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Mt. Coronet


(Semi) Maxed Medal!

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 13 2016 · 128 views

Posted Image

Unchained gave us a lot of boost Medals this month, so my Guilted Goofy now has maxed out strength and defense and minimized cost!

The only way this can get stronger is if I can get a better Guilt percentage (Low Tier, so best possible is 25%). I might give that a try, but that's random so who knows.

I've reduced cost on enough Medals that I could put a third 6 star medal on both Treasure Trove and Lady Luck, but...I don't know. I'm not sure if any of the Medals I have right now are necessarily Medals I'm going to want to keep for a long time (with the exception of Kairi, but being a buff Medal I've been told it might be wiser to leave that at 5 star). Meh, maybe I'll hold out and hope for some nice Reversed Medals on my next pull. (Still don't have even a single one! D: )


Okoto 579 Spin-Off!

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 10 2016 · 169 views

Yes the main stories for this year are dreadfully overdue but whatever that’s not important right now.

As teased previously, Karios has been working on a spin-off for the series featuring his character Max. It will show him working his way across Okoto to settle into the role of being the new Mask Maker, and may also have a few hints toward the future sprinkled in along the way.

The story is in progress, but he is looking for some feedback and has posted the first piece over in short stories! Please take a look and give him some comments to work with!


More Like E2.8

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 08 2016 · 171 views

Rather than wait until E3 Square Enix gave us a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts II.8 today!

The section for Dream Drop Distance is pretty straight forward. It certainly looks lovely, but I do find myself wishing there would be new content in this rather than a simple facelift.

The 0.2 section lets us see Aqua in action in the KH3 engine, and it looks pretty darn awesome! Looks like the Command Style has been altered for the new mechanics (maybe this is how Keyblade Transformations will function in III?), and, of course, she has plenty of extremely powerful magic. Didn't see any Flowmotion, though. There's also a surprise appearance, though I'm fairly certain it's just some kind of illusion to mess with poor Aqua. #saveMasterAqua2ksoon

The section for Back Cover is really wild. This is our first real look at what it...well, looks like, and it looks just as nice as 0.2. Which is a far cry from the limited sprites of Unchained X! I'm really curious to know who's voicing these characters, but that could be a spoiler and is probably being saved for a later date. The Foretellers seem interesting: we've known that Vulpes will be important for a while, and now it's looking like Unicornis and Ursus are taking more active roles. Anguis and Leopardus seem to be hanging back for now. What really surprises me, though, is the body language of the Sixth Apprentice, at least in the scene where he's talking to Unicornis. He seems so...not Xehanort like! That's promising!

The big shock is that the game is apparently getting a worldwide release. I mean, sure there's not as many new lines to record, but still, this is a first for the series, maybe even the company? It's pretty neat!

Now if I could only afford a PS4.


The Creatures Are the Gen 2 Exo-Toa

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 07 2016 · 224 views

1. Extra armor you buy separately

2. Used in the second year story

3. Pretty cool

4. Probably going to be swiftly discarded and rarely if ever seen again


Power And Hair Are Intimately Linked You Know

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 05 2016 · 153 views

Things that need to be done for Divine Strength: improve characters, settle on worldbuilding details, structure plot, actual work

Things I’m focusing on for Divine Strength: the Queen of Light’s hair color

Yeah. The idea is that some Queens, when their body is charged with magic during the fusion of the human soul and the deity soul, have their hair color altered to a specific color. In the case of the Queen of Light, that color changes over the course of her life, acting as a gauge for how much of her natural lifespan is left. It starts out red, then shifts to orange after a few years, then on to yellow, green, blue, indigo, and finally violet for the years leading up to her death. The origin of this idea was stupid, but I feel like it’s interesting (if possibly silly) so I wanted to keep it. Plus, the novel plot involves a way for the Queens to lose their power, and I like the idea of the color draining from Light’s hair to show this.

But recently I remembered that violet light has more energy and red light has less, so now I’m thinking it might make more sense to reverse the order above. That way it looks like the energy is gradually seeping away over time instead of intensifying for some reason. Of course, I’m always hesitant to make changes, and this would mean the Queen of Light in the novel will have purple or indigo or blue hair, which seems a lot more…anime. And that could be detrimental. (Then again, I’m already saying the Queen of the Sea has hair the color of the ocean, so…)

Well, while I’m at it: I have an idea for the next chapter of Beyond Ruin. Rather than focusing on Light and Sea like I previously said, I’m thinking of doing something with Land (with appearances from Sky and Knowledge) to test out that one concept I was talking about, that the Magic of the World reacts to people’s feelings and beliefs. I just need to find the motivation to write it, which is something I’m really just not feeling lately…so, no clue when it’ll be up, but it’s in the works I guess.


The Heart of the Sea

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 31 2016 · 195 views

June…doesn’t really mean anything special.

Except now it does, because it means you can get Manaphy over Mystery Gift! This is far less convoluted than that egg nonsense from when it was first made available!

Also, when you get your Manaphy, be sure to leave it at the day care with Ditto—that’s the only way you can get the not-exactly-Legendary Pokémon Phione!



Medal Working

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 28 2016 · 140 views

Unchained X has been out for a while now, but I finally managed to activate Guilt for the first time!

Posted Image

Well, the English version calls it Special Attack Bonus or something, but that's long and generic. So, Guilt. See that little purple crystal thing? That's active Guilt!

Man, that took a while. Lots of Munny, lots of Medals--EXP, evolution, Goofys...Guilt is difficult. I have another Goofy I might evolve and merge onto this to try for a new Guilt percentage, but since this Medal is Low Guilt it can't increase much anyway.

This might be all I do with Guilt for a while. Most of the Medals I'm using come from the Shop, so I really can't Guilt them unless I spend a lot of jewels and get really lucky. But, eventually they'll be adding that Fantasia Mickey and Brooms Medal which lets you add one orb/activate Guilt on any medal...

Oh, also, Adamant Ore Quests are up. The one now advertises Lady Luck, and one of the objectives requires it (for Avatar Coins), but heads-up: you can use that Adamant on any Keyblade. (Except Olympia.) Lady Luck +21 isn't bad, but the only Medal type boost it gets is one Reverse Medal boost, which I cannot use so I kind of regret it. You may want to do some research to pick which Keyblade you want to get to +21 first!


Unfortunately Pahrak is Still Reading Bleach

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 26 2016 · 235 views



Steins;Gate 0 Localization!

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 25 2016 · 199 views


Still no news on when the anime starts, but we might not need to dodge spoilers that much longer!

Steins;Gate 0 will be released in America and Europe this year, on both PS4 and Vita! I'm very glad I didn't sell my Vita now.

Apparently, the company selling the localization is advertising it at an event this weekend, and whoever comes to their booth can get a free poster if they say "El Psy Kongroo". I like that.



Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 25 2016 · 218 views

It bothers me when people insist that I am smart.

I’m a college dropout working part-time in a grocery store deli. What part of that says smart to you?

I need a quick way to shut people up the next time this happens. Unfortunately, I can’t think of one. Because I’m not smart!

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