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Mt. Coronet


What a Nice Surprise, Bring Your Alibis

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , May 23 2017 · 112 views
game advert, mafia
I’m hosting Mafia XXXIX: Hotel of Okoto!

Come play if you want.

It’ll be fun.

Seriously, you can keep voting even if you die.*

Try it out.

*Offer open to certain roles only, restrictions apply, results may vary


Thoughts ZX, As Promised

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , May 19 2017 · 77 views

I caved and bought a new copy of Megaman ZX off Amazon. And it was actually new! It was in a case, and even wrapped in plastic. Rad. Anyway I’ve completed Easy Mode with Aile and most of Normal Mode with Vent so this seems like a good time to say stuff I guess.

My memories of the first time I played this are a little fuzzy, but I do think I’m benefitting now that I actually know who all the Biometals are based on. ZX as a whole is a neat progression from the Zero series—it capitalizes on Zero 4’s proposition of humans and Reploids setting aside their differences by showing a future where the races have grown close enough that you can hardly tell which characters are which species. It feels a good bit lighter too. There are serious threats and some fairly precarious situations, but the locations and people tend to seem a little more optimistic, so even if trouble is starting to brew again it still feels like the world has really developed a lot during the interim. I really like that.

And of course, this game is noteworthy for giving us a choice of protagonist! Differences between the two are typically pretty minimal (crawling speed, knockback), though there are a few that stick out more than others. In Aile’s story, Zero lookalike Giro says he’s already a member of the organization you end up working with, meanwhile in Vent’s story he doesn’t say anything of the sort. Plus, I noticed two or three very vague references to ZX Advent’s villain that only occur in Aile’s story. Basically Aile’s story is better. And when Vent beat Prometheus the first time, I got a scene that focused a little more on Prairie’s origins and essentially confirmed she’s…well, spoilers. So there is some value in replaying with both protagonists, especially with a certain bonus you get after clearing the game with both, but you don’t really have to if you don’t want to. Anyway, while Aile isn’t the first playable female character in the franchise (I only discovered this recently), this is the first time we’ve been given the option of a female character who actually drives the story forward and is treated on equal terms as the male option rather than being an unlockable bonus. Put more succinctly, she’s the first female Mega Man, which is still a huge deal. (And yeah, “Mega Man” is a gender neutral term here, more on that later.) This, plus a few of the characters introduced in Advent, make this series seem like it’s trying to break the gender stereotypes of the franchise, and now that I know this is important I’m even sadder it was cancelled. Aile’s great. We need another round of Aile.

Right, so, “Mega Man”. It’s actually a term/title in this series, referring to anyone who can utilize Biometal, with this game showcasing three at a time (the protagonist, Giro, and the villain...well, five if you count Prometheus and Pandora, but anyway). There are even more in Advent. I feel like this gives it a slight meta quality, since now we have characters fighting each other to determine the best Mega Man and we’re sort of asked to decide what we want that term to mean. Even before this you probably could have had a debate on that subject: while some of the series just have a character named Mega Man, that isn’t always the case. X’s name is X, but you’ll never hear anyone not call him a Mega Man. Since Megaman Zero is a thing, can we call Zero a Mega Man? And while MegaMan Volnutt is named MegaMan, the presence of MegaMan Juno in Legends implies there’s more to it than that. (Too bad we’ll never know for sure!) So having ZX begin to play with that is neat, I think. And I like the fun with acronyms in the Biometals’ M.E.G.A. System (Meta Encapsulated Granule Awareness)…though I have to say the Japanese version is even more fun. Since Mega Man is Rock Man in Japan, they get R.O.C.K (Rebirth of Crystallized Knowledge), and rather than shout “Megamerge” when they transform, they actually, honestly activate their powers by holding up their Biometal and shouting “R.O.C.K. On!” You can’t beat that. That’s just incredible.

And I’ve always loved the concept of Biometal. It’s a great way to bring back familiar heroes without technically reviving them or bogging down newcomers with needing all this backstory, and you end up with a good variety of abilities to play around with as you wander aimlessly around the map looking for the area you need to get to next. ZXA does give you a lot more forms to choose from, but while that’s fun they can be redundant or overspecialized, so you could argue ZX’s smaller selection is a bit better rounded.

Anyway, that’s an overview of my thoughts on ZX. I don’t want this to be too long so I’ll leave it there. Now I need to justify buying a new copy of ZXA so I can give more coherent thoughts on the series and its place in the timeline.



Posted by Ul-Pahrak , May 17 2017 · 223 views

I almost made it a year without making an entry whining about my personal life. I really wanted to hit that milestone. What a shame. But, looks like it’s time for Emotion™, so I’m afraid I have no choice but to bump my thoughts on Megaman ZX until my next post.

The Nonsense

As expected, that was poorly organized at best. Yikes.


New Game Forming

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , May 15 2017 · 159 views

It’s not ready yet but I think this could be a good one and I’m like…halfway there, give or take.

The basic setup is that an island is being attacked, and this same exact thing happened ten thousand years ago. However, the only record of those events is in a language no one reads anymore, so they have no idea how to proceed and are doing very poorly. So, five Chroniclers are sent to find the Spirit of Knowledge and gain the power to translate the history so that they can find some clues to help the island survive. However, the Spirit needs some convincing, and we can’t know if all the Chroniclers are compassionate…

At the start of a round, the players are given a prompt, and then have four days to write a very short story. I judge it, and the winner gets a piece of the history PMed to them. Then they decide what to do with it. They can publish it to the Library for all to see, or they can keep it for themselves. Or, they can just PM it to certain other players. And whenever they publish or share it, they can alter the version that gets published or shared. Because after that, a problem similar to the one in the history fragment will be presented to the modern-day villages, and the Chroniclers need to tell their people how to handle it. At the end of the game the status of each player’s village will be summed up, so if you want the others to do poorly, you can try to mislead them. So, who to trust?

I just need to write up the history and decide on prompts, and then I’ll settle on a release date. I’ve been trying to do something like this for a while so I’m eager to see how it goes!


Samurai and Saiyans

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , May 08 2017 · 111 views
internal dialogue
"Yeah, I wasn't really impressed with the last episode of Samurai Jack--I was really hoping they'd take that relationship in a different direction. But, still, it's not like I'm going to just stop watching the show, that would be overreacting."

*Dragon Ball Super rumors that Buu will be kicked from the Universe 7 team in favor of Frieza fly across the screen*

"I'm going to lie down, wake me when this blasted arc is over."


Getting to Know Everyone's Favorite Edgy Robot

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Apr 29 2017 · 120 views

I decided to pick up Megaman Zero Collection on a whim. My knowledge of the Megaman franchise is mostly limited to the series that came out in my youth (Battle Network, Star Force, and ZX), and every now and then I feel I should really try to expand that, and an entire four game series for $20 seemed like a good way to put a dent in that backlog.

I’m very glad they put in an option for playing straight through the entire series on Easy mode. Even with that, I struggled a fair amount, so I’d hate to see how badly I’d do if I had to actually be good at the game to progress! Since I played ZX and ZXA the basics came back to me pretty quickly, though the X and Y buttons can’t be used…I guess these were originally GBA games, but still, weird. In any event I’ve made it to the end of Zero 4 and figured I’d try to type up some thoughts on it because why not. And hey, this contains unmarked spoilers.

Since I already knew some spoilers going in, evaluating the plot fairly is a bit tricky, but man oh man, this has got to be the Darkest and Edgiest Mega Man of them all. Not to say that’s bad—I think they pulled that atmosphere off pretty well, actually. The first game felt a little…well, ‘empty’ might be too harsh, but I felt like they could have done more. The fact that Neo Arcadia is ruled by X feels like it’s just thrown out for shock value and not fully capitalized on, though there’s potential for some great angst there that would have made us all the more relieved to find out it’s actually Copy X. Plus it felt like Zero didn’t speak a whole lot throughout the game, so I wasn’t sure how to feel about him. Similarly, I didn’t have any particularly strong opinions on the Four Guardians at this point, aside from “Why are they called the Four Guardians if you’re going to permanently kill off Phantom in the first game?” Anywho.

I started to really enjoy things when I got to Zero 2. Gameplay-wise, I was still terrible so I never got any of those neat-sounding EX Skills, but the Chain Rod was pretty fun even if I never mastered it. (You could just hang from the ceiling and swing back and forth endlessly. Extra fun when you’re doing this right behind Ciel when she’s trying to work.) Elpizo’s arc felt better-paced than the first game’s plot, and Harpuia started to show signs of being a more interesting character, so I’d say it was more engaging on that level. Plus it started to really focus on the lore of what happened between the X series and this one. Who doesn’t love lore? And since it ends with a touch of that and the mention of a mysterious evil scientist, it feels very well-connected to Zero 3, which I also enjoyed. That one delved even deeper into the lore, gave us an abominable arc villain, and gave Harpuia great development. (Poor Fefnir and Leviathin were left in the dust, unfortunately…but they’ve grown on me at least a little.) I already knew about The Twist that is Omega, but I think it was presented pretty well, and even foreshadowed! Plus that was a neat progression of forms during the final battles. And 3’s Easy Mode is even easier thanks to auto-charging weapons—I was even able to snag one EX Skill! 2 and 3 definitely make a good plot together, by that point I was definitely glad I’d bought the Collection.

So, that just leaves Zero 4, which feels…a little different. Not bad, just…different. The absence of the Guardians, Mother/Dark Elf, and even Cyber-elf X probably contributes to that. I was worried at first—Easy Mode starts you off with all the modification chips, so you aren’t exactly weak, but you still have a pitiful amount of health. But after clearing the first mission and getting the new Cyber-elf, I realized this was the easiest by far. Easy Mode lets you apply all of the Elf powers at once with no penalty, rendering you a nearly-invincible force of nature who probably doesn’t even need to attack because the Elf is constantly obliterating enemies for you. Plus you can get EX Skills even when you’re terrible now! Absolute power!! Er, anyway, while it did seem a half-step out of the series’ norm, I do like 4’s plot: it tackles the tensions between Humans and Reploids and has them learn to start moving towards putting an end to that, which seems like a great goalpoint for everything that’s happened from Mega Man X til now. (It sets up ZX, too. Like, I really want to replay ZX now that I actually know the backstory. If only I hadn’t sold it…) I think it ended up being a pretty good way to end an edgy series on a rather optimistic note, if not totally happy since, y’know, Zero dies yet again. Also nice to see Wiel get what was coming to him. His plan this time around, while certainly horrific, does feel a little less original than 3’s “control all the Reploids in the world” scheme, but I guess that contributes to the feeling that he’s been backed into a corner at last.

All in all, I enjoyed the Zero series. I’m probably not qualified to say much about the gameplay, but as for story: while the first game felt a little lacking, 2 and 3 definitely made up for it. 4 felt different but made that work to its advantage rather well. I’m glad I checked it out!

Now I guess I’ll go back to watching people play the Mega Man X series, since those haven’t been collected into one Easy Mode package…yet.


The Archie Mega Man Comic

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Apr 27 2017 · 118 views

I finally read it

Posted Image

I'm sad it was cancelled


There Is No Context

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Apr 20 2017 · 149 views

Posted Image

This exists, because of me.


Another Forgotten Gem

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Apr 18 2017 · 166 views

Posted Image

"The battle is over! With this weapon in my hand, you are but a razor's edge away from defeat!"

(This is old but I don't think I ever posted it here. Enjoy.)



Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Apr 14 2017 · 234 views

Posted Image


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