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Pokemon Sword and Shield

Posted by Super Fighting Pahrak , Feb 27 2019 · 99 views

Reveal trailer with footage and such.

My thoughts:
-As someone who's still salty about how long it took to get anything more than names with Sun and Moon, I'm glad they showed actual footage, the starters, and the region
-Graphics/areas look real good
-The full direct mentions something about people and Pokemon working together to shape the industries of the region, and that sounds like it could be real interesting
-Looking at the Galar region map...this is probably based on a real place, but at a glance it just feels artificially linear. I'm guessing you start at the south and just keep going north until you beat the game? Not a deal breaker, but I'm hoping there's more to the region that when they showed here.
-The starters all look kinda the same. And bad.
-I don't see Pokemon following the trainers...

At this point, I'm not impressed. I really, really hope those starter designs aren't indicative of the overall design aesthetic of Gen 8 Pokemon. There seem to be a lot of returning Pokemon in the trailer, so I'm optimistic for a smaller amount of new Pokemon with a lot of returning favorites in the regional Dex, and that's how I like my Dexes. Ideally I would like more Mega Evolutions, but I won't riot if we don't. I might riot if we don't get new regional variants, though.

Happy Pokemon Day, I guess?

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Jean Valjean
Mar 21 2019 02:26 PM

:kaukau: Pokemon Republican and Democrat.  I'm still waiting for it to happen.  If they ever go that route, I'll have interest in the game for the first time two decades, because the villain teams are bound to be pretty interesting.


Also, I wouldn't mind a Pokemon Vampire and Werewolf, and the villains are called Team Edward and Team Jacob.



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