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My body is ready...

Posted by Sisen , Oct 27 2012 · 164 views
For the Halloween party after work tomorrow. I have my wizard cosplay all ready to go, but the necklace I had ordered from Canada did not arrive today... Oh well, I can always wear it on Halloween. I have to work around nine hours tomorrow, and then I have two hours to kill until the store closes and the party begins. There's no point in going home because its almost an hour each way, so if I go home I'd have to just drive back as soon as I get there.... On the upside I could go see a movie or just take a nap in the break room.


What is black and white and mon all over?

Posted by Sisen , Oct 18 2012 · 186 views

I finally beat the E4 in Black. Finally.

Also Kohaku and Hades appreciation entry.

I got a Zorua.

I imported a fair amount of Pokemon from my D/Pt/HG.

Then I traded more over to my new White 2.

The only problem is... I did not realize I could trade things over like Blastoise, Ralts, etc. I thought I would be restricted to what is on the Regional Dex until I beat the E4.


Now I have too many neat lv1 Pokemon for my new trainer to train and raise.


Clostridium difficile

Posted by Sisen , Oct 10 2012 · 132 views

I cannot say your name five times fast and you need to be eradicated from the planet earth. This is the second time I have picked up the infection, and the chances of catching it increase with each concurrent infection.


I have a soul now.

Posted by Sisen , Oct 03 2012 · 213 views

I stole it from a family. Now I just need my license to kill.


Scoota Zoo Wallyworld

Posted by Sisen , Sep 12 2012 · 122 views
life, crohns disease and 1 more...
While I was waiting to check out in line at Walmart today, there was this elderly woman behind me in one of the store's electronic scooters. My buggy (If you don't know that I mean by buggy, that's what most people in my state call a "cart") was already unloaded and on the checkout belt. The person ahead of me was still waiting to pay, and there was plenty of space on the belt since I only had like seven bags of stuff.

I offered to load her stuff up onto the checkout area for her, and it pretty much made her day. Even though I work in retail myself and usually help people on a daily basis that way, this was different and it felt good.

Now I just wish my stomach didn't feel so crummy, because I'm about ready to punch it... In other news, I did finish my course of steroids I was on... but pretty sure coming off them is causing the trouble. Gonna have to give it some time to clear out of my system. I'm so tired, sore all over, and emotionally void.


Dreadfullest Diary,

Posted by Sisen , Sep 08 2012 · 110 views
lilith, assassin, diary
Today whilst my thrall pulled my cart along, a torrential downpour struck my travels. Not even thinking, I muttered some of the Elder Futhark under my breath. Much to my surprise and disappointment, the rain went from cats and dogs to a nonexistent sprinkle. I was dismayed that my thrall was now able to pull me along without added misery. Naturally I tried to merkstave the runic incantation to return the torrential rain, but my thrall was left to experience the duty carefree of weathering hardship.

Perhaps I should ask my mothers about this occurrence... If I can harness the elements... My assassination attempts would look nothing more than natural acts of extreme weather. No, I shall keep this delightfully dreadful incidence to myself. After all, my thrall makes a lovely test subject. I was able to learn the process to filet flesh, dislocate body parts, and boil a boil with a blister on a pimple within a zit. Oh the latter is saved for my most loathsome foes and causes such a fit.

As always, a bewildering array of desserts,




Posted by Sisen , Sep 07 2012 · 213 views
sadness, life, death
Last night I saw a status update somewhere that said a 13 year old child in the area had stopped breathing. They life-flighted the child to the next largest hospital in our area.

When I woke up this morning, I found out that it was my cousins eldest daughter and that she unfortunately passed away last night. She was prone to having seizures and has had them since she was a small child. There were many different surgeries and tests that she endured through. Last night she had a seizure, stopped breathing, and despite her Mothers best attempts at resuscitation and the hospitals... there was nothing they could do.

Positive thoughts towards my family right now would be greatly appreciated.

My cousin was an only child, and her parents (my aunt and uncle) went through many failed attempts and sorrows just to have their daughter. No parent should have to bury a child, and neither should a grandparent a grandchild. This is going to be a very tough time for them and everyone. So please send us any positive thoughts you can.



Posted by Sisen , Sep 06 2012 · 106 views

I didn't actually get written up at work today, because i was proactive and had my shift covered in advance.


Sick of Work, Well Not Really

Posted by Sisen , Sep 05 2012 · 127 views

Hey. That's cool. Not like I'm running a fever. Can barely talk or anything. Call off work and "This is your third call off in a six month period, you're getting wrote up now it actually goes onto paper."

It's ridiculous. The best part is even if i had a doctors note they wouldn't care or consider it. Pretty much now if I do call off anymore, I'll get written up each time. You can only be written up like four or five times before they fire you too.

Well excuse me for getting sick and having a compromised immune system from being on steroids. I can't help it. Do you want me to come to work contagious and make other people sick?


Galek Asylum

Posted by Sisen , Sep 01 2012 · 125 views

So. That was awesome. Good episode yes.

Not so good? That girl I met and broke things off with, who was not on talking terms with me anymore. Is now stalking my profile elsewhere... and texting me again?

She doesn't understand how that episode made any sense...

And when did we get back on talking terms?

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