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What Bionicle Needs to Bring With It Out of the Past

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 20 2014 · 258 views

-Mega Man Star Force, or a sequel series

-The World Ends With You

-Interesting episodes/chapters of Bleach

-Danny Phantom

-Older Pokemon in the form of more Mega Evolutions. We do not have enough.



-Final Fantasy V, preferably in remake form

-Simplicity in life, no responsibilities, free time to actually play with Bionicle, and the like


If I don't get all these things then I will be very disappointed I mean if we're opening the portal to the past we need to make the most of it.


More Bravely Second News

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 18 2014 · 103 views

There's a demo of the game at TGS! I won't go into everything, but it looks like we will be using (at least initially) a party of four new characters (including Magnolia). Not sure what this means for Tiz, but this could be a good thing. :P

Also, confirmed that Swordmaster will return! They also revealed a Bravely Second new Job: Wizard, which allows characters to mix and match elements and attack types to create a variety of special spells.

So, our list of currently confirmed Jobs is:
-Red Mage
-Time Mage

Jobs new to Bravely Second in bold, newly revealed Jobs italicized. Thinking I'll continue to update this list as we go forward.

And presumably, White Mage and Black Mage, but you know, no technical confirmation so I won't put them on the list yet.

It looks like we will be getting a steady stream of news. This pleases me.


Singing About My Feelings

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 16 2014 · 113 views

My sister let me borrow her Tomodachi Life game so I could make a stupid video

It's here if you want to watch it.


Library #0579

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 12 2014 · 125 views
Personal Collection
Insert remark stressing about whether or not the title is good (which I have been doing an awful lot of lately…)

I figured it was about time I made a proper library. Partially out of convenience, partially to shamelessly promote all of the works I consider relevant all at once. Wait, do people still do libraries…? Ah, whatever, I’m doing a library.

:f: : Stories entered into the Fortnightly Flash Fiction contest when that was a thing. For a collection comprised solely of FFFC stories, click here.
:w: : FFFC entries that won the contest they were entered in.
:m: : FFFC entries that received an Honorable Mention in the contest they were entered in.
:h: : Heretic Stories. After my first FFFC win, I began writing short stories focusing on the Great Disk Matoran with the intention of feeling out their characters and eventually writing an Epic where they all become Shadow Toa. I was a few chapters into that Epic when a virus destroyed all my files, so…that was very discouraging and I have yet to restart. But who knows. For a collection comprised solely of Heretic Stories, click here.
:q: : Stories about the Queens. This idea began in an FFFC entry and has since expanded greatly, to the point where I am currently attempting to write an actual novel based around it. For a collection of the Queen stories and an overview of how the idea has evolved, click here. To see a list of blog posts pertaining to this story (several of which include excerpts from the novel draft), click here.
:m_p: : Poetry. Just feel like I should mark these.
Background: Several stories will have this link sitting next to their title; it will lead you to a blog post where I advertise the story and say a little bit about it.

-A Mind in Darkness: (Review, Background) One of Turaga Nokama’s Kanohi has gone missing from the Ga-Suva. In order to retrieve it, Vhisola must convince Macku to come along with her, an uneasy alliance at best.

Short Stories:
-A Machine’s Philosophy: :f: :m: Mourning the death of the Matoran Universe, Turaga Whenua pays one last visit to Metru-Nui.
-Woe Betide: :f: :m: What was going through the mind of the Av-Matoran building Toa Canisters in Karzahni?
-Bond of Heresy: :f: :w: :h: Stripped of his title, cast out of his universe, and hated by all, Ahkmou must decide what to do next.
-Averted Trial: :f: :w: Kualus and Onua go on a hunt for the Kanohi Dragon.
-Make It Stop: :f: Captured by two Skakdi, a Toa must either endure torture or sell out his allies.
-Abyssal Obsession: :h: Vhisola fears that a classmate is trying to get between her and Nokama, and takes matters into her own hands.
-Risky Acquisition: :f: Hahli takes a swim and finds an unfamiliar Rahi.
-To Those Who Consider Themselves Toa: :f: :m_p: The conflict between Toa and Bohrok could be seen a few different ways.
-Hint to Greatness: :f: :h: An ordinary day for Ehrye leads to something unexpected.
-Shattering the Mask: :f: :h: When Vakama finally shows up, he has surprising news for Nuhrii.
-Cheatsheet: :f: :h: Vhisola is close--so very close--to the end of her list.
-Opportunity for Ambition: :h: Mavrah drags Tehutti off to see his latest discovery, but things take an unexpected turn.
-Jumping Off of a Perfectly Fine Gukko: :h: Kongu devises a new trick for the Gukko Force to practice. Orkahm is firmly against it.
-The Retelling: :m_p: A poem about the parallels between 01 and 06.
-The Blade of Valor: (Background) A priestess is called to take up a legendary weapon, and must make her way to Lewa’s temple in order to slay the monster hiding within.
-Broken Kanohi: :m_p: (Background) A style experiment relating the loneliness of a now-useless mask.

Off-Topic Culture:
-Between Birth and Rebirth: :f: :m: A more pessimistic look at the concept of rebirth.
-A Recluse’s Dilemma: :f: :m: :q: A simple man with a simple problem: though he has two great loves, he can only be with one.
-Magic Hour: :f: Two lovers separated by unfathomable distance reunite on the equinox.
-Preoccupation with Procrastination: :f: A problem we've all faced.
-Despair of the Divine: :f: :q: The Queen of Gravity returns from battle to find her queendom in a shocking state.
-A Recluse’s Dilemma V2: :q: An expanded version of the FFFC entry which delves a little deeper into the Queens’ world.
-Conference of Divinity: :q: Following on the troubling discovery made in “Dilemma V2”, the twelve Queens gather to discuss what must be done.
-Alignment: :q: The alliance of Queens comes together in preparation for whatever lies ahead.


New Bravely Second Job!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 12 2014 · 64 views

For my Bravely Second post on the topic--*shot*

...Actually, that's relevant because the new Job uses guns! The new Job is "Tomahawk", a gun-specialist that apparently will have a lot of support abilities and attacks that can hit all enemies. Sounds neat!

They also announced the Asterisk-holder for this Job: "Amy Matchlock", who comes from a small tribe and can talk to spirits. She also has a really cool spear-axe-gun-bow...thing.

Aside from that, it's been confirmed that Agnes will provide the party with guidance from the lower screen over the course of their quest. I'm taking this to mean she'll do what Airy did on Menus in Bravely Default. Looking less likely that she'll be an actual party member, but...more Agnes, so that'll be nice.

Well, I guess they are hoping to release the game sort of soon, so perhaps this is the beginning of a steady reveal of content leading up to the release, sort of like what's happening with ORAS. We can certainly hope!



Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 10 2014 · 146 views





Too Many Megas?

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 10 2014 · 112 views



MEGA GALLADE HAS A CAPE IT'S SO MAJESTIC! Though, the green helmet looks sort of out of place now, methinks. But bigger badder armblades with flames of esper power streaming out is totally awesome.

Mega Sharpedo. Now none of our battleships are safe. This isn't a Pokemon I've trained or really wanted to train, so not much to say.

My views on Mega Camerupt are similar, it--wait...is that the Team Magma emblem on its face?! That's...wow. Aside from this, it appears to be a very angry footstool. Though maybe it's supposed to look more like a volcanic island. *shrug*

Primal Mascots have named abilities now: Sea of Beginnings and Land of Endings. Guess who has which. We've been told they'll activate "Strong Rain" and "Strong Sunlight" (I thought it was already called that?), which have not been defined, but are probably just the same thing that Rain and Sunlight were before Gen VI.

Also, it was confirmed a short time ago that the moves the Primals are using in trailers are actually new moves, so yay, signature moves for more legendaries! We don't have a name for Primal Kyogre's move yet, but the translation given for Primal Groudon's move is "Cliff's Blade". Sounds pretty cool.

Two months left, eh? They'll probably reveal new stuff via CoroCoro right up to the release.


As Promised, Dear Melon Lord

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 08 2014 · 127 views

Posted Image

An explanation, for those furiouscurious



Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 05 2014 · 141 views

In the end, going with "Mahou Shoujo Mega Man" would have messed up my current naming pattern, so I went with a different Star Force-inspired name instead.

I love Mega Man Star Force. I love it so much.


Mahou Shoujo Mega Man

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 04 2014 · 96 views

The other day I saw a surprisingly, well…surprised reaction to seeing Megaman Star Force classified in the genre of “Magical Boy.” (I mean we all know the official name of the genre is “Magical Girl” but that’s not the point.)

Granted I missed it during my childhood as well, but looking back, Geo Stelar is without a doubt the mahou shoujo Mega Man, I mean look at the facts:

-Young main character meets a non-human entity who gives them the power to transform (with a transformation sequence every single time)
-Follows a Monster of the Week format like 80% of the time
-True power comes from The Power of Friendship

Was I listing aspects of the mahou shoujo genre or Mega Man Star Force? Trick question because they’re the same!!

And now that I’m finally watching Sailor Moon, I kind of want to write a crossover fanfic where Usagi and Geo team up or something and I feel like someone should stop me but it would work

Mahou Shoujo Mega Man dang now I feel like that would make a good screen name

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