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Something Stupid


Organizational Concerns

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Nov 08 2015 · 66 views

I’ve finally decided to give up on the idea of writing Chronicle of Heresy. I think it could’ve been a decent story, but I just could never work up the motivation to restart it after it got deleted. Oh well.

Because of this, I’m thinking of dissolving my Heretic Stories Collection post. There are only seven stories listed, and four of them are already in the FFFC Collection post, so the other three could just be tossed onto the Unsorted Works post and there, everything feels more streamlined. I’m going to think about it a little more, but I’m probably going to make this change.

Not that this is a serious issue or anything, I just feel compelled to document changes in how my libraries are organized. :P



Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Nov 05 2015 · 179 views

Technic Tournament 2: This Time It’s Personal! will open Thursday, November 12th!

The reroll rule has been implemented, and I’ve also added an option for ending rounds early if all players can agree to do so. Last game it seemed players usually got their work done over the first few days of the round and the rest of the week we were dead, so I figured it might be best to have an option to speed up play. This won’t be available until round 2—again, players can join any time, but it gets harder and harder to catch up, so I at least want round 1 open for the full week.

I've also decided that all Technic Tournament sequels will use bad sequel names rather than anything descriptive, because it's more fun that way.


Consistent How?

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Nov 04 2015 · 98 views

A few months ago I did a super short story with Hahli giving the Crystals from MNOGII to a group of Rahkshi made by Melding Teridax, and I’ve been thinking about revisiting the idea. However, in that story I changed things around a bit, and I’m wondering if I should change them back.

See, it’s long been accepted that Melding Rahkshi would replace the regular Fear, Poison, and etc with the Principles that the Crystals represent. The thing is, not all of those Principles and “enemies” are from the same Koro. For example, Lerahk uses Poison, but its opposite is Purity, the Ga-Koro Principle. Strictly speaking, it makes sense for Melding Lerahk to use Purity. For the story, however, I decided to make Melding Guurahk the Rahkshi of Purity to keep each Rahkshi holding a Crystal of the same color.

So, if I were to revisit the idea of Melding Rahkshi holding Principle Crystals, which should I prioritize: color coordination or the opposing idea relationships?


Oh, Kingdom Hearts News

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Nov 03 2015 · 115 views

The trailers won't be uploaded for another 14 hours, I guess. Let's see what's available that I can find now...

Posted Image


"There's a new Nobody."


Posted Image


EDIT: Um, well, this is embarrassing. Eh, it turns out whoever told me it'd be uploaded at 1 was incorrect, sorry for the confusion. I'll definitely make a post with links once they're up, though. (That is, once it's up and I'm up and not at work, so even if it gets uploaded soonish I probably won't be making a post until the afternoon...)


On Allusions

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 31 2015 · 135 views

References to G1 tend to bring with them surges of people advocating a connection theory, using said reference as proof of said connection. It seems that there's a misunderstanding of something that shows up a lot in reboots: allusion.

Any reboot will naturally allude to the previous iteration(s) of the concept. Allusions tend to enrich the enjoyment of a work for anyone who gets them, and when they’re specific to a certain franchise, the creator has a much higher chance of providing this enrichment for a large number of people. An allusion is not, however, proof that the work takes place in the same continuity as the thing it is alluding to.

For greatest relevance to this situation, let’s use for example an individual franchise that constantly reboots itself: Final Fantasy. There are an immense number of names and ideas that are endlessly recycled through every iteration of Final Fantasy, but it does not mean that all Final Fantasies take place in the same timeline. The Bahamut of Final Fantasy III is not the same Bahamut who appears in Final Fantasy XIII. Squall’s Lionheart Gunblade and Lightning’s Lionheart Gunblade are two very different weapons, not to mention the extremely different Lionheart Keyblade in the neighboring Kingdom Hearts series. And while I’m sure there are a myriad of things shared by VII and XI, Midgar is not on the map of Vana’diel because the two games are in different continuities.

(Heck, if we’re including Kingdom Hearts in this, most to all of the FF characters who show up there look directly transplanted, but they all have new backstories—none of those games are in the same continuity as Kingdom Hearts.)

Yes, Final Fantasy does include some continuity-hopping. But that’s the thing: the characters are moving between different continuities, because they do not inhabit the same one. Gilgamesh got lost in the space between worlds and shows up in a new one every now and then; Dissidia takes place in a world where powerful entities pull in characters and locations from multiple worlds, and ends with everyone vanishing as they return back to their homeworlds. These are localized crossovers between the different continuities, which are quite profitable when a series has been going on for decades. But the continuities still remain separate.

You can allude to something without it being in the same continuity. With a reboot, this is expected. Lego’s just telling us old fans they know we’re out here, not that G2 is a continuation of G1 (or any variants thereof).


A Surprise Boss?!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 31 2015 · 79 views

With the Pokemon anime changing to XY&Z a few days ago, I figured that would be the signal for some news on the next main series game. Nothing on that yet...BUT!

Apparently Pokken Tournament received an update, and included is a hidden boss fight against a Mega Evolving Dark Mewtwo!

Posted Image

I mean, since Mewtwo is super popular it made sense they'd show up at some point, but I don't think anyone was expecting it to be in the form of a corrupted boss thing. A lot of people are wondering if this means Mewtwo or Dark Mewtwo will be playable in the Wii U version, which would be pretty darn cool, but even if it just remains a superboss I'd still be totally cool with it.

Makes you wonder what other boss fights they're gonna add in...


Exclusive, Huh?

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 29 2015 · 148 views

I fruitlessly check Toys R Us how many times looking for a Greninja amiibo, but one trip to Best Buy

Posted Image

I mean, the excitement is stronger than the irritation, this is awesome thank you God

(I feel like the picture is not very creative but I couldn't think of anything, it's actually impressive I was able to balance the thing)


Is This the Yesterday Best You Can Do?

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 25 2015 · 113 views

For a while now I’ve had an urge to try developing my comedy-writing skills, and after starting and stopping a few things, I finally decided to just roll with a short idea, put it out there, and see how it goes.

So I wrote The Yesterday Jest to poke some fun at some of that serial’s key things. Well, the Toa, mainly. Honestly the main driving force was my disdain for Orde, but I tried to balance things at least a little more fairly. It’s under 1000 words so it’s a quick read, hopefully good for one or two laughs.

Maybe I’ll use this as a starting point to work on some more comedies, I dunno, we’ll see if I can get any ideas/decent jokes.


"There is never any shame in changing." (O579)

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 22 2015 · 144 views

Strike of the Hour is now live!

Posted Image

Barring any last-minute decisions, this is my last Okoto 579 story for the 15 adaptation. In addition to introducing Karios’s character into the mix, I tried to take a look at Ekimu as well, plus give one or two nods towards 16. As for the first story of the 16 adaptation…well, don’t be surprised if you get some news on that soon!


Nice Job, Riku

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 20 2015 · 120 views

First you were a Keyblade Master! Now, you're a Pokemon Master!

Posted Image

Back in June I went to a convention and bought a Mega Charizard X plushie and a 3D Riku figure.

The opportunity to take pictures like this almost makes that trainwreck of a weekend worth it.

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