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Mt. Coronet


Technic Tournament 4 Feedback

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 29 2016 · 68 views

Avak ended up winning Technic Tournament 4 in 3D, and even wrested the Title away from that wretched sharkface Barraki! At least one thing had a satisfying ending today!

Since there was even less demand than usual this time, it’ll probably be a little while before I run Technic Tournament 5 Ocarina of Majora’s Twilight. However, while this game is fresh in your minds, I want to get an idea of what can be improved on, since I’d like more than just a new roster to justify another game.

Tournament 4 introduced a second roll determining how the money brought in by promotion gets split between the fighter a player wants to sponsor and their opponent. While I wanted a random element, I feel like this might have gone a bit overboard, so I’m thinking of a few possibilities for changing it:
-Providing a reroll on the split. This would be separate from the reroll offered in the case of failure, so each round you’d have 1 Reroll A and 1 Reroll B. In the event your reroll ends up giving even fewer Widgets to your preferred fighter, it will be disregarded and the original split will be finalized.
-Altering how the split is determined. Right now the system is: 1 gives 1/6 to your fighter, 2 gives 1/3 to your fighter, 3 is an even split, 4 gives 2/3 to your fighter, 5 gives 5/6 to your fighter, and 6 gives all to your fighter. I thought a better way might be that rolling a 1, 2, or 3 gives all the Widgets to your fighter, while rolling a 4, 5, or 6 splits it evenly. (Or maybe 6 will give only 25% to your fighter, so there’s still one chance of critical failure?) This is the option I’m favoring at the moment.
-The ability to purchase an “upgrade” that affects split rolls. The split roll would remain the same as in Tournament 4, but you will also have the option of spending some Widgets to buy this upgrade, and then your next promotion (or all promotions that round?) either uses the method listed above, or we skip the split roll altogether and give all the profits to your fighter.
-Or, if players feel the system is alright as is, then there’d be no need to change it I guess. I haven’t actually been told anything specific about it.

Something else I considered adding is a Bribe system. What I’m thinking is that, when a player signs up, I’ll do a roll and determine a secret Charisma stat for them, but not tell them what it is. Then, each round, they can attempt to Bribe the management to add money directly to a specific fighter’s pool. If successful, a portion of the amount offered (25%?) would simply vanish as a small ”fee”, while the rest is given to the fighter in question. If unsuccessful, the management issues a reprimand and all the money offered just vanishes. It’d be a more controlled way of adding money to a fighter, but you wouldn’t be able to multiply it like with promotion, plus you have no idea what your chances actually are. Not entirely sure about this, but hey, it can’t hurt to give it a try, right?

Any suggestions you have on anything are welcome!


A Request

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 26 2016 · 64 views

So I don't know if I've said it over here, but I have a pet parakeet! His name is Zazu and he is beautiful and smart and I love him.

He's been limping for about a week so I took him to the vet this morning, and it appears he has little to no feeling in his left leg. The doctor says this is likely a sign of a tumor. We have some medicine for him, though I doubt he's going to enjoy taking it, but unfortunately there really isn't a whole lot to be done and tumors apparently get parakeets after a few months.

If anyone has any spare emotional support lying around I'd really appreciate if I could borrow it. Also prayers, if you have those. Please.


Another Slizer Game

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 25 2016 · 63 views

Earlier this year I ran Slizer Dome, a game where the players assumed the role of Slizers and battled each other in a tournament to decide who was the very best. After having set it aside for a while, I think I’d like to start up a sequel sometime during the next month or two.

“Sequel” might not be the most accurate—I do hope to eventually do a game in this series inspired by the Slizers 2000 story, but this next game will actually be based on the multiple planets version of the Slizers story. So it will either be called “Slizer Dome US”, or “Throwbot Dome”. (Take your pick!) I think I’m also going to ditch the tournament aspect, meaning a winner won’t be decided by number of fights won anymore. I think this game will instead use a point system and proceed as follows.

Each of the seven rounds will still be divided into two parts, and the first part will stay the same: players choose to Train their physical ability, Forge a disk, or Gather a resource. I’ll RNG a number 1-8, and the resulting weapon will be added to their inventory (Disk 3, Physical 7, etc). This time, if you pursue a weapon you already have at least one of, numbers lower than the level you already have will be removed from the list. So, if you have Physical Level 5 and elect to train, I’ll RNG a number 5-8 rather than 1-8. This should increase your chances of actually increasing your weapon level rather than being stuck with what you’ve already got. You will then receive points based on what level of weapon you received! If you get a Level 1 weapon, you get 100 points. Level 2, 200 points, and so on. If you fail to increase the level of your weapon, you will receive only 100 points regardless of level. When you receive a Level 8 weapon, you will receive a point bonus based on how early in the game you got it: in round 1, a 700 point bonus; in round 2, a 600 point bonus; and so on. There will probably also be a point bonus for reaching Level 8 in all three areas, though I’m not quite sure how much.

The second part of each round will then be a battle against the Elemental Monster of the planet you’ve chosen. You pick one of your weapons, and I’ll RNG an affinity for the monster, and then we see how they match up rock-paper-scissors style. I’m not sure yet if I’ll also RNG levels for the monster, or if you’ll get a tie from both having the same weapon (in which case weapon levels are really only a concern of points). Obviously you’ll get points for defeating these, though I haven’t decided how many, and if a tie is a possible result you’ll probably get half that amount as a reward for not losing.

I’d like to do something special for the final round again, but now that the second part of every round basically functions the same as Slizer Dome’s Millennia battle, I feel like I should try to think up something even more different. We’ll see how that goes.

So would anyone be interested in playing this? I’d love any suggestions you might have!

EDIT: After thinking about it a little, I think I’ve actually already got things together. I never was good at pacing myself.
-Elemental Monsters will have randomly generated levels as well as affinities.
-Defeating an Elemental Monsters gives 1000 points. If you both have the same affinity and level, you will tie and receive 500 points. If you tie at Level 8, it is considered a victory.
-There will not be a bonus for getting Level 8 in all three areas, you’ll already have gotten three bonuses and have a very good chance of succeeding in all battles.
-Round seven part two will have an alternate opponent you can choose to fight instead of the elemental monster. I won’t spoil who it is, but the foe will be guaranteed to be Level 8, and victory will double your score, but defeat will halve it.

Not sure when the game will go up (and still need to decide on title), but keep an eye out for news once Technic Tournament 4 in 3D wraps up!


Thoughts Wanted, Inquire Within For Pay Rates

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 23 2016 · 100 views

A thing I saw on social media prompted this and I thought I’d just throw it up to see what happens. Asking random questions is a popular thing here in the blogs, yes?

Suppose you’re leading a makeshift Toa team, and you can choose the main character of up to five things (TV show, movie, book, anime, game, whatever). What does your team look like? Bonus points if you can work out actual team dynamics or even Kaita.

The only catch is you’re not allowed to choose Goku/DBZ.




Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 21 2016 · 60 views

Yeah, Square Enix is at SDCC showing off some cool new Kingdom Hearts merch, but something even more interesting?

We're hitting the third anniversary of Kingdom Hearts X in Japan, and the special artwork released for it gives us a glimpse at what might be KHIII outfits for Riku and Kairi--but do you know what is even more interesting?


My prayers have been answered! And they're color-coded by Union to boot! I love the Ursus armor color scheme, I can't wait for it to reach NA Unchained! I really, really hope it will be free...or if it does cost jewels, I hope I have enough to buy it while it's available. I want Keyblade Armor really badly. Really, really badly.


Technic Tournament 4 is Live!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 20 2016 · 49 views

Head over to G&T to play Technic Tournament 4 in 3D!*

Round 1 begins immediately, and will last 48 hours! So don’t waste any time—get over there and start sponsoring! Let’s pick someone who can beat Pridak this time!

*3D glasses sold separately


Night at the Mu-seum

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 17 2016 · 50 views
writing advert
Chapter 2 of Shooting Star Sonia 2 is up!

While chapter 1 was more of an original prologue, this chapter starts to get into the adaptation proper, though things have been moved around and I’ve decided to begin with something that happened a little later in the original game. Hey, it helps if there’s an actual reason for the villains to be targeting the heroine, right?

I tried to revise the world history presented in the game into something a little more cohesive here, and also more clearly emphasize the connections between Mu and the Lost Tribes. There may also be some subtle hints to what you can expect from the Tribe On forms, and a little fun is poked at some choices the game made, though I’ll admit they’re a little obscure. (I guess I’m a nitpicker after all!)

Chapter 3 is on-track for August 1st!


Technic Tournament: The Comeback

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 15 2016 · 54 views

(No, that’s not the new title of the game.)

I know I said the next tournament would be up a few months ago, but stuff came up and I just wasn’t feeling up to running it. Sorry about that.

But, I think I’m ready again, plus now I can say I’m doing it to celebrate BZP’s anniversary.

So, Technic Tournament 4 in 3D will begin on Wednesday, July 20th! As usual, you can join whenever you want, but joining in the first round gives you the best chance at success—and this time, each round only lasts 48 hours! Don’t miss it!


Fish Fry

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 14 2016 · 56 views
Kingdom Hearts
I was playing Unchained's latest update today and encountered a Trident Tail Omega. Level 1 so it wasn't too bad, but I am a bit puzzled.

Now, Trident Tail has an interesting design, and the general color scheme of the Omega works I guess, but...

Posted Image

Did you really need to paint flames on it...?


Late Night Story Ideas

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 12 2016 · 49 views

Yet again, brainstorming new fanfic ideas instead of progressing on old ones.

There are two oneshot crossovers I’m thinking of, but I’m also considering one other larger undertaking. Unchained X gave us an opportunity to create an avatar of ourselves within the Kingdom Hearts universe, but naturally, that’s been left as open as possible. So, I can’t help but consider the prospect of fleshing Pahrak out a bit more.

It makes the most sense to start with backstory, but after that, I thought it might be interesting to continue on into a slightly-altered telling of Unchained’s story. Obviously there’s still a lot we don’t know so I might have to make some sharp turns later on to meet back up at the canon ending, but still, it could be fun. And I’d like to play around in this world a little more.

It’ll probably be one of those “post as I have it” things, so I feel like I should pick a title before I really get started. I thought of just doing something simple like Pahrak of Ursus, and I do like the sound of that…but if I wanted something more appropriate for Kingdom Hearts, I’d probably go with something like Re: Unchained X – Oneirism for Avatar.

Hm. I wonder…

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