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Letters From the Void


Pahrak's PokéRecords: Ice

Posted by Noise #0579 , Nov 26 2013 · 114 views

-Lapras ("Lap")
-Kyurem (White)
-Aurorus ("Celsius")
My relationship with Ice is weird.  I like the Ice type, but I don't really like a whole lot of Ice Pokemon enough to try them out.  You may notice that of the three Pokemon listed above, two of them are given to you for free and the other is a mascot.  That's how little I feel like going out of my way for Ice types. :P Still, I want to change that and train more Ice types.  Avalugg looks pretty cool, and I want to give a chance to Abomasnow and even Vanilluxe.  Maybe Cryogonal?  I've also kind of wanted to train a Cloyster for a while.  But that's something to be decided later.  As for my current favorite...well, I think I would have to go with Aurorus.  Refrigerate combined with Hyper Beam makes for one heck of a Pokemon.
Ghost and Fairy are tied for rarest type, so I'll do Ghost next and save Fairy for last.



Posted by Noise #0579 , Nov 25 2013 · 125 views

I'm taking a Fiction Writing class this semester--we all write stories, distribute them, and then workshop them each in class.  Today we went over my latest story, and when we were done talking about it, everyone handed back their copies with comments written in the margins.  As I was going over these, I noticed that one classmate came up with a name for the canon ship in this story and confessed to fangirling a little.
This is the greatest compliment my writing has ever been given like I am on the brink of tears from how meaningful this is and I don't know how to handle it
So I guess I'm doing something right??  I definitely wish to pursue this idea now.


Pahrak's PokéRecords: Dragon

Posted by Noise #0579 , Nov 25 2013 · 71 views

-Dialga ("Vahi")
-Garchomp ("Chomper", "Takea")
-Giratina ("Vezon")
-Kyurem (White)
Dragon.  The type everyone wants to use and no one wants to fight.  Well less so now that we have Fairy type.  I definitely like having a Dragon on my team, but since you usually need to go out of your way to acquire one (or they don't show up until late in the game when you already have a team together), most of the Dragons I've used are mascots, who have had spots reserved for them.  The only real exception is Garchomp, since Garchomp is completely awesome.  There's also the issue of Dragon not being super-effective against anything aside from Dragon, but dual typing helps cope with that, right?  Dragon is definitely a type I want to get more use out of in the future.  Though it could be a little more difficult to do so now that they have a new weakness.
Getting close to the end.  Ice is next.


Pahrak's PokéRecords: Steel

Posted by Noise #0579 , Nov 24 2013 · 82 views

-Lucario ("Aki", "Akamai")
-Bronzong ("Bronz")
-Dialga ("Vahi")
-Empoleon ("Kowalski")
-Bisharp ("Muramasa")
-Aegislash ("Ultima")
I've had mixed experience with Steel.  Sometimes, despite its many resistances, one of my Steel Pokemon just won't have a talent for lasting very long in battle.  But other times they're just plain awesome.  I like Steel as a type overall, and I definitely hope to use more of it--especially now that it has a type advantage over Fairy to add to its usefulness.  Picking a favorite is rather difficult, but I am absolutely loving my Aegislash right now...
Next up is Dragon.


Pahrak's PokéRecords: Dark

Posted by Noise #0579 , Nov 23 2013 · 111 views

-Umbreon ("Umbra")
-Bisharp ("Muramasa")
-Greninja ("Gali")
I actually rather like the Dark type.  It frustrates me that it's still the only type that doesn't have a Gym. (They must have noticed this by now, especially when they were arranging the World Championship in Black 2/White 2, so I have to believe that this is on purpose.) Most of these Pokemon were really great (with exception(s)), and Scrafty in particular was a big surprise--I never would have caught one if it hadn't been recommended, but it became a real star on my White team.  I'm also glad I got to use Spiritomb before they gave it a weakness (which I can't help but find a little disappointing...).  I don't know that I can pick a favorite, but since I'm just coming off of playing Y, my memories of training Gali the Greninja from a little Froakie are particularly fresh in my mind.
Coming up next: Steel.


Pahrak's PokéRecords: Electric

Posted by Noise #0579 , Nov 22 2013 · 118 views

-Ampharos ("Reeper", no nickname)
-Raichu ("Pika", "Minnie")
-Luxray ("Shin")
Hm, not a whole lot of diversity amongst my Electric types, huh?  Yes, I trained some Pikachu.  You're darn right I evolved them!  It's a fun type to have, although sometimes it can be difficult keeping them alive in battle.  If I had to pick a favorite...well, I might actually go with Luxray.  My Platinum Luxray is really, really awesome.  I'm sure I'll train more Electric types in the future, but I'm not really sure who or when...
Dark will be next.


Pahrak's PokéRecords: Fighting

Posted by Noise #0579 , Nov 21 2013 · 100 views

-Primeape ("Mayumi")
-Poliwrath ("Paul")
-Lucario ("Aki," "Akamai")
-Infernape ("Sarutobi")
-Gallade ("Lancelot")
-Emboar ("Recoome")
-Blaziken (Mega)
Shoot, I never realized I trained so many Fighting types!  I never really gave much thought to the type as a whole, one way or the other, but I guess a lot of the Pokemon designs really catch my eye or something.  Looking back, most of these Pokemon were very dependable.  There were some exceptions, yes, but overall I'd say I've had a very positive experience with the Fighting type.  Lucario was a favorite at one point, but after hatching, evolving, raising, and getting a lot of use out of two of them, I'm...well, not exactly sick of it, but I don't want to train another one any time soon. (Though when Pokemon Bank comes out, I'm definitely letting one or both of them spend some time as a Mega Lucario.)
Next up: Electric.


I Ran Into Sub Slizer Today

Posted by Noise #0579 , Nov 20 2013 · 162 views

Kal and I were walking around when this spaceship pulled up, and then Sub Slizer poked his head out.
Posted Image
"Get in losers we're gonna throw some disks."
So we went with him.  Because who doesn't want to throw disks with a Slizer?


Pahrak's PokéRecords: Rock

Posted by Noise #0579 , Nov 20 2013 · 87 views

-Gigalith (2, neither have nicknames)
-Aurorus ("Celsius")
I never realized how few Rock types I've trained.  I suppose they do have a lot of weaknesses, don't they?  Hm.  Well anyway, Gigalith is one of the few Generation V Pokemon that I liked right away, and it became my absolute favorite Pokemon for a time.  Of course, now that I have an ice dino that can use a Hyper Beam that causes super effective damage to Dragons, Gigalith has some stiff competition.  So I can't decide.  I'd definitely like to use more Rock types in the future, because, quite frankly...they rock.  (*Pelted with Rock Blast*)
Next, I'll list my Fighting Pokemon.


Pahrak's PokéRecords: Poison

Posted by Noise #0579 , Nov 19 2013 · 97 views

-Venusaur ("Saur", "Triffid" (Mega))
-Nidoking ("Arthur")
I'll be frank: I don't like Poison.  I'm perfectly fine with it having two Gyms and no legendaries, and I never had any real reason to put it on my team.  Of course, now that it has a type advantage over Fairy, it's infinitely more useful, so maybe I'll get more use out of it in the future.  All that being said, the Pokemon listed above were all absolutely phenomenal parts of my team.  My LeafGreen Venusaur was able to defeat my rival's Charizard.  My Mega Venusaur can obliterate Water types with Petal Blizzard and Fairy types with a Toxic/Venoshock combo.  My Nidoking, on top of the aforementioned Dragon-slaying duties, can decimate enemies with Earthquake and Poison Jab.  I love them all so much...but they are exceptions to the rule.  Though there are a small number of other Poison types I may like to use in the future.
Rock is coming up next.

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