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Pokemon Bohrok Challenge

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jan 05 2013 · 469 views

This is a wierd idea I thought of the other night. For this “challenge,” you must decide on a set team of six Pokemon to use through the game with types corresponding to the Bohrok, with the Bohrok names being used as the Pokemon’s nicknames.
Tahnok: Fire
Pahrak: Rock
Nuhvok: Ground
Kohrak: Ice
Lehvak: Poison
Gahlok: Water
The Pokemon can have secondary types, but their secondary types cannot be the primary type of another Bohrok Pokemon. Secondary types can overlap. You may catch other Pokemon for Pokdex, trading, HM Slave, or catching purposes, but you cannot use them for any major battles. Bohrok Pokemon can have moves of any type, but must have at least one move of their primary type. If a Pokemon evolves into a Pokemon with a primary type, or if it currently has the primary type of another Bohrok but loses that type through evolution, you can use it as a Bohrok so long as you evolve it.
Other possible additions could be:
-using a female player character named after one of the Bahrag
-catching one or two Dragon Pokemon and naming them after the Bahrag; these Pokemon can be used in major battles so long as you keep the levels of all Bohrok Pokemon from falling behind
-naming non-Bohrok Pokemon (such as HM Slaves) after Krana or Bohrok Va
-not missing a single trainer (“Clean it all.”)
-anything else you may want to throw in

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