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Mt. Coronet


Ultra Sunset

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Nov 29 2017 · 22 views

Well I finished Ultra Sun’s story and post-game episode. My feelings are mixed.

There are a lot of things added to the game that I like, but there are two big things that irritate me. One is that it felt a good deal harder than SuMo, which I already didn’t think was particularly easy, but I know, git gud and all that, whatever. The second is that I…guess I had my hopes for the story too high.


Well, either way, here’s my team:
-Fistleo the Incineroar
-Tempo the Dusk Form Lycanroc
-Flipjack the Alolan Raichu
-Kaitafish the Wishiwashi
-Eggman the Alolan Exeggutor
-Dusk Buster the Dusk Mane Necrozma

I know this is mostly complaining but there really are some strong points to these games, I just don’t want to make this even longer and I’m sure you can find plenty of people talking about those. I do have Ultra Moon, but I’m not sure when I’m going to tackle that; I’m liking the team I’m planning but I am dreading that Necrozma fight…


Ultra Sunrise

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Nov 18 2017 · 52 views
I've gotten a few hours into Ultra Sun. There have been some ups and downs, but progress is being made, and I'm eager to see what else awaits. I was able to get the special Rockruff and evolve it into Dusk Lycanroc (by messing with the 3DS clock, that works in case you want to know), started with Litten to round out my Living Dex, and I managed to catch a Pichu and eventually evolve it into a Pikachu. (You can get Soothe Bell fairly early on, that was a nice surprise.)

Also, Route 1 has Munchlax now. And sometimes they have Leftovers. I caught a Munchlax with Leftovers only five hours into the game. Rad.

Hm, what else? The Photo Club is fun, I'll probably be spending some time there, and the Roto Loto has proved quite useful already. Most of the changes I'm noticing right now are fairly minor, but I imagine that'll snowball as I go forward. Also, Mantine Surf is pretty darn fun. While you were required to do it, you were not required to be good at it, which was an immense relief.

Next thing I need to do is take on Lana's trial, which I'm...a bit nervous about. Pikachu's going to need to pretty much solo it and the only electric move he knows is Thunder Shock. Hopefully it won't take too long, I need that fishing rod to catch a Wishiwashi for my team.

(Also, Pokemon Bank will apparently be getting patched to work with USUM in late November. Trading with Sun and Moon works fine, though.)


Important Mantra

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Nov 09 2017 · 122 views

If someone's talking smack about Turtwig

Posted Image

That's when you gotta lay down the hurtwig


My NEW Worst Idea Ever

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Nov 01 2017 · 115 views

You thought RoboRiders Mafia was a bad idea, get a load of this.

Glinch Festival

Every player gets assigned one of four species from Galidor, and then each round they target another player and say which of their limbs they want to swap. So Player A can target Player B’s Left Arm, and boom, they switch Left Arms. The goal is to end up with one limb from every species.

Plus maybe one or two Royals inserted who are wild cards, one of their limbs can be counted as any other species you need.

Not sure if the game would end when one player does this or each player “wins” when they do or if we have a deadline and see how many players can achieve this by the end of the game (or how many times/how long it lasts).

Probably no point in doing this. Though if what I glimpse in the BZP Tweets sidebar is any indication, ironically liking Galidor might be cool right now.

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