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Mt. Coronet


Happy Easter!

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Mar 27 2016 · 143 views

That's all I got.

I should really start preparing better holiday entries.


Beyond Ruin is Live!

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Mar 25 2016 · 131 views

I just posted the first chapter of Beyond Ruin over in OTC! Again, I’m not sure this part does anything particularly new or special, so I’ll just summarize the basics of the idea here.

Beyond Ruin is intended to be a set of short pieces fleshing out the characters and world of my work-in-progress story Divine Strength. It takes place at a point in time where the Queens, who have been constantly at war for the three hundred years since their creation, have just defeated monsters known as the Ruinous and declared a truce. This peace will (for the most part) last for thousands of years, at least up until the timeframe I want to set the main story in. Since this is a huge turning point for the Queens, I think this is a good time to explore their characters, as what they do now will come to define them for well into their future. The review topic also has a short FAQ that hopefully clears things up for newcomers, though if it proves ineffective I’d love suggestions to make it more user-friendly!

Updates will be sporadic, but the second one should be up fairly soon—it’s done for the most part, I just want to edit it a bit. I hope you enjoy the story!


Slizer Dome Feedback

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Mar 24 2016 · 175 views

Slizer Dome just wrapped up, naming Jamie (El-P) the Champion of the Millennium. I feel like the scenes quickly became very basic, so I want to apologize for that, and for pushing some deadlines back way too far. Overall I had fun! Thanks for playing!

If anyone has any comments, I’d be more than happy to hear them! I’d like to run a sequel if I can make it work, since the Slizer line actually had two years of story (well…two set-ups), but I’d like to refine the basic system before I make the big changes that would be necessary for Slizer Dome 2000. Maybe I’ll run one in between that uses the multiple planets version of the story so I can tinker with the system without it being in the same storyline as the first…Slizer Dome US: The More Convoluted Version? :P

The only thing really on my mind right now if that I wonder if I should provide more ways to overcome elemental advantage, or maybe make it the second deciding factor while weapon advantage is first. There’s no guarantee the players’ elements will be balanced, and I feel like this time around they weren’t, and I worry it might’ve ended up a bit unfair. I don’t know—I want elements to matter, but I don’t necessarily want them to unbalance everything. Then again, my basic ideas for Slizer Dome 2000 sort of make elements a moot point, so…maybe I should just ditch them? (Though they could still be useful in Slizer Dome US…)


Technic Tournament Spin-Off Idea

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Mar 22 2016 · 145 views

(Well, technically, Technic Tournament is the spin-off and this is trying to unspin it a little...)

Even if it did die out, I still feel like Technic Coliseum was a bit more popular than Technic Tournament. However, I feel far less able now to keep up with a game that big, and I really do want to continue the Tournament-style games. But I am exploring some options.

I’m thinking that part of what made Coliseum so well-liked (in its day) was the level of customization it offered. So, in an attempt to make that work in a smaller game, I ended up with the following idea, tentatively called “Technic Coliseum: Limited League”.

A set of fighters will be selected, of course, and then either players will choose them (first come first serve) or be assigned them randomly. You will then have a set amount of Widgets to use to prepare your fighter for a match. You can choose from the available trainers and equipment however you see fit, but you have to keep it within budget. Fighters will then be paired up and fight. Then their slates will be wiped clean and they’ll be rerandomized, or put up for grabs again with whoever sponsored them last round being forced to choose someone else. Your budget is reset, and you now have to prepare that fighter for their match.

A big concern I have is what to give the winner of each match. If I give them more Widgets, then they’re going to have an advantage that will quickly leave other players in the dust, and start another arms race like the one that killed activity back in Coliseum. Now, since this game will only go on for a few weeks, this might not be as big a deal, but I still want to try something else. Right now I’m thinking that if you win, you get to keep your fighter for the next round, though I might still put some restrictions on trainers and equipment so that you can’t have the exact same set each time—that would be boring.

There’s also the matter of settling matches. Fights like these need to be run like they were in Coliseum: you each post a strategy, I compare them, and I give a judgment on who I think would win. I worry about such subjective criteria. Also it’ll take a lot more of my time and focus that way and I’m not sure I’m up for that. I don’t know, maybe I could have the other players vote? But that’ll require a lot of participation on everyone’s part, and if we don’t hear from people it’ll really, really hurt us. Hmmm.

And of course, whoever sponsors the most winning fights by the end of the whole thing wins the game. That part’s probably obvious.

I don’t know, I still need to work out the kinks and there’d be a lot of work to do trying to balance everything. If anyone has any comments I’m happy to hear them—this is just a rough idea right now, so I make no promises of it ever going up. I just want to gauge interest before I go through all that work.


Dollar For Your Heart

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Mar 20 2016 · 268 views
much original, so trendy, wow
Will most definitely not go towards creating an artificial Kingdom Hearts to hang ominously over my city. Nope. Definitely won't.


I'm Really Terrible at Fighting Games

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Mar 18 2016 · 231 views

This is the story of a trainer named Pahrak and his trusty Chandelure.

Pahrak and Chandelure arrived in the Ferrum Region, having heard tales of the Pokken Tournament and deciding they wanted to compete. A girl named Nia was kind enough to teach them the basics of how Ferrum Battles worked, and after getting down the basics, Pahrak and Chandelure decided to get started.

It was immediately apparent that Pahrak really had no idea what he was doing, but his sheer dumb luck seemed to work for a time. He and Chandelure made it into the Green League’s top 8 after only two sets of trainers, won the tournament, and earned their rank promotion!

But then, a mysterious Shadow Mewtwo appeared. Chandelure was defeated in mere seconds.

Though shaken, Pahrak and Chandelure moved on to the Blue League. Though still a relatively low league, it seemed Pahrak’s luck had run out, and his lack of skill finally caught up with him. The team has managed to start their climb up the rankings and have yet to suffer a loss, but nearly every victory is won by an incredibly slim margin. Pahrak is unsure if he can guide Chandelure even through the rest of this league, let alone the Red and Chroma Leagues beyond. It remains to be seen if he can ever master the techniques of “Blocking” and “Dodging”…

(Pokken’s definitely fun, I just wish I was better at it. *sigh*)


RoboRiders Demo 0.1

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Mar 17 2016 · 134 views

Slizer Dome feels a tiny bit shaky, but I still think it’s a decent entry for fishers’s contest. However, since she is allowing multiple entries, I decided to add another story to my mountain of ideas I need to get to.

You see, for reasons I can’t explain, I still have a special place in my heart for RoboRiders—maybe just because, back when I was entering the world of Lego constraction lines, I was able to find three RoboRiders on store shelves as opposed to one Slizer. (I mean I have all sets from both lines now but RoboRiders still has +2 nostalgia.) I think this is a great opportunity to try giving the line another shot via a more fleshed-out story, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Right now I’m calling it RoboRiders Re:Start to fit with the idea of this being a data-based world, though if I think of a title that feels less…general, I might change it. (RoboRiders Fwd:Motion, maybe?) Since it seems there’s meant to be a focus on speed in the line, I want to keep that, but I think it’s going to be difficult for me to make that work. It’s something I’m going to need to experiment with. But, since I’m always doing pre-release stuff and am always fishing for feedback no matter how early, I figured I’d post my first draft of the story’s opening and see how well I was able to capture the feeling of speed (or not). SO!

Open File


Which Name to Change

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Mar 17 2016 · 264 views

I was going to go with “Pahrak Master of Tournaments” but character limit ugh

So my main ideas now are:
-Stained Glass Pahrak
-Pahrak III.7 HD ReNAME
-Galactic Commander Pahrak
-Sinnoh Slizer

It’s a tough decision. Though since I’m now Pahrak the Sinnoh Slizer on another website I’d probably be better able to put that one aside to try out other ones for BZP here…


Boots Fit For a Queen

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Mar 15 2016 · 141 views
Divine Strength
Wait, when was the last time I did something related to Divine Strength? On second thought, I’m not going to double check, it’ll only discourage me. Suffice to say it has been months.

Well guess what. I got a surprise burst of motivation at midnight thirty the other night (morning?) and wrote a 1200-ish word story. About Queens.

So I’m totally going to post it, but, I got to thinking. This individual thing doesn’t really do anything too unique, though it is the first thing I’ve really written since cutting down on the number of Queens and introducing The Ruinous into the backstory. Technically this makes it a reboot! But since this isn’t the first time I’ve tried a short story that’s basically just a conversation between Land and Gravity Sky, and since I think this might be a good opportunity to force myself to flesh out all the other characters, I think I might try to expand it. With multiple chapters.

The idea is that I’ll write a short scene with each Queen (Land and Sky share, Light and Sea might as well) all set immediately after the Queens fought The Ruinous and agreed to a truce. Only Land and Sky’s is complete right now—I’m sure I’ll start posting before I finish all of them and then just go to inconsistent updates when I have them, but I think I’d at least like to finish a second one before I start posting. And once I get through the whole roster, who knows, I might even find an excuse to continue this.

Hopefully it won’t take me too long to finish the Queen of Nature’s chapter. So I’m going to go ahead and say “Expect Beyond Ruin to appear in the OTC Forum soon!” and hope that’s not a lie.


The Virtual Best

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Mar 08 2016 · 204 views


So, I had managed to make it to the Indigo Plateau in Virtual Red, and I was unsure what to do at that point. I set it down for a few days, but on Sunday I finally buckled down to grind until everyone was Level 50 (because Scorch badly needed Flamethrower and an evolution), minus Articuno who was already 51. Knowing that those numbers were still too low, I nevertheless made the decision to challenge the Elite Four and see how far I could get.

Somehow I ended up winning.

Hall of Fame:
-Hana the Venusaur, Level 51
-Scorch the Arcanine, Level 50
-Gahlok the Vaporeon, Level 51
-Sentinel the Marowak, Level 51
-Aeroga the Aerodactyl, Level 50
-Articuno, Level 52

To celebrate I went and caught Zapdos, which was difficult because apparently Poke Balls can miss in Gen I, but I got it. Not sure if I want to do much else though. We’ll see.

Now to replay either X or Y with the team I was planning to use for Pokemon Z.

The Technic Tournament Series

-Technic Coliseum Alpha (Lost when the Forums crashed)
-Technic Coliseum
-Technic Warzone
-Technic Tournament (Champion Granite)
-Technic Tournament 2: This Time It's Personal! (Champion Pridak, Title goes to Pridak)
-Technic Tournament 3 & Knuckles (Champion Umarak, Title goes to Pridak)
-Technic Tournament 4 in 3D (Champion Avak, Title goes to Avak)

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