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Mt. Coronet


If Anyone's Interested...

Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus , Jul 19 2017 · 62 views

I decided to start on a new story, and now that I've finished a draft of the first chapter I was wondering if anyone might be willing to look it over and give me some feedback?

As some general information: this takes place on Spherus Magna after the Reformation, and mainly focuses on Vhisola. It's technically a follow-up to my previous story A Mind in Darkness, but you wouldn't need to read that in order to jump into this one--I don't really plan on any direct references to it, so really the only thing you might feel needs clarifying is why Vhisola and Macku get along. This chapter is just setting up the plot and Vhisola's reason for being a part of it.

If anyone wants to help me out, leave a comment and I'll start up a PM for everyone who wants to give it a read.


Toy Story is in Kingdom Hearts III

Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus , Jul 15 2017 · 61 views
Kingdom Hearts
Trailer's here.

I'm going to need some time to put into words how unbelievably happy this makes me. For now just watch, I'll edit this later with more detailed thoughts.

But first things first, look at Sora, Donald, and Goofy. They look like constraction sets,



-The trailer starts showing bits in Olympus and Twilight Town. We see Sora using a new shooter-style attack while rail-grinding, and some combination of Shotlock and Flowmotion to ascend a series of blocks. The dual gun Keyblade transformation, now named Double Arrowguns, reappears, and now shifts Sora’s outfit to blue, which we haven’t seen in III before. Seems this is a magic-focused form? Well, the super cannon upgrade is now called Magic Launcher, so…probably. I give Wisdom Form a lot of crud, but it still has some nostalgia for me, so yeah, I’m glad to see the blue threads back.
-The Rock Ogre Heartless is on-screen, and it still looks awesome.
-Aaaaaaaaaah, I love this. I love this so much. I’ve wanted a Toy Story world ever since I started playing Kingdom Hearts, and it looks gorgeous—I know they’ve been saying the Kingdom Shader is designed to make worlds look just like their respective movies, but it really does! I love it!
-And again: Sora, Donald, and Goofy look like constraction sets. A bit more on the Galidor side, maybe, but it’s still ridiculously endearing, and I love it. I would love it even more if Disney actually asked Lego to make these into constraction sets, but…that’s probably not going to happen, huh? There are going to be models released of these forms, apparently. Lego would still be better.
-Apparently this is an original story, where Andy and several of the toys have disappeared after Young Xehanort and the Heartless have appeared in this world. Not sure about timeline placement, but I’m super excited about this—the press release says this story was held to the same quality as an actual Pixar movie, and if that holds up, man…
-Look at that Keyblade! The guard is Buzz Lightyear’s spaceship box! The blade is a cactus with a rope and a bandana and a cowboy hat! It has the Star Command emblem and the sheriff badge! And it transforms into what can only be described as King Dedede’s rocket hammer, or alternatively a giant toy drill! Look at Sora massacre stuff with that awesome and whacky weaponry! I desire it.
-I can’t quite get a clear look at those new Heartless, but they look pretty cool. I’m excited to see what other new breeds might turn up.
-So you might be thinking “Okay, is the part member going to be Woody or Buzz?” The answer is “Both. Both is good.” The display shows both of them, plus Sora, plus Donald and Goofy. That’s a party of five, all at once. That’s incredible. I cannot wait.
-You go to a toystore and fight a bunch of mech suits. Beat them, and you get to jump inside the mech suit and use it to beat up the other mech suits. This is exactly the kind of stupid anime trash that gets me out of bed in the morning and I will love every second of it.
-Young Xehanort shows up. I don’t think he’s been turned into a toy? Not really surprising, Xehanort breaks the rules of worlds all the time, plus it’d be…kind of weird to see him as a toy…
-You know, back when KHIIFM came out, people dug through the files and found incomplete models for a Buzz and Woody Summon! Now it’s a full-on world, not to mention the very first Pixar world! This opens the door to an entire new group of world possibilities, and it’s the perfect one to do so! Gosh I hope they incorporate that lamp somehow, it’s only right.
-Can we fight Zurg? I really, really want to fight Zurg.

Thank God for this. I’ve been really stressed out lately and this makes me truly, legitimately happy. I just…I love this. I know I’m repeating myself, but I love this. So much.


PSA About VC Gold and Silver

Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus , Jul 09 2017 · 53 views
If, like me, you’re already thinking of which Pokemon you want to use when you get Gold or Silver on Virtual Console, I highly recommend checking someplace like Bulbapedia or Serebii to see where in those games those Pokemon can be caught, and where you can get the items necessary to evolve them. You just may be disappointed.

I first became aware of this when I thought this would finally be my chance to try out a Tyranitar. But as it turns out, Larvitar can only be caught at Mt. Silver…which you can only access after beating all 16 gyms, so…that’s not gonna work. And granted, Tyranitar is a pseudo-legendary, so that can’t be indicative of restrictions on other Pokemon, right?

Oddly enough, any Pokemon that needs a stone to evolve is pretty out of luck. The only way to get Leaf, Thunder, Fire, or Water Stones is to show specific Pokemon to Bill’s grandpa, who lives in Kanto. You can only get a Sun Stone by placing first in the Bug Catching Contest. Your best bet is a Moon Stone, which your mom might buy with your savings, or you can pick one up in Tohjo Falls right before you head for the League. So much for using Jolteon and NIdoqueen.

And I wasn’t really seriously considering it, but: Slugma. A brand new Gen II Pokemon. Can only be caught in Kanto. What.

To say nothing of movesets, that’s an entirely different thing that I’ve only scratched the surface of. My point is, I advise you to double check these things now so you won’t be surprised when you’re playing the game. I know it would’ve thrown me for a loop.



Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus , Jul 06 2017 · 65 views

Finally got around to transferring my Gen VI Living Dex and everything I had in VC Red up to Gen VII. Getting everything organized sure took a while, which I guess is why I’ve been putting it off so long.

I already captured everything I could in Gen VII to keep the Living Dex as complete as possible, though there are still a couple gaps. While I have Rockruff and Steenee registered, I apparently neglected to get extras for the box, so I’ll need to breed those. Obviously I don’t have Marshadow yet, but the only glaring absence is the Litten family. I could restart either Sun or Moon, but since Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are coming out later this year I feel like it makes sense just to wait until I buy one of those and start with Litten when I do. Marshadow will probably be distributed between now and then as well, so I should be back on top by the end of the year.

For the time being, I’m sitting at 798 Pokemon registered and I’m cool with that. Between all those, my Unown collection, all the Alola Forms, and everyone else I’ve got lying around, my Moon PC is bursting…and I’ve still got five boxes floating around in Pokemon Bank. Maybe I didn’t understand quite what I was getting into when I decided to finally catch ‘em all…


Thrill of the Hunt X Hunt

Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus , Jul 03 2017 · 59 views

Recently my sister got super into the anime Hunter X Hunter, so I asked where she read the manga and spent the past two weeks getting caught up. I’d only barely heard of it until recently—it isn’t a particularly well-known series, which I found a bit odd since it’s been in Shounen Jump since the 90s. Part of that might be due to multiple hiatuses, and another part could be that it has some subtle deviations from shounen norms…which actually are a big factor in what makes it interesting.

One thing that stuck out to me really early on was that the focus is spread out more than you might expect. It’s become typical for shounen to say “Here’s the main character, we’ll just watch them 80%+ of the time”, but Hunter X Hunter doesn’t really do that. The supposed main character, Gon, spends quite a lot of time out of focus—for a big chunk of the fourth arc, he’s more of a secondary character while his friend Kurapika takes center stage to show off his flashy new abilities and take down some dangerous folks. Gon’s usually present whenever big things are happening, but he’s not the only one driving the action forward. Other characters matter! How neat!

Speaking of Gon…he loses a lot. The kid has heaps of shounen willpower, but it doesn’t do him any consistent good. He’s certainly had successes, some pretty big ones, and of course he’s a naturally gifted quick learner, but when the biggest and baddest opponents show up he ends up losing more often than not. I think there was only one arc where he defeated the villain’s boss? We’re told he has a lot of potential, but his growth and struggles are kept a tiny bit more realistic, and because of that he can’t just suddenly beat every arc villain after a night of training. I like this idea, but…it does make me wonder a bit why Gon is here at times. I don’t know, maybe I’m just not that invested in his character on a personal level.

There are definitely some engaging characters here, though. When I first saw Gon’s best friend Killua I guessed he’d become The Shounen Rival, but he actually turned out to be an extremely loyal and caring deuteragonist who at times feels more like the actual main character. Kurapika, who I mentioned earlier, carries a few tropes that remind me of a certain edgy ninja who turned into a massive disappointment, but Kurapika’s proved consistently interesting whenever he (inconsistently) appears. Heck, the most powerful villain thus far had fascinating characterization, but I can’t say a whole lot about that without spoilers…basically, the series has a great cast and actually gives us the chance to get to know just about all of them.

A lot of my feelings are pretty vague right now, but one other thing I’m more sure about is that the series is…well, saying it’s a slow starter would give the wrong impression. Having known about the special powers developed in the series beforehand, I was eagerly awaiting those to show up and was waiting for a while. The early arcs still have great tension and accomplishments and action, it just takes a while for mystic abilities to show up, and when they do it’s step by step over the course of a few arcs. First they learn the basics, then they slowly perfect the basics, then they learn some more details, then they really start to fine-tune those, then they pick specific abilities, and those slowly sharpen as time goes on…because of this, it was a while before I got to a point where I decided “Yes, this is very good”, but I’m a sucker for flashy fights so take my opinions with a grain of salt.

Hunter X Hunter is interesting, definitely. There are a few things that bother me a bit, and some of the changes in its formula come with some necessary downsides, but it evokes some genuine shounen vibes while still setting itself apart from the rest. Maybe I’ll come up with some more defined opinions after letting it sink in for a while.

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