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Name Change Form Out 50.1%

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 19 2014 · 117 views

If the title doesn’t make sense don’t worry.

So, I can change my name again, and I have a few ideas but I’m not really sure what to go with. Since the cool kids always make blog entries about this sort of thing, I figured I would copy them and see if anyone has an opinion or however this works.

Ideas so far:
-Pahrak #0579 (It stuck really well, I might go back to it)
-Pahrak Va #0579 (With a Scouting Legion avatar because the Bohrok Va are scouts I’m sorry it seemed funny at the time)
-Greninja #0579 (I kinda miss this one too)
-Cyberman #0579 (I like Cybermen okay)
-Name Change #0579 (No I still haven’t forgotten that)
-Master Pahrak (To go with the reboot and everything)
-Professor O’Pahrak (A while ago on Tumblr I got into a discussion about my middle name, O’Patrick, and someone combined it with my URL to create that. Tumblr URLs can’t have apostrophes though, but I still like this and sort of want to use it?)
-Mega Pahrak (I love Mega Evolution SO MUCH)
-Pahrak III.7 HD ReMIX (I feel like there should be a Kingdom Hearts reference on here somewhere)
-Super Smash Bohrok (Oh why not)
-Mahou Shoujo Mega Man (I still love the sound of it)
-Onepu Nuva (This was a name I used way, WAY back in the day, and I have now repurposed it to be a nickname for Protector of Earth; most likely will come with blog title “A Place That is Totally Not Onu-Koro”)
-Lab Member 0579: Pahrak (It took me a while but I thought of a Steins;Gate reference woo)

I might think of more later, if I do I might edit it. And if you have suggestions I guess you can give those?



Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 17 2014 · 138 views

This entry is about two things. First, a new miniseries of short webisodes of Steins;Gate has begun out of the blue. This is good news. What makes it absolutely hilarious is that it's sponsored by IBM. The 3-minute episode out now is a brief cooking adventure with a mecha Upa with adaptive AI, so there's no way this is canon, but I learned that if our robot overlords are all going to be Upas then I might be okay with it. That was not something I had considered before.

(No the episode does not involve the Upa becoming a robot overlord I just have a fear of the robot apocalypse, the episode itself is hugely lighthearted (especially for all the What Could Go Wrong Potential in Steins;Gate) and just serves to remind us why we love these dorks...and to be a commercial for IBM, but, you know.)

Second, the new episode of Korra, because my gosh


So yeah Book 4 is looking good so far.


How Many Pokemon Entries Can One Member Make

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 14 2014 · 184 views

First things first: there is currently a distribution to receive a shiny Mega Gengar in the US (GameStop) and Canada (EB Games). You need to enter the store and ask the employees about it; they'll give you a card with a scratch-off code, which you can then redeem using the code option on Mystery Gift. This is the first time I've used this method, and it's kinda neat, but I prefer the wireless method that allows me to get my Pokemon without interacting with people ahahaha

Also very important: We finally know how we're getting the ORAS demo in the US! If you're part of the Pokemon Trainer Club and have signed up for newsletters, the October 21st newsletter with give you a code to download the demo.

Related to that, the demo unveils two new Mega Evolutions! Mega Glalie is an absolutely terrifying oni mask thing with a gaping maw, pure Ice type, has the ability Refrigerate. Mega Steelix appears to have Mega Stones growing out of its body like spikes and has some kind of ring of energy around its head, same typing, Sand Force ability. And with Mega Steelix, we have our first new Gen 2 Mega in ORAS, meaning ORAS introduces new Megas for every single Generation!

Also Mega Rayquaza. It looks really cool. I was wondering if it was going to get a Mega or a Primal; it's tied to new lore, and appears to Mega Evolve in a unique fashion, so it'll be interesting to see if this is reflected in gameplay. Also, Mega Rayquaza is going to be joining the two Mega Mewtwos in that Highest Base State Total tie. If we keep getting more 780 stat Pokemon, then maybe we really will be getting 820 Mega Arceus...

Have we mentioned Mega Pidgeot or Mega Beedrill? Kind of neat that they're Mega-ing more Gen 1 Pokemon a lot of us started with, but I don't know that I really have much to say about either of them. Mega Pidgeot has neat hair. Mega Beedrill is, um...uh...I don't know, I got nothing.



I Wonder What This Entry is About

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 11 2014 · 193 views


The childishness seems to bug a lot of people, even though Bionicle's a toyline?? Selling toys to kids?? Honestly as much as I love dark stuff I'm totally onboard for this, I have a history of just taking whatever Bionicle gives me and I could use some more simple positivity in my life, it will be healing.

Also a lot of people really want romance to be canon in the reboot, why?? Why does this matter so much to everyone?? I know I'm a bitter loner but that can't be the only reason I'm fine with the ban.

Okoto has a nice ring to it but someone pointed out it sounds like the Japanese word "otoko" and now I keep confusing them my Japanese grade is going to suffer Lego why.

Absolutely love the new lore, so many questions, must wait.

Seems like the Toa's Elemental powers might come from their masks, fits with the theme but I do wonder about them having no innate powers, ah well I'll adapt.

Sets that come WITH the Golden Masks! And Skull Spiders that they can wear like Krana!

GeARS?! AND posABILITY?! AT the same TIME?!

Tahu and Kopaka look simply beautiful, the high price will be worth it. Onepu Nuva Protector of Earth might actually be the best looking set of the bunch, and at such a low price, it's definitely a must-buy. I'm also really liking Gali (and if the bad joke thing turns out to be puns then WOO).

I sort of want all the Toa, but the other three, I think I can be more patient about. If there's one thing I'm disappointed about it's Pohatu's build, he looks boring compared to the others, but he's Pohatu so I still want him, also he has BOOMERANGS with BOHROK EYES that double as FOOT JETS. Lewa's pretty cool, I'm slow to adjust to his mask though. Onua has too many colors and seems a little messy, but he's growing on me, he's SO FREAKING HUGE I LOVE IT. (Why couldn't Pohatu be huge too Pohatu I love you.)

The Protectors all look pretty good, but I don't think I'll really need more than one or two. As stated before Onepu Nuva is must buy, and I'm really liking New Tarduk Protector of Jungle so he might find his way into the shopping cart, others I might get if I have cash, who knows.

Also COMBINERS! Well, that was my initial reaction, but it's really just taking the Protector's weapons and putting them on the Toa. It's cool, yeah, but I was hoping for more, ah well that's what we have S Rank MoCers for, I LEAVE THIS TASK TO THEE.

Wait I forgot Lord of Skull Spiders...eh? I mean it's neat but it's just spidery enough to make me anxious, so I don't think I can buy it, sorry. As for story it apparently guards an ancient city, that seems cool, the concept art appears to suggest it will fight all the Toa (or maybe there are more than one of these? In every region? Serving a greater villain...?), guess we'll find out.

So yeah Pahrak is happy.



Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 07 2014 · 224 views

Okay forget my previous vaguely sad post because I just got the mail and

Posted Image

My excited flailing is irritating Christina, I don't know why because she's about to become an awesome Mii Fighter, anyway goodbye I'll see you all in November



Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 07 2014 · 99 views

I've been trying to make a certain appointment since this semester began, but I have never been able to find the time (or remember it when I do have time). Last night I felt it was incredibly urgent that I resolve this, so I skipped class today to see if I could get in.

Everyone I could see is busy all day today, and for the rest of the week.

On one hand I feel like this is hilarious.

On the other, I fear for my sanity and feel like some unknown forces in the universe are conspiring against me.

College life.

(It's worse because I only get my work schedule one week at a time, so I won't be able to try for next week until the schedule goes up, which could be as early as Wednesday or as late as Saturday. God help me.)


The Kaita Legacy

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 04 2014 · 116 views

You might remember The Blade of Valor, a short story I wrote a while back testing out an idea about a world where humans and Bionicle characters co-existed. I’ll admit it didn’t get the response I was hoping for, but I just ended up liking the idea too much. So, now I’m working on turning it into a full-length fanfiction.

However, while the Sword of Akamai and its bearer will be in the story (though all names are tentative), I will also be including a second protagonist to carry the Shield of Wairuha, so “The Blade of Valor” probably wouldn’t work as well as a title any more. For now, the working title for this story will be “The Kaita Legacy”.

Bionicle characters in this world take the role of spirits, and the humans follow and look up to them as protectors. When a new threat arises to put the world in jeopardy, a priestess is given the power of three of the Great Spirits of the Elements and tasked with saving the world.

Now, work schedule. I can’t really come up with a proper schedule, with school, work, and the other projects I want to work on, so I can’t guarantee when this story will be done. I’d like to finish it before posting it so that I can go over the whole thing and make edits, but I also like to have people look at my work as I go along. What I’m thinking is that I will post the chapters to Tumblr as I finish them, so whoever’s got an account over there can keep up with it. When I finish the story and make my edits, I will post the improved version here on BZP over the span of a few weeks.

I don’t plan on it being a very long piece, though each chapter might seem rather lengthy on its own. Chapter 1 is currently about 14 pages long in Word, and I’m currently planning on eight chapters. I guess it’s like a special mini-series or something.

The first chapter is on Tumblr now if you want to read it, but I won’t make a post here every time I finish a chapter. I’ll try to finish this in the near-ish future, which should get easier as the ball gets rolling, though with all the distractions I’d say expect the BZP version sometime in 2015 (hopefully early 2015). For now, I’ll leave you with this tiny snippet to try to draw you in!


The creatures had reached the entryway. A few stepped into the temple while a few remained in the tunnel, and then they abruptly came to a halt. After a few seconds of eerie silence, they all spoke…all in unison.

“We are Rahkshi.”

Dozens of coarse voices spoke the same words, all with the same timing, the same inflection. The experience was too unsettling for Tahra to put into words.

“We claim this temple in the name of Nothingness. Tahu shall fall. Fire shall be gone from this world, but that shall be only the beginning. All will end. All will become Nothing. Those who stand in our way will be the first to embrace Nothing.”

“Nothing,” Vakahu said under his breath. “Do they mean to destroy us?”

“…No,” Tahra said. She took a step forward. “This is not Destruction. Destruction is a part of balance, but these creatures seek to do away with balance. They do not come in the name of Makuta. They come in the name of Nothing.”

She held the sword out and looked at it once more. “My name is Tahra. I am a Priestess of Tahu…and it is my Duty to protect this temple!”

Gripping the hilt with both hands, she pointed the sword upward and thrust. Mustering all her strength, she screamed, “Spirits of Valor, I Will You to Blaze!”

At her words, a golden aura burst out from the blade, forming a dome around Tahra. Plates of metal appeared out of thin air along the edge of the aura, orbiting around her for a moment, and then, one by one, they all flew onto her body. Gold armor placed itself on her forearms, chest, knees, and the front of her feet, while her heels, legs, and torso became adorned by red armor. Last was a curved plate made to resemble Tahu’s mask, which attached firmly to Tahra’s left shoulder. Power unimaginable rushed into her, but she paused, took a deep breath, and steadied herself.

The aura faded away and Tahra looked at the Rahkshi. They showed no reaction whatsoever.

“We come in the name of Nothing,” the Rahkshi repeated, still speaking all in unison. “If you stand in our way, you shall be the first to embrace Nothing.”

“You have defiled this temple!” Tahra said. “That alone is unforgivable, and I expect your sins go well beyond even that! The Great Spirits have granted me their Power…so, in their stead, I will condemn your blasphemy myself!”


Leaked Content

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 03 2014 · 239 views

Posted Image

Wow look how simple and not at all complicated this policy actually is

Hey Admins you have my permission to use this handy flowchart if you're sick of reposting the same reminder over and over and over again

Ah who am I kidding you're still going to have to keep posting it


Somehow This Became A Running Joke

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 02 2014 · 130 views

So, Kingdom Hearts II.5 just came out in Japan, and someone has uploaded and translated the new secret movie.

Here is a summary: It turns out that...


...has been passed down for GENERATIONS of Keyblade Masters!!


The Big News

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 30 2014 · 99 views

The Kingdom Hearts II manga reached the point where Kairi gets her Keyblade.

She then proceeds to power dive from the balcony in the Hall of Empty Melodies down to the platform Sora is on, and, upon landing, unleashes a radial light shockwave that one-shots a horde of Heartless.

Square Enix, you need to get Shiro Amano on the writing staff for KHIII, Amano Kairi is best Kairi.

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