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Mt. Coronet


Come Play Wall of History!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 16 2017 · 121 views
game advert
Signups for my new game Wall of History will remain open for 72 hours!

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The inhabitants of Stoeia-Nui are learning this lesson the hard way as they struggle to endure an attack by the legendary demon Makuta, just as their ancestors did ten thousand years ago. There does exist a record of Makuta’s previous attack, but no one can read the language it is written in, leaving any hints that might lie within just beyond their reach. The villages have sent a team of Chroniclers to search out the Spirit of Knowledge and beg her aid, but it won’t be quite that easy.

Each round players will be given a prompt and write a very short story. A winner will be judged and given “the power of Legend” for a brief time, enabling them to translate one portion of the Wall of History and learn helpful clues that will allow them to keep their villages safe. But will the Chroniclers do the right thing and share the knowledge with their fellows, or will they attempt to mislead the others so that their village fares better than the rest?

Only time will tell if Makuta’s shadow of lies can be pulled away.


The Day of Foresight

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 10 2017 · 156 views

[A primer on the world of Olkir]

The sea undulated slowly, lightly tossing the eight ships that sat anchored in a wide circle. None of the vessels took any action, all simply holding position and waiting, occasionally glancing at one or the other—usually at the ship flying the flag that bore a large yellow sun emblem against a black background.

It happened in an instant. Where there was once empty sky and water, suddenly there was a great stone structure, a grey monolith that towered high above them all. A massive pendulum swung out of one side, before disappearing back into the massive form to emerge from the other side shortly thereafter.

Slowly, the eight ships all moved in. The docks around the island looked weathered, but they uttered not a single creak as dozens of footsteps pounded down their length towards the eight doorways along the structure’s perimeter. Inside, there was only a single chamber, but a river that glowed a vibrant shade of blue sectioned off a sizable area around each entrance, keeping everyone just out of reach of the tiny pedestal at the room’s center.

One villager stepped up to the river’s bank. His metal skin was a simple shade of silver, and like most of those he came with, smooth plates of white armor were adhered to his torso and limbs. A bridge of stone rose before him. Once he was across and took his place on the pedestal, the bridge sank back into the river from whence it came; he looked up, up towards the circular skylight at the temple’s apex, and waited. It was not long before he could see something descending: a mask, just the right size to fit over his face, made of gold with an orange tint to it. As it came closer, more details could be made out—the rounded gap in the forehead, the holes in the rigid fins that came off of the cheeks, the long, vaguely beard-like protrusion that extended from the mouth—and eventually, it came right into his hands and stopped.

The villager breathed deeply. Surveying those assembled, he declared, “I, Jaa of the Ice Tribe, have been chosen by destiny as the Priest of Time. We beseech thee, O Great Krakua: through the power of the Mask of Vakama, share you wisdom with us mortals, so that we might guide Olkir to a brighter future!”

Jaa placed the mask over his face and closed his eyes. Mentally, he magnetically fixed the relic in place, and then held his arms wide, turned skyward once more, and opened his eyes. Brilliant gold light shot from the mask up through the skylight. The pillar stood for nearly a minute before fading away, and when it did, something else hovered above Jaa in its place.

The new being was twice as tall as any villager, covered from head to toe in obsidian-colored armor decorated with iron gray ornaments. His eyes glowed with the same azure luminescence as the river beneath him, and as he floated there, he crossed his arms and took one sweeping look over all those assembled.

“Eight tribes still,” Krakua mused. “Then perhaps time still branches for you.”

He seemed to think for a moment, and then shook his head.

“But evil’s grip on your destiny will not be easy to shake, ye mortals. My eyes still burn from the light of the eternal eclipse. The Element of Sun is turned against the world, and the sea runs red with the blood of thousands, as the sky hurls its enemies into the primal abyss to drown in its abominable waters. The sky, frozen forever, and mortals washing away all hope with the tears they shed in despair over the immortal twilight. Those few who live know only anguish. Those who die know it all the more, for the Riders have all been struck down, never again to carry those poor souls to the City of Legends. The Slizers themselves wash their hands, and leave Olkir to suffer its endless gloom. Yes…the day draws very near now.”

Someone stepped forward. “Great Krakua, if I may,” they said. “We of the Sun Tribe have no wish to inflict such terrible harm upon the world! Please, if there is anything that can be done to prevent this awful tragedy, tell us, and we shall see it done at once!”

Krakua watched him for a moment, but then turned away. “The light burns many futures, Coronet. I can tell you only of the fate you most likely head towards. If you wish to avoid it, then that responsibility belongs to mortals alone.”

“Please,” the Sun Coronet begged, falling to their knees. “Please, just tell us something! Anything that might help us find a different future!”

Krakua looked up to the skylight. He remained silent for quite some time, before he eventually locked his eyes on the Sun Coronet. “I see one tiny spark. Insignificant, perhaps, and certainly unlikely, but…were it to strike the earth at precisely the right moment, it could ignite an entirely new path for all of Olkir. That is all I will tell you.”

He turned next to Jaa, and reached one hand in his direction. A mirror appeared in his open palm and floated down into Jaa’s grasp—the Priest gazed into its surface, and when he nodded, it crumbled to dust around his fingers.

“The Day of Foresight thus ends,” Krakua said, rising higher towards the temple ceiling as he spoke. “If Olkir lasts the decade, I will see you again.”

And with that, he was gone.


Further Worldbuilding

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 06 2017 · 157 views
At the dawn of time, the mortal world was brought into being, shaped by the Eight Gods of the Elements—the Slizers. Scuba, the Water Slizer, covered the planet in water to soothe and sustain all mortal life. Granite, the Rock Slizer, created the land for mortals to live safely on. Torch, the Fire Slizer, gave mortals fire to keep themselves warm and to destroy that which stood in their way. Ski, the Ice Slizer, provided ice to keep Torch’s flame in check, bringing the world into greater balance. Turbo, the Metal Slizer, filled the earth with valuable ore and taught mortals how to forge it into weapons, armor, and building material. Amazon, the Jungle Slizer, gave mortals plants they could use for food, shelter, and healing. Electro, the Lightning Slizer, taught mortals to harness the raw power of electricity. And Jet, the Sun Slizer, hung the sun, moon, and stars to help all life in the mortal world to grow.

Mortals lived happily in their world, while the Slizers watched from the City of Legends where the gods reside. But soon, violence broke out amongst mortals, and the mortal world sank into anarchy. To restore order, the Slizers selected leaders for each Tribe, granting them a piece of their Elemental Power and naming them Coronets. The Coronets brought peace to the world, and impressed the Slizers with their ability to control the Elements. To further observe this, and to teach mortals greater respect for the Elements, they created Riders to live in symbiosis with mortals, governing the Elements and granting their power to those they deemed worthy—transforming villager into Toa. The Riders were also given the task of gathering up the souls of mortals who had died and bringing them to the City of Legends, either to work under the oversight of the gods, or to be turned over to Karzahni for punishment for their wicked deeds.

This is the world of Olkir.

The Water Tribe does not have an island to call home, for the endless ocean that covers the world is their domain. As such, they handle a great deal of trade and transport for the Islands, and are well-liked everywhere for how honorably they uphold these duties. Some of their most famed ships are the Gali, home of the Water Coronet, and the Lhikan II, named in honor of a Toa of Fire who helped the Water Tribe slay the Shark Demon Pridak long ago. However, there are a few crews who have broken off from the Tribe and roam the sea as pirates; the worst among these is the Irnakk, an ancient vessel whose crew has harnessed dark magic to torment the people of the world with nightmares from the relative safety of their decrepit barge. Toa of Water are the most common of all Toa, valued highly for their ability to insure safe passage for vessels with important cargo and passengers.

The Island of Fire is somewhat isolated from other islands, and purely by choice. The Fire Tribe is an arrogant bunch who believe they have little if anything to gain from fraternizing with the other Tribes, trading only when necessary, and traveling only when they go in search of challenge. They were the first Tribe to discover minerals infused with Elemental Power, and after learning how to forge weapons made from volcanore, they began to slowly refine a martial arts style now renowned worldwide as the School of the Blazing Soul, or Kardata. Most Fire Tribe villagers seen in other parts of the world are practitioners of this style who are seeking to test their skills against foreign warriors. While hotheaded and drawn to violence, students of the School are taught astounding discipline and have learned to control these volatile emotions remarkably well, so they are well tolerated in most places. There are rumors of a Kardata Master who once tried to overthrow the Fire Coronet, but the Tribe refuses to verify them. At best, they have assured that if such a thing did happen, they would have been sure to purge that dishonor before it spread to the outside world.

Those of the Island of Ice can be equally abrasive as their fiery kin, thinking themselves the pinnacle of mortal wisdom, but they are open enough to share that wisdom with nearly anyone. Due to the culture’s obsession with knowledge and understanding, Ice villagers are quite frequently selected to fulfill the role of the Priest of Time. Despite the Island’s harsh climate and the reclusiveness of the Ice Tribe, this land does see quite a bit of traffic, with people from all Islands coming to investigate the Great Library in which the Ice Coronet lives. The laboratories on the Island of Ice have produced a great deal of technology that has helped many people, though lately they have taken on some more controversial projects such as attempting to synthesize the same living metal that villagers’ bodies are made of. After enough people bothered them about it, the scientists have mostly backed off of these projects in order to earn more peace and quiet. Though, there is talk that even worse projects still continue quietly, and that the Ice Tribe is seeking some sort of forbidden knowledge that the public eye would most certainly disapprove of. The Ice Tribe firmly insists this is not the case.

The Island of Metal was once the most feared Island of all. As of late, it has become the most loved. Since all villagers are made of metal, the idea of Toa who could control the substance was a source of great horror to many, leading to a general sense of wariness when dealing with this Island. Eventually, pressure was put on them to sign an agreement stating that the Metal Coronet would at no time prompt the creation of nor tolerate the existence of any Toa of Metal, and from that point on the wariness began to slowly subside. The Rider of Metal, deprived of their connection to the people, has grown weaker as time has gone on, and a great number of ghosts now roam the Island of Metal—whether these are the result of the Rider’s power waning or a spiteful refusal of their duty is a topic that is debated intensely. Recently, however, a villager named Makuro presented something spectacular: wanting to give the Island protectors to replace the absent Toa, he had devised the most ingenious artificial robot design the world had ever seen, automata who could think for themselves and fight off anything that could threaten the peace of the Metal Tribe. These automata, Hagah, were so good at what they did that other Islands began to request units. As production increased, Makuro built a great factory to better accommodate the process, and watched over his business with great care until his eventual passing. Now, two generations later, the Hagah have become a commonplace sight on every Island, greatly reducing the need for Toa. It is perhaps no coincidence that now, ghosts are also a much more common sight on every Island.

The Island of Jungle is a land of paradox, more colloquially referred to as “the Island of Life and Death”. Nature reigns supreme on this Island, making it home to countless species of flora that exist nowhere else in the world, and the Jungle Tribe has learned all there is to know about each and every one of them. One of the outcomes of this is that the Island of Jungle is home to the greatest of all physicians, unparalleled healers who utilize herbal medicines that work what most consider miracles, thus granting the Island its claim to Life. Its claim to Death, however, comes from its other industry: many of the plants found here can also be made into lethal poisons, and those who have learned how to concoct these brews have trained to use them and other techniques to become expert assassins feared across the globe as the Umarak Clan. Those who seek to hire the assassins of the Jungle Tribe are usually able to find them, but those who wish them harm—including even the Jungle Coronet—have rarely had any success. Luckily, this shadow has done nothing to impact the use of the Island’s healers, and the Water Tribe has gifted them a special ship named the Ignika to make it easier for doctors and patients to be ferried back and forth.

The Lightning Tribe is generally a friendly bunch, even if their impulsive natures can make them difficult to predict. Thankfully, the Lightning Coronets have consistently been those who have grown out of that wild nature, preventing the Island from doing anything too out of the ordinary. The Island of Lightning is also famed for its Morcian Swords, named after the town of Morcia where they are forged from ionalloy to grant their signature ability of hurling lightning bolts from their tips. Throughout all of recorded history, terrible storms have plagued the Island and caused great devastation. To their credit, this has done little to discourage the Lightning Tribe, and they have taken on a very defiant attitude when it comes to facing the will of nature, though this attitude is thought to have a hand in the relative rarity of Lightning Toa. Recently the Tribe has begun developing weather control technology (with some assistance from other Tribes), and the results are beginning to show real promise.

Though the Rock Tribe is blessed with great physical prowess, they are some of the kindest souls in this world, and have long enjoyed favorable relations with all Tribes. Matching their pacifistic nature, the weapon they are most known for are their Skrall Shields—they prioritize defense and will always seek to solve things peacefully, fighting back only when absolutely necessary. Since no one has any quarrels with them, seeing them actually fight is quite rare. The only notable time the Island of Rock came under attack was during the rampage of Shark Demon Pridak, when the monster bit a chunk out of the Island’s coastline. While this wound, now named the Shark Gulf, went mostly ignored for some time, recently the Rock Coronet has posted guards in the hopes of catching a deranged cult who uses it to pay tribute to the slain demon. While there has been some concern over this development, the people of the world still love the Rock Tribe and welcome them with open arms…or at least, they would if the Rock Tribe wasn’t terrified of crossing the ocean.

Finally, there is the Island of Sun, a seat of great power that has now inherited the fear shed by the Metal Tribe. The Element of Sun naturally gives those who wield it power over sunlight, but they are not left defenseless at night: they also possess the ability to bend moonlight and starlight, which are less powerful but have more versatile uses. Because of this, the Sun Tribe has always been considered one of the strongest powers in the world, and was treated with great respect for wielding such a tremendous Element. This all changed a decade ago, during the last Day of Foresight. When Krakua appeared to tell of the future, he spoke of a time when an endless eclipse would darken the sky, and of a Sun Coronet who would use it to amplify their power and rain devastation upon the world. No longer was the Island of Sun held in such high regard. While the Sun Coronet assured all that the prophecy would not come to pass, the other Islands could only distrust them, building up their militaries to prepare for this prophesied eclipse. Some Tribes have even taken aggressive action against the Island of Sun, including a Kardata user killing the only Sun Toa and threatening that worse would happen were they to create more. Even the Island of Metal has become hesitant to send Hagah to the Island. The Sun Coronet has done all they can to remain non-threatening, but the atmosphere has grown very tense on their Island. The Ice Tribe has studied the sky and predicted when the next eclipse will occur, and the world waits anxiously to see if it will pass without incident.


TL;DR Being Treated as an Outdated Plot Device Sucks

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 04 2017 · 115 views
writing advert, OTC, KH
I've posted a new story in Off-Topic Culture!

She Understood is a short (under 2000 words) Kingdom Hearts story examining Kairi's thought process as she is about to begin her Keyblade training. Essentially, it's her reaction to being shoved outside of the plot constantly over the past ten years or so of the franchise, and only now being (sort of) brought back in because they need to fill a quota.

Yeah, I'm...displeased with said developments. Preparations are certainly in place for things to turn around, but after seeing Dragon Ball Super heavily advertise Buu as part of the U7 Team only to replace him with Frieza of all people at the last second has renewed my worries.

Come to think of it, this might actually be the first piece of actual fanfiction I've written about Kairi. Huh. Maybe I need to re-evaluate my actions as well...


GAME PREVIEW: Wall of History

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 28 2017 · 144 views
Coming Soon, game advert

History. Myth. And the Truth that binds them together.

These are the virtues upon which Stoeia-Nui was founded, created by the gods to be a font of knowledge for all who live in the mortal world. For a time, its inhabitants fulfilled this duty well, dedicating themselves to expanding their own minds as well as the minds of all who came to their shores.

But this prosperity was not to last.

Makuta, a demon born of deceit and falsehood, descended upon the island one day, wishing to rob mortals of their knowledge and leave them powerless against him. His army of horrors seemed endless, but eventually, a team of brave Toa were able to slay Makuta. The shadow of lies receded, the demon’s threat vanquished.

And yet, he was in part victorious.

The inhabitants of Stoeia-Nui gave their all to defend their home. Unfortunately, when the battle was over, they could not get it back. They taught themselves to fight, devoted themselves wholly to repelling Makuta, embraced the ways of war…and forgot the ways of knowledge. Stoeia-Nui became simply another island.

Ten thousand years have passed. Makuta has now returned.

The island’s denizens have done their best to repel the demon’s forces, but they are failing, bewildered by the demon’s tactics. None can understand the fiend’s approach, and the only account of his previous assault, carved into the Wall of History by the last Chronicler, is written in an ancient script that is illegible to everyone now living on the island. The village leaders each selected a champion: new Chroniclers, the first in ten thousand years, and sent them in search of the Spirit of Knowledge, the patron of Stoeia-Nui. The Chroniclers were able to find this deity, but though she agreed to give them the power to translate the history, the young Chroniclers will be required to earn that power. They will demonstrate their knowledge of stories by crafting their own, and those whose skill she deems sufficient will be granted the right to her knowledge.

Let us hope these new Chroniclers are up to the task. For if they fail, the shadow of lies shall consume all of Stoeia-Nui…forever.



Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 25 2017 · 218 views

Like I said, for some reason I keep getting new story ideas rather than making significant progress on the ones I’ve already started. Anyway.

My newest idea is a little ambitious so probably won’t get finished: a fantasy story with a central mythology that is an eclectic mix of multiple Lego themes. Both generations of Bionicle, Slizers, RoboRiders, Hero Factory, and possibly a few others. The details are pretty up in the air at this point, but I have ideas such as the Slizers being gods who created the mortal world, the elements being embodied and governed by Riders who ferry souls to the afterlife and also grant elemental power to villagers (turning them into Toa), and the island associated with the element of Metal, having been forbidden from having Toa, starting up a factory that creates automata who have now more or less made Toa obsolete and function all over the world. Plus, each island being ruled by a Coronet who receives a blessing from the Slizer who created their island, because I still really like that Coronet’s Halo ability I made up for Slizer Mafia.

My question is, if I were to put out a request for guest stars, would anyone be interested in submitting characters? Whether or not this story is going to happen at all is still a question, of course, but before I hammered out plot details I thought I might as well see if it would be worthwhile to do a casting call. Just out of curiosity.


And They Don't Stop Coming

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 23 2017 · 190 views

It would seem my stress has taken the route of producing ideas at a faster rate than I can actually work on them, while simultaneously stopping me from getting too far on any particular one (including the ones I was already trying to work on).

So, a brief look at what I’ve been kicking around lately:

-Shooting Star Sonia 3, of course. Unfortunately I seem to be stuck on Chapter 2.
-Wall of History, as mentioned previously. The mechanics and prompts are actually all set, and I’m about halfway through the lore, so not too bad.
-An extended Mega Man ZX fic, probably as a result of replaying ZX just recently. Haven’t quite finished the first chapter and a little unsure how far I’m actually going to get.
-A brief burst of inspiration on Glimpse of Horizon’s broader idea, but like…thinking I could make it into a novel for actual publishing? For some reason? Did not get far before that fizzled out, but who knows I guess.
-That new story focusing on Vhisola I mentioned recently, which has exactly one chapter right now. I have some specific ideas about where to go, just stuck on what needs to happen next, naturally.
-A short Kingdom Hearts fic in which Kairi is aware of how horribly the series treats her. That just sort of happened. I’m going to let it sit for a while, edit it, and probably just post it because I don’t know I just want to finish something and look productive.
-One MASSIVE new Lego story idea I’m planning to give more information on in a separate post, stay tuned for that one.
-Three, count ‘em, three separate ideas for Mafia games. Granted one was already complete before this, but now I’m thinking more about it, plus I finally sat down and revamped the Chorus System for another Musical Mafia, PLUS another idea that’s been floating half-formed through my mind for a while and now has been hammered into a pretty fine shape. I don’t want to do so many back to back, but…no one has had a new Mafia game since Hotel of Okoto ended, so…?

And yet I still feel like it wouldn’t be a great idea for me to actually start posting/hosting any big projects. I have a new apartment lined up, I just need to move, but in a few weeks I’ll need to move again because I actually need to stay at my dad’s for a while until my new apartment is ready. Even after that, I’m really searching for a second job because I really need one, so if that works out there’s a question of how much time I’ll actually have for this stuff.

But, depending on how this goes, there is a distinct possibility I could have an extremely productive fall. So I guess that’s pretty cool.


If Anyone's Interested...

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 19 2017 · 176 views

I decided to start on a new story, and now that I've finished a draft of the first chapter I was wondering if anyone might be willing to look it over and give me some feedback?

As some general information: this takes place on Spherus Magna after the Reformation, and mainly focuses on Vhisola. It's technically a follow-up to my previous story A Mind in Darkness, but you wouldn't need to read that in order to jump into this one--I don't really plan on any direct references to it, so really the only thing you might feel needs clarifying is why Vhisola and Macku get along. This chapter is just setting up the plot and Vhisola's reason for being a part of it.

If anyone wants to help me out, leave a comment and I'll start up a PM for everyone who wants to give it a read.


Toy Story is in Kingdom Hearts III

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 15 2017 · 154 views
Kingdom Hearts
Trailer's here.

I'm going to need some time to put into words how unbelievably happy this makes me. For now just watch, I'll edit this later with more detailed thoughts.

But first things first, look at Sora, Donald, and Goofy. They look like constraction sets,



-The trailer starts showing bits in Olympus and Twilight Town. We see Sora using a new shooter-style attack while rail-grinding, and some combination of Shotlock and Flowmotion to ascend a series of blocks. The dual gun Keyblade transformation, now named Double Arrowguns, reappears, and now shifts Sora’s outfit to blue, which we haven’t seen in III before. Seems this is a magic-focused form? Well, the super cannon upgrade is now called Magic Launcher, so…probably. I give Wisdom Form a lot of crud, but it still has some nostalgia for me, so yeah, I’m glad to see the blue threads back.
-The Rock Ogre Heartless is on-screen, and it still looks awesome.
-Aaaaaaaaaah, I love this. I love this so much. I’ve wanted a Toy Story world ever since I started playing Kingdom Hearts, and it looks gorgeous—I know they’ve been saying the Kingdom Shader is designed to make worlds look just like their respective movies, but it really does! I love it!
-And again: Sora, Donald, and Goofy look like constraction sets. A bit more on the Galidor side, maybe, but it’s still ridiculously endearing, and I love it. I would love it even more if Disney actually asked Lego to make these into constraction sets, but…that’s probably not going to happen, huh? There are going to be models released of these forms, apparently. Lego would still be better.
-Apparently this is an original story, where Andy and several of the toys have disappeared after Young Xehanort and the Heartless have appeared in this world. Not sure about timeline placement, but I’m super excited about this—the press release says this story was held to the same quality as an actual Pixar movie, and if that holds up, man…
-Look at that Keyblade! The guard is Buzz Lightyear’s spaceship box! The blade is a cactus with a rope and a bandana and a cowboy hat! It has the Star Command emblem and the sheriff badge! And it transforms into what can only be described as King Dedede’s rocket hammer, or alternatively a giant toy drill! Look at Sora massacre stuff with that awesome and whacky weaponry! I desire it.
-I can’t quite get a clear look at those new Heartless, but they look pretty cool. I’m excited to see what other new breeds might turn up.
-So you might be thinking “Okay, is the part member going to be Woody or Buzz?” The answer is “Both. Both is good.” The display shows both of them, plus Sora, plus Donald and Goofy. That’s a party of five, all at once. That’s incredible. I cannot wait.
-You go to a toystore and fight a bunch of mech suits. Beat them, and you get to jump inside the mech suit and use it to beat up the other mech suits. This is exactly the kind of stupid anime trash that gets me out of bed in the morning and I will love every second of it.
-Young Xehanort shows up. I don’t think he’s been turned into a toy? Not really surprising, Xehanort breaks the rules of worlds all the time, plus it’d be…kind of weird to see him as a toy…
-You know, back when KHIIFM came out, people dug through the files and found incomplete models for a Buzz and Woody Summon! Now it’s a full-on world, not to mention the very first Pixar world! This opens the door to an entire new group of world possibilities, and it’s the perfect one to do so! Gosh I hope they incorporate that lamp somehow, it’s only right.
-Can we fight Zurg? I really, really want to fight Zurg.

Thank God for this. I’ve been really stressed out lately and this makes me truly, legitimately happy. I just…I love this. I know I’m repeating myself, but I love this. So much.


PSA About VC Gold and Silver

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 09 2017 · 173 views
If, like me, you’re already thinking of which Pokemon you want to use when you get Gold or Silver on Virtual Console, I highly recommend checking someplace like Bulbapedia or Serebii to see where in those games those Pokemon can be caught, and where you can get the items necessary to evolve them. You just may be disappointed.

I first became aware of this when I thought this would finally be my chance to try out a Tyranitar. But as it turns out, Larvitar can only be caught at Mt. Silver…which you can only access after beating all 16 gyms, so…that’s not gonna work. And granted, Tyranitar is a pseudo-legendary, so that can’t be indicative of restrictions on other Pokemon, right?

Oddly enough, any Pokemon that needs a stone to evolve is pretty out of luck. The only way to get Leaf, Thunder, Fire, or Water Stones is to show specific Pokemon to Bill’s grandpa, who lives in Kanto. You can only get a Sun Stone by placing first in the Bug Catching Contest. Your best bet is a Moon Stone, which your mom might buy with your savings, or you can pick one up in Tohjo Falls right before you head for the League. So much for using Jolteon and NIdoqueen.

And I wasn’t really seriously considering it, but: Slugma. A brand new Gen II Pokemon. Can only be caught in Kanto. What.

To say nothing of movesets, that’s an entirely different thing that I’ve only scratched the surface of. My point is, I advise you to double check these things now so you won’t be surprised when you’re playing the game. I know it would’ve thrown me for a loop.

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