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Divine Record

Posted by Super Fighting Pahrak , Sep 11 2015 · 1,285 views

Divine Strength Personal Collection
This is a collection of stories and relevant blog posts for an idea of mine with the working title Divine Strength. It is a work in progress with a lot of work remaining, and some of what you see over the stories will include elements that were later changed or altered, so please forgive any contradictions you may find. I will definitely update the story section, but the blog post section may remain as it is—I haven’t decided yet.

Blog Posts: (Some include excerpts from early drafts of the intended novel, they will be labelled with (Ex))
-On the Subject of the Queens
-An Audience With the Queen of Light (Ex)
-A Day in the Life (Ex)
-One Queen to Another (Ex)
-Progress with the Queens (Ex)
-Ah, Yes, the Queens…
-The Twelve Queens (Ex)
-Pahrak Finally Posts Another Story
-I’m Glad to Have Fiction Writing Back
-Fiction Writing Class Continues
-Do Flashbacks Work with Reincarnating Characters?
-Revising the Backstory

-A Recluse’s Dilemma: An FFFC entry that inspired the idea; not relevant to later iterations and only included for completion’s sake.
-A Recluse’s Dilemma V2: A rewrite of the previous piece, longer and with more details on the Queens’ world. This is where I decided to pursue the concept separately.
-Conference of Divinity: A draft for a scene where all the Queens met, used to establish how many Queens would be present. The number has since been reduced.
-Alignment: A piece following Conference, establishing the queendom of Roche and some backstory for its Queens that is focused upon in several later pieces.
-Despair of the Divine: A piece presenting a first-hand account of part of the backstory summarized in Alignment.
-Divine Strength: Prelude: A draft of the prologue and first chapter of the novel.
-Divine Clash: A longer, more detailed showing of War’s attack on Roche.
-Mending: Takes place after Alignment and attempts a resolution at the conflict between the Queens of Roche.
-Goddess of Evolution: Set nearly a year after Divine Clash, showing some of that piece’s consequences and looking a little more closely at the Queen of War.
-Beyond Ruin: A series of pieces set at a turning point in the Queens' history, aiming to flesh out their characters.

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