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Mt. Coronet


The Sky Warrior

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 30 2016 · 112 views

Would I July to you about this?

Shaymin is available over Mystery Gift right now! And I’m sure there’s some way of getting the item to change its forms in XY and ORAS, but I don’t really care enough to look up what it is right now.

This is especially momentous for me because Shaymin was, aside from Volcanion (and then there’s Sun and Moon but y’know), the only Pokémon my Living Dex was missing. So I now have 720 Pokémon, and can achieve that same number in any Gen VI game simply through transferring! If I just get a chance at Volcanion, I’ll have a totally complete Pokedex for maybe a few days! (Depends on exactly when the US gets it, I guess…)



Kingdom Hearts Theory Attempt

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 28 2016 · 178 views

This is probably poorly organized but what the heck. Spoilers obviously, mainly pertaining to X and its variations though it also deals with Master Xehanort's plans, which is more of a BBS/3D thing. Also refers to the second secret ending of the Re:coded cinematic in 2.5, but that's the only interesting thing about that story so I don't feel bad if I spoil that.

So if Master Xehanort’s Keyblade is “the most ancient Keyblade in existence”, then the most logical assumption is that it was made by the Master of Masters, right? As far as we know he was the first wielder, given how early in the timeline X is and that’s when Keyblades really took off. It would also explain its similarities to the Foretellers’ Keyblades.

And I think we were all pretty surprised to find out that the guy in the black coat talking to the Foretellers is the Master of Masters. I was sure he was the mysterious Sixth Apprentice.

And that’s a weird point too: If the Master of Masters gave new names and Tomes of Prophecies to five of his apprentices, it’s really strange that he didn’t do that for the sixth.

But you know…that Keyblade is heavily associated with someone who likes putting his heart into other people to possess them. And the story of the Foretellers seems to parallel Ansem and his apprentices, which ended with one of them assuming his identity. Except, maybe this time, that happened in reverse?

I wonder if, after giving Tomes and new names to the Foretellers, the Master of Master possessed his final apprentice. This Keyblade might’ve always been used for obtaining new vessels–this could be the “will that has been passed down.”

Related to that, I’ve also been wondering what all powers a Master of Masters might have. Keyblade Masters are able to control hearts. Would a Master of Masters’ powers be a logical extension of that? My first thought on how that might work would be that a Master can control their own heart, but a Master of Masters can also control the hearts of others. Of course, we’ve already been told that regular Masters can control the hearts of others…but as far as I recall, the only one we’ve seen do that is Xehanort. The guy who has the Keyblade that probably belonged to the Master of Masters. So, maybe?

Anyway there are a few different ways I think this could go:
-One possibility is that the Master of Masters is going to end up being the True Villain, and Xehanort has been possessed by him for a while now. This is a twist Kingdom Hearts is rather fond of, and it would fit well with Young Xehanort’s apathy and insistence that getting that Keyblade is what will direct his destiny, plus the Master of Master’s future-seeing ability would go a long way towards explaining how crazy-prepared Xehanort is. Kind of hoping this isn’t the case though. #stopretconningXehanortsidentity
-Maybe the Master of Masters is still out there somewhere, and he’ll end up being the villain of the next saga? Xehanort might’ve just learned about the Keyblade and what it was used for through his research. Now, if the Keyblade is tied to vessel-making, then it may not be likely he’s still body-jumping now that Xehanort has it, but there are other ways he could still be around. Perhaps he has also become Unchained, whatever that means.
-Or, maybe the Master of Masters was killed long before the Xehanort Saga and Xehanort is just using him as inspiration.

I’m not entirely sure how it’s all going to go down, but I’m positive that Keyblade belonged to the Master of Masters, and I’m very eager to see just what that connection might mean.


An Inconspicuous Vent

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 26 2016 · 236 views

Dramatic Personal Life Nonsense You Should Really Just Ignore


It Just Keeps Going 2 (The Exhaustion Is Real)

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 24 2016 · 214 views

Yeah, ranting about Bleach again. Maybe I should just come up with a standard title for these entries so those skimming by know what it’s going to be without actually looking…oh, what if I did one every week and called it Laundry Day? You know, cause…you use bleach…in laundry…



Now That's What I Call Unchained! (Update!)

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 16 2016 · 223 views
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is doing a bunch of special events to celebrate the new II.8 trailer and demo at E3, as well as being released all across Europe!

-For starters, 25 new story quests were added! This wraps up the Olympus Coliseum story (already?) and gives you another Orichalcum, so there are now just enough Orichalcum to get all five currently-available Keyblades to their third tier! (Third-tier Olympia looks so cool, and it has 16 gauges!)

-The 600 jewel Daily Deal has been enhanced, now guaranteeing five star medals! This is of course a limited time offer, and be aware that the medals you get from this won’t necessarily be…good. I got a 5 Star Tidus today.

-There’s also a new VIP quest for those who buy the 3000 jewel pack, giving you medals to evolve and boost your medals, but who can afford that?

-For a limited time, ALL AP costs are 1! Every single quest, no matter what it is, even Raid Bosses, only costs 1 AP! Time to grind!

-Perhaps best of all, just log in over the next week and you get a free HD Aqua Medal! This 5 Star Medal depicts Master Aqua’s II.8 render, has great stats (at about half-way to Level 80 it’s already outclassed two of the Magic Medals I’ve been using), and its special deals 7 hits at x2.90…and only costs 1 special gauge!! (The only downside is that it only hits one random target, but that can easily be worked around!) Seriously, I just saw someone who got it to 6 Star Level 100, and it has 7000 strength and nearly as much defense! Master freaking Aqua, everybody!

This is great and I love it and I need to go level up and evolve this Medal now bye.

UPDATE: They just started up another event, this one giving you a chance to get three new Medals: KH3D Sora, KH3D Riku, and Meow Wow! Unlike the Snow White and Dwarves event, these evolve like normal medals, so the bare minimum number you'll need to Guilt them is seven of each. Which is good, because it is not at all likely you'll be seeing many Soras or Rikus. You will, however, find yourself with dozens of Meow Wows. Thank God everything's 1 AP right now...anyway, I'm told they'll be really powerful Medals, but they are Low Tier Guilt and their specials all cost a whopping 4 gauges each, so it's up to you. You might as well Guilt them if you can, though.


Total Eclipse of My Wallet

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 14 2016 · 250 views

Battle Royal was just announced for Sun and Moon and OH MY GOSH

I mean I might never actually get to fight one but OH MY GOSH

I love all the updates to the interface, these games might really feel like a culmination like ORAS did...as opposed to X and Y...

I'm really interested in this talk about guardian deities for the four islands. Are they Legendary Pokemon or something else? Is Tapu Koko the name of a Pokemon, or will it end up having a different actual name?

It looks like Sun and Moon could have a huge myth presence in them, which is just what a Sinnoh-lover like me has always wanted. I need to start scraping together some cash...


(Semi) Maxed Medal!

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 13 2016 · 143 views

Posted Image

Unchained gave us a lot of boost Medals this month, so my Guilted Goofy now has maxed out strength and defense and minimized cost!

The only way this can get stronger is if I can get a better Guilt percentage (Low Tier, so best possible is 25%). I might give that a try, but that's random so who knows.

I've reduced cost on enough Medals that I could put a third 6 star medal on both Treasure Trove and Lady Luck, but...I don't know. I'm not sure if any of the Medals I have right now are necessarily Medals I'm going to want to keep for a long time (with the exception of Kairi, but being a buff Medal I've been told it might be wiser to leave that at 5 star). Meh, maybe I'll hold out and hope for some nice Reversed Medals on my next pull. (Still don't have even a single one! D: )


Okoto 579 Spin-Off!

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 10 2016 · 190 views

Yes the main stories for this year are dreadfully overdue but whatever that’s not important right now.

As teased previously, Karios has been working on a spin-off for the series featuring his character Max. It will show him working his way across Okoto to settle into the role of being the new Mask Maker, and may also have a few hints toward the future sprinkled in along the way.

The story is in progress, but he is looking for some feedback and has posted the first piece over in short stories! Please take a look and give him some comments to work with!


More Like E2.8

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 08 2016 · 203 views

Rather than wait until E3 Square Enix gave us a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts II.8 today!

The section for Dream Drop Distance is pretty straight forward. It certainly looks lovely, but I do find myself wishing there would be new content in this rather than a simple facelift.

The 0.2 section lets us see Aqua in action in the KH3 engine, and it looks pretty darn awesome! Looks like the Command Style has been altered for the new mechanics (maybe this is how Keyblade Transformations will function in III?), and, of course, she has plenty of extremely powerful magic. Didn't see any Flowmotion, though. There's also a surprise appearance, though I'm fairly certain it's just some kind of illusion to mess with poor Aqua. #saveMasterAqua2ksoon

The section for Back Cover is really wild. This is our first real look at what it...well, looks like, and it looks just as nice as 0.2. Which is a far cry from the limited sprites of Unchained X! I'm really curious to know who's voicing these characters, but that could be a spoiler and is probably being saved for a later date. The Foretellers seem interesting: we've known that Vulpes will be important for a while, and now it's looking like Unicornis and Ursus are taking more active roles. Anguis and Leopardus seem to be hanging back for now. What really surprises me, though, is the body language of the Sixth Apprentice, at least in the scene where he's talking to Unicornis. He seems so...not Xehanort like! That's promising!

The big shock is that the game is apparently getting a worldwide release. I mean, sure there's not as many new lines to record, but still, this is a first for the series, maybe even the company? It's pretty neat!

Now if I could only afford a PS4.


The Creatures Are the Gen 2 Exo-Toa

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 07 2016 · 245 views

1. Extra armor you buy separately

2. Used in the second year story

3. Pretty cool

4. Probably going to be swiftly discarded and rarely if ever seen again

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