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Omega Republic Cavern of Diamond Asterisks of Creation Point UG & Knuckles


Asterisk Guide: Ranger

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 09 2015 · 30 views

Asterisk Holder: Artemia Venus (in Bravely Default)

Posted Image

Origin: Final Fantasy III

Was It In Bravely Default?: Yes

Overview: A master of bows who can take down any kind of foe. As a Ranger levels up, they learn new Hunting commands that deal x1.5 damage to certain families of enemies (bugs, dragons, undead, etc), making it a great command set to master and equip on whatever physical powerhouse Job you like. The Targeting command it starts out with does x1.25, but pierces Default, letting it deal lots of damage right from the start. Mastering it will give you the Multiburst command, unleashing four attacks at once to pummel your enemy into defeat!

Personal Thoughts: How did I miss this? In going back over old articles, I noticed that it was mentioned that there was concern that Tomahawk might pose a threat to Ranger’s inclusion, but Asano, the producer, said that Ranger will be in Bravely Second! We don’t have any images of Magnolia in the Job yet, so I’ll use an image from Bravely Default for now. So, Ranger! As I said, Hunting commands are pretty nice no matter which Job you’re using, and they’re cheap MP-wise. Multiburst is an express lane to wonderful memories of Dual Wield-Spellblade-Rapid Fire (if a little less broken). With support abilities like Paralyze Immunity and Hawkeye for perfect accuracy, even if Ranger isn’t your preferred Job, it’s still one you want to invest in for its parts (I’m sure that’s something we can all relate to :P ), so I’m happy it’s coming back. I do hope we ditch the pelt helmets for the FF classic Robin Hood attire, though.


Asterisk Guide: Astrologer

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 08 2015 · 68 views

Asterisk Holder: Currently unnamed old man (pictured right)

Posted Image

Origin: Final Fantasy Tactics

Was It In Bravely Default?: No

Overview: We have been told that the Astrologer will use “Moon Magic”, which consists of powerful buffs including an ability known as "Element Barrier". Very little information is known.

Personal Thoughts: Since Performer and Astrologer are both buff-focused, I’m curious to see how they will be differentiated. I find it odd that we’ve been told so little about the Asterisk holder—just that he’s a mysterious fortune teller—and since the Astrologer’s command is “Moon Magic”, I have to wonder if he’s related to Magnolia somehow. That could be interesting! I do like the general look of this Job, though I’m wondering what that weird contraption on the chest is supposed to be. Plus, the old man’s floating star halo is nostalgic. I guess he’s mastered the Job already!

Update 1/23: New Magnolia image


More Kingdom Hearts Thoughts

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 07 2015 · 43 views

I decided to sit down and watch the Re:coded cinematics in Kingdom Hearts II.5 today. Coincidentally, I just saw a post on another site reminding us of that tiny bit of trivia regarding its origins, and it also had a link to an article which I perused.

One line that stood out to me was one of the staff members being interviewed who, reflecting on the initial pitch of coded, said, "At first the plan seemed terrible, but at the same time interesting." And I'm laughing because that's really all you need to know about coded.

...Well, okay, that's a bit oversimplified. There were some neat things that got to me while I was watching, and if you have some spare time, sure, it's worth taking a look at. If you get the relevance of all the things its referencing, at least. And, really, a large amount of the dialogue is just strangely painful (and not in the wonderful way like BBS), and I feel like some of the voice acting is a bit off too. (Though I'll make special mention of Roxas, I thought he was voiced quite well.)

Anyway, in the end Re:coded is...not my cup of tea, though I will be trying to go easier on it in the future. I'll probably continue to parrot that line from the interview, though.


Asterisk Guide: Cat Master

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 07 2015 · 55 views

Asterisk Holder: Minnette Goroneze (pictured left)

Posted Image

Origin: Bravely Second

Was It In Bravely Default?: No

Overview: Cat Master works by, well…calling cats to the field! It seems this can be done in two ways: 1. Using the Job’s innate command to call out cats that will buff or debuff, and 2. Using cat food items dropped by enemies to call out cats that will launch an attack. Cat foods can also be combined for more powerful cats, though this ability is currently being rebalanced.

Personal Thoughts: I feel like I really shouldn’t be surprised. This Job certainly looks to lend a little extra silliness to the game, and I’m usually a fan of silliness in my JPRGs. Not to mention it does actually sound powerful and effective. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if there’s substance beneath this weird appearance.


Asterisk Guide: Wizard

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 06 2015 · 91 views

Asterisk Holder: Unknown

Posted Image

Origin: Bravely Second (Many Final Fantasy games have had upgraded Mage classes with Wizard in their names—White Wizard, Red Wizard, etc—but the Wizard Asterisk seems to use unique abilities that set it apart as a new creation.)

Was It In Bravely Default?: No

Overview: Wizards use magic in two stages: select an element (Fire, Blizzard, Thunder), and then select a method of attack. Confirmed so far are Darts, Hammer, Blast, and Mist (causes steady damage over time like poison). This should provide a wide variety of attacks that can take advantage of foes’ weaknesses.

Personal Thoughts: Well, it sure sounds powerful! Everyone seems to be focusing mainly on the Elemental Mists, and I can see why: encounter a hoard of ice monsters, unleash a Fire Mist to burn them all over time. It sounds like Black Mage is going to have some serious competition as offensive magic Job. Wizard is playable in the demo currently out in Japan, so hopefully I'll be able to find more detailed data to update this soon.


Asterisk Guide: Swordmaster

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 05 2015 · 76 views

Asterisk Holder: Kamiizumi (in Bravely Default)

Posted Image

Origin: Final Fantasy V (called “Samurai”)

Was It In Bravely Default?: Yes

Overview: Despite their name, katana are actually the preferred weapon of a Swordmaster. Their Bushido skills allow them to wield the blades expertly, predicting their enemies’ moves and preparing devastating counterattacks to throw them off-guard. A Swordmaster will also sometimes immediately counter after being attacked (or attack again after a standard attack) without using up any BP. And, for those able to master the way of the sword/katana, one of the most legendary abilities awaits you…

Personal Thoughts: While Swordmasters are clearly based on the Samurai of Final Fantasy fame, they’ve given up their traditional ability of throwing money at people (see Merchant (if that gets confirmed for Second I’ll even link it)) and instead focus on counters named after old sayings. Oh, and the beautifully broken Free Lunch ability you get for mastering the Job. (No MP cost, on anything, for two turns. Doesn’t cost any MP or extra BP to use. Combine this with a Pirate who has 4 BP and watch the endless carnage.) Kamiizumi is no pushover, and Swordmaster can be a bit tricky since it works best when you predict the enemy’s actions, but the Job is definitely worth the trouble. It’s also the source of Katana Lore, and the game’s strongest Katana (Ama-no-Murakumo) is the weapon with the best stats in the game, so…you definitely want to go for that. I’m super excited to see this Job returning, and I look forward to seeing how broken it will be in Bravely Second.


Asterisk Guide: Tomahawk

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 03 2015 · 66 views

Asterisk Holder: Amy Matchlock

Posted Image

Origin: Bravely Second

Was It In Bravely Default?: No

Overview: This Job seems to specialize in the new gun weaponry that will be available in Bravely Second. We have also been told that it possesses buffs and abilities for hitting all enemies. In addition, it seems that Amy can light her arrows on fire—how this might translate to the playable Job remains to be seen.

Personal Thoughts: The first brand-new Job we had confirmed! This will probably be our Gun Lore Job, and I’m cool with that: Tomahawk has a unique look to it, and it sounds very adaptable. If I had a concern, it would be that the fire arrow could be something greater that might threaten Spell Fencer’s chances of making the cut, but I don’t think I need to worry about that really. Welcome to the roster, Tomahawk!


Crossovers With No Context

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 02 2015 · 77 views

They are fun to write.

One of the many things the Korra finale did was cement Varrick's status as my favorite character, and then I started wondering what would happen if he met the equally eccentric Hououin Kyouma from Steins;Gate.

This is the best I could come up with.


Asterisk Guide: Performer

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 02 2015 · 54 views

Asterisk Holder: Praline à la Mode (in Bravely Default)

Posted Image

Origin: Final Fantasy V (called “Dancer”)

Was It In Bravely Default?: Yes

Overview: The Performer Job is purely supportive. They don’t have any decent methods of attacking nor the stats to make use of other Jobs’ abilities, and their defenses can make keeping them alive difficult to boot. Still, you definitely want to book them a gig, because they can give solid party-wide buffs and provide ever-handy BP boosts. Taking care of them gets easier once they learn the Buff Up support ability, which gives them a slight boost to all stats at the end of every turn, but you should still look into some abilities like P. Def Up or Armor Lore for their own safety.

Personal Thoughts: Talk about silly-looking! Try going into the most heartbreaking scene you can with two Elvis impersonators and two rabbit-eared idols and see if you can take it seriously. Well, it may seem gaudy, but Performer is actually a really nice Job to have around. Their innate ability to Save Singing MP makes all those buffs pretty cheap to maintain, allowing your healer to focus on, you know…healing, while the Performer keeps everyone strong. There’s also a simple pleasure in giving up a few measly MP to boost the BP of your physical powerhouse in preparation for one giant massacre. I’m glad we’ll still have these super-useful idols hanging around in Bravely Second. Besides, those goofy rabbit ears will actually make some sense on Magnolia!


I Just Really Love Kingdom Hearts

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 01 2015 · 90 views
this seemed, a lot more coherent and 1 more...
I finally cleared Birth by Sleep's Final Episode. I remembered what happened from when I played the game before, but for some reason I felt it a lot more this time. I'll admit to tearing up at the end of all three individual scenarios, but Final Episode made me actually cry multiple times throughout, and I still want to go cry about it.


Part of me is kind of embarrassed to be crying over a video game, but as time goes on, I find more and more that this idea is kind of silly. Video games matter to people--they give us characters who can inspire us, and possess an interactive element lacking in other forms of media that draws us even closer to these characters. I think I'd care about Aqua even if Kingdom Hearts was a movie or book or what have you, but I also think it's a little different since I was just guiding her through an intense boss battle knowing that my choices (or mistakes) would determine the outcome. It's an interesting sort of relationship between player and character--admittedly no substitute for relationships with real people, but much less intimidating and with a clear outcome. Er, maybe I'm getting a little off-topic...

What I guess I mean is that I want to stop being embarrassed about getting emotional over video games, because those emotions exist.

So yeah, I cried my way through the credits of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and the next time I feel hopeless, I'm going to try to think about that final line. And maybe that's okay.

Bravely Second Asterisk Guide

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