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Mt. Coronet


Tsundere Program Non-Optional

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 18 2017 · 213 views

I’m watching someone play Steins;Gate 0 and I realized something. (No spoilers don’t worry.)

Amadeus Kurisu is an AI based on the memories of someone who (during the plot of 0) is dead.

MegaMan.EXE is an AI who (somehow) incorporates the DNA of a deceased person.

Basically they’re one and the same and I propose we refer to Amadeus Kurisu as MegaMakise.EXE from now on.


0.2 Many Questions!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 16 2017 · 283 views
Kingdom Hearts
Someone has provided English subtitles for the entirety of the 0.2 section of 2.8, so I watched that. Master Aqua is even more my hero than she was five minutes ago, we don’t deserve her, she’s got to be one of the most awe-inspiring protagonists in video game history.

Something else that really caught my attention, assuming the subs are at least approximately accurate there are some interesting lore implications brought up.



My Gosh

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 12 2017 · 302 views

Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover is literally a Mafia game



Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Dec 28 2016 · 215 views

Posted Image

I love the avatar system in KHUX.

There's so much going on here:
-The so-called "Disco Suit"
-An enormous afro with a galaxy inside of it
-The afro covers your eyes, but not your glasses??
-Those headphones are just kinda...emerging...from within the afro galaxy...
-A jetpack
-Gauntlets and shield meant to evoke ancient gladiators
-And, you know, the giant cartoon key used to slay evil

I guess I had to look this good in order to slay 2016.


It's Christmas!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Dec 25 2016 · 334 views

So, you know…have a Merry Christmas! Please. I mean, if you want to.

Or if you celebrate something else, I hope you have a happy holiday as well!

And if you don’t celebrate anything than I hope you have a nice day!



Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Dec 22 2016 · 262 views

You scroll through the Library Forum and see a short story entitled “Bionicle Agni Kai Fight.”

You think “Agni kai? Oh, those firebending duels from Avatar? It’d be awesome to see two Toa of Fire have one of those!”

Upon clicking the link, you discover a tale of Agni and Kai having an argument.

From there you’ll probably experience either regret, anger, or perhaps a feeling of “Oh, that was clever!”

(Fingers crossed it’s the last one.)


An Age-Old Question Answered

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Dec 19 2016 · 421 views

You all know what a Super Saiyan is. You scream a little and then BAM, spiky gold hair and a power level over 9000.

But...what would happen if you tried to turn Super Saiyan and were bald?!

This question has plagued the worlds' greatest* minds for decades, but fret not! At last, we have an answer!

Posted Image

This is Super Saiyan 3 if you want to be technical. Either way, the question is answered!! If you don't have hair, then your beard gets gold and spiky!

...Although...what if you were bald...and didn't have any facial hair?!

Hm, perhaps the quest for knowledge is neverending after all...

*Not really


Eating My Own Words

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Dec 16 2016 · 294 views

Posted Image

I don't have any context for this. I just remembered that I really liked this joke/picture I took 2 years ago and don't think I've put it on this blog yet.


A Mega Anniversary! Ride On!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Dec 14 2016 · 224 views

It has officially been 10 years since the release of the first Mega Man Star Force game (in Japan)!

I already went on about why I love this series a while back. In short, it's a sequel to my first Mega Man series (EXE), it's one of two that I was able to follow from the beginning (the other being ZX), it's fairly standalone so I don't feel like I'm missing a ton of references, and it has great character development not just for the main characters, but even a lot of the briefly-appearing characters you bump into along the way.

Also, I just like the character designs and general mechanics of the universe. Not every reason for liking something needs to be complicated!

Sure, I know it's not in the running for the greatest game series of all time, but still, I love it so much and it's nice to see some people celebrating it. Even Mega Man fans don't spend a whole lot of time talking about it, so it's a nice change.

Hopefully Geo will get a comeback as the anniversaries keep coming. Until then, I'm going to press on with my Star Force fanfic and keep my fingers crossed!


Long-Forgotten Ruin

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Dec 07 2016 · 223 views
writing advert
Believe it or not, there’s a new chapter of Beyond Ruin!

This one is about a Queen discovering a location rich with magic and going in to investigate. Since we need conflict, that turns out to not be a great idea. It’s written a little more vaguely that the previous chapters, for reasons explained in the chapter itself, plus it sort of follows the last one’s idea of introducing new magical phenomena. I think that’s something I’d like to focus more on: not just establishing the Queens, but also building the world around them by having them discover it.

…Now if I can just keep myself motivated. I don’t want to give up on this idea, but I can’t help but feel a little discouraged when I realize I’ve been “working” on it for 3-4 years now with what feels like not a lot to show for it. Guess I’ve just got to keep trying!

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