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Yep, Spoiler Season Has Definitely Started

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 20 2012 · 323 views

Well, I'm back from both Isshu and Pennsylvania. (I've been playing a lot of Pokemon White 2 and I went to Pennsylvania for a family event.) I'm in that awkward phase of post-story play where all my potential opponents are either too weak or too strong...
And if you're wondering about my team: Serperior, Keldeo, Genesect, White Kyurem, Gigalith (all Level 72), and Chandelure (Level 74).

Believe it or not, I actually managed to update the Spirit Index! The list now goes to 1573--new Spirits are mostly from Rockman.EXE, although one of them is from TWEWY. I also updated Exo's Desk with a link to "Fantasy Fanfiction That's Less Than Fantastic," and brought the Elemental Rarity article up-to-date.

I'm actually quite glad I was offline for the period of time immediately following BZP's article about how Bionicle's future couldn't be confirmed one way or the other. Anything to escape being sucked back into the debate that tore our fandom apart and makes me ashamed to identify as a Bionicle fan...

The other big news is that Spoiler Season has officially kicked off! What's Spoiler Season? I'm glad you asked! You see, the release of a new wave of Lego sets happens in four stages:
Stage 1--The Leak Stage. Also known as Spoiler Season, this is when pictures of the new sets get scattered about the Internet, and despite the fact that they're really very easy to find we aren't allowed to talk about them on BZP out of respect for Lego.
Stage 2--The Announcement Stage. Lego officially announces the new wave, releasing the leaked pictures with slightly better quality and perhaps giving us a few tidbits of info. This is when we're able to start talking about it here on BZP.
Stage 3--The Sightings Stage. Sets begin popping up at random stores here and there, with some BZP member scrambling to report their sightings and the rest scouring their local stores to no avail.
Stage 4--The Widespread Availability Stage. Sets become very easy to locate and obtain. The transition between Stages 3 and 4 is gradual, but a good indicator that we've reached Stage 4 is when the sets become available on the Lego website.

Since we're still in Stage 1, I won't talk about the next wave yet. But Bioni-Lords readers may be interested to know that I have gotten a headstart on the relevant Bioni-Spirits.

Also for Bioni-Lords readers, I have finished writing Kako 32 and will begin editing/typing it today. I can't be sure when it will be ready to be posted, but it shouldn't be too long, so keep your eyes out!

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