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Mt. Coronet


Last Entry of the Year

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Dec 29 2012 · 688 views

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, all that stuff.
So much for getting Kako 38 online quickly, heh...sorry.  The usual distractions kicked in, but I may be able to put them aside and get the chapter typed up today.  I'm just about done writing Kako 39 as well, but I wouldn't expect that this year.
In Spirit news, I was able to get my hands on some new Hero Factory sets and the books, so this combined with the fact that they're on Shop @ Home enabled me to finalize the Hero Factory Spirits!  Those plus another unrelated Spirit will probably be up early next year/week, and that should bring us to 1598. (How did that happen?!)
Other than that, not a whole lot has happened.  I was thinking about doing a "Top 5 Apocalypses" thing, but then I realized that might be a little too spiteful. :P  Oh well.  See you next year.


Well What Do You Know?

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Dec 22 2012 · 781 views

We’re all still alive!  Who would’ve thought?
(Sorry to sound spiteful, but I was sick of this 2012 apocalypse thing the minute I heard about it…)
Since Christmas is coming up soon: Merry Christmas.  If you celebrate something else, then I hope you enjoy that.
This past Tuesday, December 18th, was the 25th Anniversary of the original Final Fantasy game, and thus the whole Final Fantasy series as a whole!  So much for it being Sakaguchi-san’s final game, eh? (Yes, that’s why it’s called “Final” Fantasy.)
So, we’re finally allowed to talk about Hero Factory 2013.  First off, my thoughts on the sets:
-When I first saw them, I thought “bland knights vs Piraka controlled by Krana that look like Kraata, woohoo.”  Now, I’m a tad bit more optimistic…but still think it’s a bit of a downgrade from Breakout.  I also now see the bit of Hordika they’ve thrown in there…
-The Heroes are just all so…similar.  And they all have that vanilla silver that I rather detest.  Also, now that I’ve seen some close-ups of the faces of their masks, I’m not impressed with those.  The visors minimize that, though, so as long as you keep those flipped down they’re okay.  By the way, those visors…are they there to protect the heroes from being taken over by the Brains?  That would make the most sense, but I’ll settle for any story explanation.  I don’t think I’ll go over them individually, but aside from what I’ve already stated: I like the shift to melee weapons (just a personal preference) and for the longest time I thought Bulk was actually Nex…that orange confused me…
-On to the villains, then.  The Brains are actually very interesting pieces, and I like the unique way the heads are put together.  Also, apparently they actually have functionality?!  That’s definitely impressive!  Overall I’d say they’re interesting, but I think I’ll only be picking up a few.  One question: are those names the name of the Brain, the creature being possessed, or the resulting fusion?  Hoping they clear this up…
-It looks like all the heroes are going to be fighting villains with the same color scheme as them.  Maybe this was done to make the combiners mesh a little better?  I’ve been able to see a few combiner models, and some of them look really nice, so if that’s what Lego intended then it’s working.  The heroes seem to be the base of these models, so I’m thinking these are supposed to be what the heroes would look like if they were taken over by Brains.  Which, in my opinion, would actually be really cool.
Now, to serve as a transition to Bioni-Lords updates, my plans on turning these sets into Spirits:
-Truth be told, I worked out the Spirits of the heroes from the leaked images, eheheh…I’m sorry.
-I decided to take a cue from Lego and drop the numbers, so these won’t be “(Hero) 5.0”.  Right now I’m going with Knight Breez, Knight Rocka, and Knight Bulk (and Furno XL), but I’m not sure if this is so good…suggestions?  Anyway, barring Furno, they all have 170 FE and attacks that make the standard damage progression up to 35 damage, plus two status techniques that are the same for all three: Shield (block), and Vanquish Parasite, which removes any and all Parasite Spirits the foe is using from battle (mwa-ha-ha!).  They also have immunity to mind control added to their Technic Descendant effect, working off my hunch that the visors are to protect them from the Brains.  Furno XL is a Fire/Light 200 FE Spirit with an expanded effect and a standard 200 FE moveset, including a technique that makes him pretty overpowered for a few turns (like Stormer XL’s Alpha Charge).  Not sure if I’m going to put them online just yet, or if I should wait until we get more info to see if I want to make any changes…although I probably won’t want to make any changes, and if I do I could always just edit them later…hm…
-For now, I’m just making the villains 140 FE Spirits.  Pyrox and Bruizer are more or less done since I was able to pick Elements for them, but I haven’t settled on Elements for Scarox or Ogrum yet.  They’ll also have two uniform status techniques: Brain Toss, which is essentially the same as Krana Toss, and Remove Brain, which will turn them into a Parasite Spirit similar to Eternal Secret Character’s Magichange move.  Once I pick Elements for Scarox and Ogrum I should be able to get them done really quickly, so the villain Spirits should be up not long after the Heroes are put online.
-Like I said, I’m impressed with the combiners, so I was going to make them into Spirits.  However, after giving the villains Remove Brain that would be kind of redundant…but I think I’ll make up for that by giving them special attacks unlocked when combining the right villain with the right hero.
This past week I was able to put up Kako 37 and update the Spirit Index with Mu Survivor and a new team of Exo-Vahki Spirits.  Aside from the Hero Factory Spirits, I’m considering making a new Disgaea-inspired Spirit, and since I have some spare time right now that’ll probably happen.  Kako 38, the first chapter of Le-Isle, should be up soon—I hope to type it up today, but we’ll have to see.  One thing about Le-Isle that I didn’t mention during the 2013 Preview: we’ll finally get to see how one Element-Lord transfers the position to another.
Side note: Chapter 1 of Story of the Violet Rose is complete!  The bad news: don’t expect to see it soon.  I want to fully write out Violet Rose and Honored Soul before I start typing them so I have a better chance to make them fit together.  Plus, this project still takes a back seat to Kako for the most part, so it’ll be slow progress.  I’ll keep you guys updated, though!
Guess what’s going on in Japan right now?  Jump Festa!  If I find any news that piques my interest, I’ll be adding it to this post, right here:
-Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII…why not Final Fantasy XIII-3?  I’m just gonna call it XIII-3.  Anyway, don’t really have any opinions on this yet, other than I think I preferred Lightning’s XIII-2 armor.  Plus, it looks like they may have just given Lightning a sword instead of a gunblade this time?  I hope I’m just mistaken.


List of Updates

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Dec 15 2012 · 388 views

There are some random things I wanted to mention in this week's entry, but I really don't know how to transition between them all.  So I'm just going with a list.
-We've got news on the next Pokemon movie: lookes like it'll actually feature two Genesect, one of which is shiny!
-Recently Nippon Ichi announced Disgaea Dimension 2, a direct sequel to the original Disgaea game.  What we know so far: there's a monster mount system and a new character who is apparently Laharl's little sister.  Sounds a bit like a Mary Sue, but since this is Disgaea they'll probably point that out and poke fun at it.  They confirmed that this is not the same thing as Disgaea 5, which they're still planning, and I believe they also want to make direct sequels for the other Disgaea games later on. (Dearly hoping for a Disgaea 2 sequel!)
-Side note: Jump Festa is this month, December 22 and 23!  It's always a great source of video game news, so I'm looking forward to it. (Nobody make a joke about the 21st.  I know you're thinking it.)
-Posted Chapters 35 and 36 of Bioni-Lords Book 3: Kako this past week. (I would've done more, but the Disgaea news made me pick up Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days again...) Chapter 37 is written, so I will definitely get it typed next week.  I've started on Chapter 38, but I got a bit side-tracked--I've actually gotten a decent start on Story of the Violet Rose's first chapter, though!
-Made a slight edit to the Spirit Index, just updating Titan's Bahrag's Reign attack.  Also just made a new Spirit, so I'll probably get that online soon.


Matoran Font, Anyone?

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Dec 08 2012 · 607 views

Because you can download it. And then use it in documents. And then set the text on your computer to appear in Matoran.
You're welcome.
Also, December 6th was Final Fantasy V's 20th Anniversary!! It's a lesser known Final Fantasy, due in part to the fact that the original SNES version was never released in English, but it has a wonderfully refined Job System, introduced series staples like Tonberries and Gilgamesh, and is somehow utterly ridiculous yet heartwarming at the same time. It's a favorite Final Fantasy of mine, and I strongly recommend it.
Obligatory Bioni-Lords news, then. I added some new Spirits to the Index and updated the Elemental Rarity article on Exo's Desk. Rahaga and Steel are now tied for second most common Element. I've finished writing Kako 35, so once I throw together a psychology project I'll type that up. Worst case scenario, it should be up by next Thursday, but it probably won't take that long.


Pahrak Productions 2013 Preview

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Dec 01 2012 · 370 views

Bioni-Lords Book 3: Kako
-Le-Isle: After their harrowing experience with the King of Kohrak, our heroes make it to Le-Isle with new power, believing themselves to be ready for any threat.  That belief will be tested when they encounter a boy of mysterious heritage who leads them in an investigation of a haunted castle.  What is more dangerous: the monster said to stalk the halls, or the Shadow Consortium’s experiments to create a brand new Element?
-Ga-Isle: As Valxan continues his crusade against the Suit Bosses, the Shock Trooper Division sets their sights on the island of Water.  Its goal: the total annihilation of Ga-Isle and everyone on it!  With an agent capable of blasting the whole place to smithereens, does the Water-Lord stand a chance?
-Flora-Isle: There can be no more doubt—Les Quatre Frères de Lame are gathering, meaning a disaster is not far away!  An ancient tribe on the island of Jungle may have some answers, but their mysterious leader has ordered they stay mute.  Who is it keeping our heroes in the dark: the Consortium in disguise, or something else entirely?
-Healer-Isle: Tragedy strikes on Flora-Isle!  An emergency trip to Healer-Isle is one character’s only hope, but even the best doctors in the world may not be enough.
Bioni-Lords: Story of the Violet Rose
A mean-spirited girl, desperate to escape her boring life, crosses paths with a villain obsessed with legends.  Will she care enough to stop him, or sit by as he awakens a long-forgotten evil?
Bioni-Lords: Story of the Honored Soul
A lonely child sets out on her journey, but ends up in the way of a man gathering strange artifacts.  Is his plan to draw out the Archaic Spirits madness, or a recipe for disaster?
Other Possibilities:
(These are still just ideas; I may not actually go through with any of them, but I see no harm in tossing them in here.  If you have any questions or see one that sounds interesting, please speak up!)
Creation For Creation’s Sake
The Hapori—entities of fantastic power created by the Great Beings and then left without purpose.  Can the newest addition to their ranks cope with this empty existence, or will he lose himself in pursuit of answers?
Legend of the Makoki Stones
The story of Dragon Ball Z, the world of Bionicle.  A young warrior named Tahu gets drawn into a hunt for the magical Makoki Stones, racing against the evil Teridax!  When the mythical Bahrag is summoned, will it grant Teridax’s wish for ultimate power?
Untitled 1
Three Toa guarding a village on the Northern Continent come under attack from a Vortixx wielding a rusty sword imbued with the power of Poison.  Barely surviving, they discover the trial is not over—more warriors are on their way, each wielding a shadowy Mangaia Blade!  Can this small group of Toa defeat villains with the power of some of the most dangerous Rahkshi?
Untitled 2
In a timeline without heroes, new weapons are constructed to protect the Matoran: Exo-Vahki, powerful mecha designed to fend off any evil!  But in order to activate the Exo-Link System, the Matoran pilots must put aside their differences, else a looming darkness will obliterate them all.

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