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What to Look Forward to in Technic Coliseum

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 04 2013 · 1,403 views

I’m pretty excited that the first Technic Coliseum tournament has started!  Not only do I get to see you guys go all-out and give you free Widgets, once the tournament is over I’ll be releasing some new items and upgrades!  I wanted to give you a sneak peak so that you can budget your tournament winnings:
-Core Transfer isn’t quite as big a boost as Energized Protodermis, so I added a new ability bonus.  Now 2.0 Heroes have the option to limit themselves to taking just one item into battle in order to force the opponent to do the same. (And no, the price won’t increase.)
-Poor RoboRiders, they’ve been pretty neglected thus far.  They need an upgrade!  For 30,000 W you can give them an OS Update, transforming them into a RoboRider OS (Optimal Setting).  It boosts all stats by one and has the same training bonus ability as Core Transfer and Energized Protodermis.  In addition, when a RoboRider OS uses a Wheel Talisman, its power will be calculated based on whichever stat is highest—if you’ve focused solely on increasing your Rider’s toughness, then his Wheel will use the toughness stat to determine its effectiveness.
-I’m not going to leave out the Slizers!  The new Meteor Armor (30,000 W) provides the standard stat boost and training bonus, and if your new Cosmic Slizer doesn’t bring any stat-boosting items into battle, you get to boost any one stat.
-Since these will level the playing field, the price of Energized Protodermis will drop to 30,000 W.
-After some Visorak-wrangling, the Coliseum now has a cache of Hordika Venom for sponsors to purchase for 30,000 W.  Injecting your fighter with this substance will prevent them from being able to raise their mind stat, but when training for any other stat they’ll earn a bonus stat point!
-If your fighter gets tired of not being able to increase his/her mind or just want to be their old self again, we’ll give them Keetongu’s Cure for 20,000 W.
-New for Toa: Kanohi Suletu!  For 8,000 W you’ll be able to remove the opponent’s edge in mind.  When this Kanohi is used, both fighters’ mind stats will be added together and then divided in two.  The resulting value will be used as the mind stat for both fighters.
-Some new Slizer items: Lava Stone to greatly decrease the agility of flying opponents, Air Pearl to raise resistance to special powers, Liquid Plasma to block one attack per battle, and Electric Atoms to temporarily paralyze the foe once per battle.  Each of these costs 7,000 W.
-A few new things for RoboRiders too: Firewall to block one attack per battle, and CreateRoads.EXE, which allows a RoboRider to create platforms beneath their wheels and essentially drive on air.  Both cost 7,000 W.
-Heroes will be able to purchase Wing Boosters for 7,000 W, allowing them to fly in battle.  Also, for 15,000 W they can pick up a Feral Circuit that, when activated in battle, alters their stats to resemble a specific animal.  For those available in the 3.0 line the animal the stats will mimic should be obvious; for the other three, negotiations will be in order.
-We’re also adding items that any fighter can use!  The Camouflage Badge (5,000 W) will boost evasion in battle, while the Vahki Staff (7,000 W) will temporarily disorient the opponent and reduce their mind stat.  On top of that, we’re also getting our first batch of Rahkshi Staffs!  This group includes Slow, Illusion, Darkness, Density Control, Accuracy, Sleep, and Insect Control. (5,000 W for Slow, 8,000 W for Insect Control, 7,000 W for the other five.  We won’t be getting all 42 Rahkshi Staffs, but we will get a few more after the next two tournaments to bring the total to 21.  I hope you’ll look forward to it!)

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Van Hohenheim
Mar 04 2013 10:25 AM

can't wait :D

    • 0
Progenitus Worldsoul
Mar 04 2013 12:39 PM

Can I stack Meteor Armor and Hordika Venom, and then choose the bonus in mind? And the Vahkhi staff too, 'cause of course.



Also, since Heroes got Feral circuit, Slizers will soon be getting the 15000 W Motorcycle Mode item, Right?

    • 0
What about the poor Toa?
    • 0
Progenitus Worldsoul
Mar 04 2013 01:51 PM

You guys have a bunch of Kanohi, cheaper Energized Protodermis, and come with your elemental powers already there. so rargh.

    • 0
Pahrak #0579
Mar 04 2013 01:58 PM

Yes, you can use the Meteor Armor to boost mind even while under the effects of Hordika Venom, and you can still use the Vahki Staff.

I wasn't planning on a Motorcycle Mode, as I'm not sure exactly what that would enable.

As for the Toa, they do currently have a much wider selection of exclusive items for purchase, and the fact that they have Elemental powers to start is a reasonable advantage.  More Kanohi will become available in the future, but most of the upcoming items will be available for all fighters (including Toa).

    • 0
Progenitus Worldsoul
Mar 04 2013 02:04 PM

Yeah, I was just kidding with the Motorcycle mode.

    • 0
Pahrak #0579
Mar 04 2013 02:10 PM

If the Feral Circuit becomes a "gamebreaker", I will come up with equivalents for the other fighters, but not all of the stat changes it brings are positive (hint hint).

    • 0
Phoenixian Wraith
Mar 04 2013 03:35 PM


    • 0
Canis Lycaon
Mar 04 2013 03:36 PM

I will definitely get the Electric Atoms. Maybe a Rahkshi staff.

    • 0
Samus Aran-Bounty Hunter
Mar 04 2013 03:56 PM

All seems quite cool to me.

One thing, however: for the Core Transfer's upcoming limiting ability, do weapons count as an item, do only Reforged weapons count, or do only items bought from the store?


    • 0
Pahrak #0579
Mar 04 2013 04:05 PM

Basic/Reforged weapons are not affected, only items bought from the store.

    • 0
Chroma Champion JiMing
Mar 04 2013 06:46 PM

I am very much looking forward to the Wing Boosters and the Feral Circuit. Now if I could procure the funds for both...

    • 0
Keizah the Kaleidoscope
Mar 04 2013 11:02 PM

Yeah, I kinda figured that this update would include some items to make flight less broken.  Oh well, just more reason to develop some new strategies for Electro.

    • 0

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