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My NEW Worst Idea Ever

Posted by Super Fighting Pahrak , Nov 01 2017 · 359 views

You thought RoboRiders Mafia was a bad idea, get a load of this.

Glinch Festival

Every player gets assigned one of four species from Galidor, and then each round they target another player and say which of their limbs they want to swap. So Player A can target Player B’s Left Arm, and boom, they switch Left Arms. The goal is to end up with one limb from every species.

Plus maybe one or two Royals inserted who are wild cards, one of their limbs can be counted as any other species you need.

Not sure if the game would end when one player does this or each player “wins” when they do or if we have a deadline and see how many players can achieve this by the end of the game (or how many times/how long it lasts).

Probably no point in doing this. Though if what I glimpse in the BZP Tweets sidebar is any indication, ironically liking Galidor might be cool right now.

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Nov 01 2017 11:04 PM

It feels a lot like Pit.

Would it be turn based? There should be consequences for each limb of each type. Like each one gives some sort of buff or nerf that allows hilarity to ensue.


Maybe have another goal in mind that the Glinching is in pursuit of?


Because this sounds like good stupid fun.

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Super Fighting Pahrak
Nov 01 2017 11:39 PM

I've never heard of that until just now but yeah it...looks kind of similar.


I was thinking there would be rounds of, like...three days?  And people can post (or maybe PM) as many times as they want during that round, but the actions all take place in order so by the time you go to take someone's arm it might have already changed to a different arm.


I was considering abilities for certain limbs (Siktari legs give super speed, Amphibib legs give super jumping, Aquart arms give...suction cups...and my fourth pick, Wexer, I have no clue on but it should probably be arms), though I haven't put much thought into how those would play out.


Hmmm, maybe at the end of each round players fight Gorm and the synergy or variety of their limb abilities measure how well they do against him?  Though if I go with something that serious I should take "Festival" out of the title.

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Nov 02 2017 10:47 AM

The idea that people's limbs could have changed in between their request and their actual turn is hilarious. I just feel like there needs to be some narrative coating around it, so it's not just "Round 2, TMD now has Pahrak's arm and Pahrak has Bob's leg."


Fighting Gorm may be a little hardcore. Could it be a feat of strength or something silly? Like a Tough Mudder style competition? Think that Drone Racing game from forever ago.

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Super Fighting Pahrak
Nov 03 2017 09:39 PM

After putting some thought into it (my gosh I put actual thought into this), here are some revisions:


-Players sign up and then I randomly assign species to each of them, and list those species next to their names on the player list.  The four species will be divided equally, with 1-3 Royals if the number isn’t divisible by 4.

-Participants of the Glinch Festival wear loose-fitting cloaks.  The head can be seen so others can still recognize a person and tell what species they are, but their limbs cannot be seen, so when you ask that Aquart to Glinch his left arm to you, you might end up with a Wexer arm instead.

-At the start of each round, I’ll announce one of four challenges: Foot Race, Swimming Race, Written Exam, and Cooking Contest.  Each species has an affinity for one of these challenges—respectively, they are Siktari (because they go fast, probably because they’re blue), Aquart (because they’re fish men or something), Amphibib (they’re psychic, don’t know why having their limbs would play into this but who cares), and Wexer (they are living plants and so know what plants make good spices and stuff, it could get dark).

-After the challenge is announced, each player can then PM who they want to Glinch with and which limb they are glinching; each of them only gets one shot.  When that’s done, the challenge occurs, and everyone’s performance is determined.  I’m thinking I’ll RNG a number 1-6, which will determine the number of points they get (100-600), but for every limb of the species specializing in this skill they will get a point multiplier.  1 limb multiplies points x1.25, 2 limbs multiples x1.5, 3 limbs is x1.75, and all 4 limbs multiples x2.

-Royals probably won’t be identified on the player list, they’ll likely be disguised as another species.  If someone possesses a Royal limb, it automatically counts as a limb from the specialist species no matter what the event is.

-The order of challenges will be determined randomly.  After four rounds we’ll have done each one, so maybe then I’ll repeat them all once in either the same or reverse order.

-I hate myself more than I did yesterday.

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Nov 03 2017 10:33 PM


One addition: The challenges should be a combination. So that way if someone has all the specialist limbs, they still wanna swap (so cooking would be fish guy and plant guy)


    • 1
Super Fighting Pahrak
Nov 04 2017 11:11 AM

Ah, I see.  And if I do that I can come up with more unique challenges using the other combinations and we won't have to repeat any.  I'll do that!

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Interesting idea. Some of my thoughts. (Because OMG now I'm putting thought into this.)

The current game idea sounds like a lot of the decision making will be thru PM, which makes the game topics boring. (It's one reason I was never super fond of the Hitmen games I played.) What if you made players vote on who's limb they were swapping, on a first come first serve basis. But you keep the species of the players a secret... and you only tell them the type of limb they're getting privately through PM. So they player will only know the species of another player after they've taken a limb from them.

And perhaps you don't publicly specify which arm / leg you're taking, so you have a random option of left or right. That way, if Person A took an arm from Person B, then they would have an A arm and a B arm, and if Person C took an arm the next turn, they wouldn't know if which arm they were getting, thus giving them a false impression of A's race if they get a B arm.

Then you could have challenges that could hint towards a specific character's race if they win. Or maybe mystery limbs for each species, like a tail or a horn or a third arm. Or that having two or three royal limbs starts to poison the user, making it important to diversify and not just continuing to swap with the Royals. And is there a way you could protest a swap?

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Super Fighting Pahrak
Nov 05 2017 08:40 PM

The PM focus was something I was worrying about, and that does sound like a good way to fix it.  Plus, updating limbs like that, I can give them a complete inventory each time (You have an Aquart arm, a Wexer arm, and two Siktari legs), which negates the possibility of people forgetting what their current status is.


The random right or left could be interesting, but since it would also affect whether the player would be losing their right or left, it might end up proving a little extra counterproductive to the strategy they’re building.  Then again, this is likely to be so chaotic that any strategy will fall apart in seconds, so perhaps I’m just overthinking.


Extra limbs sounds interesting, but it also sounds like a lot more work, so I think I’m going to skip that.  Drawbacks for Royal limbs is also a very good idea that I’ll try out.  I wasn’t thinking there would be a way to protest a swap—since this is being portrayed as a festival it could just be a rule that “someone tags you, you have to do the Glinch they ask for”.  I suppose there could be some sort of item that allows you to refuse a swap, though it’d need to be one-use, I’d need to figure out how to distribute them, and that brings up the question of if the person asking loses their action for that round or if they get to do it again…plus after that, then someone else could just make the exact same request.  Maybe an alternative could be just the opportunity to skip a round altogether, preventing anyone from targeting you but also giving up your own action for that round and going onto the next challenge without changing your limbs at all?

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Nov 29 2017 02:52 AM

God, I'm posting in a three week year old thread just to say that, with my limited knowledge of the Galidor verse, this whole glinching thing sounds like a nightmarishly thorny arena for the issue of consent and sharing and wow this was actually a really dark world no wonder lego stoppedmaking galidor maybe the cruddy sets were a cry for help i dunno it is 3am i should sleep

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Super Fighting Pahrak
Nov 29 2017 06:11 PM

From what I can remember, I'm 90% sure both parties had to agree to the trade.  I believe the backstory says that Gorm did steal most of Nick's Royal Glinch-whatever-you-want-without-trading Power when he was young, but that's the most nefarious thing I can recall.


In other news, this game is probably happening, just not super soon.  I have a project I'm aiming to get off the ground in December, plus I'm participating in the Fanfic Exchange, and I should probably try to come up with something to show for my Olkir project, so I'd say...maybe January, I'll host Glinch Festival?  So it doesn't clash with Christmas inactivity?

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