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Slowed, But Not Stopped

Posted by Super Fighting Pahrak , Feb 13 2011 · 411 views

School is back at full power, so I have a lot more work piled on me that requires my attention. Because of this, I've had less time to work on my stories.

The last chapter in Sekai seemed like a good "season finale," so I've decided to take a break until I have a few more chapters written. I don't know how often I'll have the opportunity, and having one long break between arcs seemed better than multiple long(ish) breaks between chapters. I'm currently writing Chapter 123. My first thought is to complete all of the Draco-Isle Medallion battles before typing and posting again, but...we'll see.
(Unfortunately, this means it'll be virtually impossible for me to be where I wanted by the second anniversary...well, hopefully the story will be done before summer gets here...)

Some updates for the Orb Index should be coming soon. I have a handful of Orbs ready to be added, so I just need to find the time.

As for Forgotten Bond...well, that hasn't seen much if any progress in some time. I'm right in the middle of chapter 18, but a bit stuck on how to proceed, and with the whole time issue...
I have composed an outline for the rest of the story, though. I still don't know how many more chapters it'll take, but the end is more or less in sight. Can't wait to share it with you guys!

Also...I've been doing a bit of planning and brainstorming on Kako. This mostly involves the Element-Lords--names, numbers, and Spirits. Quite a few familiar faces will be returning, but their rosters of Spirits have been changed.
The other topic I've been thinking about is the new group of Spirits that will be featured in Kako. Book 1 introduced Les Quatre Freres des Lames, Book 2 introduced the Twilight Guardians, and Book 3...well, you'll just have to wait and see. Les Quatre Freres des Lames will have a big part, however--as Vinxeng said at the end of Book 1, there was a Gathering right before the 10th Level Bioni-Lord rose to power, which is the exact time frame where Kako takes place. The Twilight Guardians may not be featured all that much, but odds are they'll make an appearance or two.

The Technic Coliseum tournament is at its final match, so we'll get our new recruits soon!

And for those of you who remember the old Bioni-Lords game and/or would like to see it return...upon becoming a Premier Member, I considered the idea, but I thought that Bioni-Lords would be better as an RPG than a game. So, I modified the concept a bit and produced Bioni-Lords Kaizen, which completely failed in the RPG contest. Since then, however, I've been continuing "Project Kaizen" and trying to create a Bioni-Lords-inspired RPG capable of winning the contest. Kaizen Mk II seemed like it may have stood a chance, but in truth I just didn't like it, so it never saw the light of day. However, about the time of the last contest I got a new idea, and though I didn't finish it in time to enter I took it and ran with it. Project Kaizen Mk III will be entered into the next RPG contest (providing it doesn't have a theme), and I dearly hope it will win some support...

Even on this 'break' I'm still working and planning things for the future. Hopefully, you'll get to see the results soon.

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Question: Will any of my spirits be used in Sekai's end or Kako?

(please use some beg1a.gif)
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Super Fighting Pahrak
Mar 07 2011 11:14 AM
QUOTE(PeriodicTable @ Mar 6 2011, 09:27 PM)
Question: Will any of my spirits be used in Sekai's end or Kako?

(please use some beg1a.gif)

Probably, though I can't be 100% sure what Spirits I'll be using.
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