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Video Games, Mocs, And Weddings

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Apr 06 2012 · 350 views

As usual, I have video game news to report that may or may not concern anyone else.
I believe I previously mentioned Pokemon+Nobunaga's Ambition, the strategy game with Pokemon in feudal Japan? Well they're officially bringing it to America as "Pokemon Conqeust" in mid-June. :D So far it looks like they're leaving the names of the Japanese historical figures alone! *energetic fist pump*
Oh, and the handheld Final Fantasy DDR is coming on July 3rd, and Kingdom Hearts 3D (!!!) is coming here July 31st.
...It's really difficult to avoid spoilers when you've been consuming any and all Kingdom Hearts news for months on end...

Now for BZP-related stuff. Forgotten Bond's final duel is next Tuesday! Also, if you've read Chapter 28, you know about Tahu's new fusion form, Technic Tahu. Well, I did make a MoC of it (ZMoC-10)...but it turned out, ah...less-than-epic. If you still want to check it out, though, here's the gallery.

I've been putting some thought into the story about Khadaz and Amy's wedding (thinking of calling it Eternal Fusion...), and after doing all the math, it turns out they're the last couple in their group to get married. Weird how things turn out...anyway, it'll take place fourteen years before Sekai, in 1307 A.B.L., probably sometime in April/May. I've decided on location, maid of honor, best man, minister, and some traditions for Bioni-Lord weddings and Ga-Isle weddings specifically, including the fact that they won't be using rings. On Ga-Isle, it's traditional to kill a Water Shark (one of the Elemental Animals I need to release more info on...like the Ice Wolves) and put one of its teeth on a necklace, with the first initial of the person you are proposing to carved on it in Matoran (so a Matoran 'A' for when Khadaz proposes to Amy). Then, once the couple is married, they each get a necklace with three Water Shark teeth carved with more Matoran letters: their first initial, the first initial of the person they married, and the first initial of their surname (so Khadaz's necklace has 'K', 'A', and 'I', and Amy's has 'A', 'K', and 'I'). Of course, due to conservation efforts, people aren't allowed to actually kill Water Sharks anymore and need to buy their necklaces at jewelry stores. And yes, this idea was inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender.
After deciding this I began to put some thought into what wedding tokens would be employed on the other islands and the Mainland...haven't decided on too many yet. :P Ta-Isle uses rings, but they have Lava Gems instead of diamonds; Le-Isle uses Air Eagle feathers tucked behind opposing ears (as either an earring or part of a headband); and Av-Isle carves rings out of Lightstones. As for Healer-Isle, I was thinking of turning that over to Keizah...
Anyway, the original idea was to just write up the ceremony, but now I'm thinking I might want to do more, primarily to explain some of the traditions before or after the wedding so that I don't constantly have someone in the audience explaining things as they're happening. I was thinking a chapter of preparations, a chapter for the ceremony, and then a chapter for the reception...but I wouldn't know what Forum to put it in--it's not quite Epic, but it's too serious to be a Comedy...could serialize here in the blog, I suppose. Either that, or just put it all in one Short Story.

*shrug* Well, I'm going to keep working on the wedding story and give you guys updates as I work. And don't worry about VRHS--I promise I'll have it ready in early June!

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Glad you're happy. Hope it turns out better then your wildest dreams.

*Clicks link* I love it! Technic Tahu looks great, I have only one gripe, a bit more HF influence would be great but even without that its at least 7/10-8/10.

I like the name, it fits.
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I see what you did there. :P
Originally I was going to attach Stringer's chestplate to Technic Tahu, but when i tried it out, the results were less than satisfactory. Since I was dealing with 2010 Hero Factory parts, I encountered some difficultly...maybe I should redesign him now with some of the new Hero Factory parts...
Cool, if I can decide on a title then I can refer to it much more quickly than "the story of Khadaz and Amy's wedding"!
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Keizah the Kaleidoscope
Apr 06 2012 04:31 PM
Hm...I figure hands should play a prominent role in Healer-isle weddings, given the significance of the hands in using Healing Palms and presumably the other Forbidden Springs (need to submit names for the other ones eventually...back on topic. :P).

Maybe they would both make an indelible handprint on their spouse's body? :shrugs:
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That would be a pretty interesting tradition...I think I will go with that!
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Where would they leave the handprint?
    • 0
Keizah the Kaleidoscope
Apr 07 2012 08:51 AM
Well, you'd typically want it to be fairly visible, so probably either one of the shoulders or the neck. Guys might choose to have it on their chests, especially given the romantic associations people have with the heart.
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Phoenixian Wraith
Apr 08 2012 08:43 PM
Maybe for Onu-Isle they have bracelets with gems/rare stones that spell out the names of the couples? Might have to invent a few though...
    • 0
I was thinking of doing something similar on Fe-Isle, although it could be a tradition on multiple islands...
    • 0
Got any ideas on what Shade-Isle does?
    • 0
Not a clue. Shadow is so evil, but I don't want their wedding traditions to be evil...
    • 0
Shadow is misunderstood, not evil. Just because all of the villains prefer it doesn't mean that it itself is something bad. Guilt by association is unfair.
    • 0
Yeah, I know, but it's difficult to come up with a non-evil token for something that's usually thought of as evil.
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Phoenixian Wraith
Apr 10 2012 07:06 PM
I think I got the perfect tradition for Shadow - dusk/twilight weddings, kneeling before each other and rope/ribbons that each tie around the others wrist and hand. Okay I mighta picked that outta Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince book but still - sounds pretty good doesn't it?
    • 0
That does sound pretty good, and I guess Bioni-Lords is overdue for a Harry Potter reference. :P I'll consider using that.
    • 0
Phoenixian Wraith
Apr 11 2012 08:28 PM
Beahhahaha, thanks
    • 0
In the Warriors series of books, Shadowclan is often rather suspicious, and is often a source of evil plots and charactets, but is not inherently evil and is often misunderstood. I think this follows a similar vein. :D
I think we dont want to go TOO overboard on the blatant plagiarism, but this is your story. :P
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It's not plagiarism if I point out that it's a reference. :P It's fanfiction, that's what we do!
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Phoenixian Wraith
Apr 14 2012 06:10 AM
Exactly or half the stories on BZP would be removed for Plagarism - prime examples are The Hunger Games, Pohatu & Pals (Potter Puppet Pals) and more that I really can't be bothered thinking of, not to mention the main storyline of Bionicle.

Happily, my fav authors get through.
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True, true. ;)
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