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Mt. Coronet


Technic Coliseum, Kingdom Hearts, Bioni-Lords News

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Feb 23 2013 · 404 views

This just in: renovations have been completed on multi-theme fighting league headquarters Technic Coliseum, and the staff have assured us that (barring any unforseen circumstances) the doors will be reopened on Monday!
In other news, the previously announced Kingdom Hearts PC browser game has been officially named.  "Kingdom Hearts X [chi]" will be free to play with purchaseable bonus content.  A release date has not yet been announced.
Recently a new Pokemon was announced: Sylveon, a new evolution for Pokemon Eevee.  Little is known at this time.  Of interest to Bioni-Lords fans: once more information becomes available on this Pokemon, the Bioni-Spirit known as "Eeveelution" will be updated to include this new Pokemon.
Also relevant to Bioni-Lords, the Hero Factory summer sets can now be discussed, and work has begun on creating Bioni-Spirits based on these characters.  Much progress has been made, but we have been told that the Spirits will not be released until more complete information on the characters is readily available.
This is Dinobot Pahrak for Inconsistently Updated Blog News, signing out.
(Also I entered the Fortnightly Flash Fiction Contest.  The theme was "Surrender or Run," and I ended up tossing in "A Machine's Philosophy".)


More on Technic Coliseum

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Feb 18 2013 · 342 views

(Last entry on the subject)
So yeah, I'm probably gonna bring it back.  Probably soon.  Like next Monday or something.
A few more adjustments:
-Replaced Spark with Blaster, because it seemed less redundant.
-New items for RoboRiders and Slizers to make things fairer for them.  For now, just basic stat-boosting items, like some Kanohi and the Hero Factory heroes' Aegis Program, Titan Gauntlet, etc.  If I think of more later, I'll add them.
-Added option to sell unused equipment back to the Coliseum, plus a discount for replacing Kanohi with the corresponding Kanohi Nuva.
-Changed "Toa can only take 2 Kanohi into battle" to "Any fighter can only take 2 items into battle".  Made more sense.
-Rewards for winning a tournament: four free +1 trainers (or one free +5 trainer) and three free items.
-Gave up trying to think of a function for the Kanohi Rau, so the starting list of available Kanohi will be the other 11 masks from 01.
-Tournaments will begin on the first Monday of every month, so that they will (at their longest) be done by Saturday with the new 24 hour match rule.
-Equipment based on later years of Hero Factory and Bionicle will likely be added after each tournament until I catch up/run out of ideas.  Several of these pieces of equipment will be usable by any fighter, not just those from the same theme as the equipment. (For example, Slizers with Rahkshi staffs.)
--Some possible Hero Factory equipment: Plasma Shooters, Breakout weapons, Hero Cuffs, Camouflage Badge
--Some possible Bionicle equipment: more Kanohi, Rahkshi staffs, Vahki Staff, Piraka vision powers
There you go.  Be on the lookout for the new Coliseum soon!


Updates and Pitch

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Feb 02 2013 · 1,677 views

Looks like the Vita version of Muramasa is going to be localized after all!  They’re calling it Muramasa Rebirth, and apparently it’ll have an entirely new translation.  Not entirely sure if I’m going to buy it since I still have the Wii version…
As for Technic Coliseum, I still haven't made a decision.  Though I suppose I'm leaning yes...
Posted Chapter 41 of Kako this past week—Xyla fights Air-Lord Nidovikk, which is a pretty big deal for her.
A new Spirit from Wraith is online: Dubstep Music Master: X-Void.  I also updated Exo’s Desk, mainly with profiles for Nidovikk and Leanga.
I’ve been giving a lot of thought about one of the stories I proposed in my 2013 Preview and throwing my ideas up here and there.  So, here’s what I’ve got so far.
-Working title “Order Rebuilt”
-Marendar wiped out the Toa and Glatorian when it was unleashed; the Matoran and Agori, living in New Atero, have established a new lifestyle and have attempted to explore Bota Magna; search parties sent into the jungle either don’t come back or claim they were repelled by biomechanical dinosaurs
-A secret team of Matoran and Agori, using designs left behind by Nuparu, have built large mecha inspired by the Vahki dubbed “Exo-Vahki”; Matoran pilots are required to use the machines, and Kapura, Hafu, Onepu, Kazi, Tamaru, and Macku are chosen; once the Matoran get the hang of how the machines work, they enter Bota Magna
-The biomechanical dinosaurs pose a challenge, but the Exo-Vahki are able to fend them off; eventually a humanoid named Taeron, who is commanding the dinosaurs, captures the team for encroaching upon his territory
-Each Exo-Vahki is designed for a specific purpose: absorb damage (Nuurahk), speed (Zadakh), technician (Rorzakh), scout (Keerakh), raw strength (Vorzakh), and jack of all trades (Bordakh); for Bioni-Lords readers who have seen the Exo-Vahki Spirits, these Exo-Vahki are basically the same but with more realistic abilities (by Bionicle standards); each one is wired with shrink and enlarge disks for practical purposes, and everyone but Vorzakh has flight mechanisms
-Vorzakh wields “Spirit Breaker,” a broadsword forged from the hull of the Great Spirit Robot, and has no room for flight mechanisms due to the sheer number or Disks of Strength it is wired with in order to lift the weapon; Bordakh wields the “Nui Staff,” a lightweight staff that contains every Toa Disk salvaged from the Matoran Universe—the only remaining Elemental Power in this world
-Biomechanical dinosaurs have strange powers due to the experiments of the Great Beings--the speed of the Kanohi Kakama, the ability to attack using Sonic powers, elasticity, and so on; Taeron has the ability to temporarily copy the abilities of any dinosaur, similar to the Kanohi Faxon
That's what I've got so far.  Any thoughts?

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