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(insert Blog Entry Title Here)

Posted by Sisen , Jan 21 2009 · 18 views

I'm going home soon so it is bye-bye DSL. Who knows when I'll see you again...

I need to work on my concept sketches tonight though. I only have one done and not all the way. Drawing cherries with arms, legs, and mouths isn't easy...

I just have to come up with two other sketches. unsure.gif


Taking A Moment...

Posted by Sisen , Jan 20 2009 · 14 views

From class to make a little blog. I'm finishing up an assignment that I needed to add one small detail to. You know that one small thing you never know anything about? Well I figured it out and I should be writing about it...

It can be a real pain to balance school work with personal interest. For instance I read for a few hours after I woke up today instead of getting online to do school work and last night I worked on my projects but I stayed up till 3am working on my S&T entry...

Things can be so wacko.gif sometimes.

I need to work on getting to bed earlier...


Beat Kh!

Posted by Sisen , Jan 16 2009 · 25 views

Well I just finished the last battle and the credits… I had to redo the last battle once because I sorta died laugh.gif but that was only the second battle in the game I’ve ever had to redo.
Anyways I made it to the final screen:

Level: Beginner Mode
Journal: 98%
Gummi Routes: 8% (not my favorite thing in the game…)
Healed Part: 18 times
Saved by Mickey: 1 time
Most used form: Wisdom Form 19 times
Used Antiform: 5 times (All accidents I might add)
Most used Summon: Genie 3 Times (Wasn’t big on summoning.)

Now I got to that final screen and none of the buttons worked. Is it supposed to be like that? The only thing I could do was turn the game off…


Kingdom Hearts

Posted by Sisen , Jan 16 2009 · 24 views

Well I'm almost there... I'm only a few battles away until I beat the game. I just finished up the remaining members of Organization XIII.

I never realized you were able to equip all those Keyblades you got from all the different worlds. I knew you could with the Drive Forms but I never realized you could swap out your main keyblade for one... wacko.gif



Posted by Sisen , Jan 11 2009 · 15 views

Well class officially starts for me tomorrow.
Digital Image Manipulation:
Welcome to the Digital Image Manipulation course. This course has been designed to introduce you to the world of manipulated images, that is, those images of scenes that might not occur in nature and probably wouldn't occur at all if someone with a computer hadn't played around with it. At the same time as you study and comment on images, create some of your own and work on manipulation exercises, you will probably become adept at using Adobe Photoshop- the primary tool of this course.

Please bear in mind that this is not a "Photoshop class." This course is much more than a software class, although you will be expected to learn the software in the process of taking this course. I hope you will leave this course with a body of knowledge that will allow you to recognize manipulated images; to envision solutions to problems that are solved through the manipulation of images; and to work in an environment that requires a familiarity of the equipment and software used in manipulating images.

My time online might be conflicted but I'll most certainly be on more often


The Real World

Posted by Sisen , Jan 08 2009 · 20 views

Did anyone else watch the premier last night? I've never actually watched an entire season before but I think this one looks like it could turn out to be the best one.


First Book Of The New Year

Posted by Sisen , Jan 07 2009 · 26 views
I got The Tales of Beedle the Bard by: J. K. Rowling today. It's officially the first book I got this year.
I can't wait to finish The Alchemyst so I can read it.



Posted by Sisen , Jan 07 2009 · 36 views

Well I called Dell the other day cause my laptop fan runs a special way it shouldn't. A good bit of people have the problem and if you take the battery out it will work normally for any given period of time.
When I called the foreign guy told me to take out the battery and update the BIOS. That's what I did before...
I called in because that pretty much stopped working. But since it actually worked when they had me do it they said they'd call back.
I'm still waiting for them to call..................

Oh and I know.
Don't get a Dell get a Mac. rolleyes.gif


I Had A Really Weird Dream...

Posted by Sisen , Jan 06 2009 · 27 views

I had a really weird dream…
First it started off with me leaving my grandma’s house then I was walking out the road and a demon appeared. He was telling me about people who had sinned for some reason I really don’t remember who, what, or why.
Then I was out shopping with friends, which in real life would never happen. Well whoever I was with, I can’t remember who, they liked the girl but wouldn’t ask her for her number so I did for them. She had it wrote on her hand and just pressed our hands together for it to come off, because the ink was still wet. Meanwhile the other employees were talking about how smooth the transfer went off.
My and me friend were walking down the street talking about the girl. She was a gamer and had an Xbox. He was like she could probably teach you a thing or to because I don’t have an Xbox. Then it must have been another day or later in the day because we met up with her again. We were all in Pittsburg for some reason or other; at least I think we were. I had got on my laptop to see if my one friend was online and we told her who.
She was like, “That girls a prissy pretty pretty who thinks she knows it all,” something along those lines. I didn’t say anything and ignored her because she wasn’t even online.
Then things get confusing… Somehow we were back in WV and we were on a school bus going on a trip to Pittsburg. I’m not sure but I think that girl was with us but she attended school in PA. There was the driver, passenger, two kids in front of me, a kid by me, and then two more kids in the back.
Well we got to Pittsburg and we were by this place and they stopped us. It was some other school. The principal got on with like some gym teacher and talked to us. They said we were breaking the law or doing something illegal. Then they took the one of the kids in front of me off the bus and one of the kids behind me. Well after that the gym teacher scary guy stayed on the bus with us while the principle took those kids away; it just so happens the girl from PA was one of them.
By know we are all rather scarred and worried. Well the gym guy wouldn’t answer anyone else but he would answer me. So I started asking questions…
I don’t remember the first ones but there were these kids outside hiding throwing rocks at the bus. I told the guy and he started to drive us away but then I realized I knew the kids throwing the rocks and was like ###### they could have helped. But the scary dude just kept on driving. Then I asked another question and he went on and on and said “It isn’t an earthly matter.” I was like what isn’t an earthly matter? He said, “You aren’t”.
Then there was this spooky voice from no where and the scary guy changed into the bus floor and the bus was gone, but it was only an illusion. His face turned into the floor but it was just a flat piece of skin and it was nasty, it had cigarette burns all over it to make up the facial features. Then he went on talking more and more… For some reason they wanted me for something. I have no idea what and if I did know I forgot it in the dream.
All I know is the girl we met in PA was playing us. They wanted us to meet her and she purposely put the ink on my hand and what the guys said in the store wasn’t about getting her number. The ink was poison to poison me. Then I realized they didn’t know about my friend in PA they were just bluffing and I told them her name.
Needless to say the dream pretty much ended there because I was so scared I woke myself up.

Normally I can pinpoint things from the day that would have caused the dream to occur.
All I have is I watched a movie about assassins and they used poison in the movie and I thought about my friend in PA. Other than that… I have nothing.



2 Down, 3 To Go...

Posted by Sisen , Jan 03 2009 · 15 views

I finished the Vampire Diaries now to read the Immortal Tales of Nicolas Flamel again and the sequel along with The Dragon Heir.
At least I have a week off still to do it!

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