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Posted by Sisen , Dec 05 2008 · 15 views

Iím going to start posting more MOCs in my blog now, most of the time Iíll just be reviewing old things Iíve built and perhaps revisiting a few along the way.

For now though I demand politely ask you to look at this topic.



Posted by Sisen , Dec 04 2008 · 11 views

So I ate something that is upsetting my stomach.
It may have been the biscuit from yesterday but I'm having the pain a bit again today.
The only thing I had was frosted flakes and macaroni/spaghetti. I had the pains before I had the macaroni yesterday but I had them afterwards too.
I got them after I ate it again today. Maybe I was extremely unlucky and ate two different things to upset my stomach.
Either way I'm not eating any of those biscuits or spaghetti. I'm not complaining though. This is nothing like when I first found out I have Crohn's.
That's a good thing. biggrin.gif

And I finished my BBC entry. tongue.gif
Look at my Bshelf/maj or watch my signature for a topic.

For now though I have lots and lots of work to do for my class.... wacko.gif



Posted by Sisen , Dec 01 2008 · 21 views

Well I get to have my wisdom teeth out on the 23rd at 8am.
I'm glad itís after I'm done with class and off from the 20th to Jan 12th but I'm not happy about it being right before Christmas.
How am I supposed to rock out on guitar hero when I could tear open my sutures?

I guess I'll just be stuck reading books, watching movies, playing handhelds, or building some Bionicle.

Speaking of which I really need to finish my BBC entry. tongue.gif


School Work...

Posted by Sisen , Nov 28 2008 · 12 views

I have a lot of research to do today and I still have to read my text book.
I need to figure out whether or not to keep the wisdom tooth surgery for the 10th or wait until January...
Even more research to do.



Posted by Sisen , Nov 26 2008 · 21 views

Well I had my tooth out today and it wasn't that bad. I've had fillings put in that hurt worse.
Now the unforunate thing is...
I have to have my wisdom teeth out on the 10th.
The top two are impacted but the bottom two are already up and out.
They want to take them out because the skin flaps on the back can be prone to infection.


My Arm...

Posted by Sisen , Nov 24 2008 · 65 views
Is really sore. I got my Wacom today and its going to take some time getting use to.
It is a lot different than a mouse but interesting. The movements are different but quick and my hand writing is worse on it.
It might make a difference if I was setting at a proper desk and not hunched over on my bed. I donít have room for a desk so Iíll have to figure something out or Iíll be having a sore arm all the time.


Cot Rpg Subforum!

Posted by Sisen , Nov 20 2008 · 20 views




Posted by Sisen , Nov 20 2008 · 16 views

The antibiotic has to be making my stomach upset.
It just stinks I mean I already have problems with stomach aches and diarrhea because of the Crohns but the medicine I'm on for it has pretty much stopped those problems. Although, it can cause the exact same problems.
Now I'm on the antibiotic and my stomach is upset and I have that running feeling.
Yes I'm eating when I take it. The only way to make it stop seems to be eating. I am eating so it's not that I'm hungry...
I feel like I felt when I was on Flaggyl the worst tasting antibiotic ever. Just swallowing it makes you want to barf. annoyed2.gif

Maybe I shouldn't be complaining I've had worse stomach aches than this...


The X-ray

Posted by Sisen , Nov 19 2008 · 21 views

Here's the xray they gave me to give the oral surgeon.

You can see it's the middle tooth. The loose filling is pretty noticeable and that dark line is the infection I guess.
I would have scanned for better quality but I just took a pic with the web-cam instead.


My Tooth!

Posted by Sisen , Nov 19 2008 · 19 views

Why is it no one trust their gut instinct anymore? I mean my first thought was it's infected but I was thinking no... It's just something else like my wisdom tooth pushing on my teeth.
But no...
Finally go to the dentist and my tooth is infected and the bone above it is. Thus an abscessed tooth.
Root canals and crowns are expensive so I'm just getting it yanked. I'm not a big smiler and its the third tooth back, counting the canine.
Well I don't smile that big at least... Anyone who smiles so you can see their molars is probably crazy or really happy....

But I told my parents my tooth was bothering for I don't know how long and finally after I made the appointment I found out.
If we had done it sooner we probably wouldn't be here today.

So I have to finish this Zpak antibiotic thing up in five days then I go to the oral surgeon next wednesday.

This is so not what I wanted...

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