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Ruby Madness Day 2: WHAT TEAM?!

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Nov 22 2014 · 0 views
Ruby Madness
After dealing with a Team Magma grunt, Omega sails to Dewford Town to deliver a letter from the head of the Devon Corporation. He’s not really sure how he got dragged into that, but, eh, there’s a Gym there. Icarus and Beldum wreaked havoc in Brawly’s Gym, with the latter taking on the Leader single-handedly!

NEW TITLE ACQUISITION: For Omega, “Bearer of the Knuckle Badge”; for Beldum, “Gym Slayer”

After that, Brawly told us to look for Steven in Granite Cave. We headed right there…and then dawdled a bit, just long enough to catch a Makuhita.

TEAM PROFILE: Armstrong the Hariyama
TITLE: The Muscle
An enthusiastic Pokémon who can go from quiet to loud in an instant. Armstrong takes great pride in his every move, insisting that each of his attacks has been passed down his family for GENERATIONS (including the ones he just learned…). He is energetic but patient, and, despite what setbacks he may encounter, always manages to bounce back.

When Omega met Steven, it was discovered that he was the one who sent Beldum to him. Apparently, Steven has a bunch of shiny Beldum and entrusts them to Trainers he thinks has potential. Weird. Anyway, we delivered the letter and then went on to Slateport to deliver the Devon Parts (I should be getting a paycheck at this point…). Team Magma was occupying the city’s museum. Omega isn’t quite sure what to think about them: one member said they work for the good of mankind, and the very next member he talked to mentioned how excited he was to commit nefarious deeds. Oh, the contradictions. This led to an encounter with Maxie, the Head of Team Magma. He explained his ideals, which Omega thought sounded fairly reasonable…but that sinister look kind of undermines any trust that he may have placed in him.

So, then it was on to Mauville City. By this point, Gadunka, Beldum, and Icarus had all evolved. Omega met Wally, who challenged him to a battle, but the young Trainer only had his Ralts, who was quickly dispatched with a single Iron Head from Metang. Oh well. Then it was on to Watson. Gadunka, now a Marshtomp, did all the heavy lifting—Armstrong tried fighting Watson’s Magneton, but was knocked out, so Gadunka ended up sweeping. Omega was excited at their success, but also had the strangest feeling that, somewhere, an Omastar was weeping…

NEW TITLE ACQUISITION: For Gadunka, “Gym Slayer”; for Omega, “Bearer of the Dynamo Badge”

Omega then picked up a Mach Bike and headed north. After learning about Secret Bases and reaching Fallarbor Town (Armstrong evolving in the process), he learned that Team Magma was up to no good yet again and went to stop them…after catching another new Pokémon. Sadly, this meant the end of Icarus’s time on the time, but at least he was able to have fun and evolve into a Swellow while it lasted. Farewell for now, my friend.

TEAM PROFILE: Cygnus the Swablu
TITLE: The Successor of Icarus
A Swablu who has taken over after Icarus’s departure. She feels a bit strange joining a team that has already been together for so long, but the others have done their very best to make her feel welcome, and she has a feeling that they will soon become great friends. Loves dancing.

NEW TITLE ACQUISTION: For Icarus, “The Retired”

Omega wanted to keep Icarus on the team, but that last slot was taken by a Mightyena being kept around for Rock Smashing and Secret Power…ing. They pushed on, training Cygnus as much as possible, and fought Magma Admin Tabitha at Meteor Falls. After that some other people showed up claiming to be from Team Aqua, and they also made some thinly veiled threats before walking off. Man, everyone’s got a team these days…

Omega went back to Mauville with May and began planning his next move. While a bit worried about what Teams Magma and Aqua might be up to, he is excited to press on with his Pokémon, because spending time in battle with them makes him feel happier than he ever has.


Legend of...Really?

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Nov 22 2014 · 0 views

Well, I got distracted by awesome games and didn't watch the new episode of Korra until just now, and I have to say...something...I just can't figure out what to say because I'm currently convinced I'm trapped in some alternate gag universe and need to escape to see the real episode.

I don't mean to sound obnoxious, but...man. For starters, when you have seven episodes left before the end of the entire series, why would you stop and take a whole episode just for flashbacks? It doesn't help that the first third of it is all about Mako and that agonizing love triangle no one actually likes. Granted, the characters breaking in with chibi portraits to call him out was funny, but I feel like we could've gotten that without wasting time on flashbacks.

The second part felt completely unnecessary, and Korra deciding to stop worrying and just fight on seemed awfully sudden to me, plus I think Doppelganger Super Korra should have made at least a tiny appearance if nothing else.

And then we get to the third and, I think, greatest part of the episode, which is Varrick rewriting the entire plot as a cheesy mover that I totally was not thinking I would love to go see. Genius as this whole bit is, the edits to the re-used animation were really, really obvious, and the minimal effort turns the grand ridiculousness into something less entertaining than it could've been.

So I mean there were parts where I was laughing hysterically, but I can't shake the feeling that it's a missed opportunity. I'm sure the team has their reasons for doing the episode this way--I just need to complain a little so I can let go of the negativity by the (hopefully) new episode next week.

And no I'm not using spoiler tags, it's a flashback episode, there's no point.


Ruby Madness Day 1: Everyone Gets a Title (Or Five)

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Nov 21 2014 · 0 views
Ruby Madness
I went to a midnight event to pick up Ruby and Smash, though I needed to sleep afterwards. This morning I started Ruby, and Trainer Omega started on his journey! He soon found that Professor Birch was in trouble, and to save him, Omega teamed up with his very first Pokémon.

TEAM PROFILE: Gadunka the Mudkip
TITLES: The Starter, The Meme
Omega’s very first Pokémon! The two have already formed a close bond, and they are ready to take on the world! When Omega walks around towns, Gadunka will walk behind him and play with the local folks. She is well-liked.

After that, Omega met May and battled and caught a few more Pokémon, learning how to use the very nifty DexNav that he probably won’t rely on a whole lot but still admits is super, super cool. He also used Pokémon Link to get a ton of extra Poke Balls. Turns out that Linking things from the demo only works once a day, which is kind of a bummer, but not really a big deal. As Omega was on his way out, someone stopped him at the Pokémon Center, giving him a new Pokémon.

TITLES: The Shiny Psuedo-Legend, The Other Starter, Chief Recruiting Officer
An extremely rare Pokémon that someone named Steven Stone had delivered to Omega very early on in his journey. Beldum hasn’t completely warmed up to Omega yet, but they are exceedingly curious and can often be seen hovering over the shoulder of Omega or their teammates.

The Shiny Metagrossite-holding Beldum can be obtained over the Internet via Mystery Gift until mid-January, and it actually knows useful moves (including Hold Back) rather than just Take Down! Hold Back has proved immensely useful in catching Pokémon, with two other important team members being brought on board thanks to it.

TEAM PROFILE: Falzar the Nuzleaf
TITLES: The Dreamer, Gym Slayer
A young Pokémon Omega met and captured as a Seedot near the beginning of his journey. She has a bashful nature, but despite this, Falzar hides a limitless determination, which is why Omega decided to name her after a ferocious creature of legend. Falzar likes to spar with the rest of the team—her record wasn’t looking so good at first, but now that she’s evolved and learned Razor Leaf, she can usually get the upper hand on Gadunka.

TEAM PROFILE: Icarus the Tailow
TITLE: The Doomed
A Tailow who encountered Omega early in his journey. Omega knew a Flying type would be useful, but feared that he would not keep a Pokémon like Tailow or Wingull on his team for very long, and so was reluctant to catch one. In battle, Bledum expressed this to Icarus, who decided that, even if he might end up in a PC before too long, he wanted to help Omega and the team for as long as he could. Even if he may not get much time with the team, he is determined to enjoy what time he does have.

Icarus had some training in the Petalburg Woods, and is at a decent level. Beldum’s level is a little low, but that’s because they won’t obey me if they go over Level 20 and I want to use them against Brawly, so…they’re holding back for now. It was difficult to train Falzar at first, since she had no usable moves (Bide, Harden, Growth), but that all changed in Rustboro City. By this point, Omega had received the EXP Share, so the whole team was benefitting while Gadunka was sweeping the Rustboro Gym Trainers and their Geodudes. When the last trainer was defeated, Falzar evolved, learning Razor Leaf in the process, so it was decided that she would lead the battle against Roxanne to prove how much she had grown.

She took the Gym Leader down all on her own. She needed a Potion or two, but she absolutely obliterated Roxanne’s Pokémon, earning her the title of Gym Slayer (subject to change). We celebrated as a team, but it seems that shady organization calling themselves Team Magma is up to something, so I should look into that before too long. But…maybe after taking a break to watch Korra and play Smash.

NEW TITLE ACQUISITION: For Omega, "Bearer of the Stone Badge"

When thinking about Omega’s character in all this, I thought that he might wonder if he was going on a Pokémon journey just to follow in his father’s footsteps, and question whether or not this is really want to do. But then, he’d look over at Gadunka and Falzar sparring with each other, with Beldum floating nearby and Icarus perched on Beldum’s back, and the happy feelings that would fill him would be too genuine to deny. He’s on this journey because it’s what he wants. And there you go, the first piece of his identity falls into place.


Ruby Madness Day 0: The Madness Begins (...Soon)

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Nov 20 2014 · 0 views
Ruby Madness
As you may or may not know, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are releasing this Friday! I have Omega Ruby all paid off, and once I pick it up (which I may or may not do at a midnight event) I’ll probably start shirking all my responsibilities to blast through it. However, I thought that this time I’d try to keep a constant log on my progress, and maybe expand my character/team outside of what’s given in the plot because I’m a nerd.

And yes, that title is absolutely necessary.

Once ORAS is out, I’ll try to type an entry daily. I make no promises though. I already have a team in mind, but I guess I won’t know for sure what they’ll be like until we start traveling together. Either way, I look forward to meeting them and exploring the Hoenn region!

And, to get things started off, our first Team Profile.


TEAM PROFILE: Omega the Human
TITLE: The Player Character
Our Player Character, a boy from Littleroot Town ready to set out across the Hoenn region! As of yet, he hasn’t quite found a real sense of identity, and hopes that this journey will help him discover who he is.


A New Challenger?!

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Nov 19 2014 · 0 views

On a more positive note, I received an email from GameStop reminding me that Super Smash Bros is releasing on Friday. It mentioned a few of the playable fighters, including "Greeninja." At first I thought "Oh, it's a typo, they mean Greninja," but then I wondered...what if it isn't a typo?! Could this be a leaked announcement of a new fighter?!

Now, most of you are probably thinking of Ninjago, but no, this is much more surprising. You know who else has a Green Ninja?

Posted Image





Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Nov 19 2014 · 0 views

Today my Japanese teacher informed me that no, high schools in Japan do not actually let students go up to the roof.

This means that literally every single high school anime ever has been lying to us.

I am a broken man.


Pokemon Battles IN SPACE

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Nov 13 2014 · 0 views

So it's been announced that ORAS will have a new story thing called "The Delta Episode". A meteor is on course to collide with the planet, so the protagonist has to stop it.

It seems their method of doing so involves putting on a space suit, riding Rayquaza as it Mega Evolves and shoots into the upper atmosphere, and battling Deoxys.

You get to ride Mega Rayquaza into space to fight Deoxys.

I...I just have no words...


Ocarina of Pokemon

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Nov 08 2014 · 0 views

Pokemon fans may remember #493. Arceus, the creator of the Pokemon universe. (Or maybe just Sinnoh. And Ransei.) Being a promotion-only Mythical Pokemon, its availability is obviously rather scarce, but there's a unique aspect to Arceus's story: the Azure Flute. (It looks a lot like the Ocarina of Time actually, hence the entry title.)

So, if you go through the data for Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, you'll find this item called Azure Flute that was intended to be distributed to players at some point. When you go to Spear Pillar with the Flute in your possession, you will be prompted to play it, and if you select Yes (and why wouldn't you I mean come on), you will summon a glass staircase leading to the Hall of Origin, where you can battle and catch Arceus.

Thing is, the Azure Flute was never released. Arceus itself was distributed later on, but the Flute can only be obtained by using cheat devices. (Which I totally did not do...for real.) Fans aware of this have always wondered why the Flute was never made available, and I just discovered that, in an interview last year, Masuda addressed the matter. He said that while the Flute was their original plan, they changed their mind later on because it would be too confusing for players to use.

...Which is complete nonsense. All you do is go to Spear Pillar. As soon as you set foot there, it automatically prompts you to play the Flute. There's nothing confusing about it, not so long as you can make it to Spear Pillar (which you're required to do in the story anyway) and press a button (which I'm pretty sure is required at least once to complete the game?).

On one hand I'm glad the matter has been addressed formally, but this explanation does not satisfy me. Well, maybe in the 2017 Sinnoh remakes they'll finally distribute an Azure Flute and I can use it without feeling that tinge of guilt...

Oh, and apparently right now Cartoon Network is doing a marathon of Hoenn episodes leading up to the premiere of the Diancie movie this afternoon, so you can check that out if you want.


A Cooking Battle is Approaching

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Nov 05 2014 · 0 views

When I went to Japanese class today, I discovered that one of my classmates had made some (delicious) curry bread to share with us, which led to another classmate deciding that we should all take turns bringing in Japanese dishes for the remainder of the semester. I have about a month to figure out what to bring.

To be clear, my Cooking skill is currently set to level 0 with maybe 10 EXP invested in it.

I think this should be enough time, though, and I really do want to learn how to make stuff. This should be a good motivator. Now I just need to figure out what it is I am going to attempt...I think it should be on the simpler side, since I'm new to this, and hopefully not too expensive. My teacher gave us a website with a lot of Japanese recipes, and I ended up looking through the bento box recipes because I thought those might be easy-ish.

Well, to be more specific, I looked at the charaben, which are boxes where the food is arranged to resemble characters. There were like five different Pikachu boxes and they all look fantastic.

...But, I mean, that's probably a little too complicated, I should start with something easier.

...But, that Eevee box looks really cute, and I could put a different food in each box corresponding to a different evolution method...

Of course I'm really getting ahead of myself considering I still don't know where to even buy seaweed.

Ah, if only I could have one of those "Character X learns to cook!" episodes, even if lots of things go wrong I would end up with something great in the end, and senpai would finally notice me...




Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Oct 27 2014 · 56 views

Oh, yeah, NaNoWriMo is a thing.

...Hm. Since I'm trying to write a novel, I should probably make use of that.

The main point of it is just to keep you motivated, is that correct? I'm just concerned because November is going to present some issues of time and stress, so I don't know if I'll really be able to participate.

I guess, if nothing else, I can try it out this year, and if it doesn't work out then I can take another swing next year. (Or, there's also a summer version I guess?) Since I was saying I wanted to try to finish Divine Strength by the end of the year, this is probably my best chance to do that. Essentially I'm trying to talk myself into this. :P

Well, I have a few days to decide, I'll let you know.

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