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Mt. Coronet



Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Feb 21 2016 · 193 views
Good news: we had an Office disk and I set that up with little issue.

Bad news: the computer just crashed again.

But I got about 24 hours out of it. I guess I can just reboot it every single day, it's better than nothing and it's not like I can actually afford a new computer.

I'm completely fine with this series of events.


So I Turned It Off and On Again

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Feb 20 2016 · 188 views

To be more accurate, I reset the entire computer. Took about seven hours in all, so I'm glad I didn't have anything to do today!

But I backed everything up on a USB and things seems to be running faster now, so hopefully this is all over, thank you God. Only things I've lost are my saved passwords (most of which I remember), my bookmarks (eh), my save data for Steins;Gate (I still have the physical copy so I can just replay it), a few fonts (like anybody could read my Matoran documents anyway), and, the one that really sucks, Microsoft Office. Hopefully we still have a disk lying around somewhere, but if not, buying a new Office is far cheaper than buying a whole new computer.

Hopefully this won't affect anything, but who knows what else could go wrong. The only foreseeable issue is that I'm afraid to try editing my documents, it says it might not save correctly, but I'm sure I can work around this and finish up Technic Tournament 3.

Fingers crossed.


My Computer

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Feb 18 2016 · 205 views
It is break

I am frustrate


Random Space Fighting

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Feb 12 2016 · 146 views

I had a weird dream. I don’t remember all the details, but I got the pretty clear impression that Red Joker Mega Man (with some help from Rogue somehow) was fighting Frieza. Weird.

Then I got to thinking “Well, who actually would win?”, and usually I say Jump characters are tough to beat because they’re all OP, but then I thought about it some more. Being OP in Dragon Ball usually boils down to blowing up a planet. That was the whole point of Andromeda, and Geo blew that up in his first game.

So I decided to go ahead and say Frieza, Geo, and Solo were all of comparable power. Then I realized two on one would be too one-sided (and really, how did Geo convince Solo to help him anyway??), so I decided to just go with Red Joker Mega Man (with no time limit) vs “Final Form” Frieza. (I didn’t want to try comparing them to Golden Frieza, I wouldn’t know where to start with that.)

So. If they’re about the same power level, strategy is what’s most important. Let's take a look at what we've got:

-Frieza’s no slouch, but he does tend to rely on flat-out overpowering people. He’s not off to the best start.
-Geo’s biggest advantage is that his Battle Cards are incredibly versatile, and since he’s using an indefinite Meteor Folder, he’ll have a potentially infinite stock of super powerful ones.
-As far as I can recall, the Meteor Folder doesn’t include cards like Invis or Recov, so Geo’s support and healing options are essentially non-existent.
-Red Joker means he probably will be slower than Frieza, which does help Frieza’s chances, but this may also be mitigated by the Mega Attack–even if he’s normally slower, being able to teleport directly in front of Frieza will definitely be a big help.
-Geo’s packing Super Armor, meaning if Frieza does land a hit, Geo will shrug it off and deliver one of his own.
-Frieza needs to intentionally prepare for any attack. Geo’s Mega Buster charges on its own when not in use. Another point to Geo.
-It’s looking pretty likely Geo will win, but I think there are two ways Frieza could turn this around. The first is that, like Goku, if Frieza starts begging for mercy and saying he’ll change his ways, Geo will probably believe him and leave an opening for a cheap shot. It’s an unfair tactic, but worth noting.
-The other is more of a wild card: Frieza’s homing energy disk. Since Red Joker Mega Man is going to be slower than Frieza, he might have some trouble dodging this and finding time to counter. And, since the technique puts so much into its cutting power, I’m not entirely sure it can be blocked by Geo’s shield. How well Geo is able to deal with this attack could potentially decide the outcome of the match.

So in summary: Geo’s Battle Cards, Mega Attack, and Super Armor give him an edge, plain and simple. Frieza’s best chance at victory is taking a cheap shot, which Geo probably would fall for if the situation presented itself, though alternatively it’s possible his homing energy disk could win him the fight. Geo would probably win, but it’s not entirely clear-cut.

Okay so that’s done. Except now I’m trying to figure out Rogue vs Frieza and that’s a little more difficult…


Seven Hundred Twenty...Two?!

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Feb 10 2016 · 242 views

A brand new Pokemon has been revealed!!

Posted Image

"Magiana" is said to be a Pokemon created by humans 500 years ago, and is set to debut alongside Volcanion in this year's movie! We've yet to be given any information on its type or ability or anything like that, but still, this is huge! (My money's on Bug/Steel)

It's looking like Gen VII might begin as soon as next year! Which also means that Pokemon Z is almost definitely releasing this year! And might mean Sinnoh remakes as early as 2018!!


Unity Mode

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Feb 09 2016 · 158 views

Posted Image

Rising Wing is the best Link Style

Also Ikir is the best Creature

And Riku is the best childhood rival/love interest

(The sad thing is this is the biggest accomplishment I've made this month so far.}


There's a Mega Blocks Pun in Here Somewhere

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Feb 08 2016 · 161 views

Posted Image

I felt like making a CCBS version of Star Force Mega Man. It's not great, but I did it.

More pictures over here.


Picking a Title

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Feb 03 2016 · 263 views

So I mentioned I was writing a new fanfic. I’ve made some progress, but I’d like to settle on a title for it, and I’m not 100% sure about anything I’ve managed to come up with.

It takes place on Spherus Magna 100,000 years after the reformation and the Great Beings’ civil war. Society is still struggling to recover, the feeling of hopelessness is all anyone knows, and the Toa, now all products of the Red Star, are too ashamed of what they’ve become to inspire anyone. A small team sets off to investigate a strange temple, discovering a crystal tied to one of the Principles followed by the Matoran in ancient times—and are told they must seek out the rest, for Velika’s final experiment has awakened at last, his sights set on reducing the broken remains of the world to absolute nothing.

Every title I’m kicking around at the moment involves two of “Inika”, “Crystal”, and “Renaissance”/”Rebirth”, and that alone has a lot of possibilities. But I’m not totally sold on any of them and am open to other suggestions. Some of the titles I’m giving the most consideration to are:

-Crystal Renaissance
-Renaissance Inika
-Crystalline Rebirth

So I don’t know. Does anyone have any thoughts?


Technic Tournament 3 Live!

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Feb 02 2016 · 109 views

Technic Tournament 3 & Knuckles has officially begun!

Players can join whenever, but it’ll only get harder to catch up with each round that passes! Round 1 will last for one week, and then all following rounds will last only four days at most. Your best shot at ending up with the highest profit is by joining before the first round ends!


The Original Myth

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Feb 01 2016 · 146 views

Well, it’s February. You know what that means!

But for the sake of having a long blog post I’m going to pretend you don’t.

It means that if you go to GameStop you can get a Mew. I believe this one is a serial code distribution, so you’ll need to ask at the counter.

Also someone should set the serial code card under a truck and take a picture, it would be funny. Just remember to pick it up afterwards, littering is bad.

Now go get Mew.


The Technic Tournament Series

-Technic Coliseum Alpha (Lost when the Forums crashed)
-Technic Coliseum
-Technic Warzone
-Technic Tournament (Champion Granite)
-Technic Tournament 2: This Time It's Personal! (Champion Pridak, Title goes to Pridak)
-Technic Tournament 3 & Knuckles (Champion Umarak, Title goes to Pridak)
-Technic Tournament 4 in 3D (Champion Avak, Title goes to Avak)

I Have Approval Now?!

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