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Mt. Coronet


The Coliseum May Be Reopened

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 27 2013 · 642 views

Anyone remember Technic Coliseum?  It's a game I was running until the Forums crashed, and I've been thinking about restarting it.
If you don't feel like clicking the link, here's the basics: you pick a character from Bionicle, Slizer, RoboRiders, or Hero Factory, and sponsor them in a fighting league.  Sponsors can strengthen their fighters and arrange matches whenever they want, and occasionally there'll be a massive tournament open to all fighters.
There will be changes, of course; for starters, I want to limit the roster to just 32 characters: the Toa Mata, the nine Hero Factory heroes released in set form, the seven RoboRiders, and the original eight Slizers plus Millennia and Spark.  Should stop it from getting out of control, I think.
Also, all 32 fighters will be entered in a tournament even if they don't have sponsors (unsponsored fighters will just fight amongst themselves).  The first time around there were some instances where we'd have an uneven number of fighters in a tournament and somebody wouldn't get an opponent, giving them an easy win.  Of course, if we still have an uneven number of sponsored fighters, this could still be a probelm...
In addition, the time for each round is being cut from a week to 24 hours.  Some tournaments would just drag on, and on, and on...
I reduced the price of the upgrade that gives Toa-level powers to non-Toa, and I'm thinking of adding in items from later years of each theme as a substitute for adding new fighters.  The Toa and Heroes will be upgradable, but at the start the only upgrades will be Toa Nuva and Hero 2.0, which I'm wondering if I should reduce the benefits of.
But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.  Would anyone be interested in a new Technic Coliseum, or should I just leave it in the Archives and let it be?


January's Almost Over? Already?

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 26 2013 · 345 views

Hm, not much has happened in the two weeks since my last update.
I did add a few new Spirits to the Index, and I'll be adding another one soon.
Oh, and Kako 40 went up this past week.  41 should be up in a few days.  Currently writing 42, but I'm trying to put a little more thought into it.
I've also been brainstorming on another story, but I haven't decided for sure if I'm going to go through with it yet.  Then again, once a bad idea gets in my head, it tends to stick and force me to go through with it no matter what, haha...


100th Entry--Kako Volt-Isle Preview

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 12 2013 · 487 views
(Because I figured "Why wait?" Anywho, I hope to develop this scene a bit more by the time it works its way into the story. First things first, some reminders:
-Dragon-Lord Aile is a little short, has long tan hair, tan eyes, wears a black t-shirt, khakis, a dragon scale jacket, and a bracelet (specifics still being brainstormed)
-Thunder-Lord Zempyst has extremely light blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail, yellow eyes, wears silver pants, a pale yellow belt, a silver button-down long sleeved shirt, scratched up silver bracers on her arms, and lightning bolt earrings
-"Tsundere" is a Japanese term used for a pattern of behavoir where a character switches between "tsuntsun"--being mean towards a specific individual--and "deredere"--being kind and caring towards that individual. May cut it out of the final version, but it seemed to appropriate I had to at least use it here.

Now then, the preview begins:)

Zempyst strode across the arena, saying, “You’ve got that look again. What are you telling her?”

“It’s a secret,” Aile playfully replied. “I’ll tell you if you come closer.”

“I’m not falling for that one again,” Zempyst stated. “You’re just going to latch on once I get close.”

Aile sighed, “And there’s the downside of you knowing me so well. Why are you afraid of loving me?”

Zempyst was started to get visibly flustered. “I just don’t like having the life squeezed out of me by those vice-like arms of yours!”

“Come on, I know you’re not that fragile.”

“I’m not fragile at all!”

“Then prove it!”

Aile lunged at Zempyst and locked her arms around the Thunder-Lord. Xyla took a few steps back as Zempyst attempted in vain to wriggle her way to freedom.

“H-Hey! I didn’t agree to this!”

“Well if I waited for you to stop being so tsundere, I’d never get to hug you!”

“Stop calling me tsundere! It starts rumors!”

“You know I don’t care what other people think.”

Zempyst gave a desperate look to Xyla. “Are you just going to stand there or help me?!”

Hesitantly, Xyla answered, “I, uh…I don’t think I understand this relationship enough to get involved.”

“You’re kidding!!” Zempyst exclaimed. “Ugh…”

“You know how to make me stop, Sparky,” Aile said.

“Fine,” Zempyst growled.

Aile loosened her grip just enough for Zempyst to slip her arms free. The Thunder-Lord half-heartedly returned the embrace, and a few moments later Aile released her.

“You really need to cut that out,” Zempyst muttered. “And wipe that stupid grin off your face!”

“I have no intention of doing either,” Aile adamantly responded.

As Zempyst stormed off, Xyla gave Aile a puzzled look. “I don’t get it,” she asked. “Why do you hang out with Zempyst all the time if she’s so irritable?”

Aile smiled. “You mean besides her good looks, dependability, compassion, sense of humor, intelligence, perseverance, responsibility, and ability to not let her emotions mess with her judgment?”

From the other side of the arena, Aile and Xyla could hear Zempyst yelling angrily and one of her Apprentices. Quickly, Aile added, “Well, her judgment on major issues.”

Xyla had yet to see Zempyst display any of these qualities, but she thought it best not to say so. “Yeah, besides all that.”

“Let me tell you a story,” Aile began. “Once upon a time, a group of fourteen awesome kids were gathered up and named the Original Element-Lords. The Dragon-Lord quickly proved herself to be the most awesome, but, unfortunately, all that power went to her head and she became totally unbearable to be around. For whatever reason, the Thunder-Lord was more irritated by the Dragon-Lord’s attitude than the others were, and the two of them formed a hostile rivalry. Islands shook when they battled, and they battled a lot, even though it never really solved anything. After a while, the Element-Lords decided they needed to pick a leader, something that the Dragon-Lord was sure she’d be great for. When the Rahaga-Lord was chosen to lead, the Dragon-Lord was furious and challenged him to a battle.”

Aile took on a more solemn air at this point.
“In her blind fury, the Dragon-Lord lost control of her power…and she nearly killed the Rahaga-Lord. Really, it’s a miracle he survived, but he did, and he was even willing to forgive and forget. But the Dragon-Lord was ashamed of what she had done, and became horrified of her own power. She fell into a deep, dark depression the likes of which none of the other Element-Lords had ever seen. Some of them tried to help her, but there was nothing they could do, and she came dangerously close to the point of no return. But when all hope seemed lost, the Thunder-Lord—the last person the Dragon-Lord expected to see—came to visit. The Dragon-Lord was so surprised that she actually listened when the Thunder-Lord told her the things she needed to hear. The Thunder-Lord practically dove into the darkness and pulled the Dragon-Lord back out…she stayed with her, forced her to move on, and helped her forgive herself. All this from someone the Dragon-Lord thought hated her…”

Aile inhaled sharply, smiled, and turned to Xyla.

“So, the Dragon-Lord got her fight back, with a much more bearable if somewhat zany new personality to boot, and she and the Thunder-Lord became best friends with just a little remaining hint of rivalry. And, you know…they lived happily ever after and whatnot. And I do mean ‘ever after’, what with the eternal youth thing. Does that answer your question?”

Stunned, Xyla stammered, “Uh…I…”

Zempyst was sending her Apprentice away now. She put her hands on her hips, sighed, and looked back at Aile.

Waving, Aile whispered, “I know she’s rough around the edges, but she cares a lot more than she lets on. If she weren’t here, then I wouldn’t be either.”

Zempyst shook her head and left the Battlefield. Xyla turned to Aile again, saying, “So…you just ignore it when she’s difficult?”

Aile shrugged and replied, “When you care about someone, you won’t let them push you away no matter how hard they try. Especially when you know that, deep down, they care about you too.”

Xyla suddenly found herself thinking about Genakex. She shook her head, saying, “Uh, I see.”

A sly smile crossed Aile’s face. “So, is Genakex on to your tsundere act yet?”

“What?!” Xyla asked. “I-I-I’m not tsundere!!”

“Xyla, I know tsundere when I see it. After spending so much time with Sparky, I can practically smell it. So how about we cut to the chase and you just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’?”

A few other words crossed Xyla’s mind first. After setting them aside, she mumbled, “…Yeah. I think he is.”

“Then he’s not gonna give up. He may not be as enthusiastic about it as I am, but the persistence will definitely be there. And, as someone who has spent decades being on the ‘tsuntsun’ end of tsundere, I’d like to encourage you to try and shift towards the ‘deredere’ side. No…no not encourage—beg is probably better. Being targeted by all that tsuntsun is no fun…”

Xyla looked away, grumbling, “Sure, I’ll consider that.”

“That’s all I ask,” Aile said. “Anyway, I’m hungry. I’ll see you later.”

Aile left the Battlefield next. Xyla, left to herself now, sighed, “Why are so many of the Original Element-Lord insane?”


Entry 99?

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 12 2013 · 321 views

How strange.
Anyway, I added some new Spirits to the Bioni-Lords Spirit Index, hoping to get a few more up soon.  We're over 1600 now, believe it or not.
As for Kako...well, turth be told I haven't really made any progress in a while.  I've been procrastinating because I'm not sure if I can do the next chapter as well as I would like...and because I've been attempting to rebuild as many of my Bionicle and Hero Factory sets as possible, which has taken up a lot of time.
Hm, I already made a post about Pokemon X and Y...oh, apparently the next Pokemon movie will actually feature a total of five Genesect?  I mean I like that they're using the shiny version, and the other four are each holding a different Drive, but couldn't they have just had one shiny Genesect capable of switching between Drives?  They didn't use 17+ Arceus, after all.
Next blog post will be my 100th, and the best I've got for that is a preview involving Aile and Zempyst towards the end of Kako.  I'll post that either today or Monday.
One last thing: my next semester is starting up on Monday, and I'm thinking this may actually help me to be a little more motivated to do more Bioni-Lords work.  It is my best form or procrastination, after all.


Obligatory Pokemon X and Y Entry

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 08 2013 · 1,161 views

X and Y?  As in "nintendo Y u make gen vi?"
Actually, I'm guessing there's more to the name.  The third version will probably be Pokemon Z, because X, Y, and Z are the names of axes in a three-dimensional graph, and these are the first main Pokemon games in 3D.
That's right.  There's math in your Pokemon now.
Before the "y no gen 3 remakes" posts start: we needed Gen I and II remade in order to obtain a lot of those Pokemon, because we couldn't transfer them into Gen III. But our Gen III Pokemon can be transfered to Gen IV, then to Gen V, so there was no point in making remakes in Gen V. Plus, the starters and mascots were available throughout Gen IV and V, so there's that.
Well, the graphics do look nice.  Peronsally not a graphics fan, but I'll go along with this shift with only a tiny grudge.
Player characters: the guy looks like Black and the girl looks like Leaf.
Not super-impressed with the starters.  We've had Water frogs before, and we've had Fire foxes before. (Please, please don't let this Fire starter evole into another Fire/Fighting type!) The Grass starter...is that a Patrat with mold on its back?  Meh, hoping the final forms will be more impressive.
I'm assuming those Pokemon at the end of the trailer are the new mascots.  The black and red bird that looks like the letter Y is probably a Flying type, and maybe Dark.  As for the blue Sawsbuck with swords for legs and Christmas lights on its antlers, I'm thinking Steel, and maybe Grass.  Huh, we may actually go a Generation without a Dragon mascot...
Too soon for me to pick a version, so I look forward to more news.  I am impressed that Nintendo is releasing them worldwide in October--I'm all for not having to wait for a dub.  I'm also wondering if this region will be based on another place in the States, and if so, if Isshu/Unova will be revisitable.  Plus, sort of hoping we finally get a Dark type Gym Leader, and really hoping that story will be even more important than in Gen V.  I was dreading the possibility of a Generation VI, but I suppose I should try to judge these games fairly now that they're here.  Here's to hoping they're not as stingy with information as they were with Black 2 and White 2!
UPDATE: We now have names for the mascots!  The deer is Xerneas and the bird is Yveltal.


Pokemon Bohrok Challenge

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 05 2013 · 470 views

This is a wierd idea I thought of the other night. For this “challenge,” you must decide on a set team of six Pokemon to use through the game with types corresponding to the Bohrok, with the Bohrok names being used as the Pokemon’s nicknames.
Tahnok: Fire
Pahrak: Rock
Nuhvok: Ground
Kohrak: Ice
Lehvak: Poison
Gahlok: Water
The Pokemon can have secondary types, but their secondary types cannot be the primary type of another Bohrok Pokemon. Secondary types can overlap. You may catch other Pokemon for Pokdex, trading, HM Slave, or catching purposes, but you cannot use them for any major battles. Bohrok Pokemon can have moves of any type, but must have at least one move of their primary type. If a Pokemon evolves into a Pokemon with a primary type, or if it currently has the primary type of another Bohrok but loses that type through evolution, you can use it as a Bohrok so long as you evolve it.
Other possible additions could be:
-using a female player character named after one of the Bahrag
-catching one or two Dragon Pokemon and naming them after the Bahrag; these Pokemon can be used in major battles so long as you keep the levels of all Bohrok Pokemon from falling behind
-naming non-Bohrok Pokemon (such as HM Slaves) after Krana or Bohrok Va
-not missing a single trainer (“Clean it all.”)
-anything else you may want to throw in

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