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Omega Republic Cavern of Diamond Asterisks of Creation Point UG & Knuckles


Picking Which Battles I'm Going to Write

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 03 2015 · 41 views

Okay so I was writing The Comedy of Our Generation and it wasn’t really working out. Turns out, I’m just not funny. Or in possession of the analytical ability to really pick apart G1 like I wanted to. Sucks, because I really liked the ending I had in mind. The Boneheads of Voodoo Island were going to be there and everything.

I might try to revisit it later, but I should probably redirect my energy towards things like more Okoto fanfiction or the Mega Man Star Force rewrite featuring Harp Note. You know, things people actually asked me to write. :D (And maybe do stuff like homework and that novel-type-thing…and video games…)

But speaking of those two other things, the tentative titles I’m thinking of using are In Our Bones and Shooting Star Sonia, both of which are pretty generic but get the point across at least. And since I usually end up using tentative titles as actual titles, those are probably here to stay so I just need to let them grow on me. :P

As for when to expect them, well…that’s a little trickier. With In Our Bones, I want to complete and edit it before serializing it (so I can do so on a regular schedule); for Sonia, I’m thinking I might just post each chapter to OTC as I write it. I’ll certainly try to keep up a decent pace, but that one will be longer (12 chapters?), and I want to get feedback as I go if possible. Chapter 1 is…coming along, and I’m trying to funnel all my spare creativity towards it for the time being. (A lot of it goes to potential sub-plots and developments, but I guess that’s still good?) All I can say for now is “Stay tuned!”


Asterisk Guide: Summoner

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 02 2015 · 46 views

Asterisk Holder: Mephilia Venus

Posted Image

Origin: Final Fantasy III

Was It In Bravely Default?: Yes

Overview: Summons have been a fun part of Final Fantasy for very long time, and now they’re back again! Like the Black Mage, they focus entirely on magic, and when they run out of MP they’re in trouble. It doesn’t help that Summons have a high MP cost. However, Summons are a great way to cause massive damage to the entire field, not to mention they’re neat to watch! (And skippable.) They also learn abilities for improving Friend Summons, which makes them a bit more versatile.

Personal Thoughts: I love Summons. I also love that Bravely Default’s Summons are unique in that they’re all, like…legend-possessed things we find in our everyday world. I love Bahamut and Shiva and the rest of the FF gang, but it’s also really cool to see Summons that are, for lack of a better term, “modernized”. Like these are Summons we couldn’t have seen until fairly recently. (Except for Ziusudra’s Sin, who seems more like Shiva Jr. to me.) I do wish they could be cheaper in MP, but eh, it’s a trade-off. The method of getting summons in Bravely Default is also fairly unique, and my feelings on it can alternate. In Final Fantasy Summons can be bought, granted to you through certain story events, or fought as bosses and then earned upon defeat, depending on which game (and which Summon). In Bravely Default, the idea of them being bosses is tweaked a bit: when you challenge the “Anchorite” for the Summon (when you have at least one Summoner of high enough level), you will enter battle, but the Anchorite gets first strike and immediately uses the Summon. If at least one of your party members survives, then the battle ends and you get the Summon. Now, at first, this is really difficult and sort of frustrating. But, by the time you get to higher level Summons, you’ll have so many stats and abilities that this won’t be much of an issue, not to mention you start finding things to nullify or absorb the element that’s being thrown at you (meaning guaranteed Summon Get!). It’s unique, and I guess I like it as a whole. There’s just a bit of a slope at first. ALSO, Bravely Second will be getting at least one new Summon! I don’t know what the name is supposed to be, but it appears to be a large submarine. It’s possible this is replacing Ziusudra’s Sin as the water/ice summon, or that we’re just getting more Summons in addition to those that are returning. Or both. I would like to see new Summons, but with the way Summoner and Conjurer are set up I don’t know if there’s as much they can do to expand the Summon roster. Though, I guess if Conjurer didn’t come back…no, I’d rather have Conjurer than more Summons. :P


Some Minor Pokemon Things

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 01 2015 · 51 views

If you have Pokemon Bank, you can get free fully-evolved Johto starters with their Hidden Abilities right now!

Also, if you haven't gotten the Eon Ticket yet and live in America or Europe, you can get it via code, 2015LATIOSLATIAS in North America or POKEMON380381 in Europe. I was lucky enough to StreetPass someone with one a while back, which was pretty cool.

More on a personal level, I finally got the Mirage Cave with Unown, and after a long hunting session I have all 28! Hahaha! I've been waiting to do this for a while--it was the last thing I really wanted to do, now that I've caught all the Legendaries, my team is all Level 100, and I made sure that between all my Gen VI games I have at least one of every Mega Stone.

I really love Omega Ruby. I think it might actually be the best Pokemon game thus far. (Not to say it's necessarily my favorite, that's a bit tricky and will probably go to a Sinnoh remake if we ever get that. :P)


Some Writing Plans

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Feb 28 2015 · 47 views

The Time of the Mask Makers, The Final Swing, is live! It’s essentially a retake on The Legend animation, and finishes the tale of Makuta and Ekimu while creating the sparks that ignite the 2015 story. So I guess you already know what happens.

I had a lot of fun with this story, and I’m eager to get feedback on the ending! (Maybe a little nervous too, ahaha…) At first I thought I shouldn’t write G2 fanfiction until we had more canon material to work with, but it was actually nice to take the springboard we’ve been given and see what I could do with it without knowing how close or far it would be from canon. So…I’d kind of like to do it again.

Mask Makers has been pretty well-received, I think (my best-received epic in maybe forever), and I want to do more with this version of Okoto. Since there might be some life-related things coming up in the near future, I don’t want to necessarily commit to anything, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep writing short epics or short stories with each new wave of G2, probably after the material has been officially revealed but before the story has really gotten to it. I’m sure it’ll only grow more and more distant from the canon, but I want to do that before realizing just how far I’m straying. And this way I’ll keep myself writing a little more frequently.

So I’ve been brainstorming for what I could write on the summer wave. I think I want another flashback story, explaining where all these skull people came from, though this one will be going even farther back to justify the place they live in being termed the “Ancient” City. LoSS will also appear, since I want to justify him being the guardian of the City. I also want to give the skull people names, and I’m thinking I’ll just take names from G1 that currently aren’t in G2 and see who gets angry with me. :P

After that, I sort of also want to make a short story where Ekimu is awakened and goes to battle Skull Grinder for the Mask of Creation, just to give some closure and tie the two epics together. I wonder if I’ll ever get to writing about the Masters, haha…

I’ll put some more thought into the skull story and let you know if it gets anywhere. In the meantime, I’ll try to write some other stuff. I just did a short story for my Young Adult Literature class (we were allowed to do this instead of writing a paper!), but it was rushed and is stupid. I’ll probably post it eventually, but I might try to see if I can clean it up a bit first. And I’ll have another Fiction Writing story due at the beginning of April, so there’ll be that, too, if anyone’s interested.


Asterisk Guide: Black Mage

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Feb 28 2015 · 20 views

Asterisk Holder: Ominas Crowe

Posted Image

Origin: Final Fantasy

Was It In Bravely Default?: Yes

Overview: Another iconic Job! The Black Mage can cast a wide variety of damage-dealing and debuff spells, making them your basic offensive magic unit. In Bravely Default, their Black Resonance ability powered them up when you had multiple Black Mages in the same party, though the lack of variety and low survivability of Black Mages makes this approach somewhat questionable. They also learn Damage Dispersion, which lowers the damage they take…by splitting it with their teammates…and Group-Cast All, which allows any spell to be cast on all foes (very handy).

Personal Thoughts: Now, Black Mage is a nice, classic Job, and it can be pretty useful. But again, it’s tough to keep them alive. Also, when they’re out of MP, they’re done. Just plain done. And, as the game goes on, you keep finding newer more unique Jobs that can fill the same roles your Black Mage does, so…I’d say use them, get a feel for them, and don’t be afraid to switch back every now and then, but this might not end up being one of your main Jobs. Also, looking at the render, it seems to me Magnolia is irked that her hat is almost as tall as she is.


Oh, Bleach...

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Feb 26 2015 · 74 views

Yes, I’m still reading Bleach.

Yes, it’s still not that good.

There are a few developments I want to semi-rant on briefly:

Anyway. I’m hoping it’ll pick up a bit soon and end on a higher note, but I’m not sure how realistic that is. Was Bleach always like this? Because I was thinking back and I realized it might not be that Bleach has gone downhill as I’ve sort of outgrown it, which is equally worrying in a way. :P Eh, whatever. Deep, calming breaths…



Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Feb 24 2015 · 109 views

Posted Image

He was delayed a bit, but I wasn't expecting the next attempt until tomorrow. I was at GameStop picking up something else and the guy checked their shipment and discovered the Blue Bomber had indeed arrived!

Posted Image

I was hoping to take a picture with Megamiibo, Megaman.EXE, and Geo, but after ordering the Geo figure Amazon suddenly decided that all the vendors selling him didn't have him in stock. I'm not bitter at all.

Coincidentally this amiibo is named Geo Stelar.

I haven't gotten much (good) equipment on the Wii U yet, so I'm having trouble managing the ups and downs to get him some good stats. But he's been training with Greninja and Mii Brawler Kairi, and he's now Level 18! I shall continue to raise him into an expert fighter!


Fiction Writing Class Continues

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Feb 23 2015 · 39 views
Divine Strength
We're just about to turn in our second piece. I've had it written for a while, and after editing it every other day, I figured I should just go ahead and print it out and stop stressing.

Divine Clash is also up in OTC. It's another story about the Queens, and details an event mentioned in Despair of the Divine and Alignment. I wanted my classmates to give me some feedback on how I write battles, plus this focuses on Queens that are new to all but two of them, so it seemed a good choice. I don't know yet what I'll be doing for the third piece (an entirely different idea is calling to me now...), but even if I'm one of the last ones we go over this time around I'll still have all Spring Break to come up with something, so I'm sure I'll be fine.


The Pendulum Swings

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Feb 21 2015 · 65 views

The Time of the Mask Makers, The Fourth Swing, is now live!

This chapter serves mainly as transition from the backstory that was the first three chapters towards how things are in the 2015 animations. Also, after a few passing mentions in previous chapters, Makuta actually visits the Temple of Time in this chapter, and something peculiar happens...

Next week: the climax!


So I Finished Fire Emblem Awakening

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Feb 20 2015 · 122 views

I’ve loved JRPGs for a while now, but Fire Emblem was something I never really considered playing. At first, I think it was because I didn’t hear about it all that often, but once I did hear about it, I quickly learned that one of its defining features is that if a character dies in battle, they do not come back. As someone who essentially takes a Leeroy Jenkins approach in most games, I knew that I would never be able to clear a game that featured permadeath. But, a week or two ago I was informed that Fire Emblem Awakening gives you an option of playing the game without permadeath. So I did a little research, then downloaded the demo, and then decided to cash in some of my GameStop points to pick up Awakening. This was a very good decision.

For starters, yes, I definitely needed Casual Mode—I lost my first unit in my third battle, I’m pretty sure every unit in my army has died at least once, and I know of a particular unit whose death count I lost track of around 5. (She did go on to become one of my best units, though.) I do want to follow the series as it goes forward, but if Casual Mode disappears then I know I’m not going to be able to. So I really, really hope it’s here to stay.

With each weapon having a limited number of uses…I am not a fan of this mechanic, but it is unique, and it isn’t that much of a pain. I guess I really only care because I’m a bit of a hoarder. I was initially disappointed that we couldn’t replay previous chapters, but then I realized there are equivalents to random battles, so it’s no great loss. The Pair Up feature is something I didn’t use a whole lot for a while. I now realize this was a bad idea and I need to use it a lot more, not just for the advantage, but because I really want to see more Support conversations. The few I have seen are delightful. I really like that units gain EXP for acting rather than just for defeating the enemy. It makes it a lot easier to power up units, especially weaker ones. The slow level progression confused me before I realized the full extent of how the Class system works. I have several upgraded classes and a few units who have maxed out an upgraded class, so now I need to get a feel for re-classing with the Second Seal, which is…something I’m wary about. I feel like what these units are doing now works so well that I don’t want to change it. Of course, I do realize their stats are frozen unless I do this, so I’m going to have to change my mind.

But what really draws me into something is simply how it feels, and while the super-over-worried part of me did rear its ugly head, I realize that those concerns are silly and, in and of itself, Fire Emblem is just plain fun. It’s a big fantastical world of swords and magic on par with Final Fantasy, with interesting mythology and abilities, plus a potentially enormous cast of characters who are all legitimately fascinating to get to know. The story is grand and epic, but there remains a vital stream of humor at the same time—not to the degree of Final Fantasy V (Awakening limiting its light tones to early chapters and the Support conversations rather than being full-on self-parody like FFV), but this is certainly not a bad thing. It strikes an excellent balance, in my opinion, and once you earn the humor it, along with the enduring hope throughout the story, keeps you and your characters strong in even the darkest moments of the plot. I had so much trouble putting this game down. I bought it on the 12th and beat it on the 19th.

One thing that kind of bothers me is that so many of the characters are only important during their introduction. I realize that this is most likely the case so that the story can continue on no matter who gets killed off, and it makes a lot of sense with the whole permadeath thing. For me, though, there were times when I felt like this giant herd was a little more faceless than I wanted it to be, and now I want to search all the Support conversations I haven’t gotten to so I can feel like they all matter. Also when you get to those few scenes where they get a statement from everyone in the army, it runs a little long. The final roster went by so slowly that the credits actually finished before it did. And I didn’t even recruit everyone. I also have a few unanswered questions/things I wanted to see in more detail, and I feel like the “find the Gemstones” part of the plot was sort of rushed. Every game has its flaws.

The dating sim element is also fun. Since I was focused mainly on the story and didn’t utilize Pair Up as much as I should’ve, there are only two couples in my army right now: Chrom and Sumia (she was clearly in love with him so I wanted it to work out), and the Avatar (Zadakh) and Anna. (At first I was just going to fight on and see if Zadakh ended up with anyone. Then I recruited Anna, and, well…she’s cute…and since then I’ve learned she’s the FE equivalent of Cid so that’s cool.) As for the children, I’ve been keeping Lucina around (though I haven’t used her quite as much as I’d like to), I recruited Cynthia but haven’t really used her at all, and I also recruited Morgan, but she’s been having trouble even after Class Changing to an Assassin. I have a lot more to explore in this area…

So basically, Fire Emblem is very engrossing, I really like it and will continue to follow it as long as they keep Casual Mode so I can actually play it. You done good, Nintendo.

Now to play Earthbound.

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