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Absolutely Nothing


Technical Assistance, I Guess?

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 21 2015 · 285 views

I don't spend a whole lot of time poking around at all the features on the text editor, so I was wondering if there was some equivalent of the spoiler tags that aren't called "spoiler tags"?

Because the ability to collapse/hide text is actually very handy for condensing long posts out of consideration to others scrolling by, or having an extra buffer to hide my soul-crushing insecurity behind.

But, spoiler tags are for spoilers, and I should probably stick to breaking the rules only once a week.

So, anyone?


Like a Joke Out of a Sitcom

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 19 2015 · 228 views
my life
You know, when the strict rule-following kid says they did something not all that bad like it was the thrill of their life? WELL

I work in a grocery store, in the deli department. We need two carts each night to complete our closing procedures and store everything in the freezer so it doesn’t go bad and stuff, but the workers in the store’s restaurant likes to steal our carts from us and leave us stacking chickens on tinier carts and hoping they don’t topple off. I didn’t close tonight, but I was there late enough that my co-workers were starting closing procedures; we had one cart up front at the counter, and the other I had cleaned and left along the wall near the hallway. We got a little busy, and by the time we turned around the cart I had cleaned was gone. Meaning, someone from the restaurant came to the deli counter, saw a cart with a bright pink label that reads “Deli”, and thought the deli didn’t need it and they would just take it.


Well, one of my co-workers decided she’d had enough. She borrowed a (semi-grimy) cart from our neighbors in the produce department (who had already gone home for the night), and she and I went back to the freezer and transferred all the stuff they’d put on our cart onto the produce cart. I re-cleaned our cart, handed it off to a co-worker, and she stocked it with our olives and put it back in the cooler before anyone even noticed.

The joke alluded to in the title is that I have honestly never felt so ALIVE. I should have stolen stuff years ago!

Now to take my skills to the next level…I’m going to steal a fork! No one can stop me now!!


Kingdom Hearts 6

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 16 2015 · 202 views

So, D23 announced that Kingdom Hearts III will have a world based on Big Hero 6! Apparently it will take place after the movie, and the "original Baymax" will be possessed by darkness? I haven't seen the movie so I don't fully get it, but the artwork looks awesome, and since they seem to be working with the original creators, this might be the first instance of Kingdom Hearts actually providing a canon sequel to a thing...maybe. If so that would be really cool.

Now I need to find a way to watch Big Hero 6. I've decided that I'm going to watch every movie that gets announced for KHIII--I finally saw Tangled, and I'm thinking I may as well rewatch Hercules too. If the BH6 world is going to be after the movie, then I really, really need to watch it.

Also there was some KH stuff getting into Disney Infinity! People at the Expo got a disc thing to unlock Mickey KHII costume, and apparently the Kingdom Key is the "Ultimate Unlock" of 3.0, whatever that means. This is really cool, but not enough to make me buy Disney Infinity just yet; if they continue to add KH stuff then I might have too, though.

Was kind of hoping for Unchained X news, but it's releasing in Japan next month so it's no big deal.


When You're Too Lazy to Write a Fic So You Call it an AU

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 15 2015 · 136 views

Being excited about G2 and Dragon Ball Super got me thinking again about this idea I had a few years back about a crossover fic. Well, basically it was just putting Bionicle characters into DBZ roles, with a few minor adjustments here and there, but no one’s ever accused me of being super original, now have they? :P Still don’t have the motivation to write up the whole story, but dumping AU ideas seems to be a thing, I believe? So, Bionicle DBZ AU goooo!

-Let’s see, the basics: initial setting is Mata Nui, populated by Matoran with human-length lifespans who can reproduce and grow physically as they age because it would be weird for them to stay small the whole time. Our hero is Tahu, who washed up on the island in a strange canister and was found by a Matoran named Jaller. Tahu has a gear on his back, and when he sees a full moon he transforms into Akamai, but reverts when the gear is cut off. I was planning to condense a lot of original Dragon Ball into one arc, so there was stuff with Jaller leaving Tahu with Master Vakama, Balta [Krillin] was there training, and Macku [Bulma] ropes them into a hunt for the six Makoki Stones! Long ago, the guardian Mata Nui created stones imbued with the Elements, get them all together and you summon the magical dragon Cahdok through some gateway to another realm, and she grants your wish. Thinking we might as well bring in Hafu [Yamcha] and Orkahm [Tien]? Anyway, the driving thing is the evil Teridax [Piccolo] competing for the Makoki Stones and ultimately wishing to have his power restored, yadda-yadda, death and Makoki Stone revival, new and less evil Teridax!

-Tahu marries Dalu and they give birth to a son also named Jaller, we find out Tahu’s from the warrior race known as the Toa when his brother Onua [Radditz] arrives and all that. Tahu’s Other World journey becomes a quest to Metru Nui to train with Turaga Dume, not sure if the Spirit Bomb would be a thing but it would definitely be Fire based if it showed up, Kaio-ken would probably be replaced with the Golden Kanohi. Eventually two more Toa show up: Pohatu [Nappa] and Kopaka [Vegeta], and that…goes as well as you’d expect.

-So, Namek. Since Namekians were definitely going to become Makuta, I was thinking Destral at first, but then I thought Voya Nui might be more interesting? Dende is Krika, the Grand Elder is Miserix, Antroz is the guy who eventually becomes the next Grand Elder, and Icarax is Nail. Voya Nui’s Makoki Stones summon Gahdok, by the way. On the villains side, I thought it’d be funny if Freiza and his gang were all Hero Factory characters, such as Stormer [Frieza], Breez [Zarbon], Surge [Dodoria], and the Rocka Force, including Captain Rocka (3.0) and the rest of the 3.0 Heroes. Super Saiyan is obviously Toa Nuva—the idea is that a Toa’s power is tied to their armor, so they can find ways to transform their armor and draw new power from it. Anywho, Tahu Nuva defeats Stormer, Voya Nui blows up, etc etc.

-Stormer gets restored by Von Nebula [King Cold] and attacks Mata Nui, but Tahu hasn’t come back yet. Things look bleak, but Krakua [Trunks] arrives and uses his own Toa Nuva transformation to destroy Stormer and Von Nebula! Time machine gets replaced by the Kanohi Vahi of course, and GASP, Androids! …Or, Glatorian. But we have three years to train so yaaaay!

-So, here’s where things get…not entirely set. Since I wanted to include a few of the movies, I was thinking that Stormer’s brother Evo [Cooler] would attempt to take revenge during the three year gap, and that one of his plans might involve tricking the heroes into going after the Toa of Light [Legendary Super Saiyan] and nearly getting killed by Takanuva [Broly]. Though, Takanuva would survive, I was thinking I’d bring him back for something else later. The murderous rage comes from a “Light must destroy Shadow, there can be no Shadow if there’s no life” sort of thing. Anyway, Takanuva defeated, Evo defeated, more training.

-On to the Glatorian! Since I wanted Cell to be a creature named Kal, I was thinking the Glatorian (minus Straak [19] and Metus [20/Gero]) might be powered by Nuva Symbols, meaning we’d need to bring in the Androids from the movie to have enough, so…Certavus [13], undecided on 14 and 15, Ackar [16], Gresh [17], and Kiina [18] make a full set of Nuva Symbols for Kal to absorb! Not sure exactly what the Nuva Symbols would be in this thing, but eh, details, what’s important is that we get Kal. When Jaller unlocks Toa Nuva it takes the form of Jaller Inika (his main form looks more like a Toa-sized 01 Jaller), the extra buff Super Saiyan used by Trunks and Vegeta would definitely be the Exo-Toa, and I’m going to say we call Toa Nuva 2 “Phantoka” for everyone, since it sounds good. (Jaller Phantoka would look like Jaller Mahri FYI.)

-Ah, beyond that things really fall apart. Vezon seems like a good fit for Majin Buu, with Evil Buu/Super Buu/Kid Buu being Vezok because of reasons. As for the person controlling him, my first thought was the Shadowed One, though I’m now wondering if Shadow Leeches should be involved in the Majin thing (as a way of bringing in Twilight Takanuva) so maybe Mutran instead? I was also thinking that, since my explanation for the Makoki Stones involved a doorway to another realm, maybe the villain’s plan would involve releasing the restrictions on the Makoki Stones and forming a stable gateway until they’re defeated? I don’t know. Anyway, Kaita would obviously replace the Fusion Dance, Toa Nuva 3 is the Golden Armor, Tahu’s second son…my first thought was Norik to keep them all Fire, but then I thought I’d go for some variety and use Zaria, and now I’m wondering if he should just be Lewa? The Kai would all be Turaga, and I was considering having Master Vakama also be a Turaga just as a way of making things more connected or something I don’t know. I think that pretty much covers everything here, though…

-Okay, now, don’t be mad, but I do want to adapt one tiny thing from GT: the Shadow Dragons. While the execution certainly left something to be desired, I still feel like the concept was a fantastic idea, so I was thinking that when Tahu and company go to use the Makoki Stones to erase everyone’s memories of Vezon, the Stones are overcome with negativity and each take the form of a Shadow Toa with control over the Element their Stone is tied to. The line up I was thinking of was Vultraz, Shadow Toa of Fire; Ahkmou, Shadow Toa of Stone; Kirop, Shadow Toa of Earth; Kazi, Shadow Toa of Ice, Vican, Shadow Toa of Air; and Gavla, Shadow Toa of Water. I was also thinking this arc might bring Takanuva back as a good guy, and that Kopaka’s daughter (Gali?) might get involved too. Anyway, once five of the Shadow Toa are defeated, one of them (probably Ahkmou because obviously) absorbs the rest and overpowers the heroes for a time. I never intended to adapt Super Saiyan 4, but now that we have Super and whatnot, I’m thinking that this might be a good place to insert an adaptation of Super Saiyan God as a way of tying in the next arc a little better? Obviously it would be Toa Nui, I was thinking it’d need six Toa of different Elements, they all funnel their power into one and that one transforms. As for what exactly the form would look like, I don’t know, but Tahu Nui would probably resemble Tahu Mata with a few color changes in keeping with the design of Super Saiyan God Goku. Anyway, Tahu Nui defeats Omega Ahkmou (or maybe his form times out and we get Kopaka Nui to finish the job?), peace and all that, yay.

-So, Battle of Gods. If we do have someone in the Vezon Saga messing with the mystical realm the Makoki Stones access, that might be a good reason for the God of Destruction to wake up early, and then he probably hears about Toa Nui and goes to Mata Nui. For the God of Destruction’s identity, Marendar just seems like the best fit (even if we have no idea what they look like), and Whis’s role would without a doubt go to Velika. Moving on to Stormer’s revival, I’m not sure exactly what would equate to Golden Frieza since I hadn’t pinned down all of Stormer’s other forms, but maybe it’s just a Golden Stormer for simplicity. :P As for Tahu and Kopaka’s new form…Toa Nuva Nui does still seem a little long, but it’s much shorter than Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, so I might just go with it. Or, Toa Nui Nuva? I don’t know. But it would probably use the Nuva form as a base with a different color palette, for consistency. That’s about caught up, but since we do know about upcoming characters Champa and his attendant I want to include them too. I like the idea of Universe 6 being filled with G2 characters, and in that event, Kulta is really the only option for Champa; as for his attendant, I’m definitely going with Korgot. Hm, I suppose there will also be a new dragon summoned by the Super Makoki Stones…well, no dragons in G2 yet, so I might wait on that one, along with whoever else turns up in Super.


Space Anubis is Most Realistic Alien

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 08 2015 · 198 views

Just got to see the new DBZ movie, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Still looking forward to when Super goes beyond it, though. :P It also made me realize one of the things I love most about Beerus and Whis: in this movie they flat-out admit that the only reason they don’t destroy Earth is because they like the food. Not for any reasons involving human beings themselves, just their food. It’s great.

The reason I find this so refreshing is because it’s always bugged me that sci-fi or fantasy or pretty much anything with multiple species always has some bit about how “Special” humans are. Higher races will always spare/become attached to humans and say something about the species having unique ingenuity, or possessing great capacity for change, or being inherently kind, or some such nonsense. And I can’t help but feel that it’s, well…kind of pathetic, honestly.

It’s like, somewhere along the process of coming up with these mystical races, we become aware of the limitations of our own human existence, yet we still want to put humans in the story so that we can have a self-insert easily-relatable species/main character. So we add in this hastily-written cliché line about how humans are special, to console ourselves and justify our inclusion in the work. As someone who hates himself I understand the desire and the benefits derived. But it’s been going on for so long that I feel it’s become very transparent.

Why should a god of destruction from deep space take interest in a species who has probably never produced a (pure-blooded) fighter with a power level of even 100,000? (Or, on a related matter, why should a 2,000 year old time-travelling alien be invested in the self-worth of every individual human being?) Sure, we want to say they would, because we’re human, but looking at things objectively, it just makes no sense.

I guess Beerus and Whis’s interest in human food still counts as “something unique to humans”, but it’s very different—this is a skill, something that can be learned rather than something we’re told is intrinsic and not able to be imitated by any other species out there. These two maybe could learn to make Earth food themselves, if they put in the necessary effort, but they’re lazy and figure it’d be more convenient for them to just leave the humans alive to keep cooking for them.

And I love it.


Episode 11 Analysis

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 06 2015 · 191 views

If you were not aware, Episode 11 has been released (in Russian), and it has murals. Steven Universe has taught us that murals are important, so I took a closer look at the murals.

Here is one of them

Posted Image

Now there's a lot that can be taken from this, but the most important thing?

Posted Image

Mario, Master of Plumbers, has been confirmed!!


Well Would You Look At That

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 06 2015 · 297 views
jk, 2016 in August
I'm sure glad I went with "Has BZP reported on it" in my last flowchart, otherwise I'd have to make an entirely new one again.

Remember kids: we're not allowed to discuss leaks, unless you discovered them via our very own front page.


What's Going On?

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 30 2015 · 141 views

Posted Image

He tries.

Posted Image


(Okay yes Kulta would make more sense but I took these before I got Kulta and I am lazy)


The Most Logical Way to Test a Set's Balance

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 28 2015 · 171 views

Posted Image

Hello my baby

Posted Image

Hello my honey

Posted Image

Hello my ragtime gaaaal

Though marketed as logical, in hindsight I realize that this post is rather...

Posted Image



I Think This Counts As a Call Back

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 27 2015 · 171 views

I love Ekimu's Power Hammer but the pose for firing the bullets looks kinda weird, almost like he's holding up a stop sign or something

...Wait a minute...

Posted Image


Posted Image


I Have Approval Now?!

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