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Mt. Coronet


Building Better Heretics

Posted by Super Fighting Pahrak , Oct 30 2013 · 1,048 views
Heretic Stories and 1 more...
(Chronicle of Heresy has been officially cancelled. This collection will be left for organizational purposes, but it will not be expanded or followed up on.)

I've been doing more brainstorming about Chronicle of Heresy. Spoiler alert: Ahkmou and the other Great Disk Matoran are going to become Shadow Toa. Ahkmou got a starring role in the short story that this story will be continuing off of, and I did write a Vhisola story a while back, but I got to thinking. Really, none of these characters (except maybe Ahkmou) have all that much screentime, so it would probably be a good idea to take some time and make at least one short story each fleshing out how I want to represent them in the story.

So this will be a collection post for those stories. Not sure yet if they'll all be canonical with Chronicle of Heresy, but they'll be related, at least. And since I really am working uphill on this, feel free to offer suggestions on how you'd like to see these Matoran represented. :P

-Bond of Heresy, focusing on Ahkmou

-Abyssal Obsession, focusing on Vhisola

-Cheatsheet, focusing on Vhisola

-Hint to Greatness, focusing on Ehrye

-Shattering the Mask, focusing on Nuhrii

-Opportunity for Ambition, focusing on Tehutti

-Jumping Off of a Perfectly Fine Gukko,focusing on Orkahm


more kh3 spoilers

Posted by Super Fighting Pahrak , Oct 30 2013 · 277 views
Kingdom Hearts
Since the time travel mechanics introduced in KH3D are too timey-wimey to understand, it has been decided that Xehanort will just use a Kanohi Mohtrek to gather the XIII Darknesses in one place. What this means for further inclusion of Bionicle has yet to be addressed.


omg kh3 spoilers

Posted by Super Fighting Pahrak , Oct 30 2013 · 338 views
Kingdom Hearts
In a shocking twist, Darkness Number VII was revealed to be Hououin Kyouma, main character of the popular visual novel/anime Steins;Gate. Kyouma makes many cryptic remarks, claiming events are "the choice of Kingdom Hearts." He will form a hostile rivalry with Kairi, mainly due to his insistence on calling her "Kylie." This strange man was sought out by Xehanort for his ability to retain memories from other timelines, allowing him to violate the laws of time travel and change the past. Whenever one of the Darknesses is killed, he laments over not being able to save them, evidently having seen them all die over and over and over again.

In battle, his weapon is a cell phone, and his element is Dr. Pepper; one of his attacks will turn all of Sora's potions into Dr. Pepper bottles and scatter them around the field, where Kyouma can pick them up and restore his own HP. Should you use a continue, he will taunt you over your defeat and pick up using whatever strategy he was using when he killed you, showing that he is aware of the slip in time.

"I am Xehanort! It's so cool! Sonuvagun!"

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