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Something Stupid


A Miscellaneous Kingdom Hearts Thought

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 21 2015 · 168 views
Kingdom Hearts
Looking back, I'm quite amused with how Square Enix announced the title of KH3D.

At that time, some of the most recent titles were "358/2 Days" and "Birth by Sleep". We had been told the meanings would be clear after we played the games, but they weren't, so interviewers ended up asking Nomura what they meant and he gave answers that still only made limited sense.

So then they announce "Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance", and they decide to just cut to the chase and say "the meaning we were going for is 'the distance you fall when you fall asleep', we know it's not grammatically correct but we went with this to get the three Ds in the title" long before the game is even out.

I just find that rather humorous.



Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 19 2015 · 174 views

Okay so I don’t talk about my personal life on here a lot, I like to be vague about it, but I’ve been feeling sort of stressed and the idea to vent some of it here won’t get out of my head. Stuffed behind spoiler tags of course. This is mainly for my own benefit so, you know, move along, we don’t need to see your identification and all that. :P



Master of Science

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 18 2015 · 177 views
A+ Humor
Posted Image

"I've completed the research I wanted to do, and...I can't believe I'm saying this, but the data does seem to suggest that your initial hypothesis was correct."

Posted Image

"Water is, in fact, for wimps."


Games I'd Like to See Before III

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 16 2015 · 141 views
Kingdom Hearts
(Some spoilers of course)

While I do hope the upcoming Kingdom Hearts announcement has to do with X and its potential localization, there are a few other possibilities I’d like to see explored in Kingdom Hearts games. Not sure how likely any of them are to be this new smartphone game, and if not, then they’re probably not going to happen because we probably would have heard something by now, but…you know.

Something that a lot of people have proposed is a game with Kairi and Lea training to become proper Keyblade wielders, and it’s a great idea. Lea has a lot of experience and is fairly powerful, but the Keyblade is still new to him so he could surely use some practice; and it would be so, so nice if they gave Kairi a chance to catch up to the others so she could jump right in when KHIII starts. Having a game dedicated to these two (or even just one of them (KAIRI)) would be a much smoother transition for bringing them onto the main stage beside the other Guardians and give them a chance for some extra character development, which is never a bad thing. The Drop system in KH3D works wonderfully, though they’d probably tweak it to fit the new theme/story. Still, the technology exists. I just feel like it’d be more natural (and fun) than having them be sort of in the background for the first part of KHIII while they train, which is fairly likely. (Alternative 1: They trained during a timeskip (works but isn’t any fun); Alternative 2: You get to play as one or both during a prologue or intermission (definitely a step in the right direction, but if you ask me a game dedicated to this has more potential)) Of course, it’s no secret I’m Kairi-biased so eheheheheh.

But another game I would love to see is a Birth by Sleep-esque flashback game with a trio of playable characters, starring Eraqus, Xehanort, and Yen Sid during their training days. It looks like we’ll be getting at least a glimpse into this timeframe during KHIII, but again, it would be so much more fun to have a whole game dedicated to it! Eraqus has only been in one game thus far—he really deserves more screentime and character development, especially since they basically set him up as the Square company insert to rival Yen Sid’s Disney company insert. :P Yen Sid has gotten a good amount of screen time, but it’d still be nice to see him develop some more, and to see how he fought before he retired. (Also I’m still not sure if Yen Sid trained with Eraqus and Xehanort or if he had a different Master, so I’d like that cleared up.) And Xehanort, well, I think a lot of people would jump at the chance to play as him. A game like this would provide a great opportunity to expand the world and give us even more insight into the old Keyblade order. The only thing I’d definitely want in the plot would be a certain quest for Xehanort: given what was said about his Keyblade in II.5, I’ve come to believe that he must have sought out that particular Keyblade, and I’d love to see a game chronicling that search. Not entirely sure where this would leave Yen Sid and Eraqus, but if this did happen I would like to be surprised by their arcs.

And I guess there’s the cancelled Birth by Sleep Vol. 2, which I would love to see rise from the ashes. Of course, the chances of that happening are basically zero, huh? But come on, the implications were that it would show Mickey’s journey through the Realm of Darkness during the first game, and that he might travel with (or at least encounter) Master Aqua! Why was that cancelled?!

Since Kingdom Hearts III is going to wrap up things involving Xehanort, there’s not much chance of any of this happening afterwards. But…maybe there’s not a whole lot of chance they’ll do it before then either. So I guess this is all just a bunch of fanfic ideas ahahaha…


Asterisk Guide: Templar

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 16 2015 · 104 views

Asterisk Holder: Braev Lee

Posted Image

Origin: Final Fantasy Tactics

Was It In Bravely Default?: Yes

Overview: Templars are masters of offense as well as defense. Their armor can take the harshest punishment, and their swords can deal it back tenfold. They have access to several attacks using the rare Light element, and can store up to 4 BP rather than the default 3. Templars like to focus on critical hits, and have abilities that enable critical hits on magic and even items, in addition to a guaranteed critical hit attack and an ability for raising the damage (or healing for some magic and items) of critical hits. If you’ve got luck on your side, this Job is unstoppable!

Personal Thoughts: Honestly I haven’t tinkered with the crit abilities yet, but it’s a powerful and cool-looking Job so I like it. No matter what, you should definitely get BP Limit Up for everyone, since more BP is never a bad thing. The Light attacks also help against Gigas Lich, who can be a real pain, though they might not see a whole lot of other use. The mandatory Council Jobs you get right before the Earth Crystal are mostly upgraded version of the Sky Knight classes, and this is a vast improvement over Knight, so I am glad to see this return. There are also story implications to wonder about…


Oh Yeah, There Was Some KH News

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 15 2015 · 141 views

Sorta. It was mostly a heads-up, I guess? Plus a pre-announcement that might have been overshadowed a little.

Nomura was interviewed and, after some talk about the new Dissidia for arcades, said Kingdom Hearts III was going well and there will be some news at the D23 Expo this November. I was just wondering when they’d make the next announcement…but, does this mean they won’t have anything to say about it at E3? Seems a little weird.

He also said that D23 would have news on a new smartphone title to be announced soon. It seems to have been stated pretty casually, but that’s kind of big! Maybe announcing this will be Square-Enix’s big KH-related E3 move? Time will tell and all that.

To be honest, I still had that instinctive “ugh smartphone” reaction, but then I reminded myself that that is stupid and Steven Universe: Attack the Light is a fantastic game. (You should go play it.) I just hope it’s on Android…and cheap. Also this means Square might be able to keep the “one new game a year” resolution a little longer, though it is also possible this might not be out during 2015. Anyway, I wasn’t really sure what to expect (I have some ideas on games I’d like to see, but I’ll post those later), but then I saw people suggesting it might be a new version of Kingdom Hearts X, possibly a localized version, and I became excited. Square has been trying to get X localized, and moving it to smartphones might make that more doable than its current browser incarnation. If so, hopefully it remains free to play.

Since X hasn’t gotten that much publicity in the West, here’s some reasons we need it to get you excited for this possibility:
-The game is set during the Keyblade War, the origin myth of the KH universe. We’re getting to see where it all began! Things are pretty calm right now, but from what we’ve been told, it’s going to get really, really intense…
-You get to make your own custom Keybearer. That self-insert OC we all have can now be canon!
-You have a few different Keyblade options, and each of them can be upgraded—it’s still the same Keyblade, but new elements get added to its design to make it look a little cooler. It’s sort of reminiscent of Aqua and Terra getting Keyblades that look like stronger versions of their default Keyblades. Some of these Keyblades are also old favorites, meaning you can get newer, updated versions of Keyblades like Olympia and Three Wishes!
-Players choose from one of five Unions to join; each Union is headed by a Foreteller, and each Foreteller has their own unique super-awesome Keyblade that is so cool just to look at. Seriously, look at these things.
-Related to that, there exists a popular theory that Master Xehanort’s Keyblade is tied to the Keyblades of the Foretellers, and given they made special mention of that Keyblade in II.5, we might find out something really special about it, and possibly the origin of Keyblades in general.
-Just seriously X is already so important to the lore I mean come on we really need to play it


Asterisk Guide: Dark Knight

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 15 2015 · 206 views

Asterisk Holder: Alternis Dim

Posted Image

Origin: Final Fantasy II (character), Final Fantasy III (as “Magic Knight”)

Was It In Bravely Default?: Yes

Overview: Dark Knights are powerhouses who specialize in giving up their own HP to execute mega-powerful dark-element attacks, putting them at high risk if you don’t have a healer ready. Should you keep them alive though, they can easily wipe the field, so figuring out how to best make use of them is definitely worth it.

Personal Thoughts: I guess Dark Knight and Templar were confirmed? This has story impact I must not get into here. Anyway! Since I have difficulty keeping my party alive already, Dark Knight isn’t really for me, except for when I’m executing final boss strategies. They learn a lot of great abilities: Magic Drain, Helm Lore, Physical Attack 30% Up, Adversity…there are plenty of reasons to invest in this Job. There’s also Minus Strike, which does damage equal to how much HP you’ve lost, and that’s fantastic to use while you’re waiting for your healer to recharge. There’s also the option of using Drain Sword Magic before using their skills—that way, while you will lose some HP upon attacking, once you hit, you’ll gain some HP back, at least enough to keep you steady until your healer gets to you. There was never much doubt this was coming back, was there?


Science Went Too Far

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 14 2015 · 164 views

Christina is mad about Steins;Gate 0 taking place in a worldline where she is dead, so she went to the Sinnoh region and used a growth serum to make a Giga Turtwig.

Posted Image

She is now training it. When it evolves into a kaiju-sized Torterra, then she’ll make them pay.


Asterisk Guide: Bishop

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 14 2015 · 108 views

Asterisk Holder: Unknown

Posted Image

Origin: Final Fantasy Tactics

Was It In Bravely Default?: No

Overview: The Holy Magic of a Bishop can heal and revive allies, as well as enhance magic. They can cast Heal, power up a spell by casting it twice, and turn damage taken during Default into HP restoration.

Personal Thoughts: Sounds sort of redundant. With so few spots left though, I’m going to guess this is replacing Spiritmaster. Bishops in the Final Fantasy games seem to be Red Mage knock-offs, but it sounds like this Job is strictly healing and buffing. That’s…really all I can think to say? Nice hat, I guess?


Normally Removing Asterisks Is A Good Thing!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 13 2015 · 139 views

Wait, Bravely Second is going to have 30 Jobs, 28 are now confirmed, but there are still six Jobs from Bravely Default that haven’t been confirmed…

Oh no

I mean I guess we don’t need every Job back, but it’s still kind of sad. It’s entirely possible that one or both of the remaining Job slots could be another new Job (Emperor, maybe?), but here are the Bravely Default Jobs that have yet to be seen and may have been cut:

-Spell Fencer ( D: )
-Salve-Maker (We’re all glad Qada’s dead so this is good. Also I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Patisserie using its Collect ability, so it’s probably gone.)
-Arcanist (It would be kind of tough to retcon the Asterisk Holder’s death, I’m not holding out for this one.)
-Spiritmaster (Honestly it sounds like the new Bishop Job might be replacing this.)
-Vampire (Again, difficult to retcon this death. I’m still thinking that Guardian might be our new Blue Mage equivalent. I guess we don’t really need a Blue Mage, but it’d be neat to get a new one.)
-Conjurer (I feel like this has a pretty good chance of coming back since the Aserisk Holder is the guy who made the Asterisks.)

At this stage, these final two Jobs probably won’t be known until the game is released and people unlock them. (And even I can admit that Spell Fencer’s chances of being a Secret Job don’t look that good. Much despair.) I’m fully expecting Conjurer to be a Secret Job you have to jump through a bunch of hoops for like in the first game, and while I’ll be glad to have the Job back, I am not looking forward to fighting that guy again…

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