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Bioni Lords Update + New Story Announcement

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Aug 05 2010 · 220 views

Sorry it's been so long since the last chapter of Sekai, but I got distracted by a video game. As usual. laugh.gif I put up a new chapter today, though, showing lots of Forbidden Techniques and Rien vs. Kikanalo, where Rien explains why Spirit Weapon is so powerful. Hopefully I'll be able to get the next chapter up sooner; I'm not finished with the game I'm playing, but I'm almost done.

As far as writing goes, I finished the Mutant-Isle arc (which took about half of a 70-sheet notebook) and moved on to Lost Continent 9. Chapter 91 shows some of Khadaz's new skills, and Chapter 92 focuses on events at the Dark Knights' castle. 93 should finish that scenario, and then 94 can have some talking that transitions to the next scenario which will begin either 94/95...not sure how long it'll take, though.

Chapter 100 is fast approaching, but I'm not sure if anything special will be done for it. To tell you the truth, in Book 1 I wasn't really expecting to do anything special, but after Chapter 96 I figured I may as well stall for a few chapters and make 100 the Khadaz vs. Union fight. When I get closer to Sekai 100 I'll decide if I can put anything special in it, and I just might be able to due to the point in the timeline...we'll see.

I've also been giving some thought to when I'll be willing to reveal things about Book 3, and I decided that I'll at least give out one or two bits of information in 2011 or when Draco-Isle is finished...whichever comes first. Book 3 should start about, oh...mid-2011 if I can keep up with my deadlines, and though I have no idea how long it'll take I'm hoping to keep it a bit shorter than Books 1 and 2. Please don't send any ideas related to Book 3, because it's probably not what you're expecting it to be...but please send in Spirit Weapon designs if you have a character, because we need those. smile.gif Desparately. beg1a.gif

Hm, I think that should about cover it...I may as well say that I'm working on a new story independant of Bioni-Lords, but I want to get it mostly if not entirely done before I start posting. When it does go up, though, please check it out! At this point all I can reveal is the title, which is "BIONICLE: The Forgotten Bond"...might change, but not likely to. Please, PLEASE don't use that title--it took me forever to come up with it. This project will take a back seat to Sekai, though, so it might be quite a while before it gets online...hopefully it will be worth the wait.


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