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Mt. Coronet


Technic Coliseum--New Fighter Voting

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 11 2013 · 2,366 views

Okay, this week is going to be special.  Since we have so many fighters, this really should come to an end.  A short time ago I made a list of every potential fighter I wanted to include, so now I'm going to post the entire list, and you guys can say which ones you actually want--no 2 vote limit, name as many as you want.  I haven't decided yet whether I'll just add all those fighters at the end of the week, or take the fighters you've asked for and use them in next week's voting, but I'll get that sorted out when I can.
Okay, here's the list:
Gale (Credit to Canis): FanonRider of Air (Votes: 3)
Wave (Credit to Canis): FanonRider of Water (Votes: 3)
Alloy: FanonRider of Metal (Votes: 5)
Ion: FanonRider of Lightning (Votes: 3)
Demi: FanonRider of Gravity (Votes: 3)
Nikila: Toa of Lightning from the original Toa Team (Votes: 2)
Pouks: Toa Hagah of Stone, staff is powerless, shield has a built-in Rhotuka Launcher (Votes: 1)
Bomonga: Hagah of Earth (Votes: 2)
Kualus: Hagah of Ice (Votes: 1)
Iruini: Hagah of Air (Votes: 1)
Gaaki: Hagah of Water (Votes: 1)
Naho: Relatively unimportant Toa Mangai of Water (Votes: 1)
Tuyet: Maniacal Mangai of Water (Votes: 1)
Whenua: Archivist/Toa of Earth (votes: 1)
Nokama: Metru of Water, former teacher (Votes: 1)
Vakama: Legendary mask-maker (Votes: 1)
Matau: Matau (Votes: 1)
Nuparu: Inventor turned Toa (votes: 1)
Kongu: Complains a lot (Votes: 1)
Krakua: Toa of Sonics working with the Order (Votes: 3)
Orde: A Toa of Psionics made male to enforce that darn "one female per team" rule.  Hrm... (Votes: 2)
Varian: A female Toa of Psionics with elbow blades (Votes: 3)
Zaria: Quiet Toa of Iron (Votes: 5)
Dume: Toa of Fire who eventually became Turaga of Metru Nui (Votes: 1)
Balta: Toa of Fire from the Kingdom AU (Votes: 1)
Dalu: Toa of Water from the Kingdom (votes: 1)
Defilak: Kingdom Toa of Air (votes: 1)
Kapura: Kingdom Toa of Fire (votes: 1)
Tanma: Kingdom Toa of Light (Votes: 1)
Velika: Great Being Kingdom Toa of Stone, (Votes: 1)
Skakdi and Barraki
Reidak: Skakdi of Earth (Votes: 1)
Zaktan: Interesting to see him without his protodite power (Votes: 1)
Vezok: And his other half... (Votes: 1)
Vezon: Who will have Gravity powers (Votes: 3)
Kalmah: Squid Barraki (Votes: 1)
Takadox: Thinking his hypnosis powers will let him disorient the foe for a second or two (Votes: 2)
Mantax: Nope.  No Mantax jokes. (Votes: 1)
Nocturn: Surprised? (Votes: 5)
Vastus: Jungle Glatorian (Votes: 1)
Stronius: Elite Skrall (Votes: 2)
Tuma: Leader Skrall (Votes: 2)
Hero Factory
Thresher: Original Alpha Team leader (Votes: 3)
Merrick Fortis: Recon Team member (Votes: 2)
XPlode: Can rain spikes of death (Votes: 2)
Meltdown: Don't you know that he's toxic?   (Votes: 2)
Rotor: Wild palindrome appeared! (Votes: 1)
Nitroblast: Hit the nitro! (Votes: 1)
Jetbug: Flying Fire villain (Votes: 1)
Drilldozer: Somebody wake him up (Votes: 1)
Jawblade: Dun dun...dun dun... (Votes: 2)
Splitface: On loan from Batman (Votes: 2)
Thornraxx: Well doesn't this name sound familiar... (Votes: 1)
Voltix: Augh, my eyes!  So many random colors! (Votes: 1)
XT4: Can you imagine how low his toughness will be? (Votes: 2)
Speeda Demon: Gotta go fast (Votes: 2)
Fangz: Itz cooler with random letterz (Votes: 1)
Raw Jaw: Personally I think the jaw is a bit much (Votes: 1)
Scorpio: Insert Zodiac joke (Votes: 1)
Waspix: Flying wasp thing (Votes: 1)
Witch Doctor: The last HF Big Bad (Votes: 1)
Bruizer: ROCK MONSTER (Votes: 1)
Pyrox: Fire minotaur (Votes: 1)
Ogrum: I'M AN OGRE (Votes: 2)
Scarox: Dune spider thingy (votes: 1)
Aquagon: I really have no idea (Votes: 1)
Frost Beast: Abominable snowman (votes: 1)

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