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Pahrak Productions 2013 Preview

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Dec 01 2012 · 367 views

Bioni-Lords Book 3: Kako
-Le-Isle: After their harrowing experience with the King of Kohrak, our heroes make it to Le-Isle with new power, believing themselves to be ready for any threat.  That belief will be tested when they encounter a boy of mysterious heritage who leads them in an investigation of a haunted castle.  What is more dangerous: the monster said to stalk the halls, or the Shadow Consortium’s experiments to create a brand new Element?
-Ga-Isle: As Valxan continues his crusade against the Suit Bosses, the Shock Trooper Division sets their sights on the island of Water.  Its goal: the total annihilation of Ga-Isle and everyone on it!  With an agent capable of blasting the whole place to smithereens, does the Water-Lord stand a chance?
-Flora-Isle: There can be no more doubt—Les Quatre Frères de Lame are gathering, meaning a disaster is not far away!  An ancient tribe on the island of Jungle may have some answers, but their mysterious leader has ordered they stay mute.  Who is it keeping our heroes in the dark: the Consortium in disguise, or something else entirely?
-Healer-Isle: Tragedy strikes on Flora-Isle!  An emergency trip to Healer-Isle is one character’s only hope, but even the best doctors in the world may not be enough.
Bioni-Lords: Story of the Violet Rose
A mean-spirited girl, desperate to escape her boring life, crosses paths with a villain obsessed with legends.  Will she care enough to stop him, or sit by as he awakens a long-forgotten evil?
Bioni-Lords: Story of the Honored Soul
A lonely child sets out on her journey, but ends up in the way of a man gathering strange artifacts.  Is his plan to draw out the Archaic Spirits madness, or a recipe for disaster?
Other Possibilities:
(These are still just ideas; I may not actually go through with any of them, but I see no harm in tossing them in here.  If you have any questions or see one that sounds interesting, please speak up!)
Creation For Creation’s Sake
The Hapori—entities of fantastic power created by the Great Beings and then left without purpose.  Can the newest addition to their ranks cope with this empty existence, or will he lose himself in pursuit of answers?
Legend of the Makoki Stones
The story of Dragon Ball Z, the world of Bionicle.  A young warrior named Tahu gets drawn into a hunt for the magical Makoki Stones, racing against the evil Teridax!  When the mythical Bahrag is summoned, will it grant Teridax’s wish for ultimate power?
Untitled 1
Three Toa guarding a village on the Northern Continent come under attack from a Vortixx wielding a rusty sword imbued with the power of Poison.  Barely surviving, they discover the trial is not over—more warriors are on their way, each wielding a shadowy Mangaia Blade!  Can this small group of Toa defeat villains with the power of some of the most dangerous Rahkshi?
Untitled 2
In a timeline without heroes, new weapons are constructed to protect the Matoran: Exo-Vahki, powerful mecha designed to fend off any evil!  But in order to activate the Exo-Link System, the Matoran pilots must put aside their differences, else a looming darkness will obliterate them all.

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Keizah the Kaleidoscope
Dec 05 2012 12:03 PM

Hm...Soul sounds a little like the Geo Stelar of the series (lonely, a little passive).  I'm looking forward to seeing you write more morally ambiguous characters, namely Rose.   :D


As for Kako news, yay for the context of the creepy mansion from the preview!  Plus, it sounds like the visit to Healer-isle won't feel as forced this time around.  Not to say that it was bad last time, but I do recall you saying that it was hard to write that part in Sekai.

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Pahrak #0579
Dec 05 2012 02:34 PM

I'm also looking forward to see how Rose turns out.  Hopefully she'll be quite a bit different than the main characters we're used to.

The trip to Healer-Isle will be completely necessary this time around--I was sure to time a specific event right around when that island would be accessible so that it would make sense with the plot.

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