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The Fiftieth Letter

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 13 2012 · 496 views

What? This is my 50th blog entry? Well woo-hoo.
Actually, I do have some semi-interesting stuff to post about.

First of all, I can't believe I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Easter last week!!
Related to forgetfulness, BIONICLE: The Forgotten Bond is officially over. I was considering turning it into a trilogy, but since so few people like it, I'm probably just going to drop it.
Oh, and while The Legend of Korra already has two episodes online, the first two episodes air on TV tomorrow at...10 AM, I think? I'll be more excited next week when they air an episode I haven't seen yet.
And for those of you interested in Pokemon, we FINALLY have info on Black and White 2!! It took them long enough...I have things to say about this, but I think they deserve their own blog entry. Might do a special entry tomorrow.
Tying into that--I think I'm going to go ahead and make the Kyurem Spirit. I can always edit it later...oh, and I was able to complete the Spirits of the summer Hero Factory sets! Due to this, I think I'm going to start on HERO Model 2012...yes, I know it's early, but if the hour-long special is all the story we're getting for this year, why not?
HOWEVER, I don't think I'll have time to put all these Spirits online for a while. It's final project season, so I'll be busy until, oh...the second week of May.
And don't forget: I'm planning to post Kako next Thursday and Friday!! Since I've only typed up to Chapter 4, I think I'm going to try posting one chapter every Friday for now...that should get us up to finals week, and after that I can probably get more typing done. Although I will need to spend time finalizing VRHS for its June release...

Speaking of VRHS, I have updates! First, I finally thought up specific restrictions for those 'special' Spirits:
Exo-Kohrak Kal Abomination, Undead Cicada, Nikila will be treated as 180 FE Spirits, meaning you can't Track them until you're Level 5.
Trynahk will be treated as a 200 FE Spirit.
Exo-Barraki, Seeker of Darkness, Obscura: Angelic Paladin, Freeshooter, Silent Hero, Fading Memory, Luna Diviner, Graceful Assassin, Destined Key, Savage Thunderbolt, Shadow Toa Kopaka, and Locutus cannot be used alongside other Spirits or have their effect activated until you are Level 7.

Also, I came up with some preliminary rosters for the Element-Lords in VRHS, and I wanted to run them by you guys. I should first note that since VR players can fight Fire, Stone, and Earth in any order, and HS can fight Ice, Air, and Water in any order, their rosters are somewhat variable. When dealing with these Element-Lords, whoever you fight first will only use the first Spirit in the roster below; if you fight them second, they'll use the first two; and if you fight them third, they'll use all three. Otherwise, order is not important. Numbers included in case you want to look them up in the Spirit Index.
Fire: #1. Tahu, #1390. Splitface, #1320. Sir Adric
Stone: #3. Pohatu, #1169. Evo 2.0, #1445. Tyranitar
Earth: #5. Onua, #1453. Toa Onepu, #1443. Garchomp
Ice: #7. Kopaka, #28. Toa Nuju, #1298. Nepol
Air: #9. Lewa, #1388. Thornraxx, #178. Zaktan
Water: #11. Gali, #942. Vapor, #860. Blastoise
Jungle: #840. Venusar, #760. Gresh, #799. Vastus, #1458. Petrified Forest, #1268. Frost Lion
Light: HERO Model 2012 (unfinished), #1280. Son Goku, #1243. Melding Teridax, #923. Water Apprentice, #953. RoboRider Nui
Shadow: #1240. Heartless Composer, #1387. Black Phantom, #1270. Toa Akhmou, #648. Makuta Miserix, #618. Mu Warrior
Psionics*: #1441. Shiki, #485. Suletu, #955. Orde, #710. Noise Fox, #1311. Danju
Steel: #1401. Mountain Warrior, #956. Zaria, #1325. Lunar Convoy, #1377. Frenzied Swordsman, #1379. Omega
Thunder: #1385. Surge 4.0, #1442. Thunder Lion, #954. Chiara, #1214. Fleeting Flash, #1278. Zekrom
Rahaga: Stringer 4.0 (not on the list yet), #378. Zodiakai, #1001. Ikhav Warrior, #742. Chronicler 08, #229. Jovan, #1253. Perfect Program, #1302. Avatar Roku
Dragon: #500. Ryurei, #1378. Shinryu, #1460. Singing Dragon (with a 180 FE host Spirit), #744. Crimson Dragon, #240. Kardas Dragon, Kyurem (unfinished), #682. Lance Dragon

*Because of how Shiki works, I'm not sure if I should just have the Psionics-Lord summon the other Spirits in her roster, or give her several other Spirits to use for this purpose. Any preferences?
On a side note...I was thinking that the Dragon-Lord may just start with Crimson Dragon and keep using Noise Change on each of her Spirits until they were all transformed into Parasite types. Of course, that could be unfair...any thoughts on that?

Oh, and in case anyone's wondering about the Petrified Forest Spirit, I didn't like the Hero Factory combiners this year and decided to make my own. ZMoC-15 Petrified Forestis a combination of Evo 4.0 and Rocka 4.0. He has a crossbow, a plasma shooter, a tank arm, toxic resistant armor, Hex Shield technology, and projectile Hero Cuffs that can extend from his arm, lock onto the target, and pull them in so Forest can kick, punch, or throw them.

I think that about covers it. I probably will make that Pokemon Black and White 2 post tomorrow...

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Chroma Champion JiMing
Apr 13 2012 10:30 AM

    • 0
Pahrak #0579
Apr 13 2012 11:20 AM
Well...I'll consider going through with a Forgotten Bond sequel. I'll probably put the idea for it in a future blog entry and see what responses I get before making my final decision.
    • 0
Phoenixian Wraith
Apr 14 2012 06:07 AM
Wewt I can't wait for Kako!~!

And I thought Shiki was Gold Lion Shiki from One Piece =P
    • 0
Pahrak #0579
Apr 14 2012 09:20 AM
I hope Kako will live up to the expectation.
I guess that's to be expected when TWEWY is so obscure, haha
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I think the Psionics-Lord should have other spirits to summon.

As for the Dragon-Lord using Noise change to turn all her other spirits into parasites I'm all for it! But Noise Change has only one use.
    • 0
Pahrak #0579
Apr 16 2012 09:01 AM
Oh...it does only have one use...I should've known that. Hm, perhaps I should undo that so the Dragon-Lord can make a super dragon...
    • 0
Keizah the Kaleidoscope
Apr 16 2012 09:11 AM
Yeah, I'm all for the Psionics-lord being a summoner.
    • 0
Pahrak #0579
Apr 16 2012 09:29 AM
Hm, now I just need to set aside some Spirits for her to summon...will be much easier one the new KH comes to America and I can make Dream Eater Spirits...
    • 0
And Crimson Dragon is Rahaga/Shadow element so you would have to change that too.
    • 0
Pahrak #0579
Apr 16 2012 05:44 PM
...You'd think I would pick up on these things...
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