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Posted by Sisen , Jan 07 2009 · 89 views

Well I called Dell the other day cause my laptop fan runs a special way it shouldn't. A good bit of people have the problem and if you take the battery out it will work normally for any given period of time.
When I called the foreign guy told me to take out the battery and update the BIOS. That's what I did before...
I called in because that pretty much stopped working. But since it actually worked when they had me do it they said they'd call back.
I'm still waiting for them to call..................

Oh and I know.
Don't get a Dell get a Mac. rolleyes.gif


I Had A Really Weird Dream...

Posted by Sisen , Jan 06 2009 · 60 views

I had a really weird dream…
First it started off with me leaving my grandma’s house then I was walking out the road and a demon appeared. He was telling me about people who had sinned for some reason I really don’t remember who, what, or why.
Then I was out shopping with friends, which in real life would never happen. Well whoever I was with, I can’t remember who, they liked the girl but wouldn’t ask her for her number so I did for them. She had it wrote on her hand and just pressed our hands together for it to come off, because the ink was still wet. Meanwhile the other employees were talking about how smooth the transfer went off.
My and me friend were walking down the street talking about the girl. She was a gamer and had an Xbox. He was like she could probably teach you a thing or to because I don’t have an Xbox. Then it must have been another day or later in the day because we met up with her again. We were all in Pittsburg for some reason or other; at least I think we were. I had got on my laptop to see if my one friend was online and we told her who.
She was like, “That girls a prissy pretty pretty who thinks she knows it all,” something along those lines. I didn’t say anything and ignored her because she wasn’t even online.
Then things get confusing… Somehow we were back in WV and we were on a school bus going on a trip to Pittsburg. I’m not sure but I think that girl was with us but she attended school in PA. There was the driver, passenger, two kids in front of me, a kid by me, and then two more kids in the back.
Well we got to Pittsburg and we were by this place and they stopped us. It was some other school. The principal got on with like some gym teacher and talked to us. They said we were breaking the law or doing something illegal. Then they took the one of the kids in front of me off the bus and one of the kids behind me. Well after that the gym teacher scary guy stayed on the bus with us while the principle took those kids away; it just so happens the girl from PA was one of them.
By know we are all rather scarred and worried. Well the gym guy wouldn’t answer anyone else but he would answer me. So I started asking questions…
I don’t remember the first ones but there were these kids outside hiding throwing rocks at the bus. I told the guy and he started to drive us away but then I realized I knew the kids throwing the rocks and was like ###### they could have helped. But the scary dude just kept on driving. Then I asked another question and he went on and on and said “It isn’t an earthly matter.” I was like what isn’t an earthly matter? He said, “You aren’t”.
Then there was this spooky voice from no where and the scary guy changed into the bus floor and the bus was gone, but it was only an illusion. His face turned into the floor but it was just a flat piece of skin and it was nasty, it had cigarette burns all over it to make up the facial features. Then he went on talking more and more… For some reason they wanted me for something. I have no idea what and if I did know I forgot it in the dream.
All I know is the girl we met in PA was playing us. They wanted us to meet her and she purposely put the ink on my hand and what the guys said in the store wasn’t about getting her number. The ink was poison to poison me. Then I realized they didn’t know about my friend in PA they were just bluffing and I told them her name.
Needless to say the dream pretty much ended there because I was so scared I woke myself up.

Normally I can pinpoint things from the day that would have caused the dream to occur.
All I have is I watched a movie about assassins and they used poison in the movie and I thought about my friend in PA. Other than that… I have nothing.



2 Down, 3 To Go...

Posted by Sisen , Jan 03 2009 · 77 views

I finished the Vampire Diaries now to read the Immortal Tales of Nicolas Flamel again and the sequel along with The Dragon Heir.
At least I have a week off still to do it!


The "dinner"

Posted by Sisen , Dec 31 2008 · 59 views

Went well actually, better than expected. I rode up with my cousins and uncle instead of my family. I mean our car was crammed with three people in the front and back so it made logical sense; I can’t help but think they took it another way though… Might just be me.
But before dinner my mom told me I need to tell my dad I love him and that I don’t hate him. When I never even said I didn’t love him or did hate him in the first place, they both upset me yesterday.
I mean he could have told me good night last or told me he loved me like he always does right?
She also suggested I write a note to here on what aggravates me the most about him. I flat out told her it was the way the talked about my grandma yesterday.


Bad Day...

Posted by Sisen , Dec 30 2008 · 73 views

I should have known when I woke up, and I was so happy that I’d have to hit a low… :<
I watched Aidan all while my mom was getting ready to leave then when I tried to get ready she rushed to the car. Later her remark was “I thought you were dressed.”
I was dressed but didn’t she see my hair was standing all up? I was just trying to fix it and I would have been ready but I wasn’t able to. Aidan grabbed a cup off the dresser and drank out of it and in the process dumped it all over his clean clothes, jacket, and shoes. So I had to get him changed and everything because my mom was in the car already. I ended up just throwing a hat on.
It didn’t even make sense why we were going in my grandma’s so late when we were going to go to my aunt’s in a few hours. My mom was just in one of those moods I guess.
Well we got there and my grandma had my pap’s kids from his first marriage in, his daughter from down state and her younger friend and his son from Texas with his two kids. They were cooking and stuff when we got their and that’s about it. We left when my dad got there to take the kids to their house so we wouldn’t have to wait for their mom to pick them up.
Of course we’re just sitting there and they start talking about how everyone was acting at my grandmas.
“Putting on a show.”
“Complain they never have money.”
“Making a big ordeal about them being there.”
“Any other time their dying.”
And a lot of other things that got on my nerves and upset me that I can’t remember. I ended up looking at my dad and said “Why don’t you just shut up.” Well by then I couldn’t take it so I had to sit Aidan on the floor and walk down stairs because I started crying.
Then my mom said “don’t cry” and started following me and I said “leave me alone.”
She just kept following me and sat with me and told me to stop crying I don’t understand why everyone is so negative, negative, negative.
What I had meant to say upstairs was “Why don’t you both just shut up?” She said things to, it just wasn’t my dad.
Then she was like call and “tell Belinda- my dad’s sister- we aren’t coming.” I was like we can go. I wanted to go but noooooo. “I’m not taking him over there like this.” God, all I did was get upset and cry… Since when is that a crime?
I think the best thing ever was that when he called he most certainly lied about why we were not coming all of a sudden. Surely he wouldn’t have said I wasn’t feeling good. Because I feel fine, I was just upset.
We ended up coming home and I went in my room and shut the door. Well my mom came in of course.
“I want to tell you one thing and I’ll leave you alone. One day you and your dad are going to have to sit down and tell each other what you don’t like or can’t stand about each other because as the mom I can’t take it anymore.”
Now didn’t I just say it wasn’t just him? What got to me was what he was saying and just going on and on about my grandma. Then she left and I turned my light off and took my glasses of to lay down because by now I didn’t feel like doing anything.
A few minutes later she comes back. “What are you doing?” “Sleeping…” “Why?” “I’m tired.” “Okay.”
Then she left.
She came back again…
“You know how much I love you..” You know all that stuff.
Then I overheard her telling my sister what happened in her room. Obviously when things get repeated they are never the same. According to what my mom said all she said was “I didn’t feel comfortable up there.” All the people there are family. How can you not feel comfortable? Because my step aunt brought her friend she’s brought up I don’t know how many times before?
Finally I got to go to sleep and take like an hour nap then my sister opened my door to ask me if I wanted to eat. So I got up and ate and now I’m writing this.
I just don’t see how it’s right to run your mouth about people when they’re not around. If you can’t say something like that in front of them you shouldn’t be saying it at all. I guess that’s how everyone is though.
But before I shut up there is one more thing I’d like to point out.
Had we went to my aunts, with or without me getting upset, they would have acted like totally different people when they got there than the two people sitting in that living room.
I guess that’s just life but I can’t stand it when they do that and it just finally got to me.
Tomorrow’s the anniversary dinner my aunt always had with her family but since she died last year we go with my cousins and uncle now. We will have to wait and see how that goes…

I mean so what if my grandma does act different when they are around. At least she is getting up and doing something and having fun.
Anyways it’s time for my med and to post this.
Yeah my mom just went to bed at 7… Asked if we wanted to go to the dinner tomorrow. I nodded my head and she said “huh?” I said yeah and she just groaned because of the way I answered.


Christmas & Gaming

Posted by Sisen , Dec 24 2008 · 84 views

Just taking a break from gaming to blog.

Well we did the present thing a few nights ago so we could do it with the kids we babysit all the time.
Just tell them Santa came early and all is fine. biggrin.gif
Well I got Guitar Hero III, PBR, Bleach Dark Souls, The Dragon Heir, Takanuva, A sketching set, and clothes.
I've pretty much beat one game except for getting the 100%.
I'm just about to complete easy on GH3 but the power went out when I was in the progress of making my highest score ever.
Needless to say I didn't get it back and I was all out of whack and had to quit.
PBR was even a bust. The other trainer got 3 off my Pokemon in Neon and I only got 1 of them...
They totally obliterated me with my own Pokemon. sad.gif



Posted by Sisen , Dec 22 2008 · 53 views

Well I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth out tomorrow at 8am. The first time I've been put under since I had my baby teeth cut out in Kindergarten. We thought we only had to co-pay $150 to cover what the insurance wouldn't but the office called us today. Apparently they hadn't contacted the insurance company for updated information and found out that we would be exceeding the price allotted for dental. Basically we would have to pay almost $700 to have it done and we can't afford to right now so I have to wait.
I'm happy that I don't have to have it done so soon and early but still worried about the teeth.
At least they got back to us before we got out there and they apologized. sad.gif


A Tertiary Of Weirdness

Posted by Sisen , Dec 21 2008 · 71 views

Twas a sad night in the dragon community yesterday...

I was cleaning my room and took my dragon down to dust him and his shelf off. So, I sat him down on the floor near my door. He might get broke there, I thought. Well I picked up a piece of paper that need thrown away from his shelf. While I was walking to my garbage can I was reading the paper to make sure it was okay to throw away. Then I felt this sharp point in my leg and hear this awful snapping sound. I forgot about my dragon on the floor and knocked him over. He didn’t shatter though… The second claw in his wing membrane broke off and one of his claws on his left hand did too. I have to super glue him back together but he’ll never be the same. Part of what broke off was very thin and must have broken when he hit the floor so now there will be a few tiny white spots on him showing.

Then we had Christmas early…
Guitar Hero III, Takanuva, The Dragon Heir, Kingdom Hearts, Bleach Dark Souls, PBR, Shirt, Shirt, Sweatshirt, Jeans, Jeans, Sketching Gift Set.

Of course that wasn’t the end of things I had a funny dream too.

First it started off as some Tom Cruise alien movie where they were attacking the Earth of course! Well we were on a bridge that was shaking and then it was vertical so we were laying on the supports that were shaking a lot. Then we fell off but we somehow slid down the bridge slowly unlike all the other people that had just fell for their lives. Then the next thing I know we are resisting the attack in some little city and setting up base but we weren’t fighting aliens, we were fighting vampires and werewolves.
Then I was at a Zoo and talking to animals trying to find something helpful. Well I ended up dropping in on a snake that gave me the idea to drop snakes on them. Of course another animal offered me more help and told me that the zoo sold black market fireworks on the side. I sent in the word and people started showing up and stocking up. Then people started changing some of them were werewolves and we didn’t know. Well there was some form of rivalry going on and they were pretty much killing one another. I think I managed to run around and collect more fireworks and then Tom showed up again with the getaway car.
Now we are driving down a road talking. We barely missed this little animal on the road and then there was a dog on the road whining. I’m like, Don’t stop, it’s a werewolf in disguise. He said, it’s just an injured dog. Then as we got closer and slowed down the ‘dog’ pulled his extra fur wig off and we sped off, but that didn’t stop the werewolf from keeping up with us and jumping on top of the car. Which led to it ripping part of the car roof off, but we were in the car with all the fire works. So while I searched for the right firework containing silver, the people were avoiding being hit in the front. Finally I found the right fire work but unfortunately when I stuck my arm out to shoot him he bit me.
Then we were back at the base and my bite was gone and I wasn’t a werewolf.

Weird dream yes, weird dream about the Last Stand very much yes.

Then I woke up to take my medicine this morning and two of my pills were already out on my shelf. I don't know if I woke up and did that or if I forgot to take them last night... I don't remember laying them down because I always hold them in my hand when I take them and put the lid back on the pill bottle.


With A Wave Of My Magic Wand...

Posted by Sisen , Dec 15 2008 · 73 views

With just a wave of my magic wand
Your troubles will soon be gone
With a flick of the wrist
and just a flash you'll land a prince
with a ton of cash

Okay so maybe not that Prince part.
And Wizards know better to make money with magic. Tsk. Tsk.

Can anyone guess what I'm talking about?
Mumbo & Jumbo. There is more than one...



Posted by Sisen , Dec 11 2008 · 71 views

Has anyone else been tired lately? I mean I know I have been staying up to 3am but I went to bed early one night and was still tired and didn't go to bed until 3am that night again. Today it's raining so I'm feeling more tired and feel like doing zilch.

Well at least there is only a week and a half left to go, but a lot of work to do

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