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Potential Technic Fighting Series Revival No One Asked For

Posted by Super Fighting Pahrak , Dec 03 2017 · 212 views

“Technic Fighting Series” is long-winded and bland but this isn’t really Coliseum or Tournament and it’s definitely not Warzone so I didn’t know how else to get the point across, ANYWAY.

I’m thinking of taking another crack at this series with Technic Survival, not in any way influenced by the current Dragon Ball arc I don’t know where you’re getting that, but I’m very hesitant. Mainly because the idea here is team vs team, and to do that I’ll need a decent number of players, which I’m not sure I can draw in. Heck, because of that, my thought process was that we’d have a sign-up period, then I’d decide on the size and number of teams and have people pick slots as a secondary sign-up phase, which feels complicated but kind of necessary. Obviously the teams would be different constraction themes; each team would have a select few characters, and players would select who they want to manage. So for a G1 team, we’d probably have characters like Tahu, Kopaka, and Gali as fighters to work with.

The team aspect is that each team shares a pool of items and currency, and at the start of each round they need to get together and determine what they’re going to buy, and which fighters will be using which of their items that round. (Team PMs will be provided of course.) Maybe they could also give suggestions to each other on how to proceed in battle? But the downside comes in why this is called “Survival”: when a team accumulates enough losses amongst them (I’m thinking twice their number of fighters, so if a team of three hits 6 losses), that entire team is eliminated from the game. We keep going until only one team remains.

I should probably get to the combat system, since it’s been completely revamped from previous entries in the series. Like in Coliseum, we’ve got stats, though I’m thinking the manager will get to decide the spread, and the stats in question have changed. Now it’s down to just Muscle (for physical attacks), Spirit (for elemental attacks), and Stamina (essentially health). When a match begins, players will take turns executing maneuvers—let’s say Player 1 starts with a Muscle-based maneuver, like “Tahu will swing his sword”. I’ll compare Tahu and his foe’s Muscle stats and RNG a number, decide how damage is dealt, and then Player 2 gets their turn. Maybe “Kopaka fires a blast of ice,” which means I’ll compare Spirit stats and RNG a number. As for how that RNG is going to work…

Let’s start at the baseline, or how the RNG would work if both fighters had an equal stat. I’ll RNG a number 1 through 5, with these results: 1 (attacker loses 3 stamina), 2 (attacker loses 1 stamina), 3 (both lose 1 stamina), 4 (target loses 1 stamina), 5 (target loses 3 stamina). Having a difference naturally modifies these values—for example, let’s say Tahu has 12 Muscle and Kopaka only has 10. There’s a difference of 2 in Tahu’s favor, so if he attacks using Muscle, I’ll RNG a number 1 through 7, with these results: 1 (attacker loses 3 stamina), 2 (attacker loses 1 stamina), 3 (both lose 1 stamina), 4 (target loses 1 stamina), 5 (target loses 2 stamina), 6 (target loses 2 stamina), 7 (target loses 3 stamina). The point advantage adds chances for middling damage. Naturally, if Tahu’s Muscle was lower, he’d gain chances that his attack would backfire and cause middling damage to him.

The goal of a fight is to reduce your opponent’s Stamina to 0 using these maneuvers. I’d also like to have players lose 1 stamina for every post they make, to add a sort of time limit to these battles. In addition, after I post the results of a maneuver, the other player will have 24 hours to respond—if they do not, their opponent gets a free shot (2 damage) and it becomes their turn again.

When a battle is over, the winner receives Widgets equal to [10 X s], where “s” is the number of Stamina points they lost over the course of the battle. (You won’t get much for an easy win, but a narrow victory will grant a huge payoff.) Widgets can be spent on items which grant their users stat buffs and passive effects. The loser gets 3 stat points to be allocated as their manager sees fit. While this does allow the loser to get a permanent increase, remember that items can be passed amongst a team, so they have an extra degree of versatility.

Other ideas I could implement to spice this up:
-I’d like to give each fighter a unique passive ability, but I don’t know how many I’ll have to come up with so I can’t be sure if this is feasible. Maybe a specific ability for each theme?
-Different choices for maneuvers, like Feint or Defend (which would probably have an additional benefit of nullifying the stamina drain for that post). These along with standard attacks would probably have a rock-paper-scissors relationship.
-And of course items are a whole thing. Some of the stronger ones will need to have drawbacks, so I’ll need to balance those.
-I suppose I should consider bringing back trainers, but this might interfere with the balance of giving winners Widgets and losers stat points.
-I should probably also try to think of further perks for team play. Maybe…team mates can make posts during your turn shouting encouragement, and that activates an RNG with a chance of giving a one-turn increase to the stat you’re using?

Hm. Again, to properly have a team vs team game, I’m going to need players, and I’m not convinced this will attract numbers comparable to Mafia and Realms. Of course, the more players, the longer each round, and the more work I’m going to have to do…a co-host could help, but there’s potential for confusion there, plus one fewer interested member to serve as a player. And my gosh, what if after the signup period I try to figure out the team size to make them all equal and find out we have a prime number of players?!

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