is my Mark 04 Unit! I have some other robot mecha related LEGO things in the works, but can't post those pictures just quite yet.



Posted by Sisen , Nov 16 2013 · 226 views

If everything keeps course... I'll be a sales lead(er) once my coworker goes to her new job. It is pseudo leadership but someone has to coach, train, and schedule workers. When she was on maternity leave I filled her shoes, and now that it appears she has a better job lined up.... I'm the go-to since I have already performed the duties and still do some.


Pokemon Y

Posted by Sisen , Oct 31 2013 · 412 views

5112-4647- 4619


Sometimes I make things. Sometimes I make two many things.

Posted by Sisen , Aug 14 2013 · 417 views
pokemon, yoshi, eevee
I've got a Pokemon related cosplay coming up, and I decided I wanted an egg to carry around with me. While I can minimally use a needle and thread, I haven't really made anything like this before. I found a seller online dealing in DIY Yoshi Eggs, so I purchased one and assembled it. It turned out pretty nice. It is nice and soft and fluffy and fluffy and cuddly soft. Now of course at this point you are realizing "but sisen that isn't a Pokmeon egg... that's a Yoshi egg"
Posted Image
I present to you my very own Eevee egg. It turned out pretty nice. It isn't as soft or fluffy or cuddly or fluffy as the Yoshi egg, but it still is pretty nice. Besides a few snags with sewing on the pattern it looks pretty good if I do say so myself.
Posted Image
Now I just need to finish the remainder construction of the cosplay, which involves even more advanced sewing. It probably took me at least 4+ hours on each egg because I sewed everything by hand, and I have no sewing machine. The Eevee egg took even longer since I had to do the template myself, make the pattern, and cut it all up and hope it worked.



Posted by Sisen , Aug 10 2013 · 420 views

What do you do when one of your Tumblr followers you know, you know knows who you are, but doesn't know that they know who you are actually figures out who you are and asks you if you are actually you who they know and wants to know if it is you who they know, you know?


Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen!

Posted by Sisen , Aug 03 2013 · 457 views

Also known as GISHWHES! I'm thinking about signing up and doing it just for the fun of having one week of random awesomeness and fun.

Just a few testimonials from the website:

"I've been banned from Wikipedia, beheaded a teddy bear, and glued an egg to my hand…"
"No joke. Gishwhes has reaffirmed my faith in humanity. Truly. The amount of people willing to help you, to be in photos with you..."
Posted Image
Posted Image

Plus I can share links for such things now.


Justice or Mercy?

Posted by Sisen , Jul 27 2013 · 200 views

You decide.


Raspberry Pi

Posted by Sisen , Jul 21 2013 · 341 views




Posted by Sisen , Jul 16 2013 · 312 views
nycc, dragoncon
I have plenty of funding and time off to do whatever I'd like for a vacation this year. I have been tossing around the idea of going to Dragon*Con or NYCC. There are pros and cons to both, and the planning for either is somewhat short notice being the events are forty-five and eighty-eight days away. There are people I know going to NYCC, but there is at least one person I know going to be at D*C. I need to try and decide so I can make a decision by the end of this week.
Random reasons to attend:
Atlanta has WHALE SHARKS at their aquarium.
New York is apparently one big apple?

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