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Posted by Sisen , Apr 06 2013 · 105 views

Woo. I successfully passed my mind numbingly boring sales induction course. To summarize: four back to back twelve hour days of sitting in a classroom learning stuff I already know. It was a redundant course but in order to keep my job I had to go through it. I managed to get a 34.5 out of a possible 36 on the test. The average score was 34 (the highest average the instructor has ever had as a group). Personally I wanted to get a perfect score. There were three people out of the class that did. However, I had my manager telling me to get a perfect score, and then I had my district manager telling me to get a perfect score... so the added pressure did not help at all. I am happy that I got an above average score and passed. I spent more time helping other people study to ensure they passed.
I was also happy with the fact that I didn't actually miss an entire question. The questions I missed had multiple parts to answer, so I missed half of three multiple answer questions. I'm just glad it is done and over with and I can move on with work. I averaged about forty-six hours of work this week and it was insane.
I even procured some LEGO on the last day of training.


Lara Croft for the Win

Posted by Sisen , Mar 28 2013 · 114 views

So I purchased Tomb Raider due to the fact it was on sale from Amazon. I’m a prime member and get the super fast two-day shipping or whatever it is. I came home to the package and was sorta surprised because it was thicker than what a regular game case should be. Amazon didn’t just send the game. They sent the game that comes packaged with the collective art book you got for pre-orders. I didn’t even pre-order the game…



Posted by Sisen , Mar 26 2013 · 124 views

I've started looking at my cards again... and... man... the good old days of dueling.


Work Life

Posted by Sisen , Mar 21 2013 · 122 views
crohns, crohns disease, work and 2 more...
Life is pretty much school, school, school, work, work, work, and try not to be sick right now. I have less than a year before I am finally done with college. Work is really great though. My health might not be the best right now, and I'm on multitudes of medications... yet I am still able to keep up my full-time work schedule. I haven't had to call off or go into work sick. *knock on wood*
This upcoming April marks my second year work with Best Buy, and I just had my annual review. I pretty much do everything above and beyond my job, and know I'll be getting another raise beyond the slight increase you typically get. My manager sat down and talked to me, and wanted to discusses further development options for my future career. Right now out of all the Best Buy stores, the store I work at and my department is in the top ten. That's the top ten of all the Best Buy stores. We currently rank at fourth. That's pretty darn amazing.
While we were doing my review, he talked about how the other store managers had to contact him to find out what we do differently to perform so well. He continuously talked about me and talked me up to them. He ranted and raved so much, that the other stores were asking him to send me to their stores to help train staff. Like whaaaaaat, seriously? He then went on to say that he could easily see me being a supervisor or manager. Not in the future. Not down the road. Right now. I could go into another store and easily do the job.
I have been pretty sick lately... taking two different kinds of immunosuppressants really wrecks your system. This week has been pretty good though! Finding out how highly we rank in the company out of all the stores, having my annual review and getting such high praise (I scored a 4 out of 5, 4 is considered the high mark because 5 is like just flawless perfection and most people get a 3 if that). You get a 2 just for doing your basic job duties. Today was the best day though. Tomorrow is payday and because of the performance... we got a huge bonus. Typically I might see an extra $50-100 on a check if we bonus. I am not going to post the exact bonus amount, but I'm safely able to pay off all my monthly bills, buy my cosplay materials, and put aside money for vacation.
Such is life. It might not be the best at the moment, but there are some pretty good things going.


GI Woes

Posted by Sisen , Mar 04 2013 · 119 views
crohns, crons disease and 1 more...
The gastroenterologist put me on an immunosuppressant, Mercaptopurine... that's a mouthful to say. I had completely forgot about him running the blood tests to see if I could handle the drug the last time I had a flare up. I've got a taper of prednisone until May. Plus I have to go and have blood work weekly now. Hopefully this works and keeps me better. I dislike going on new meds especially when all the side effects are pretty much things you already experience... Hopefully the 6mp doesn't affect me too much. I am just more concerned about work. My white count stays pretty good and I have never had any trouble, but who knows now with another drug. Plus, I work in retail and I'm just nervous and worried.


Steampunk Me

Posted by Sisen , Feb 28 2013 · 155 views
steampunk, cosplay, wip
Just some stuff Steampunk stuff I'm working on. The gun was an el cheapo dart gun that I repainted. I have every intention of customizing it a little bit, but am content with leaving it as mostly a paint job. The goggles have some more stuff to be added on to accent them.
Posted Image
Posted Image
I'm working on my own version of a Tesla inspired by Warehouse 13 though. It is going to be more Steampunk, but in the shape and form of a shotgun.


Alohomora don't fail me now...

Posted by Sisen , Nov 23 2012 · 178 views

I rarely use the combination lock I purchased to put on my locker at work anymore. Today I did because people were in the break room so frequently and I have about $200 in my locker.

Needless to say... I went to get in my locker and didn't know the combination. My paper copy of the combination was in my wallet... that I had at the time of purchasing the combination lock. I upgraded to a new wallet and left the written copy in the old one. Oops.

I had an idea of the vicintity of the numbers. 11, 10, 5, 25, 20, 21... There wasn't anything above thirty or below five, but it left way too many variables. I tried and tried and tried. Stopped, went back out into the Black Friday madness... Thought some more.

I couldn't figure it out. I was tired being up for twenty four hours straight so far. Finally I just sat down and listened to the tumblers click and feel the lock shift. I managed to hit the right numbers and unlock my locker thankfully, without bolt cutters.



Posted by Sisen , Oct 31 2012 · 93 views

Nothing that great on tonight but Hocus Pocus and Zombieland.


My body is ready...

Posted by Sisen , Oct 27 2012 · 192 views
For the Halloween party after work tomorrow. I have my wizard cosplay all ready to go, but the necklace I had ordered from Canada did not arrive today... Oh well, I can always wear it on Halloween. I have to work around nine hours tomorrow, and then I have two hours to kill until the store closes and the party begins. There's no point in going home because its almost an hour each way, so if I go home I'd have to just drive back as soon as I get there.... On the upside I could go see a movie or just take a nap in the break room.


What is black and white and mon all over?

Posted by Sisen , Oct 18 2012 · 204 views

I finally beat the E4 in Black. Finally.

Also Kohaku and Hades appreciation entry.

I got a Zorua.

I imported a fair amount of Pokemon from my D/Pt/HG.

Then I traded more over to my new White 2.

The only problem is... I did not realize I could trade things over like Blastoise, Ralts, etc. I thought I would be restricted to what is on the Regional Dex until I beat the E4.


Now I have too many neat lv1 Pokemon for my new trainer to train and raise.

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