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Mt. Coronet


Another Obligatory Pokemon X and Y Post

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , May 19 2013 · 496 views

Figured I may as well round up and share all the new Pokémon info that has been revealed.  Again, source may not be allowed on BZP.  I’ll do my best to list everything, though I may miss a few details.  Let’s see now…
-You can now move diagonally.  I REPEAT: YOU CAN MOVE DIAGONALLY IN POKÉMON X AND Y.  Need I say more?
-Also you can sit on benches!  The camera will then shift to show a better view of the area, with the trailer showcasing a nice little fountain.
-It appears that every trainer you encounter will now have VS artwork.  Shown is artwork for the “Lass” Trainer Class, saying “You are challenged by Lass Anna!”
-There will be a limited level of character customization!  It appears there are three sets of hair color and skin tone combinations that you can select, and we have been promised that new clothing and accessories will be made available as you progress through the game.
-The new region, which is confirmed to be inspired by France, is named “Kalos”.  At the dead center of the region is Lumiose City, which, of course, has an Eiffel Tower duplicate.  The official region map was revealed, so I’d recommend searching for it—can’t be too hard to find.  Like Gen V, routes begin back at Route 1.
- The Pokedex, which resembles a tablet, is divided into three areas: Coastal Kalos, Central Kalos, and Mountain Kalos.  They are respectively color-coded blue, white, and red so that the mini-diagram of the region resembles the French flag.  It looks like Marill and Zigzagoon will be in the Kalos Pokedex.
-Four new Pokémon were revealed: Pancham, a Fighting type panda; Fletchling, a Normal/Flying type Japanese robin (and likely the Pidgey of this Generation); Helioptile, an Electric-type lizard; and Gogoat, a Grass type goat.
-Pancham displays a new move named “Parting Shot,” which lowers the opponent’s stats and lets Pancham switch out.  Helioptile uses “Parabolic Charge,” which does damage and heals the user.  Also, it appears that you can actually ride Gogoat, although this may be limited to Lumiose City.
-The character limit on names seems to be extended.
-Boxart was also revealed—it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.
-There are also screenshots showing the movesets of the three starters at Level 5 (Chespin and Fennekin), Level 8 (Chespin and Froakie), and Level 11 (Fennekin).
-This may not be new, but it looks like rollerblades will be available in the game.
-Also, official artwork was released for the two player characters.  They both have some sort of black cuff on their wrist, which may be this Generation’s equivalent to Pokegear/Xtranceiver/etc.
-A little off-topic, but another Pokémon-themed 3DS LL has been announced for Japan, this one featuring an Eevee color scheme.  Personally, I don’t care for it, since it’s just an awkward striped pattern, although there is an image of Eevee on the back of the console.

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