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A Spherus Magna Epic, Of A Different Sort

Posted by Super Fighting Pahrak , Mar 23 2018 · 223 views

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You may remember The Gargoyle Knight, a Fanfic Exchange story I wrote starring the Makuta Antroz of the Melding Universe? Well, I came to really like it and brainstormed way too many ideas to cram into one short story, so I’ve decided to attempt a full epic set in the Melding Universe.

Right of Law will see Makuta Antroz face a severe moral dilemma, where she must either repeat her past mistakes or risk the safety of all of Spherus Magna. Section I is merely an introduction to this tale, but by the end I think you’ll see how the stakes can be just so high. I can’t guarantee any sort of schedule for this story, but I do have a lot of passion for it, and I’m going to do my best to harness that and stay committed to it.

I also plan to keep some handy information in the first post of the review topic—since there are so many differences between this timeline and the main one, not to mention this is my own personal take on this AU, I want to compile as much relevant data as I can in one convenient place to hopefully make it more approachable for readers. I’ll also be elaborating on certain things at the end of each chapter, to better flesh out minor points without sidetracking the story proper.

I know many fans didn’t care for the alternate universes that found their way into the story, but I do hope you’ll give this story a shot. I still think there are things from the later days of the story that have a lot of potential worth exploring, and while this story certainly won’t get into all of them, there are a few key points that I’m very eager to try my hand at. Aren’t you curious?

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