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Mt. Coronet


There Is No Context

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Apr 20 2017 · 66 views

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This exists, because of me.


Another Forgotten Gem

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Apr 18 2017 · 69 views

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"The battle is over! With this weapon in my hand, you are but a razor's edge away from defeat!"

(This is old but I don't think I ever posted it here. Enjoy.)



Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Apr 14 2017 · 125 views

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Shade Is The Heart's TRUE Essence

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Apr 12 2017 · 87 views
Kingdom Hearts
Recently Famitsu did a survey in honor of Kingdom Hearts' 15th anniversary, asking things like favorite characters, favorite scenes, what Final Fantasy characters you want to see (Bartz placed fifth!!), etc. More recently, Nomura responded to these results, and there were two things that really stood out to me.

One: he is disappointed that Riku didn't place higher in the popularity poll and wants to fix that. I wholeheartedly agree.

And two:

Posted Image

(screenshot from KHInsider)

Nomura has called American fans out on their impatient, entitled attitude, and it gives me life.


I Choose...An Entirely New Route?

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Apr 08 2017 · 74 views
A new trailerhas been released for the next Pokemon movie. What we’ve seen previously implied this was a retelling of the first season, showing OG Ash and a Pikachu who doesn’t like him and Ho-Oh being there, but now *echoing voice* IN HD!! */echoing voice*

This trailer shows that it’s not that at all.

It starts out the same, but apparently after seeing Ho-Oh, Ash meets up with some entirely new characters with Pokemon from other regions who also have Rainbow Wings from Ho-Oh, and in a surprisingly soon reveal, the 802nd Pokemon Marshadow appears to guide them to the mountain where Ho-Oh lives. Serebii’s translations mention becoming “Heroes of the Rainbow” and Ash and Pikachu learning to become partners to defeat some powerful opponent. Also there’s a shot of an old man with a hat that looks suspiciously similar to the one Red wears. Yes, that Red.


My first reaction was “How can you go for a nostalgia cash-in while taking away virtually all the stuff people are nostalgic for?” Then I remembered one of my initial complaints was that “Movies that retell arcs are boring” and realized I actually like this development. I probably shouldn’t get my hopes too high, but there’s a chance for a rather interesting story here, and I’m looking forward to seeing if it delivers.

But since this is giving us the Pikachu with the hat and Marshadow, that means we’ve already hit the bottom of the Gen VII event Pokemon well…which has me…worried…


There She Is

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Apr 06 2017 · 101 views

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (with the X pronounced as “chi”) has just had a major update, now renaming itself Kingdom Hearts Union X (with the X pronounced as “cross”). First and most importantly:

Posted Image

Illustrated KHII Kairi is available in the new Epic Medal Carnival, guaranteed within 5 draws and coming with three dots! She’s a Curaga, all attribute buff, all attribute debuf, fixed damage to all enemies, and 10 gauge recovery all wrapped into one beautiful package! With Tier 5 Guilt! Get this, especially if you’re playing for free. And, if you make her your shared medal, the home menu music will change to Kairi’s theme!

…Hm? Oh, yeah, and you can log in to get a bunch of free jewels and enough Sora & Roxas medals to Guilt it. Plus fusing Medals now gives them passive skills. And there’s a bunch of new story quests with a new Keyblade and they’ve added a proper multiplayer mode now (which is…eh). Oh, and some new Avatar Boards and new chances at old Avatar Boards, and…was there some other stuff? I don’t remember at the moment.

Side note, the Japanese version recently gained a few new story quests that introduce a new character. A laid-back edgelord by the looks of it.

But most importantly, we’ve got a great chance at a fantastic medal emblazoned with the image of KH’s best girl. Don’t miss this chance!


Take A Look At Infinity

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Apr 03 2017 · 84 views
writing advert
You know those other ideas I said I wanted to get off the ground sometime soon? This isn’t one of them. This one just showed up and insisted I do something with it and I didn’t feel like trying to do anything else anyway so it ended up done. That’s the short version.

If you want the long version: waaaaaay back in the day, some noob named Exo-Zadakh started writing a story where Bionicles were Pokémon, except you fused with the Bionicles/Pokémon, and as time went on and he entered his weeaboo phase he kept adding Bionikemons based on characters and things from more and more series until it sort of became an original story while simultaneously being a fanfiction of a bajillion things. That noob eventually changed his name from Zadakh to Pahrak and, due to life events and despairing over the dreadful canon he wrote when he was 12, chose to cancel the series and went to pursue other endeavors. Yet an urge still remained. A fanfiction of everything is a lot of fun to write, and this was a big part of the noob’s life for a few years, so he could never really let it go. Pahrak is now trying to flesh out a new iteration of the basic concepts of this ancient story, but first, wanted to do a sampler to see how it goes.

Either way, I’ve posted a new story in OTC called Glimpse of Horizons. It’s sort of a pilot for a much larger project I’ve got a desire to do, trying to get a feel for a piece of the world and, more importantly, the main character. So, while feedback is always appreciated, it’d be extra appreciated here! No clue when I might kick off the full version, but I do think I would like to. I’ll keep you posted.


Today in Reality Avoidance 2 (Self-Demonstrating Example)

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Apr 01 2017 · 65 views

See that? That’s what I meant about subtitles. That’s actually cool, unlike Today in Reality Avoidance 2, Today in Reality Avoidance 3, Today in Reality Avoidance 28…

Here We Go Again

Something I should say: it is by far easier to alter something with the advantage of hindsight than to come up with and execute new ideas in real time, especially over the course of several years. I seriously doubt I’d do well running an original manga (my gosh, I would implode) and I’m impressed that Tite Kubo was able to do as well as he did, and definitely still glad that we got Bleach.

See, the reason I keep thinking about Bleach is because at one point Bleach was my favorite anime. I loved it so much, and I’ve always wanted to love it again. Unfortunately, I think it’s time for me to let go of that hope, but I wanted to try to turn my complaints into something more constructive. This is that.

Who knows, maybe Kubo will put out a new series sooner or later and it turns out really interesting! I’d like that.


Today in Reality Avoidance

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Mar 30 2017 · 100 views

In my ongoing efforts to accomplish nothing productive with my life, I got an urge to rewrite Bleach in a way I think would be more interesting. Of course, that’s a momentous undertaking, so instead of writing the whole thing out I just threw together an outline. Since I’m not going to go reread the entire series some of this may be foggy, but hey, who’s reading this? :P

Why Did I Do This

Since this ended up being long and I’m not quite done with the final arc yet, I think I’m going to cut it here and post the rest another time. I already know my revisions for the last arc are going to be extensive…


Requiem for a Slizer (SIGNUPS CLOSED!)

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Mar 20 2017 · 140 views
game advert
The time has come, folks.

With the Judge Slizer’s timeline sinking into the void, the Judge Coronet and the Ice Coronet have met up for one final battle.

The winner will determine the fate of the remaining scraps of the Slizer population. The loser…well, I’m sure you can guess.

Are you ready to do your duty? For Coronet and Cancellation?

(It’s Slizer Mafia 3 yo, come on down for a disk-throwin’ good time)

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