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Letters From the Void


Technic Coliseum--New Fighter Voting

Posted by Greninja #0579 , Mar 11 2013 · 1,273 views

Okay, this week is going to be special.  Since we have so many fighters, this really should come to an end.  A short time ago I made a list of every potential fighter I wanted to include, so now I'm going to post the entire list, and you guys can say which ones you actually want--no 2 vote limit, name as many as you want.  I haven't decided yet whether I'll just add all those fighters at the end of the week, or take the fighters you've asked for and use them in next week's voting, but I'll get that sorted out when I can.
Okay, here's the list:
Gale (Credit to Canis): FanonRider of Air (Votes: 3)
Wave (Credit to Canis): FanonRider of Water (Votes: 3)
Alloy: FanonRider of Metal (Votes: 5)
Ion: FanonRider of Lightning (Votes: 3)
Demi: FanonRider of Gravity (Votes: 3)
Nikila: Toa of Lightning from the original Toa Team (Votes: 2)
Pouks: Toa Hagah of Stone, staff is powerless, shield has a built-in Rhotuka Launcher (Votes: 1)
Bomonga: Hagah of Earth (Votes: 2)
Kualus: Hagah of Ice (Votes: 1)
Iruini: Hagah of Air (Votes: 1)
Gaaki: Hagah of Water (Votes: 1)
Naho: Relatively unimportant Toa Mangai of Water (Votes: 1)
Tuyet: Maniacal Mangai of Water (Votes: 1)
Whenua: Archivist/Toa of Earth (votes: 1)
Nokama: Metru of Water, former teacher (Votes: 1)
Vakama: Legendary mask-maker (Votes: 1)
Matau: Matau (Votes: 1)
Nuparu: Inventor turned Toa (votes: 1)
Kongu: Complains a lot (Votes: 1)
Krakua: Toa of Sonics working with the Order (Votes: 3)
Orde: A Toa of Psionics made male to enforce that darn "one female per team" rule.  Hrm... (Votes: 2)
Varian: A female Toa of Psionics with elbow blades (Votes: 3)
Zaria: Quiet Toa of Iron (Votes: 5)
Dume: Toa of Fire who eventually became Turaga of Metru Nui (Votes: 1)
Balta: Toa of Fire from the Kingdom AU (Votes: 1)
Dalu: Toa of Water from the Kingdom (votes: 1)
Defilak: Kingdom Toa of Air (votes: 1)
Kapura: Kingdom Toa of Fire (votes: 1)
Tanma: Kingdom Toa of Light (Votes: 1)
Velika: Great Being Kingdom Toa of Stone, (Votes: 1)
Skakdi and Barraki
Reidak: Skakdi of Earth (Votes: 1)
Zaktan: Interesting to see him without his protodite power (Votes: 1)
Vezok: And his other half... (Votes: 1)
Vezon: Who will have Gravity powers (Votes: 3)
Kalmah: Squid Barraki (Votes: 1)
Takadox: Thinking his hypnosis powers will let him disorient the foe for a second or two (Votes: 2)
Mantax: Nope.  No Mantax jokes. (Votes: 1)
Nocturn: Surprised? (Votes: 5)
Vastus: Jungle Glatorian (Votes: 1)
Stronius: Elite Skrall (Votes: 2)
Tuma: Leader Skrall (Votes: 2)
Hero Factory
Thresher: Original Alpha Team leader (Votes: 3)
Merrick Fortis: Recon Team member (Votes: 2)
XPlode: Can rain spikes of death (Votes: 2)
Meltdown: Don't you know that he's toxic?   (Votes: 2)
Rotor: Wild palindrome appeared! (Votes: 1)
Nitroblast: Hit the nitro! (Votes: 1)
Jetbug: Flying Fire villain (Votes: 1)
Drilldozer: Somebody wake him up (Votes: 1)
Jawblade: Dun dun...dun dun... (Votes: 2)
Splitface: On loan from Batman (Votes: 2)
Thornraxx: Well doesn't this name sound familiar... (Votes: 1)
Voltix: Augh, my eyes!  So many random colors! (Votes: 1)
XT4: Can you imagine how low his toughness will be? (Votes: 2)
Speeda Demon: Gotta go fast (Votes: 2)
Fangz: Itz cooler with random letterz (Votes: 1)
Raw Jaw: Personally I think the jaw is a bit much (Votes: 1)
Scorpio: Insert Zodiac joke (Votes: 1)
Waspix: Flying wasp thing (Votes: 1)
Witch Doctor: The last HF Big Bad (Votes: 1)
Bruizer: ROCK MONSTER (Votes: 1)
Pyrox: Fire minotaur (Votes: 1)
Ogrum: I'M AN OGRE (Votes: 2)
Scarox: Dune spider thingy (votes: 1)
Aquagon: I really have no idea (Votes: 1)
Frost Beast: Abominable snowman (votes: 1)


Updates on Some Various Projects

Posted by Greninja #0579 , Mar 09 2013 · 87 views

New Technic Coliseum features suggested by players have been added!  You can now choose what arena you want to fight in, and you can also arrange 2-on-2 matches.
"A Machine's Philosophy" got an Honorable Mention in the FFFC!!  Sure wasn't expecting that!
You may have seen that Kako 43 is online.  I've begun work on 44, where we return to the mysterious castle for a new scenario, but I can't promise when it'll be up.  Though, I do have spring break this week, so maybe if I can get myself to focus...


Technic Coliseum Feedback Thread

Posted by Greninja #0579 , Mar 06 2013 · 477 views

Thanks to everyone who participated in the tournament!  It was loads of fun!
Now that you've had time to see what the Coliseum is like both in normal gameplay and tournament mode, I want to get some feedback.  What do you like about the game?  What could be improved?  Suggestions on anything else?
I want to improve the Coliseum as much as possible, so please, give me some feedback!
Current Suggestions:
Accepted-Specific arenas that sponsors can choose to fight in
Accepted-Adding new fighters
Accepted-2-on-2 matches
-Upgrade stats of unsponsored fighters when sponsored fighters become too powerful
Accepted-Add tournament dates to calendar


What to Look Forward to in Technic Coliseum

Posted by Greninja #0579 , Mar 04 2013 · 169 views

I’m pretty excited that the first Technic Coliseum tournament has started!  Not only do I get to see you guys go all-out and give you free Widgets, once the tournament is over I’ll be releasing some new items and upgrades!  I wanted to give you a sneak peak so that you can budget your tournament winnings:
-Core Transfer isn’t quite as big a boost as Energized Protodermis, so I added a new ability bonus.  Now 2.0 Heroes have the option to limit themselves to taking just one item into battle in order to force the opponent to do the same. (And no, the price won’t increase.)
-Poor RoboRiders, they’ve been pretty neglected thus far.  They need an upgrade!  For 30,000 W you can give them an OS Update, transforming them into a RoboRider OS (Optimal Setting).  It boosts all stats by one and has the same training bonus ability as Core Transfer and Energized Protodermis.  In addition, when a RoboRider OS uses a Wheel Talisman, its power will be calculated based on whichever stat is highest—if you’ve focused solely on increasing your Rider’s toughness, then his Wheel will use the toughness stat to determine its effectiveness.
-I’m not going to leave out the Slizers!  The new Meteor Armor (30,000 W) provides the standard stat boost and training bonus, and if your new Cosmic Slizer doesn’t bring any stat-boosting items into battle, you get to boost any one stat.
-Since these will level the playing field, the price of Energized Protodermis will drop to 30,000 W.
-After some Visorak-wrangling, the Coliseum now has a cache of Hordika Venom for sponsors to purchase for 30,000 W.  Injecting your fighter with this substance will prevent them from being able to raise their mind stat, but when training for any other stat they’ll earn a bonus stat point!
-If your fighter gets tired of not being able to increase his/her mind or just want to be their old self again, we’ll give them Keetongu’s Cure for 20,000 W.
-New for Toa: Kanohi Suletu!  For 8,000 W you’ll be able to remove the opponent’s edge in mind.  When this Kanohi is used, both fighters’ mind stats will be added together and then divided in two.  The resulting value will be used as the mind stat for both fighters.
-Some new Slizer items: Lava Stone to greatly decrease the agility of flying opponents, Air Pearl to raise resistance to special powers, Liquid Plasma to block one attack per battle, and Electric Atoms to temporarily paralyze the foe once per battle.  Each of these costs 7,000 W.
-A few new things for RoboRiders too: Firewall to block one attack per battle, and CreateRoads.EXE, which allows a RoboRider to create platforms beneath their wheels and essentially drive on air.  Both cost 7,000 W.
-Heroes will be able to purchase Wing Boosters for 7,000 W, allowing them to fly in battle.  Also, for 15,000 W they can pick up a Feral Circuit that, when activated in battle, alters their stats to resemble a specific animal.  For those available in the 3.0 line the animal the stats will mimic should be obvious; for the other three, negotiations will be in order.
-We’re also adding items that any fighter can use!  The Camouflage Badge (5,000 W) will boost evasion in battle, while the Vahki Staff (7,000 W) will temporarily disorient the opponent and reduce their mind stat.  On top of that, we’re also getting our first batch of Rahkshi Staffs!  This group includes Slow, Illusion, Darkness, Density Control, Accuracy, Sleep, and Insect Control. (5,000 W for Slow, 8,000 W for Insect Control, 7,000 W for the other five.  We won’t be getting all 42 Rahkshi Staffs, but we will get a few more after the next two tournaments to bring the total to 21.  I hope you’ll look forward to it!)


Marching On

Posted by Greninja #0579 , Mar 02 2013 · 70 views

I think Technic Coliseum has had a productive first week--14 players thus far!  The tournament begins on Monday.  I think I'll make a blog post then revealing the new items I'll be adding (so that people can budget their winnings accordingly), but they won't actually be added until the tournament is over.
Also on Monday, another Pokemon distribution starts up!  If you take any Generation V game to GameStop, you can use Mystery Gift to obtain Meloetta and complete your Unova Pokedex.
As for Bioni-Lords, I'm sorry it's taking so long for the next chapter.  I wrote an ending, but I'm not quite sure if I'm content with it...the main event is the Air-Lord Transferrance Ceremony, which is pretty important.  No pressure at all.


Technic Coliseum, Kingdom Hearts, Bioni-Lords News

Posted by Greninja #0579 , Feb 23 2013 · 114 views

This just in: renovations have been completed on multi-theme fighting league headquarters Technic Coliseum, and the staff have assured us that (barring any unforseen circumstances) the doors will be reopened on Monday!
In other news, the previously announced Kingdom Hearts PC browser game has been officially named.  "Kingdom Hearts X [chi]" will be free to play with purchaseable bonus content.  A release date has not yet been announced.
Recently a new Pokemon was announced: Sylveon, a new evolution for Pokemon Eevee.  Little is known at this time.  Of interest to Bioni-Lords fans: once more information becomes available on this Pokemon, the Bioni-Spirit known as "Eeveelution" will be updated to include this new Pokemon.
Also relevant to Bioni-Lords, the Hero Factory summer sets can now be discussed, and work has begun on creating Bioni-Spirits based on these characters.  Much progress has been made, but we have been told that the Spirits will not be released until more complete information on the characters is readily available.
This is Dinobot Pahrak for Inconsistently Updated Blog News, signing out.
(Also I entered the Fortnightly Flash Fiction Contest.  The theme was "Surrender or Run," and I ended up tossing in "A Machine's Philosophy".)


More on Technic Coliseum

Posted by Greninja #0579 , Feb 18 2013 · 96 views

(Last entry on the subject)
So yeah, I'm probably gonna bring it back.  Probably soon.  Like next Monday or something.
A few more adjustments:
-Replaced Spark with Blaster, because it seemed less redundant.
-New items for RoboRiders and Slizers to make things fairer for them.  For now, just basic stat-boosting items, like some Kanohi and the Hero Factory heroes' Aegis Program, Titan Gauntlet, etc.  If I think of more later, I'll add them.
-Added option to sell unused equipment back to the Coliseum, plus a discount for replacing Kanohi with the corresponding Kanohi Nuva.
-Changed "Toa can only take 2 Kanohi into battle" to "Any fighter can only take 2 items into battle".  Made more sense.
-Rewards for winning a tournament: four free +1 trainers (or one free +5 trainer) and three free items.
-Gave up trying to think of a function for the Kanohi Rau, so the starting list of available Kanohi will be the other 11 masks from 01.
-Tournaments will begin on the first Monday of every month, so that they will (at their longest) be done by Saturday with the new 24 hour match rule.
-Equipment based on later years of Hero Factory and Bionicle will likely be added after each tournament until I catch up/run out of ideas.  Several of these pieces of equipment will be usable by any fighter, not just those from the same theme as the equipment. (For example, Slizers with Rahkshi staffs.)
--Some possible Hero Factory equipment: Plasma Shooters, Breakout weapons, Hero Cuffs, Camouflage Badge
--Some possible Bionicle equipment: more Kanohi, Rahkshi staffs, Vahki Staff, Piraka vision powers
There you go.  Be on the lookout for the new Coliseum soon!


Updates and Pitch

Posted by Greninja #0579 , Feb 02 2013 · 144 views

Looks like the Vita version of Muramasa is going to be localized after all!  They’re calling it Muramasa Rebirth, and apparently it’ll have an entirely new translation.  Not entirely sure if I’m going to buy it since I still have the Wii version…
As for Technic Coliseum, I still haven't made a decision.  Though I suppose I'm leaning yes...
Posted Chapter 41 of Kako this past week—Xyla fights Air-Lord Nidovikk, which is a pretty big deal for her.
A new Spirit from Wraith is online: Dubstep Music Master: X-Void.  I also updated Exo’s Desk, mainly with profiles for Nidovikk and Leanga.
I’ve been giving a lot of thought about one of the stories I proposed in my 2013 Preview and throwing my ideas up here and there.  So, here’s what I’ve got so far.
-Working title “Order Rebuilt”
-Marendar wiped out the Toa and Glatorian when it was unleashed; the Matoran and Agori, living in New Atero, have established a new lifestyle and have attempted to explore Bota Magna; search parties sent into the jungle either don’t come back or claim they were repelled by biomechanical dinosaurs
-A secret team of Matoran and Agori, using designs left behind by Nuparu, have built large mecha inspired by the Vahki dubbed “Exo-Vahki”; Matoran pilots are required to use the machines, and Kapura, Hafu, Onepu, Kazi, Tamaru, and Macku are chosen; once the Matoran get the hang of how the machines work, they enter Bota Magna
-The biomechanical dinosaurs pose a challenge, but the Exo-Vahki are able to fend them off; eventually a humanoid named Taeron, who is commanding the dinosaurs, captures the team for encroaching upon his territory
-Each Exo-Vahki is designed for a specific purpose: absorb damage (Nuurahk), speed (Zadakh), technician (Rorzakh), scout (Keerakh), raw strength (Vorzakh), and jack of all trades (Bordakh); for Bioni-Lords readers who have seen the Exo-Vahki Spirits, these Exo-Vahki are basically the same but with more realistic abilities (by Bionicle standards); each one is wired with shrink and enlarge disks for practical purposes, and everyone but Vorzakh has flight mechanisms
-Vorzakh wields “Spirit Breaker,” a broadsword forged from the hull of the Great Spirit Robot, and has no room for flight mechanisms due to the sheer number or Disks of Strength it is wired with in order to lift the weapon; Bordakh wields the “Nui Staff,” a lightweight staff that contains every Toa Disk salvaged from the Matoran Universe—the only remaining Elemental Power in this world
-Biomechanical dinosaurs have strange powers due to the experiments of the Great Beings--the speed of the Kanohi Kakama, the ability to attack using Sonic powers, elasticity, and so on; Taeron has the ability to temporarily copy the abilities of any dinosaur, similar to the Kanohi Faxon
That's what I've got so far.  Any thoughts?


The Coliseum May Be Reopened

Posted by Greninja #0579 , Jan 27 2013 · 123 views

Anyone remember Technic Coliseum?  It's a game I was running until the Forums crashed, and I've been thinking about restarting it.
If you don't feel like clicking the link, here's the basics: you pick a character from Bionicle, Slizer, RoboRiders, or Hero Factory, and sponsor them in a fighting league.  Sponsors can strengthen their fighters and arrange matches whenever they want, and occasionally there'll be a massive tournament open to all fighters.
There will be changes, of course; for starters, I want to limit the roster to just 32 characters: the Toa Mata, the nine Hero Factory heroes released in set form, the seven RoboRiders, and the original eight Slizers plus Millennia and Spark.  Should stop it from getting out of control, I think.
Also, all 32 fighters will be entered in a tournament even if they don't have sponsors (unsponsored fighters will just fight amongst themselves).  The first time around there were some instances where we'd have an uneven number of fighters in a tournament and somebody wouldn't get an opponent, giving them an easy win.  Of course, if we still have an uneven number of sponsored fighters, this could still be a probelm...
In addition, the time for each round is being cut from a week to 24 hours.  Some tournaments would just drag on, and on, and on...
I reduced the price of the upgrade that gives Toa-level powers to non-Toa, and I'm thinking of adding in items from later years of each theme as a substitute for adding new fighters.  The Toa and Heroes will be upgradable, but at the start the only upgrades will be Toa Nuva and Hero 2.0, which I'm wondering if I should reduce the benefits of.
But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.  Would anyone be interested in a new Technic Coliseum, or should I just leave it in the Archives and let it be?


January's Almost Over? Already?

Posted by Greninja #0579 , Jan 26 2013 · 108 views

Hm, not much has happened in the two weeks since my last update.
I did add a few new Spirits to the Index, and I'll be adding another one soon.
Oh, and Kako 40 went up this past week.  41 should be up in a few days.  Currently writing 42, but I'm trying to put a little more thought into it.
I've also been brainstorming on another story, but I haven't decided for sure if I'm going to go through with it yet.  Then again, once a bad idea gets in my head, it tends to stick and force me to go through with it no matter what, haha...

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