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Mt. Coronet


Today in Reality Avoidance

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 30 2017 · 252 views

In my ongoing efforts to accomplish nothing productive with my life, I got an urge to rewrite Bleach in a way I think would be more interesting. Of course, that’s a momentous undertaking, so instead of writing the whole thing out I just threw together an outline. Since I’m not going to go reread the entire series some of this may be foggy, but hey, who’s reading this? :P

Why Did I Do This

Since this ended up being long and I’m not quite done with the final arc yet, I think I’m going to cut it here and post the rest another time. I already know my revisions for the last arc are going to be extensive…


Requiem for a Slizer (SIGNUPS CLOSED!)

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 20 2017 · 289 views
game advert
The time has come, folks.

With the Judge Slizer’s timeline sinking into the void, the Judge Coronet and the Ice Coronet have met up for one final battle.

The winner will determine the fate of the remaining scraps of the Slizer population. The loser…well, I’m sure you can guess.

Are you ready to do your duty? For Coronet and Cancellation?

(It’s Slizer Mafia 3 yo, come on down for a disk-throwin’ good time)


Two Stars With One Stone

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 12 2017 · 252 views

I just posted the twentieth chapter of Shooting Star Sonia 2, and with that, it is officially complete!

Just completing something always feels good, but I’m extra jazzed about this one. The rough draft was technically all done in approximately a year (January to January), and from the time I started posting it (July) I was able to maintain a biweekly posting schedule from start to finish. PLUS an extra chapter on the 10th anniversary of Mega Man Star Force. I was able to hold myself to a schedule successfully, writing a 105k word story in about a year, despite a new Pokémon game being released in the midst of it. I tend to be utterly terrible at this sort of thing so thank you God for this small victory.

Here I thought this was going to be shorter than the first story, which is around 80k. Who knew!

I am planning to adapt Star Force 3, but there are a few other ideas I want to get off the ground before I really get into that one. I’m hoping one of those will be serialized in April and May, and if I can get that done and finish all preparations, I’d love to kick off SSS3 in July 2017! We’ll have to see, though. Judging from what I already want to do, there’s a good chance this one’s going to end up even longer! I’ve got plenty of ideas in store… *Rubs hands together menacingly, plus it’s a little chilly so the warmth is nice*

I hope to have news on all my upcoming projects for you soon!



Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 09 2017 · 198 views

There's a new Zelda game just out and none of you who actually play Zelda thought to use that joke in response to this trend by now smh

(Oh right, they're probably all still playing the new Zelda game. Carry on.)


Idea For a New Game

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 06 2017 · 255 views

I’ve been thinking on and off about a new concept for a game inspired by Steins;Gate. The idea was that the Great Beings have discovered a pocket dimension that is virtually identical to the main universe but is just starting out, and as time moves there they will send visions to certain individuals in an attempt to alter the sequence of events to see if they can accomplish a smoother reformation of Spherus Magna. My only idea for a title was “Crosswired;Gate”, but anyway.

Figuring out how to set this up was difficult. What I’m thinking right now is that it’ll be a collaborative effort between players. There’ll be a “signup period” (48 hours?), but players will be able to join later if they want to. The player list will be necessary though—each round, a timeframe will be presented, and two players who are on the list will be randomly selected and asked to come up with a plan for what vision to send to whom in an attempt to alter how events proceed. The remaining players (including newcomers) will then vote on which plan they prefer, and these planners will be able to edit their plans using feedback from the other players, and when a certain amount of time has expired the voting will end and the winning plan will be implemented. I will then determine how the vision is received and how events proceed. Then we move on to the next round.

At least a few fixed points will probably be necessary. The Great Spirit Robot will crash into Aqua Magna, the Kanohi Vahi will be forged, and Matoro will die—but the circumstances of these events could certainly be altered. Maybe more events should be fixed? I’m not sure.

Well, really, I’m very unsure in general. The setup is still shaky, and this would be a tremendous workload. I’m also hesitant about a game which depends on my judgment to determine how it progresses. If someone disagrees with what consequences I think a vision will have, there won’t be much I can say in response, and I worry it could start to feel unfair to players. Maybe I could recruit a panel of judges? It would take longer to change rounds, though, since we’d all need to deliberate and then still write up the scene, plus I’m not sure it would be fair for the judges to actually participate in the game…

I like the general idea enough to not just dismiss it, but I think it needs a lot of work before I consider building up the motivation to attempt it. So, if anyone has any thoughts, I would love to hear them!


Rough Concept for The Lego Bionicle Movie

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 02 2017 · 298 views

Life as a retired theme is actually pretty great! The extensive cast of the Bionicle franchise has spent the last few years relaxing in luxury with not a care in the world, and is having their annual reunion party as the film opens. The scene focuses on big name characters like the Toa and Makuta, with a few condescending references to “the Gen 2 side of the family” and a small appearance from an old drunk Slizer who rants some gibberish about the prophecy of the Slizers’ return. One of the Toa, probably Tahu, off-handedly turns away one of the minor characters near the end of the scene and goes home to resume his easy life.

Soon, however, trouble begins. Numerous major characters are found missing their masks, which has resulted in them losing all their powers and memories! A few of the Toa are called out of retirement to fix this, but all of their combat experience and character development has gone down the drain after being out of the game for so long, and so they’re barely able to do a thing against the various generic enemies they keep bumping into. Eventually they come face to face with the one stealing masks: the minor character Tahu shunned at the reunion, who is fed up with being constantly shoved into the background even so many years later. Their goal is to steal the powers and memories of all the franchise’s major characters and make them their own, so that they will be the only important character ruling over a bunch of nameless nobodies!

The Toa begin to realize how poorly minor characters are treated, and this leads to them visiting their estranged relatives in Gen 2 to ask for their help. Unfortunately, the minor character has become so powerful and amassed enough generic minions that even the combined forces of Generations 1 and 2 aren’t able to claim victory. (Around this time the minor character will transform and rename themselves Voriki Toa of Energy. The Toa will comment that name sounds really fake.) When all seems darkest, the sound of disks flying fills the air…and the Slizers bust in, shouting something along the lines of “TIME TO FULFILL THAT PROPHECY SON!!” The kooky geezers are enough to tip the scales, and the minor character is defeated by a Toa Seal created from the combined powers of major, minor, Gen 1, Gen 2, Slizers, and…some other sixth thing. The masks are returned to their rightful owners, who regain their memories and abilities, and the minor character laments at how they’re now forever doomed to life in the background.

The last scene is a year later at the next reunion, where all the characters are being treated as equals, including the minor character who became the villain. Major or minor, Generation 1 or 2, Bionicle or Slizers—they’ve come to realize they’re all part of the same gigantic family, and that they should be treating each other with love and respect instead of looking down on each other based on silly things like how many sets they’ve gotten or which island they lived on. Tahu excitedly makes an announcement: Generation 3 is in the works, and he was able to convince Lego to include new versions of a whole slew of minor characters! The celebration goes on and the credits begin to roll, accompanied by a new remix of the Piraka Rap.

(I’ve said this before, but you can hire me whenever you want, Lego. I’m free.)


I Admit Defeat

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Feb 28 2017 · 237 views

Coming up with titles for things has always been a struggle, but I felt like I had managed to come up with a few good titles here and there, and that was a very satisfying feeling so I kept trying.

No more, though. There’s no point in trying to come up with titles that I think might sound good.

No title I come up with could ever compare to a title like “Bahamut Disco”.


Well, 5 is Better Than 1

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Feb 26 2017 · 198 views
Dragon Ball Super has recently kicked off the Universe Survival Arc we’ve been looking forward to. Rather than going straight to the tournament proper, they’re doing a three-round exhibition match between Universe 7 (Goku and friends) and Universe 9, and the most recent episode gave us some interesting information after the second round concluded. Which is a weird place to put it. Especially since the Grand Priest presents this in an announcement to everyone gathered—you would think it’d be done either before or after the match, not smack dab in the middle, but…anyway!

A lot has been clarified. For starters, four of the twelve universes (1, 5, 8, and 12) will not be entering the tournament, the reason being that they’ve been deemed way too strong. Zeno has evaluated the “average mortal power level” of all twelve universes, and has already been thinking of erasing the eight that he thinks are too weak. When Goku suggested the tournament, he revised this to allowing the universe that wins the tournament to survive. This takes some of the heat off of Goku (and gives a better explanation for why the survival aspect is there), but still, the guy’s being shown in a less than positive light lately and that’s actually interesting to see. I feel like this is a good compromise: now, even if the stakes are maintained and they really do erase all losing universes, there will still be four whole other universes to explore, and they’re all immensely powerful. So I think that’s a plus.

It’ll still be sad to see the others go, though. I mean obviously Universe 7 is going to win (even if they’re currently ranked second-weakest, beating out only Universe 9), so that’s bad news for the Universe 6 characters we’ve gotten to know…and Gowasu from Universe 10. But I guess if they capitalize on this, it could work out. Plus these characters will still all be around in video games! :P

It’s also clarified that yes, all deities in the losing universes will be erased as well, with the notable exception of the angels. Whis’s reaction to this and a few other moments in the episode is…slightly unnerving. But the question is: if the universe an angel serves is destroyed but they get to live on, what do they do? …No, actually, the real question is: since we’ve been told there used to be eighteen universes and six were erased, their angels must still be around, so where are they?! There are some interesting possibilities here and I look forward to seeing how they turn out. I’ve been hoping we might get a villain who escaped the destruction of their universe and has come back for revenge against Zeno (or Goku) and this makes that look a lot more possible.

I’m looking forward to this arc more now that I know there’s going to be more potential available afterwards than it initially seemed. Plus the fight in this episode had a little more variety in technique and showed that Gohan can still fight pretty well. That means there’s hope that all the B and C List characters showing up for this arc might actually get their time to shine!


More Remembering!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Feb 21 2017 · 270 views

So not only was Final Fantasy V in a commercial recently, there’s going to be a new Mega Man Star Force figure this year?!

This is amazing. I like this trend of my favorite underrated games getting nods.

Next on the list are Sinnoh remakes and a TWEWY sequel.


Are You Ready for Slizer Mafia 3?!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Feb 20 2017 · 253 views

Well it’s not out yet.

But you know what is out?

Slizer Mafia 2.8, a lazily-named short story that briefly introduces the situation you’ll find yourself in and a couple of characters who’ll be important. Also it goes into some mechanics so that I can skip the long explanations in the actual game to save space.

Don’t worry, Slizer Mafia 3 is looking good, and I plan to request permission to host it soon. (Maybe mid-March if the opportunity is there?) And no, you don’t have to read 2.8 in order to understand 3, this really is just hype-building and a chance to elaborate on some of my nonsensical plot points in a less intrusive way.

Although now I realize 2.8 focuses entirely on one faction and wonder if I should do something for the opposing faction too…

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