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Fairly Brief Post

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 30 2012 · 353 views

Just want to mention that I'll be posting three chapters of Forgotten Bond next week--Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I have reasons.

As many people already know, the first two episodes of The Legend of Korra were officially released last Saturday. I'm just here to say that they were awesome and I cannot wait until episodes begin airing regularly.
Related to that, the Avatar Korra Bioni-Spirit I promised: needless to say, with how the fully upgraded Avatar Orbs are, I can't make Avatar Korra until the series ends. However, I am working on a lower level Korra Spirit similar to #480. Avatar. The problem with that is that Korra has yet to begin Airbending, and I can't finish the Spirit until I can give her an Air attack...
But yeah, Korra is awesome. Even if there is trolling in the first episode...

Didn't have time to type up that story fragment I mentioned last week, not sure when or if I'll get to it.
Began putting more thought into writing out Khadaz and Amy's wedding as a short story, kicking around some ideas...trying to imagine what marriage traditions might develop in a warrior society and/or Ga-Isle specifically. Methinks I should do more research.

Also, the other day I got distracted and decided to brainstorm, so now I've thought up surnames for all the Element-Lords. I'll put them online when I get the time, but not sure how often they'll be used in the stories. I think something like "Dragon-Lord Aile" carries more force without a last name...

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Keizah the Kaleidoscope
Mar 30 2012 04:20 PM
Yes, "The Legend of Korra" is looking pretty amazing based on the first two episodes. Tenzen's kids and Bolin completely cracked me up. :D
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Pahrak #0579
Mar 30 2012 05:03 PM
I still have rage towards Ikki for being the intsrument of trolling...I thought she'd be the most hated character among the fanbase, but from what I've seen it looks like Hasook is the target for most people. It confuses me.
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Keizah the Kaleidoscope
Mar 30 2012 08:54 PM
Well, he did kind of sabotage his team by not showing up. Or maybe he was so busy dying his hair that he lost track of the time. :P

...but I see your point about Ikki. It seems to me sometimes that she might be deliberately trying to sabotage Jinora by hogging all the attention. She did redeem herself a bit in the scene where Korra ran off, or at least she indicated that she's not be completely unaware of other's feelings. Still, a little nervous that we might end up with another Azula/Zuko type scenario if she keeps this up. <_<
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Pahrak #0579
Mar 31 2012 09:55 AM
Yeah, but Hasook's absence is what allowed Korra to join the team, so it seems like a good thing in my opinion.
It'll be interesting to see how all the little Airbenders develop as characters. While I do have a grudge towards Ikki, I doubt she'll become Azula-level evil. :P (Although their mother's line about wanting a non-bender child makes me suspicious of her...)
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Keizah the Kaleidoscope
Mar 31 2012 06:03 PM
On that note, I wonder what a "evil" version of Airbending would look like. Obviously for Firebending there's blue flames and Waterbending has a bit of that with Bloodbending. Since the principles of Airbending are so defensive, it's hard to imagine someone abusing it like the other elements. I guess you could have poison or smog, maybe even ozone if they got really good at it.

On that note, I wonder if the equalists are all chi blockers and weapon users, or if they might have a minor energy-bender or two around. They certainly would be a greater threat if they could actually "erase" bending instead of numbing it temporarily. Ooh, and then Korra would have to get in touch with the spiritual side to regain her powers in the finale! :o

On that note...I should end the wild speculation here. :P
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Pahrak #0579
Apr 01 2012 09:53 AM
Hm, smog would be interesting...
I would like to see more of Energybending, since we were never given in-depth info on it, but I believe on Avatar Extras it was stated that only the Avatar can Energybend...*shrug* That's one thing I hope they retcon. :D
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