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Mt. Coronet


I Don't Know How to Stay On-Topic

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 20 2013 · 443 views

Well, I watched Steins;Gate.  It instantly became one of my favorite anime series.
On to BZP relevant stuff.  I decided to make a banner for Technic Coliseum--it's not the best, obviously, so if anyone wants to contribute some alternatives, feel free and I'll create a banner section on the first post (or maybe a blog post...).  If you want to use the current banner, feel free to.
I also made a Technic Coliseum Master Post yesterday, to keep track of all the relevant links.  Probably unneccesary, but it seemed like a good idea.
Also I'm compelled to tell you that the Coliseum has OVER 9000 views but anyway
Brainstorming about the FanonRiders got me contemplating the possibility of writing a RoboRider story.  Thinking I'd call it something like "RoboRiders Re:Corruption" (though maybe that's too Kingdom Hearts-y); the RoboRiders cleared their individual realms but never actually met each other and assumed The Virus was gone.  In truth, it lived on in the core of the RR world, and a few months later managed to find Failsafe Codes that could shut down each RoboRider and open their programming for editing (since I really want to use the codes from the RR canisters).  The Virus used the codes to corrupt the RoboRiders, turning them into Virus Riders, and turned them against the people they were built to protect.  However, the villagers were able to find safe places to hide, and constructed four new RoboRiders--Alloy, Gray, Ion, and Wave--with the task of finding where The Virus hid the Failsafe Codes, using them to purify the original Rider team, and then deleting The Virus once and for all.  Still in the brainstorm stage.
Also I decided to enter the FFFC yet again.  Bond of Heresy proposes the question: what could have happened to Ahkmou after Terideax's death?
Speaking of stories, sorry it's taking so long for the next chapter of Kako.  This is the season where my procrastination catches up to me, and on top of that I just don't have motivation to do....well, anything.  I'll try to kick myself into doing it soon, though.
I did update the Spirit Index, though.  Only two new Spirits thus far: Viridian Bow (a Parasite that absorbs the energy of plantlife to create arrows with special properties) and Red (the Pokemon Champion/player character).  I also drew up Spirits based on my FanonRiders, the Cosmic Slizers, and the RoboRiders OS, so I'll try to get those up when I have the time.  I was also thinking that maybe I should do something special with the Visorak, King Bohrok/Seven Deadly Rahkshi/Exo-Vahki Squad style.  The idea I have now is Visorak Hordika--Visorak who lose control of their venom and end up mutating themselves.  I dunno, we'll see if anything comes of that.


Technic Coliseum Master Post

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 19 2013 · 675 views

Posted Image





Blog Posts:

Fighter List (Bionicle)

Fighter List (Slizer, RoboRider, Hero Factory)


New Fighter Voting




Onua the Invincible, Short Story by Vox the Shadow of Reality

Technic Coliseum: After Hours, Comedy by Canis Lupus


Possible FanonRiders for Technic Coliseum

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 13 2013 · 387 views

Canis suggested adding more fanon RoboRiders to the Coliseum.  A while back I worked out a second team of RoboRiders, so I decided I'd combine those ideas with the ones Canis mentioned to put up a few options.
-Toxin: FanonRider associated with Poison.  This guy carries guns that can shoot streams of poison or acid. (Credit to Canis)
-Gale: FanonRider associated with Air.  She can fly using focused wind current and shoot enemies from a distance with her bow. (Credit to Canis)
-Wave: FanonRider associated with Water who can float on water due to the special properties of her wheels.  Carries a harpoon gun. (Credit to Canis)
-Alloy: FanonRider associated with Metal, has twin maces she wields in battle and can deploy spikes from her wheels to boost their damage or cling to any surface.
-Gray: FanonRider associated with Psionics.  Her weapons are buzzsaws that can shoot cutting blasts of mental energy.
-Ion: FanonRider associated with Lightning.  She doesn’t wield a proper weapon, but she can shoot solid bolts of lightning like throwing knives. (Thinking she might be redundant now that Power has Lightning powers?)
-Demi: FanonRider associated with Gravity.  For weapons she uses twin hammers, and she is able to fly by manipulating her own gravity. (Redundant now that Virus Rider has Gravity powers?)
And I was also considering FanonRiders associated with Sonics, Light, and Shadow, but I haven't got anything concrete on those yet.  Maybe I went a little overboard with giving them special abilities...well, any thoughts?  Any you'd like to see entered in to the Coliseum?


Honors, Entries, and, Most Importantly, Dinosaurs

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 06 2013 · 342 views

"Woe Betide" got an Honorable Mention!  I'm definitely liking this trend.
I also entered the new OTCFFFC with "Between Birth and Rebirth,"in case you feel like checking it out.
Also, I went to see Jurassic Park 3D.  Because dinosaurs.  I hadn't seen it in a few years, so I kind of freaked out when I found out it was going to be back in theaters.  May or may not be changing my display name to "Jurassic Pahrak" in the near future...

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