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Mt. Coronet


The Most Inspirational Thing I Took From Bionicle

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , May 23 2013 · 295 views
A+ Humor
"Spiriah" is Matoran slang for "failure."

He was such a loser

and messed up so badly

that an entire universe deemed his name an appropriate synonym for failure.

While I might be a waste of space, compared to Spiriah I'm downright majestic.


Another Obligatory Pokemon X and Y Post

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , May 19 2013 · 495 views

Figured I may as well round up and share all the new Pokémon info that has been revealed.  Again, source may not be allowed on BZP.  I’ll do my best to list everything, though I may miss a few details.  Let’s see now…
-You can now move diagonally.  I REPEAT: YOU CAN MOVE DIAGONALLY IN POKÉMON X AND Y.  Need I say more?
-Also you can sit on benches!  The camera will then shift to show a better view of the area, with the trailer showcasing a nice little fountain.
-It appears that every trainer you encounter will now have VS artwork.  Shown is artwork for the “Lass” Trainer Class, saying “You are challenged by Lass Anna!”
-There will be a limited level of character customization!  It appears there are three sets of hair color and skin tone combinations that you can select, and we have been promised that new clothing and accessories will be made available as you progress through the game.
-The new region, which is confirmed to be inspired by France, is named “Kalos”.  At the dead center of the region is Lumiose City, which, of course, has an Eiffel Tower duplicate.  The official region map was revealed, so I’d recommend searching for it—can’t be too hard to find.  Like Gen V, routes begin back at Route 1.
- The Pokedex, which resembles a tablet, is divided into three areas: Coastal Kalos, Central Kalos, and Mountain Kalos.  They are respectively color-coded blue, white, and red so that the mini-diagram of the region resembles the French flag.  It looks like Marill and Zigzagoon will be in the Kalos Pokedex.
-Four new Pokémon were revealed: Pancham, a Fighting type panda; Fletchling, a Normal/Flying type Japanese robin (and likely the Pidgey of this Generation); Helioptile, an Electric-type lizard; and Gogoat, a Grass type goat.
-Pancham displays a new move named “Parting Shot,” which lowers the opponent’s stats and lets Pancham switch out.  Helioptile uses “Parabolic Charge,” which does damage and heals the user.  Also, it appears that you can actually ride Gogoat, although this may be limited to Lumiose City.
-The character limit on names seems to be extended.
-Boxart was also revealed—it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.
-There are also screenshots showing the movesets of the three starters at Level 5 (Chespin and Fennekin), Level 8 (Chespin and Froakie), and Level 11 (Fennekin).
-This may not be new, but it looks like rollerblades will be available in the game.
-Also, official artwork was released for the two player characters.  They both have some sort of black cuff on their wrist, which may be this Generation’s equivalent to Pokegear/Xtranceiver/etc.
-A little off-topic, but another Pokémon-themed 3DS LL has been announced for Japan, this one featuring an Eevee color scheme.  Personally, I don’t care for it, since it’s just an awkward striped pattern, although there is an image of Eevee on the back of the console.


Another Miscellaneous Weekly Entry

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , May 18 2013 · 474 views

There's been even more new Pokemon news since my last entry!  It's come to a halt for now, so I may post a blog entry about it in the near future...
Also I went to see Star Trek Into Darkness recently.  I was quite pleased.
It's really happening...the link to Bond of Heresy is on the front page!!  EXCITEMENT!!  In related news, a comment or two on the story asked if I had any plans to continue it, which got me thinking.  The next logical step, I think, would be for Ahkmou to discover a way to transform into a Toa, and then perhaps gather a few other corrupt Toa to supplement the army of Zyglak he'll be working with.  If I do decide to pursue this story, I'm thinking "Chronicle of Heresy" would make a good title.  I dunno, I'll have to see how it goes.
In more FFFC news, A Recluse's Dilemma received an Honorable Mention in "The Queens."  I've made two entries to the new "Trial By Fire" contest: Averted Trial, about a search for the Kanohi Dragon, and Make It Stop, about a Toa being tortured by Skakdi (yes, the name is terrible).


Pokemon News Makes It All Better

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , May 11 2013 · 483 views

Been sick since Tuesday night.  It's made for an interesting finals week, haha...
Not done yet, though.  My school is doing this weird thing with the schedule, so I have one last exam on Monday.  I've got a good feeling about that, though.  I just need to finish my last assignment first.
I'm really going to miss that class.  Several unexpected topics came up, culminating in the teacher actually Rickrolling us on the last normal class day.  Good times...
Oh, but I want to apologize--I haven't been at the peak of mental functioning, so I want to apologize for any mistakes I've made or things I may have flat-out skipped. (I'll get to those tasks soon, I promise.)
So the other day it was announced that an upcoming episode of Pokemon Smash would have a great deal of X and Y info.  Today, we're getting CoroCoro leaks!  Good things come even if you don't wait, I suppose.  Technically speaking, none of it is confirmed yet, so it should probably be taken with a grain of salt.  However, the source I'm looking at is generally quite reliable, and if it is official, then I am now full-on excited for Gen VI.
(Don't think I can give the source on BZP, sorry.  I definitely recommend looking into it, though.)


Pahrak's Fortnightly Flash Fiction Contest Library

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , May 10 2013 · 923 views
FFFC, Personal Collection
(With the demise of the FFFC, this entry will not be updated; it will, however, be left intact for organizational purposes.)

Since I have a Master Post for Technic Coliseum and a website for Bioni-Lords, I figured I may as well compile all my FFFC entries somewhere too. Sorted by Bionicle or Off-Topic, and then organized by date with link, theme, if it received an Honorable Mention or won, and a brief summary.


--A Machine’s Philosophy, Honorable Mention in “Surrender or Run”
Mourning the death of the Matoran Universe, Turaga Whenua pays one last visit to Metru-Nui.

--Woe Betide, Honorable Mention in “A Canister Ashore”
What was going through the mind of the Av-Matoran building Toa Canisters in Karzahni?

--Bond of Heresy, Winner of “The Village”
Stripped of his title, cast out of his universe, and hated by all, Ahkmou must decide what to do next.

--Averted Trial,Winner of "Trial by Fire"
Kualus and Onua go on a hunt for the Kanohi Dragon.

--Make It Stop, entered in "Trial by Fire"
Captured by two Skakdi, a Toa must either endure torture or sell out his allies.

--Risky Acquisition, entered in "Fish"
Hahli takes a swim and finds an unfamiliar Rahi.

--To Those Who Consider Themselves Toa, only entry in "Wake One, Wake Them All"
The conflict between Toa and Bohrok could be seen a few different ways.

--Hint to Greatness, entered in "Rise"
An ordinary day for Ehrye leads to something unexpected.

--Shattering the Mask, entered in "Rise"
When Vakama finally shows up, he has surprising news for Nuhrii.

--Cheatsheet, entered in "Now Only Five"
Vhisola is close--so very close--to the end of her list.


--Between Birth and Rebirth, Honorable Mention in “Rebirth”
A more pessimistic look at the concept of rebirth.

--A Recluse’s Dilemma, Honorable Mention in “The Queens”
A simple man with a simple problem: though he has two great loves, he can only be with one.

--Magic Hour, entered in "Sunset
Two lovers separated by unfathomable distance reunite on the equinox.

--Preoccupation with Procrastination, entered in "Fall"
A problem we've all faced.

--Despair of the Divine, entered in "Unfortunate Event"
The Queen of Gravity returns from battle to find her queendom in a shocking state.


More Coliseum Goodies

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , May 06 2013 · 383 views

Sorry I didn’t get the chance to do this last time.  Anyway, here are the new items you can look forward to once the tournament ends:
-New for Toa: Mask of Emulation!  For 8,000 W, you can copy your opponent’s Elemental powers!  Disclaimer: a fighter is more vulnerable while copying, and copied powers are not as strong as regular powers.  Also, since we have a few Nuva fighters now, I figured I’d make some more Kanohi available in Nuva—specifically, the Huna, Komau, Ruru, Matatu, and Mahiki.  More masks will be made available in Nuva if we get more Toa Nuva.
-New for Heroes: Brain Attack Weapon!  Self-explanatory, but the special kick is that if your hero has a weapon and a shield in Brain Attack, you can use them both while only taking up one item slot!  Costs 5,000 W for a character without a shield, 7,000 W for a character with a shield.
-Nobody’s been using the Bohrok Shields, but maybe that’ll change if they become available in Kal powers?  The Lightning Shield, Plasma Shield, Gravity Shield, Sonic Shield, Vacuum Shield, and Magnetism Shield models will be added to the shop!
-At Keizah’s suggestion, we’re adding a Rhotuka Launcher that can be yours for just 8,000 W!  Spinners will be sold separately in packs of 5, ranging from 2,000-5,000 W depending on effect.
-Time for some 2006 weapons!  Axonn’s Axe and Brutaka’s Sword can each be purchased for 9,000 W, and you can also pick up Repellers (with one use per battle) for 15,000 W!  Not to mention the Spear of Fusion, which, for 30,000 W, will let you cut one of the opponent’s stats in half! (This will be subject to regulations similar to the Staff of Silence.)  Thanks to Canis, we’re also adding a Zamor Sphere weapon—it’ll fuse the target to the ground and render them unable to move!  Costs 15,000 W, subject to restrictions.
-Our last batch of Rahkshi Staffs, and boy are they nice!  Six of the new models will be available for 40,000 W each, and will grant your fighter additional Elemental Powers when brought into combat!  These Staffs come in Gravity, Electricity, Sonics, Plasma, Magnetism, and Plant Control, but you will only be allowed to bring one into battle (two if your fighter does not have his/her own Elemental Powers).  The seventh, coming in at a whopping 80,000 W, is the Staff of Mind Reading, which will allow you to read your opponent’s strategy. (Naturally, there are some really heavy restrictions on this one even aside from the cost.  Also note that these staffs cannot be obtained for free by a Champion.)
And if that isn’t enough to look forward to, here’s an extra hint: after the June tournament, we’ll begin seeing very special items and upgrades from 2007 and 2008, so keep an eye on those Widgets!


FFFC-Focused Entry

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , May 04 2013 · 226 views

Surprisingly, Bond of Heresy won!  Victory dance time!
*Victory dance removed for bad dancing*
I'd like to thank the judges for this great honor!  It really means a lot to me that you consider my work worthy of recognition!
Moving on to the current FFFC...I have a more difficult time thinking of what to do with OTC contests.  "Anything but Bionicle" is so broad that I tend to get lost.  However, I did manage to whip up A Recluse's Dilemma, and I have a good feeling about it!  It's actually under 800 words (woohoo!), and it features a guy making a very difficult decision that you may be able to relate to.  I'd be honored if you check it out, especially if you feel like reveiwing it (even if you think it's terrible).

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