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50 Reasons to Love The World Ends With You, Part 5

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 31 2012 · 362 views

41. This may not appeal to everyone, but those of us who have played Final Fantasy will catch a few references throughout TWEWY. The material pins (Orichalcum, Adamantite, etc) are named after Final Fantasy items, there are a number of pins named after summons (Tin Pin Bahamut, Tin Pin Shiva, etc) that you get from encounters with characters who just happen to share names with Square employees, and then there's Minamimoto's "Lv. i Flare" (though that takes too long to explain). Think of these as a bonus for Square Enix fans--a sign that they really do love us.

42. The enemies in the game, Noise, are collections of negative energy driven purely by instinct, attacking Game players and possessing humans. They take the form of various animals with specific parts of their body replaced with tribal tattoos, giving them a familiar yet strange feel with intricate designs. Noise are named after various genres of music--J Popguin, Carcinoska, Grunge Wolf--so those who are really into music get an extra bit of enjoyment from browsing the names of these creatures. The Noise are more than interesting enough to make you want to hunt down each and every one to fill out your Noise Report, and you won't be able to rest until you've seen every last one.

43. There are several rare Noise that serve as optional bosses, specially-colored symbols that appear in fixed locations on fixed days. The first of these is the Progfox, and it's a fascinating creature. This fox has the ability to transform into a variety of other Noise, several unique forms with their own special attacks, and even a duplicate of Neku wearing a fox mask! As the battle goes on, Progfox begins to grow more tattoo tails, growing stronger with each one. When he grows his ninth tail, he executes an unavoidable cinematic attack where he transforms into a giant armored dragon and uses Final Fantasy's infamous Mega Flare attack. Progfox may not be among the strongest Noise in the game, but he is hands-down one of the most interesting for his variety of attacks.

44. During Week 2, a new type of Noise is introduced: Taboo Noise, dark variations of the already fearsome creatures who have greater strength and far greater defense. While scanning for Noise symbols to fight, most will just float around until you touch them, but Taboo Noise symbols will home in on you and force you to fight them in grueling battles you are unable to escape from. The worst thing about Taboo Noise is that your attacks will barely scratch them unless you are holding the "light puck" that flies back and forth between the two playable characters, prolonging the time it takes to erase them and giving them more chances to erase you. And that's not even considering that there are several Taboo Noise bosses...

45. As you might expect, the final boss, Draco Cantus, is a sight to behold: a six-headed hydra who attacks continuously with devastating abilities from every direction. This fearsome foe is beautifully designed, and just looking at him is enough to tell you that this really is the final battle. The circumstances of this creature's creation are unique, making the battle itself equally different from the norm in a way that might make you nervous at first--don't worry, though, those characters you think can't help you will prove to be not-so-helpless after all. And, as everyone knows, a boss like this has to go out with a bang, but I can't detail it here because it's something you just have to see.

46. Square Enix has a thing for "friendly enemies"--the Magic Pots in Final Fantasy, the White Mushrooms in Kingdom Hearts, and the Pig Noise in TWEWY. In fixed locations you will encounter oddly-colored Noise symbols that will send you into "battle" with one of these quirky foes, who (with the exception of the Pig Butoh) won't launch a single attack. Instead, Pig Noise will immediately head for the far edge of the screen, and if they reach it, they will escape the battle and leave you looking foolish. It might not sound too difficult, but most Pig Noise have special twists--illusory duplicates, invisibility, appearing in a group that needs to be erased in a specific order...things like that. Of special note are the Pig Carol, who can only be damaged by one specific Pin that changes each time you encounter them, and one little piggy who can only be erased by closing the DS system at just the right time. Still, hunting them down is more than worth it--they all drop special Pin rewards, and erasing them all is necessary for collecting the Secret Reports. They don't respawn, though, so once you turn them all into sausage, you won't ever get to encounter the Pig Noise ever again...

47. As mentioned earlier, Another Day has some secrets hidden in it, one of which is Pork City. Pork City is a tower in the corner of Shibuya that is visited briefly at the end of Week 2, but can only be fully explored in Another Day. Each floor is tied to a specific brand, and you can only use Pins of that brand (or unbranded pins) in battle. You will be required to fight several normal Noise battles culminating in an encounter with Pig Noise before clearing the way to the next floor, and erasing the Pigs here is the only way to get them in your Noise Report. Clear all 13 floors and you're done, right? Not quite...

48. On the roof of Pork City, you'll run into a little Noise by the name of Panthera Cantus. Who's Panthera Cantus? Oh, nobody, just the single most powerful boss in the entire game. Thankfully, any brand of Pin can be used on the roof, but even with a perfected set of Pins you're going to need to pray, pray, and pray if you want to beat this guy. If you're easily frustrated, you may want to avoid this Noise, but at the same time...beating him gets you a great Thread, he may drop one of the best Pins in the game, you need to win to complete your Noise Report, and destroying him (possibly on Hard) is necessary for getting the last Secret Report. If you do decide to give this a try, then I wish you the best of luck.

49. When you beat the game, things don't really make a whole lot of sense. However, when you go to the newly-unlocked Chapters menu, each day will have a list of 3-4 tasks for you to complete, some of which are straight-forward, some of which are riddles. But if you're able to complete all the tasks for the day, you unlock the corresponding Secret Report, which gives a wealth of new information to help you understand the game in-depth. With 7 days X 3 weeks + Another Day adding up to 22 Secret Reports, you may think collecting them all will take a long time, but it goes more quickly than you think until you have to defeat Panthera Cantus. If you can get them all, the game makes a lot more sense, plus it unlocks a bonus scene after the credits. The Secret Reports are definitely worth the trouble, but there's no shame in finding them online--especially the one you need to beat Panthera Cantus to get.

50. Well, we've reached the end of the list, and it only seems fit to save the best for last. The World Ends With You isn't just a great game, but it also has a great message that is almost impossible to not pick up. There are a few different ways to phrase it, but I'm just going to quote Mr. H on this one: "The world ends with you. If you want to enjoy life, expand your world. You gotta push your horizons out as far as they'll go."

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