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This Post is 99% E3 Thoughts

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 15 2013 · 218 views

But first, I actually managed to update the Bioni-Lords Spirit Index after all this time!  It's a very Technic Coliseum-inspired update, with FanonRiders and Cosmic Slizers and RoboRiders OS.  No word yet on if this has motivated me to actually kick myself back into writing the darn thing, but...
Anyway, E3.  You’ve probably all heard the news.  I’m just gonna mention the stuff I care about.
I kinda had a neutral opinion about the idea of a new Smash Bros, but now that Mega Man is going to be in, I’m buying it.  Even if I’m not that familiar with Classic Mega Man, I was worried about him and his franchise, so seeing him do something like this is quite a relief.  Also looking forward to Wii Fit Trainer becoming the lethal joke character.
Originally I wasn’t paying attention to Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but now that it’s Final Fantasy XV I guess I will. *shrug*
Development on Kingdom Hearts III has begun.  Keywords: “development” and “begun.”  It still probably won’t be out for a while, but that’s okay.  At least I know which platform to buy for it.  As for my emotions on this…they’re complicated, but you’ve probably heard my rant on that before, and it’s not important.  But I do want to know why Sora has the Master Keeper.  Also Kairi should be playable.  Or at the very least, finally become the super-awesome superwoman we’ve always known she can be.
A ton of new Pokémon news!  Game Freak has been so generous these past few months.  New features and new Pokémon are always interesting to see—Talonflame and Noivern in particular look like something I might put on my team.  The Fairy-type…I have no complaints about the new type being “Fairy,” actually, but the idea of bringing in a new type is something I’ve never been particularly open to.  Also, I’m not sure I agree with weakening Dragon.  I actually think Steel, if anything, needs some more weaknesses.  Meh, I’ll get over it.  Also interesting to see that the player character of the opposite sex appears, but apparently they lose their hat when not serving as the playable character.  I know hats are the symbol of main character status in Pokémon, but…
Was hoping for something The World Ends With You related, since the teaser image in the iOS remake was revealed last August and they haven’t given us anything else since.  But I‘ll be patient.  Hey, I was always okay with the possibility of no sequel since TWEWY stands on its own so well, but with that teaser image there’s gotta be something in the works…right?

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